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"Vegeta, come look! I taught my dog some new tricks," Kakarrot called to his buddy.

The Saiyan Prince strutted over to where Kakarrot stood with his Chihuahua. The Prince's own mastiff snorted at the small pooch and blew him over.

"Aww, poor Little Krillin fall down from big doggy's bad breath?" Kakarrot cooed. He picked up the dog and nuzzled it, eliciting pleasurable whimpers. Vegeta furrowed his brows, unable to discern whether the noise came from the warrior or beast.

"What could you, a third-class warrior, teach that giant rat?"

"He can speak!" Kakarrot exclaimed, ignoring the insult. "Watch."

Kakarrot: "What covers a house?"

Little Krillin: "RROWF!"

Kakarrot: "What covers a tree?"

Little Krillin: "BARK!"

"Good boy! Who wuvs you? Daddy wuvs you! Daddy wuvs Little Krillin, yes he does," Goku crooned. He ruffled his dog's ears and fed him a doggie treat.

"Kakarrot, you are an imbecile," Vegeta sneered.

"Aww, Vegeta, you're just jealous because your dog can't talk," Kakarrot huffed. He continued to reward his baby with kibbles.

Vegeta looked over at his mastiff. Surely his dog was more intelligent. Granted, he had never taught the dog to speak, but his canine knew one important command: "Sic balls!"

However, not to be outdone, the Prince commanded, "Big Bulma, what does sandpaper feel like?"

"RRUFF," came the reply.

"Hey, your dog's pretty smart. Let me give her a treat," Kakarrot offered.

The Prince and Big Bulma watched as Kakarrot poured ketchup on a dog biscuit and held it out to the mastiff.

"What are you feeding my dog?" Vegeta demanded, disgusted by the sight.

Big Bulma gazed at her master and shook her large head. "BARF!"

The seldomly affectionate Prince smirked and rewarded his pooch with a pat on the head.

The end.

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