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Charlie was thrilled that I had decided to give me friendship with Jake another chance. He had a bounce in his step when he arrived home from fishing just a few minutes after I had gotten home from Edward's house. He followed me to the kitchen and stood watching me intently as I gathered the ingredients to make a quick chicken casserole.

"You have no idea how glad I am you've recognized how childish it was to hold a grudge against Jake. I was beginning to worry that you'd never be an adult about all of this and that it would eventually cause a rift between Billy and me. It's about time you showed me how responsible you can be," Charlie smiled at me as if he had just handed me the greatest compliment in the world as he grabbed a beer from the fridge and headed into the living room to watch Sports Center.

I had to bite the inside of my cheek to keep from lashing out at him verbally, taking my aggression out on the chicken and vegetable that I was dicing for dinner.

He thought I'd never be an adult? What the hell did he think I had been behaving like for the past year? What was I if not responsible? What other kid my age was held accountable for all of the household chores, grocery shopping and preparing meals? No one that's who.

I continued to silently fume over Charlie's opinion of the Jacob situation all through dinner. My blissful disposition from this afternoon long gone. Charlie prattled on about Billy and fishing oblivious to my mood.

"So, Bells, Thursday is Billy's fiftieth birthday so to celebrate a few of the guys are heading up to Sullivan Lake over in Metaline Falls. Sullivan is where the state record twenty two pound trout was caught way back in '65. Billy and I both are looking to beat that record." I looked up at him when he stopped talking to find him staring at me expectantly. What was I supposed to say? Good luck?

"Um, that's great Dad. I hope you all have fun," I said with false enthusiasm hoping that he would leave me alone so that I could brood a bit more over his appraisal of my lack of maturity.

"Right, thanks. I'm sure we'll have a blast. Bella," he sighed rubbing his hand down his face in frustration," Bella what I'm saying here is that I'll be leaving very early on Wednesday morning and won't be home until late Sunday night. It's a ten hour drive to Metaline Falls and we want to get in as much time on the water as possible. "

I opened my mouth to tell him that I'd be fine here alone; I had after all spent weeks alone back in Phoenix during the times that Renee went on the road with Phil, but he held a hand up to silence me.

"Don't bother to tell me that you can take care of yourself Bella. I'm not going to leave my seventeen year old daughter at home alone for five days. I've already talked to Sue Clearwater and she would be happy to let you stay with her while I'm gone or if you'd rather stay here in the house, I could have Jacob come down and stay with you since you two have made up." I was already shaking head no to both options before he even finished laying them out for me.

I refuse to spend five days in La Push where Edward couldn't visit me at night and I really didn't think that I would feel comfortable with Jake staying here every night. He still harbored feelings for me and I don't think he'd react well to Edward staying in my room at night while he slept downstairs. Not to mention how much Edward would loathe either idea.

"You're not staying here alone Bella," He said agitated at my quick dismissal of the plans that he had made for me without consulting me first.

"I stayed by myself a lot in Phoenix and was perfectly fine. I know how to cook, clean and drive myself to and from school and if I need anything all I'd have to do is pick up the phone and Edward would be right over." I paused, a brilliant idea forming in my mind, "You know Dad, I could just stay with the Cullens while you're gone. I'm sure that Esme and Carlisle would be okay with it."

"And where would Edward be staying while you stayed with his family?" His voice had an undertone of emotion that I didn't understand.

"He'd be staying there too," I said not understanding why he thought that Edward would be gone.

"Then the answer is no. There is no way that you are going to be spending five nights alone with that boy…" I could see Charlie building up a head of steam so I spoke up quickly to stop his impending explosion.

"Alone? Did you forget that Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper live there too? Do you really think that Edward's parents would allow something inappropriate to happen? Not that anything like that would happen anyway. Edward's morals would never allow it, " I hadn't meant to say that last part out loud but the way Charlie was looking at me made me wonder if I should have said that first.

"Explain that, please," Charlie whispered as he stared at me fixedly. I assumed that he was assessing my words and body language the way he had been taught to do with a suspect during an interrogation.

"Edward is very old fashioned. He believes that, um, certain… intimacies should only be shared by a husband and wife. He values my virtue as much if not more than he does his own. He says that I am a lady and should always be treated as such so he keeps our relationship pretty chaste. Now, I'm not saying that we aren't affectionate. He holds me and kisses me but is always respectful. In short Dad, Edward is a complete gentleman," I finished with a small nod flushing red enough to rival the color of a tomato.

