A/N: The first thing I have to say is explain the title of this story. Alphabet Soup. Well, I've been wanting to write a oneshot collection for a long time. And an Alphabet collection sounded even better because come on, 26 little drabbles/oneshots? If I can't do that, I'm not much of a writer. So this is the first of what will become a 26 drabble/oneshot collection. Only since it's Alphabet Soup, it's all jumbled up. I won't be going in ABC order or anything. JGZ order, maybe? :)

The second thing is that this is my first time (ever) writing for Percy Jackson, so I'm not sure how it turned out. I know Percy and Annabeth are a little OOC, but since was my first, I wanted to experement a bit. So consider this a caricature fic or something. Just a silly idea that made me smile.

The third thing (last one, I promise) is that I'm dedicating this collection of oneshots to my best friend, Gun toten Girly. She's as into Percy Jackson as I am, so hopefully she won't find this story a disgrace to the series. ^^

Percy Jackson belongs to Rick Riordan.


Percy could honestly say he had never seen a sweeter sight.

He had defeated monsters, led armies to victory and personally laid eyes on the goddess Aphrodite (and lived). But through all those adventures he had never once seen something that made him want to roll around in spasms of laughter as much as the sight before him.

Annabeth was pouring over a map of the Southern Atlantic Ocean, brow furrowed in irritation. Not usually a hilarious spectacle.

Percy watched on in complete giddiness. If she didn't see what was wrong, he wasn't going to tell her. Finally a snicker escaped. It was just too hysterical.

Annabeth's head snapped up, eyes narrowing into a glare. "And just what?" She asked in a hiss. "Is so funny?"

"Nothing," Percy said with a completely straight face.

The daughter of Athena turned back to the map with an irritated expression in her gray eyes. "I know it's somewhere on this map, but for some reason the coordinates just won't match up."

Percy lounged back in his seat, arms folded behind his head. His smile returned. "I wonder why that could be."

Annabeth threw down the map onto the ground in annoyance. She looked at it darkly before picking it back up. She buried her nose into the creases, recalculating and double checking coordinates.

Percy rolled his eyes. "You could ask me for help." His tone was light.

A completely unladylike snort came from behind the map. "Right. I highly doubt you could do any better than I can."

Percy's grin widened as he leaned forward and plucked the map from her hands.


He turned it around.

"I might not be a genius, but I know enough not to hold a map upside down."

A/N: Yes, that really is it. Sorry. These aren't going to be really long oneshots. Just little things that I write in my spare time.

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