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Chapter ten

Carlisle looked over the men in front of him. He gave a slight nod to Snape. The other man just looked worn out. "Are you okay, sir?" He asked walking over to greet them.

"I'm fine, and it is Remus if you don't mind." Remus said with a smile.

"Carlisle." He said offering is hand.

"I thought there were to be four of you." Carlisle asked.

"It would seem Lupin here had other ideas." He remarked.

"You can not train a Sprite like you would a wizard." Remus said turning to Severus. "For that matter, you can't train a Sprite at all. They have to grow into their powers."

"You know about Sprites?" Carlisle asked.

"It was no big secret in the Potter family." Lupin smiled. "James told me. He told all of us, because Harry could had been a sprite at birth."

"If you don't need me, I'll be heading back." Severus gave a nod. "I have a few things to do for Albus."

"Of course then," Carlisle remarked.

"I shall return shortly." Severus said with a pop.

"He doesn't seem too happy." Carlisle remarked.

"When is he?" Remus asked shaking his head. "He has been a bit cranky sense his birthday. Even more so than usually."

"What can you teach us about Sprites?" Carlisle asked.

"MOONY!" Harry yelled out from the doorway. He knew he had heard wizards come in.

"How are you cub?" Remus asked smiling.

"I'm in trouble; at least I think I am." Harry smiled hugging Remus. "I have a friend, his name is Seth, his friends want to meet me, but I don't know if I want to or not."

"Did James happen to mention how to tell his age?" Carlisle asked.

"Eye color." Remus answered looking down into Harry's eyes. They sparkled, but he could see them, hidden well with the emerald, small golden specks. "Very young." He murmured.

"How much is very?" Carlisle asked.

"Do you see the gold in them?" Remus asked.

Carlisle, even with his sight, had to look very close.

"It is hard to guess the right age. He has his wizard's age, but it means nothing now. He does have his memories still, but at his age, they really mean nothing." Remus answered studying the boy in front of him.

"If you had to guess?" Carlisle asked.

"He hasn't even finished changing yet." Remus answered.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked crossing his arms.

"It is hard to say Harry," Remus pointed out. "Going by Sprite years, which it looks like that is what your body is doing. You would be eight. A sprite, unlike what the books say, will age one year to our two."

"I will not be eight." Harry remarked.

"From gold they will go to silver, silver will start with what you would call preteen and teen years. When he reaches adulthood they will be solid. From what James said, it is true that the females age faster." Remus explained.

"What did you mean by he hasn't finished changing?" Carlisle asked.

"His ears will have a slight point when he reaches his teens as well, but they aren't there." Remus answered moving his hair out of the way.

"I am not eight." Harry repeated. He reached up to feel his own ears.

"You could be older, then again, you could be younger." Remus said with a small smile. "I would guess between eight and ten. That could change. He does have human genes. Just watch his eye color."

Carlisle would take a guess at eight

"I was thinking it would be good seeing you again." Harry muttered turning around.

"Professor Snape will be here to see to your studies soon." Lupin said slowly.

Harry stopped for a minute to let that settle in. "Tell me when he does come, and my memories does mean something to me."

"I'm sorry Harry, of course they mean something to you. I just meant that things wouldn't be like before." Remus said slowly.

Harry had the feeling that wasn't what he meant at all. He walked on out the door wishing Snape would just hurry. He went down to where Jasper was watching Emmett play a game.

"What is wrong little man?" Jasper asked.

"He said my memories mean nothing." Harry answered.

"Why would he say that?" Jasper asked.

"That wasn't even the worst of it." Harry murmured.

"Do I need to stomp on him?" Emmett asked.

Harry slowly shook his head.

"Well, what did he say that was so bad?" Jasper asked.

"He told him I was eight." Harry answered.

"Eight?" They asked together.

"Do you see any gold in these eyes?" Harry asked.

"Yes." Edward answered walking in. "You do have specks of gold in your eyes."

"You really have to get a good look to see them." Jasper nodded.

"I'm telling you I'm not eight." Harry whispered still eyeing Jasper.

"I never said you were." Jasper whispered back.

"I just thought you should know what they are saying." Harry nodded. "I wanted you to know the truth and all."

"Thank you for telling us." Jasper smiled.

"Harry!" Carlisle called out. "Mr. Snape is here to over see you studies now."

Harry ran back up. "I didn't think you would come." He started before he got back into the room. "Moony is trying to say that I am eight when I am not."

"Is that so?" Severus asked fixing a spot on the table.

"Yes." Harry answered glancing at the book on the table. "What is it about?" Inching up closer, he got a good look at the title. "Magical Creature and their Core of Power." He turned his glare on Snape. "I will not read that. I am not a creature!"

"You. Will. Read. That. Book." Severus remarked picking him up and placing him in the seat. "You won't be able to move until pages 6-8 are read."

Harry watched the book open by itself.

"Now. Read. IT!" Severus stormed.

"All you had to do was ask." Harry muttered turning his attention to Veela. Why would Snape want him to read about Veela?

"I never said you were a creature." Severus whispered in his ear.

Harry glanced over the page before trying to turn the page. "It isn't moving."

"You haven't read it." Severus pointed out.