It was almost comical the way Charlie's face contorted as he digested this information. I could see the relief in his eyes upon learning that Edward intended for me to be a virgin bride but I could also see the mortification there as well at having heard that Edward intended me to be a virgin bride.

"I always knew there was a reason that I liked that boy," he mumbled before agreeing to call Carlisle and asking him if I could stay with the family while he was fishing.

The next couple days flew by and before I knew it Alice and I were in my room packing my bag. She chatted happily about how much fun we were going to have doing all sorts of girly things during our extra long slumber party while making faces at my clothes as I put them in my bag.

I had a feeling that at least one day this week I would have to endure Barbie Bella time and possibly a shopping trip to supplement my wardrobe. I turned around to gather my unmentionables for the weekend and froze when Alice's monologue about nail polish stopped abruptly. I shrugged thinking that she was using her remarkable girt to see how our shopping trip and makeover would turn out.

I turned around to face her directly and ask her where we were heading, Seattle or Port Angeles but I knew that I was dead wrong about the content of her vision when she snapped out of her trance with a gasp and immediately grabbed her phone and began muttering something so fast and low that I had no idea what she was saying but I knew it was bad but the grave expression written across her lovely features.

"What is it Alice?" I asked as she hung up the phone.

"I saw a vampire coming here. He's not someone that I've ever seen before. I don't see him attacking anyone," she said when she saw the color drain from my face instantly.

"Then why is he coming?" I whispered nervously.

"I'm not sure why Bella. All I can see is that he will be coming here to your house tomorrow morning, don't worry he waits until Charlie is gone," She said as she took in my reaction. I couldn't stand the thought of my father suffering because of my involvement in the world of the supernatural. I nodded for her to continue. "I can see him in your room, holding a few of your things but that's it. I think he's going to take some of your clothes when he leaves but I have no idea why."

"Are you sure that you didn't hire this guy to clean out my closet?" I tried to joke. It was a lame attempt but it was better than the alternative since I didn't think Alice would enjoy watching me freak out over some random vampire stealing my clothes to sniff them.

I barely had time for a hurried goodbye to Charlie before I was shoved into the passenger seat of my truck by a covertly super strong pixie that spent the entire drive to her house telling me to remain calm and that everything was going to be fine.

Edward had me pulled out of the car before Alice had even put it in park. He held me tightly against him as he pulled me into the house.

I sat quietly listening as the Cullens planned to ambush the unknown vampire after he left my room. They were going to corner him in the forest near my house and question him about why he was there and destroy him if need be.

Esme tried to convince Edward and Carlisle that the mystery vamp was merely curious as to why my scent was mingled with the scent of so many vampires but no one, including me gave the thought much merit.

Once all of the plans were in place for the confrontation, or the tete au poing (head to fist) as Emmett so politely called it. Alice didn't see this guy showing up until late tomorrow morning so there was no need to rush into action just yet. So, we decided to watch a few vampire movies to pass the time.

I laughed at the sheer stupidity of Eddie Murphy in Vampire in Brooklyn and cringed at the disgusting graphics in Near Dark. I fell asleep half way through The Lost Boys and dreamed that Kiefer Sutherland was standing in my bedroom sniffing my red blouse and discussing the rainy weather with Edward, who was lounging on my bed as if he hadn't a care in the world.

I awoke with a start as the thunder clapped violently overhead. I yawned and stretched and realized that I was lying somewhere warm and of so very soft. I opened my eyes and came face to face with my golden eyed angel.

"Edward?" I croaked. My voice was still rough from sleep.

"Yes, Love?"

"Where did this bed come from?" I gestured at the wrought iron bed with piles and piles of golden pillows and blankets.

"Alice," He said as a means of explanation and smirked.

I giggled and pulled myself into a sitting position. Edward leaned over me making me lie back down and gave me a long, soul stirring kiss good morning before excusing himself so that I could get dressed.

Alice and Rose forced me to play Bella Barbie as a distraction once the guys left to stakeout my house waiting for my visitor. After about twenty minutes of me protesting and Alice pouting, I relented and was shoved into a lacy black dress with ruffles. My feet were forced into some very high red heel that I was sure were going to cause me to break my neck if I tried to walk in them. Rosalie curled my hair while Alice did my make-up and adorned my neck and wrist with very expensive looking jewelry.

Alice painted my nails, both my fingers and my toes a dark red color and smirked at Rose when she laughed. I could only assume that the color was very similar to that of blood, when seen through a vampire's eyes. In the end I had to admit that I looked very beautiful and felt like I belonged standing next to my soon to be sisters.

