Stranger POV

Sometime in the distant future...

The glow from the street lamps barely lit the path in front of me. The snow was coming down so strong it was a wonder I wasn't buried alive. Why I was on the streets at this hour was still a tough pill to swallow. Monica and I had never fought so passionately before, I truly wondered if this was it for us. I knew there was a small pub and inn on the corner four blocks down, but I didn't remember how far that truly was in these weather conditions.

I could hear a gentle applause and faint laughter coming from my destination, and I remembered they had a karaoke night on occasion. As I pushed the door open, I nearly ran into a man standing just two feet inside the entrance. I managed to squeeze around him and noticed how packed the place was. I struggled to make my way toward the bar, contemplating if maybe I should call Chester for a ride and a nights sleep on his sofa, but decided against it when I remembered the overwhelming snow outside waiting.

"Thank you, we haven't practiced that one much, as I'm sure you all noticed," a guy said from somewhere on the stage. I couldn't see over the mass of bodies shoved into the small space, so it was only a guess that he was performing.

"Oh, please. You messed up the lyrics on purpose. Don't believe him, folks. He lies," a soft female voice said with a chuckle.

I tried to find an empty space so I could get a better look at what was going on, and managed to push my way toward the left of the small stage. Suddenly, I felt as though all of my breath had left my lungs as I stared on at a beautiful woman with dark crimson and black hair just ten feet from me. Never in my life had I seen a woman so beautiful. Her lips broke into a full smile as she gave her male companion a look that was both gorgeous and daring at the same time.

When I managed to get a look at the male behind the piano, I noticed he was equally flawless in every way. She strummed the guitar mindlessly, and cleared her throat.

"Well, I guess one more for the night?" she asked her companion quietly.

"Whatever you wish, love." He responded with a sincere smile as he stared lovingly at her.

They must be a couple, I decided. A sudden chill came over the entire room as the door opened, and another body made it's way through the masses. Everyone seemed to shiver and bundle up tighter except for the musicians on the stage who were in jeans and thin sweaters, the girl with a thin scarf dangling over her shoulders like guitar straps.

"It feels like we wrote this song a thousand years ago," the girl said with a mischievous smile.

The guy closed his eyes and pressed down on the first key gently, then the next, and the next, and quickly a soft melody flowed through the room. He paused and opened his eyes to look at his companion as she strummed the first few chords.

"The day we met, frozen, I held my breath," she sang softly, her voice penetrating my heart and melting away any bitterness and resentment I held from the night earlier. As she sang, she plucked the chords steadily, matching the rhythm of the piano. She was seated with the acoustic guitar resting on her lap effortlessly, slightly turned toward the piano man.

"One step closer," they sang in unison and paused. She smiled over at him for a split second before continuing.

"I have died everyday waiting for you. Darling don't be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years. I'll love you for a thousand more."

Everyone cheered and she seemed to blush before holding a finger to her lips and turning to look at her counterpart.

"Time stands still. Beauty in all she is," he sang with a gentle, deep voice.

She stood slowly, still cradling the guitar in her hands and strumming as she moved toward the bench seat at the piano. She turned her back toward the bar and stood, playing.

"I will be brave, I will not let anything take away what's standing in front of me. Every breath, every hour has come to this," he continued, and she joined him for the chorus.

Their voices were a perfect harmony, and their passion for the music, and each other, was almost overwhelming and unreal. It felt as though their love could have been as strong as a thousand years, and suddenly I realized how irrational I had been with Monica and my fears. Life was too precious to waste heart ache on trivial things.

He slid down to the other end of the bench, but continued to play as she sat down with her back against his shoulder, facing the crowd once more.

The music slowed and she leaned her head back on his shoulder and closed her eyes.

"One… step… closer," they said quietly in unison.

"I have died, everyday, waiting for you," she said grimly, the pain evident on her face and the only music coming from her instrument across her lap. My heart throbbed and I felt the lump in my throat as the two strangers opened a part of themselves and bared their troubles for all to see. He closed his eyes as well, and his face was pale and hard - the tension evident across his brows and through his jaw.

"I'll love you for a thousand more," they sang together, and he began to play once more. The sadness slowly drained from the both of them as they reached the end of the song on a high note and turned to face each other.

They never exchanged a romantic gesture, just a look. A look that said they will love each other unconditionally, without rules or reason, without judgment and ultimatums.

A love that was eternal.


A/N: Well, it's two years later to the day since I finished this fic, and I thought you could all use a little Beautifully Sacred in this new year. Thank you to my Grey Cloud, OCDMess for pushing me to write again, and mentioning this song. I hope you all enjoyed the little slice of their lives in the future. I don't know if I will ever write Beautifully Sacred again, continue Memories Left Behind, or ever start and finish my original fiction I've been toying with for years, but I hope you all enjoyed addition, and have a wonderful 2013

Happy Holidays!

~Ailis Raevyn