"Did too." Harry pouted.

"The book knows." Severus said with a smirk.

Harry looked back at the book. "Where did you find a book like this?"

"Read." Severus remarked.

Harry found the book would let you turn the page after you read it. He also heard Carlisle and Moony whispering. "I wonder what Seth is doing."

"Harry James Cullen." Carlisle spoke up.

Harry felt his eyes feel up with tears. "M'Sorry." He whispered wiping his eyes. His attention went back to the book.

Severus mentally counted up to ten. Catching Harry rubbing his chest, he moaned. Harry had not finished his bond with Carlisle. "I would like to speak with Harry alone."

Harry beamed up at him. Severus cringed. He could not be here until they had bonded.

"As you wish." Carlisle agreed.

"You will be nice to Harry." Remus pointed out.

"He can yell at me if he wants to." Harry informed him.

Severus waved his hand warding the room.

"You know how to do wandless magic." Harry said happily.

"You shall as well." Severus muttered crossing his arms. "Now, tell me why you haven't bonded to your father. Have you bonded to anyone here?"

Harry nodded. "Emmett. I have bonded to him."

Severus released the spell and pulled him up by his shoulders. "You have to bond with your parents. You need them Potter."

"Okay." Harry promised.

"Now, I'm going to leave that book here. I want you to re-read it." Severus said sharply.

Harry nodded.

"I'll know if you don't." Severus warned.

"Wait." Harry cried out.

"You can't come with me Harry." Severus whispered pulling out a potion. He reached it to Harry.

Harry looked at the clear liquid. Looking away from Severus he took it.

Severus picked Harry up fully aware the child had fell asleep before he reached the door. He walked slowly down to the kitchen where he found all the Cullen's plus one werewolf.

"What have you done?" Remus asked.

Severus handed Harry over to Carlisle. "I can't come back, not until he has completed his bond to you. If I return before that takes place, I will have to take him back."

"You can't take someone's child." Esme spoke out.

"He would die if I didn't." Severus said slowly.

"A Sprite does have to have family. He would die alone." Remus agreed eyeing Severus. "If he is still trying to bond with you, then he has picked up your love for him, or for his mother one."

Severus looked over the silent family before him. "He'll wake as soon as I'm gone." He looked at Carlisle. "I believe you to be a good man. Harry will bond with each of you in his on way. Your bond, Carlisle will be different."

"How can I help him?" Carlisle asked.

"Don't let him call you by your name. You are his father. He needs to learn that." Severus muttered.

"I thought he had bonded to us." Esme whispered.

"Harry has years with Severus." Remus smiled at her. "He trusts Severus. You could make Severus his godfather. That might appease the nature of the Sprite."

Severus smirked. "The nature of the Sprite?"

"The bond with you isn't going to up and go away." Remus pointed out. "It will have to go somewhere."

"Will you be his godfather?" Carlisle asked.

Severus only gave a slight nod before disappearing.

"Where did he go?" Emmett asked.

Remus smiled. "He has went off so he can pretend that Harry doesn't mean anything to him."

Alice smiled at Remus. "It will be a boy you know."

"What will be." Remus asked.

"Your firstborn. I don't understand why I see him changing hair color so often though." She said thoughtfully. "One minute he is brown headed then I see him with pink hair."

Remus blushed before following Severus.

"Where did he go?" Emmett asked confused. "Shorty can't do that, can he?"

"Lets hope not." Edward muttered.

Carlisle watched the child in his arms start waking up.

Harry yawned before opening his eyes.

"I have a surprise for you." Carlisle said softly.

Harry perked up at that.

"Severus has agreed to be your godfather." Carlisle said softly.

"Really?" Harry asked wondering why his Sprite seemed overjoyed about this.

"Harry." Alice said looking over at him.

Harry tried to get down, only Carlisle wouldn't let him. "What?"

"What is Severus?" She asked.

"He is a professor." Harry answered.

"How did he just disappear like that?" Emmett asked.

"Magic." Harry answered letting his head rest on Carlisle's shoulder. He looked over at Alice. He could explain it all to Emmett later. He wanted to think about what Alice had asked. She had asked what he was, not what he did for a living.

"Son, we are going to have to have a little talk." Carlisle whispered.

"Okay, but I'll tell you now, I'm not eight." Harry warned.

"I didn't say you were." Carlisle remarked walking back up to his office.

He sat down standing Harry in front of him. "Who are you?"

"Harry." He answered.

"Tell me your full name." Carlisle pointed out.

"Harry James Cullen."

"Now, without using the word adopt, tell me why you are a Cullen." Carlisle asked thoughtfully.

"You are my father." Harry answered.

"And you, are my son." Carlisle agreed.

"Snape told you to bond with me didn't he?" Harry asked grinning.

Carlisle smiled slightly. "Do you know of anyway we can help the bond along?"

"It is coming along." Harry answered still grinning. "They don't know how I feel inside. It will be all right."

Harry glanced toward the door. "Are we finished talking?"

"Why?" Carlisle asked.

Harry smiled. "I was wanting to go see Jasper awhile."

"Jasper?" Carlisle asked.

Harry smiled nodding his head.

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