Once Upon a December
by WhiteWings9

They weren't his hands clad in leather. They weren't his hands doing up the buttons of his overcoat, straightening his tie, smoothing down his shirt collar. They settled on his shoulders now and Ivan smiled lightly into the mirror.

"The German Democratic Republic."

Gilbert ignored it when Ivan's arms wrapped around his mid-section.

"You belong to me now…"

The soft murmurings of a lover…

"You are finally mine…"

It chilled him.

"Gilbert Weilschmidt."

Gilbert's eyes snapped to meet Ivan's smile. The smile never reached those cold, violet eyes, narrowed now in cruel mirth.

"I will treat you like the dog you are."


How Ivan loved to see that mask of indifference contort in pain. To kiss those lips swollen, have them slacken and part, inviting invasion.

To have those taunting eyes narrow in lust, submit to pleasure.

Always gratifying to coax from Gilbert his suppressed desire.

Ivan never stayed the night. Without a word he would get up and dress, and Gilbert would pretend to sleep, lying on his side with his back turned.

Gilbert would count Ivan's heavy footsteps, wait for the soft click of the door that marked his departure.

Ivan knew better than to say anything.


They sat opposite each other, Gilbert slumped over his chair, hands cuffed behind his back, Ivan staring with an unreadable expression.

A table separated them.

Ivan spoke first.

"Why, Gilbert?"

Dark lashes drooped, half-concealing the crimson hue that was a mockery of the socialist cause. He may be beaten, bloodied, bruised, but he remained proud.

There was no reply.

Ivan stood up and knocked on the door. It opened. Ivan nodded to signal he was done.

As he left, Ivan glanced towards Gilbert. The face may be a blank mask, but those crimson eyes betray the fomenting rebellion simmering within.


When he heard of the gates opening for the Eastern Berliners, Ivan did not say anything. He knew better than to say anything.



So after a long hiatus, I return with some Russia x Prussia 8D

It may be short, but I spent agonising hours over it. Really. I started out with no theme in mind, much less a plot, but it ended up being about the stages of Ivan and Gilbert's relationship over the course of a quarter of a century during the reign of the GDR. I'm quite pleased with the result, actually =D

The title is kind of blah. I couldn't think of one, so I just stole the title of the song I'm currently addicted to and stuck it on. There's no real meaning behind it, I thought it sounded pretty ^^;

The song, 'Once upon a December', is from the Twentieth Century Fox cartoon 'Anastasia'.

Youtube links:

English version - .com/watch?v=bzM4YOfuCuw

Russian version - .com/watch?v=ygNOpeq0118

German version - .com/watch?v=py1Wloc2l28

There are plenty more other language versions, but the Russian and German versions sound the best to me. Fitting for Ivan and Gilbert, no? =)

Please leave a review, thank you for reading!

Ivan Braginski (Russia) and Gilbert Weilschmidt (Prussia) from Axis Powers Hetalia © Himaruya Hidekaz