We finalized and perfected the plans that Alice had plucked from my head the other day while we waited for the guys to get home. Alice had already placed the order for the gift I wanted to give to Edward, including the exact inscription that I had envisioned and it would be arriving within the week. I was impressed and she giggled gleefully when I told her so.

Alice thought that Edward would be too stressed out after the events of the morning and afternoon to be able to maintain his human façade well enough to go out so she ordered dinner in for me while I showered and changed back into my normal clothes but left the polish on, I really liked he color and wondered what Edward's reaction would be.

The guys showed up just as I was finishing my dinner. Edward was very agitated when he and the other Cullen men returned from my house. It seems that the wolves were also prowling the woods nearby and my visitor, who I now knew was called Riley, got scared and retreated.

We all sat around the living room listening to the events of the afternoon. The guys were able to follow him to an abandoned warehouse just south of Seattle where he met with Victoria, and told her of his failure.

She wasn't at all bothered by it; instead she had seemed to expect it. She soothed him by saying that the time would soon come that he could make it up to her by leading her army against the Cullens and me. It was my very worst nightmare come true. Victoria had lost her mind and was hell-bent on revenge, no matter the cost.

Jasper assured me that he was well prepared to handle an army of newborn vampires as he had done it for almost a century before he had left in search of happiness.

"At present there are eleven newborns plus Riley and Victoria to take out. I have no doubt that we can handle them but I'd like to contact the Denali clan for back up just in case we need them." Carlisle took out his phone and dial straight away.

"Damn it." Edward seethed suddenly jumping up to begin pacing. I looked up at him questioningly from the sofa where I sat with Alice and Jasper.

"Irina wants revenge on the pack for Laurent's death." He answered hastily.

"I say we let her have at them. It would solve the canine issue and give us reinforcements when Victoria decides to act, not that I think we'll need them." Emmett supplied.

"Have at them? No, you can't. It would be suicide for her. It would be six wolves against a single vampire. She wouldn't survive and the pack might blame you guys." I was getting hysterical and could feel Jasper trying to calm me as Edward knelt down in front of me. He took my hands into his and held my gaze.

"Its okay, Love. No one is going to fight the wolves. Carlisle explained the treaty to Tanya. They understand but they are refusing to come and aid us in the pending battle." I was abruptly livid. How dare they refuse to help the people that they claimed were family because of some grudge!

"I thought the Denali's were your family. How can they leave family members to deal with a potentially life threatening situation?" I fumed.

"Irina doesn't see it that way, Bella. All she sees is us standing in the way of her avenging her friend." Alice explained but that wasn't enough for me.

"Well, if that's how she sees it then the wolves were defending a friend when they killed Laurent to keep him from killing me and by her logic they were perfectly justified in doing that." I countered angrily.

"They aren't our only allies, Bella. We have plenty of other resources from which to draw support." Jasper assured me.

"I for one don't want the succubae sisters anywhere near here so I agree with Jasper and Bella. We can always call in a few favors. As I see it the mongrels were just proactive in avenging Bella against that idiot Laurent instead of reactive. It's the only useful thing I've ever known any of them to do." Rose smirked.

"Succubae sisters?" I asked and Edward groaned.

"You never told her about Tanya, Edward?" Edward turned a heated glare towards Emmett the moment the words left his mouth.

"What about Tanya?" I asked quietly, hesitantly.

"It's nothing, Love. Emmett is just being Emmett." Edward said by way of an explanation.

Rose snorted and Alice shook her head sadly but Jasper adopted a grave expression before reaching over and clapping Edward roughly on the shoulder.

"It may have been nothing to you little brother but you wrecked her perfect record. The poor girl will probably never recover." Jasper said solemnly and wiped an imaginary tear from his eye.

"What record did you ruin, Edward?" I was starting to get irritated by my confusion and the lack of information.

Edward sighed heavily and asked his family to give us some privacy. They all decided to go hunting and quickly made an exit. He waited until they were all gone from the house and pulled himself up to sit beside me on the sofa.

Edward scrubbed his face with his hands a few times in frustration. He sighed again and roughly ran his hands through his hair.


"I'm sorry, sweetheart. I was debating how to start this discussion." He looked over at me and smiled wearily. I wasn't sure if it was mental or physical exhaustion though.

"The beginning would be a good place to start." I prompted.

He smiled and chuckled lightly.

"Okay then, the beginning it is. In 1962 my family moved to Alaska. As soon as the decision to go was made Alice got a vision of another coven of vegetarian vampires already living there in a town called Denali. Carlisle was excited then because he had never met anyone who had like him, sworn off human blood without any outside help.

