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A few things you might need to know, first of all Harry is a Sprite in this. All this will be explained.

Now, the reason I wanted him to be a sprite is really simple. I wanted to give a a childhood, somewhat anyway. I wanted to do this without de-ageing, plus I wanted him in the Cullen household. This will not be an Edward/Harry pairing. I should had made that clear the first time around.

I'm not following the time-line either. This is totally AU. I will also warn you that Bella will be in this. Harry most likely will not pair up with anyone in this story. I want to give him a chance to have a little fun.

You can vote on who he will pair up with in the sequel.

As to where the idea of a sprite come from is also simple. My grandmother Eva. She stood 5'1. My grandfather 6'4. She was his little sprite.


Chapter One: A meeting with a vampire

Snape POV

"Tell me," Severus Snape watched Albus Dumbledore look up at him in surprise.

"I'm afraid I don't understand." He answered with a smile. "What would you wish to know, my boy?"

"Potter, along with Granger, and that Weasley made a poly- juice potion." Severus declared.

"I didn't know that Ms. Granger and Mr. Weasley were on school grounds." Albus said surprised.

"Not now." Severus shook his head. "It was during their second year."

"Did they now?" Albus asked.

"Potter felt need to tell me." Severus muttered.

"He is trying to bond with you." Albus stated with a nod.

That worried Severus. "I can't be that child's father. It wouldn't be safe for him Albus, you must know this."

"Sadly, I do know." Albus agreed.

"What are you planning?" Severus asked.

"I have a friend." Albus smiled. "I have him coming tomorrow, in the morning. I'm going to leave all the arrangements to Poppy. I have a port-key ready to take them back."

Severus nodded. "Your friend has agreed to this?"

"Oh, he will." Albus smiled.

Severus watched him a minute. They had agreed Severus wouldn't know where the child went. It would be safer. "I trust you will keep me informed?"

"Of course." Albus agreed.

Severus exited the office. "I know you are around here somewhere Potter!" He called out.

He knew the child would be in ear shot.

"How did you know?" Harry asked bouncing out.

Severus looked down at the small figure before him. A ten year body at best. The child would grow, two inches at the most. "I can smell you."

"Do I stink?" Harry asked trying to smell his under arms.

"No, you silly boy." Severus replied.

"I don't smell nothing." Harry remarked.

"You smell like honeysuckle." Severus explained. "Each person will smell different, a muggle, wizard, or in your case sprite."

"You smell like potions, I hope you know." Harry informed him.

"Yes, I know." He replied.

"Poppy wants to smell you, I mean see you." Harry remarked with a grin.

"Does she now?" Severus asked.

"Its about me." Harry whispered.

"And what did you do?" Severus asked.

"How did you know I did something?" Harry asked.

"Because Potter, you are forever doing something." Severus remarked.

"I wouldn't take her potion." Harry admitted.

"Very well, you'll go take it now." Severus stated.

"No I won't." Harry crossed his arms.

"Oh, but you will." Severus picked the child up.

"I can walk you know." Harry murmured.

Severus started to the hospital wing. "But will you?"

"Nope." Harry answered.

"That was what I feared." Severus said taking him to the nearest bed.

Poppy handed him the potion. Severus watched until he was sure every drop had been took.

"Finally." Poppy whispered watching him drift off.

"He is starting to bond." Severus stated.

"Yes, I know." Poppy agreed.

"I just don't understand, why the most powerful wizard of all time, has turned into a sprite." Severus shook his head. That made no sense at all.

"It will add to his powers." Poppy said reaching for a book. "It took me awhile to find this. Up until now, all we knew for sure was he needed a family."

"And the book?" Severus asked.

"Things we have guessed. Like he will age slower. A full blooded male will reach adulthood at hundred to two hundred years. Females take half that time. Without a family to bond with, the child will die. Unlike what some people think, a water or air sprite will be honest to a fault. While, it is also true, they do like to create mischief." Poppy grinned.

"What do you know of this family?" Severus asked.

"I have looked into them. They are vampires." She answered.

Severus felt his heart sink. "What does he think he is doing?"

Poppy patted him on the shoulder. "He'll be okay, I really believe that. They drink animal blood. And we are running out of time. If he isn't placed, his name will appear tomorrow night at the ministry. We don't have long."

Severus gave a nod. "Let me know if I'm needed."


Madam Pomfrey tucked the small figure in the bed. She took another look, just to make sure, the child wasn't going anywhere. One could never be to sure. Not even with on this age. Not with this child.

Satisfied the potion would keep him out, she went to the joining room to prepare. Everything depended on this next meeting. If anything, she planned on keeping the boy safe. This had been her only plan. The only thing she knew to do. Well, the only thing they knew to do.

