Jessi stood frozen on the stairs, a confused look on her face.

"Jessi, what's wrong?" Nicole asked.

"She... she was at the Department of Health. She took Kessia's information," Jessi replied as she began descending the steps, looking Lorelai in the eye. Everyone turned to Lorelai with expressions ranging from puzzled to suspicion.

"What do you mean she was at the Department of Health?" Foss asked, moving towards Lorelai's side while reaching in his jacket.

Without looking in his direction, Lorelai says, "Now, there is no need for that, Mr. Foss."

Hearing her accent and cadence Foss stiffens. "Who are y-"

"Who am I? Well that's part of the reason I'm here," Lorelai interrupted. "As Jessic... I mean Jessi said I was at the Department of Health. Which their info was sent in properly, by the way. As I was saying, I was there gathering information..." Lorelai says as she looks at Kyle. "For our mother."

"Mr. Cassidy, as you know the traditional treatments have not been effective in reversing the damage to your lungs." A man in a medical smock states, looking over various medical results. "There are some experimental options that can be used, and have a high probability of success. However, given their experimental nature, any possible side effects are unknown."

"I don't care about the risks," Cassidy rasps.

"Very well, we can begin the treatments immediately," The doctor replies.

Lorelai's statement had just registered when Kyle felt such unbridled rage from Jessi. Then, amidst screams of shock, the world exploded around them. All of the lights burned out, showering them in sparks. Windows shattered and chairs splintered as Lorelai was thrown backwards into the wall hard enough to draw the air from her lungs. Everyone was knocked to the ground by the concussive blast.

"Is everyone alright?" Stephen asks while helping Nicole up.

As they all indicate they are fine, Lori gasps.

"Lori, what's wrong? Oh..." Nicole says, turning towards where Lori is staring. "Jessi..."

Everyone turned to look at Jessi and were stunned at what they saw. Jessi was standing in the center of a maelstrom of various objects and debris. Her outstretched hand was pointed in Lorelai's direction, her face a mask of unrestrained fury. As she constricted her fingers, Lorelai cried out and objects on the wall began to crush.

"Jessi? Please calm down," Nicole pleaded.

"Kyle, can't you do something? Kyle?" Lori asked.

Kyle was standing slightly off to the side of Lorelai with a look of intense concentration. He had a trickle of blood from his nose.

"Oh, no. Kyle," Nicole said, starting towards him.

"Don't come any closer, please," Kyle said with much effort.

"Stop it," Jessi screams.

While everyone was trying to figure out what she meant, Lorelai spoke up, saying with significant strain, "She is speaking to Kyle. He his using his abilities to shield me from the full force of Jessi's anger. While I appreciate the assistance, it really isn't necessary."

Kyle glanced back at Lorelai, while at the same moment Jessi increased in the force causing Kyle to be thrown into the wall. Lorelai sternly says, "That is quite enough." She lifts her hand towards Jessi, throwing her backwards and causing Kyle and Lorelai slide to the floor as the objects and debris crash to the ground.

"What. The. Hell... was that?" Josh asks, mouth open.

"I would like to know myself," Jessi groans as she gets to her feet. She moves to Kyle and whispers, "I'm so sorry."

Brushing glass from her clothes, Lorelai looks up at the group in front of her saying, "I will gladly tell you, on the condition we can agree to refrain from trying to crush me to death until I've explained myself."

Jessi's jaw was set in defiance, but her face was red with embarrassment from her outburst. Finally she nodded, saying, "Fine. Whatever."

Standing behind a desk of mahogany, Grace Kingsley was reviewing data on various experiments when her phone rang.

"What is it?" Grace answered.

"Mrs. Kingsley, your concerns were correct. Lorelai has disappeared and taken a considerable amount of data regarding XO-2," the voice replied.

"I see. That is unfortunate, but not unexpected. Inform all the divisions that the timetable will be adjusted accordingly," Grace said with resignation.

"Yes, ma'am," the voice responded before disconnecting.

Sighing to herself, Grace says, "You always were too much like your father. So disappointing."

Taryn sat in her cell. She was past the point of exhaustion, but dared not rest. They haven't increased the number of shocks since Grace came by earlier. However, the timing of the shocks has no discernible pattern. Putting her head in her hands, Taryn curses herself for not monitoring her seratonin levels.

"I don't recall allowing self-pity to be a dominant trait. Must be your mother's influence," a gruff voice said over the intercom, bringing Taryn out of her thoughts.

Taryn's look of confusion was replaced with one of contempt and disgust as she recognized the voice with a hiss.

"Now is that any way to greet your father? I know you were raised better than that," he chided.

"You're not my father! Mal will come for me!" Taryn practically yelled.

"Perhaps you're right. I could never father such a pathetic creature, but you may still be of some...very well, I'll be there shortly. Let's hope your brother can live up to expectations," he says over the intercom. Taryn can hear the sneer in his voice.

Foss stands with everyone in the warehouse training area, waiting to see how Jessi will respond to Lorelai's condition. He was not surprised by Jessi's reaction to the revelation of Lorelai's relation to Kyle. As soon as he heard her speak he knew she was Grace's daughter, having the dubious honor of knowing Grace during the experiment that gave Kyle life. That knowledge and the time spent with Kyle and Jessi gave him the few moments he needed to push Josh, Andy, and Lori out of the way of the blast that Jessi created. As he tackled them, the debris sliced though the back of his jacket and shirt. The laceration would need stitches. He shuddered at the thought of what would have happened had he been too late. Jessi's response brings him out of his thoughts. He noted that despite her flippant response she was completely flushed. Surpressing a chuckle by clearing his throat he says, "Perhaps we should take this conversation to a more... intact location."

When everyone agreed, Foss led them to an adjacent building that had a large table and several chairs. In response to the questioning looks, he said, "Later, there are more pressing matters."

As everyone began to sit, Lorelai began her story.

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