A meeting with a vampire. Not just any vampire, no. Carlisle Cullen. A doctor, and from what she had been told, a very good man. She just prayed Dumbledore knew what he was doing.

"Good evening." A gentle voice spoke.

Madam Pomfrey jumped. "I didn't see you there."

"Sorry." He bowed slightly.

She smiled looking over the young man before her. "Call me poppy."

"Carlisle." He remarked with a small smile.

Taking her place at the table, she smiled once more. "Albus has explained to you about the child."

"Child?" He asked confused.

Madam Pomfrey nodded.

"He only said, my help would be nice." He answered looking even more confused.

"How much of our world do you know about?" She begun slowly.

He smiled. "Not much, I know there isn't much in this world for someone like me."

"Have you heard of Harry Potter?" She questioned.

"The-boy-who-lived?" Carlisle asked watching her face. "Albus did explain, that this meeting did concern him, only he didn't tell me that Harry Potter was a child."

"Yes." She answered. "What do you know of him?"

"Not much." He remarked.

"He came into his inheritance." She said slowly. "To put it simply, unknown to us, Harry had a dominate gene. He is a Sprite."

"Sprite?" Carlisle asked confused.

"That changes things." She smiled.

"Oh?" He asked.

"Very much so." She nodded. "You see, as a wizard, he would be considered an adult on his next birthday, as a sprite, lets just say, he is very young."

"Is he hurt?" Carlisle asked, trying to figure out how he could help.

"He is in a healing sleep, and will remain so for about another week. The change has took a lot out of him." She explained. "Other than that, no, he isn't hurt at all."

"Why is my help needed?" Carlisle asked.

Madam Pomfrey smiled. She planned on killing one headmaster after this was over. "He believes, you and your wife, would be the best to adopt our little sprite."

"Adopt?" He asked wondering if the woman knew what he and his family were.

"He will not be safe here." She said glancing over to the door. "Nor will he be for some time to come. He has no family, he does have an aunt and uncle, but they don't want nothing more to do with him."

"You have no one that would take him?" Carlisle asked surprised.

"Harry, will no longer be the Harry, everyone knew." She explained. "It doesn't mean we don't want him, it means we can't kept him safe. Not like he needs. Sprites are very rare. In some ways, they are a lot like elves. They grow at a very slow pace. Like I said, he is a very young sprite. He needs parents."

"Could I see him?" Carlisle asked.

Smiling she got up. "He is this way, we have been keeping him here sense school is out. We've had to keep him asleep to keep him from bonding with one of us."

"Bonding is a bad thing?" He asked.

"No, it would just make it harder on him when he had to leave." She said pushing open the door.

Carlisle walked over to the bed. The sprite in question seemed curled up. Dark hair stuck out from under the blanket. "He is so small."

She nodded in agreement. "5'1."

"I will need to speak to my wife." Carlisle remarked pulling down the blanket, that covered the small body. "May I ask, why us?"

She grinned at him. "You and your family would make the idea family for him. It takes nearly two hundred years for a sprite, a male sprite that is, to reach adulthood. It will take him around fifty, give or take a few years. We have him guessed at somewhere between ten and fourteen. Depends on his mood really."

"He is immortal." Carlisle guessed.

"That he is, but, that doesn't mean he can't die. A sprite will die without their family. His first bond will be with his parents." She explained. "That is why we didn't want him bonding to one of us. He needs an immortal family, a family that will be there fifty years from now. Chances are, none of us will be. We are still at war."

"And Harry? What about his part of the war?" Carlisle asked looking the woman over.

"What part Harry takes in this war, will be up to you." She answered.

"Albus is going to let him go?" He asked.

"He has no choice." She replied.

"Why is that?" Carlisle asked.

"Harry now falls under other laws. Albus has until midnight tonight, before the minster takes over. None of us wants that for him." She smiled at the small bundle still curled.

"Okay." Carlisle agreed.

"You'll take him?" She asked somewhat surprised.

"Yes." He agreed. "I know my wife will understand, shes a wonderful mother, she'll be a good mother to him."

"That is all we ask." She smiled heading back to her office. "I'm guessing you will be taking him back to America?"

"Yes." He answered.

"We can port-key you both back." She said gathering her paperwork. "I'll also send some books I have on sprites, and his file both of them. I'll have his things send over to you later."

Carlisle signed the places she pointed out to him. "Has all this been explained to him?"

"He knows that we are trying to find a family." She answered taking back the paperwork. "We have spoke to him about that."

"Did he understand?" Carlisle asked.

"We believe so." She nodded taking out a pork-key. "Do you have anything you need or do you need to pick up something before you leave?"

"No." He answered.

"Good then." She said heading back into the room. "I'll have you home in no time."

Carlisle watched the door a minute before following. A Sprite. What would his family say when he came home with a Sprite?

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