"We met with the Denali coven almost immediately after moving in to the area. There are three sisters, Kate, Tanya and Irina. There was also a mated pair in their family; Carmen and Eleazar. The sisters were very open about how they gained a conscious, as Carlisle calls it.

"You see, the three of them enjoyed the company of human men and couldn't bear the idea of killing them once they had fulfilled their desires, so the changed their ways and the men they entertained lived to make repeat visits. As for Carmen and Eleazar they had developed a conscious on their own after Eleazar left the Volturi. He had once been a valued member of the guard." I gasped at the idea of someone Edward regarded as family ever working for those Italian monsters and would have forgotten my original question if he hadn't given me that smirk that told me he was still hiding something.

"As fascinating as that is Edward. I still want to know how you ruined Tanya's prefect record." I was quite proud of myself for being able to read him now. It was amazing just how much closer we had gotten since he'd came home.

"Really Bella. It's ridiculous. I didn't do anything." He sounded a little wary and possibly embarrassed.

"Sure, sure Edward. I totally believe that what with how calmly you reacted to Emmett a few minutes ago." I raised an eyebrow in challenged and he sighed and looked at his hands that were clinched into fists in his lap.

"Fine, when we first moved to Alaska Tanya expressed an interest in me but I declined her advances in the most gentlemanly way I could. She didn't take it very well as she had never had a man tell her no before." He looked up at me when I gasped at his confession.

"Wh-what did she d-do?" I stuttered fearing his response would be something horrific like; she had some sort of sexual mind control and made him be with her. No, Edward told me he'd never been with anyone. And I believe him.

"She ranted a bit but when she calmed down she simply smirked at me and said that someday I'd change my mind. I assured her that I wasn't interested in that type of relationship with her or anyone else. And that was the truth until January 18th of last year when you stumbled into my life. The only woman I have ever desired in any way is you, Love." He assured me and felt like I was flying.

Somewhere in Alaska there was a perfect female vampire who wanted my Edward but I wasn't really worried about it because when he looked at my with his smoldering topaz eyes I knew she'd never be able to take what's mine, and Edward Cullen is most definitely mine.

Never one to pass up an opportunity to get in some uninterrupted kissing time with Edward, I moved closer to him and reached up to run my hand through his hair.

He must have realized what I was after or maybe he had had the same idea because he turned in one of his lightening quick moves and pulled me into his lap.

I was sitting astride him looking down into his dark honey colored eyes. In a very slow deliberate movement he licked his lips. My eyes followed the trail of moisture that his tongue left on his perfect bottom lip before I leaned down to kiss him for all I was worth.

The second our lips touched Edward reached one hand up to grasp the back of my neck and his other hand held my hip in his tight grasp. I, of course plunged both of my hands into his lush hair. Our kiss had just started to become heated when he suddenly pulled away with a low growl.

"What's wrong, Edward?" I gasped out trying to catch my breath.

"Jacob is here." He spat out. I had to agree that Jake had rotten timing but I couldn't understand the venom in Edward's voice. He had seemed okay with me trying to be Jacob's friend again.

"Is that a bad thing?" I asked cautiously.

"It is when he's only here sniffing around to see if you are still human. Not to mention him lurking in the backyard and screaming obscenities at me." He glared at the back wall, and sure enough if I squinted just right, I could make out the huge russet wolf that I knew to be Jacob trotting slowly across the lawn towards the house.

"He was watching us?" I demanded outraged.

"Yes." He replied curtly.

"Why?" I breathed unable to understand the peeping Tom-ish moment Jake was having.

"I'm not sure, actually. I was too caught up in more pleasant activities to be paying attention to our surroundings. I wouldn't have noticed him at all if he hadn't phased when you moaned as my hand move around to your lower back." He was fighting a smirk, I could tell. He was quite proud to be able to elicit those types of sounds from me and I was more than happy to allow him to do so.

"Well, should we go out and greet our guest?" I asked as I lifted myself off of his lap.

"I guess we should. I'll translate because you don't speak Dog and there is no way in Hell, I'd allow his to phase back when he has nothing to cover himself with." I couldn't blame him for that and I honestly had no desire to ever see Jake naked. Edward, on the other hand I'd like to see naked on a daily basis, or multiple times a day if I could somehow work it out.

I shook my head to rid myself of my less that chaste thoughts and took the hand that Edward was no offering me and we headed outside to talk to Jake. It didn't take more than a minute to get from the sofa to the back deck but somehow in during that short amount of time the yard had filled with people. The Cullens had returned home from hunting.

I assumed that Alice's vision of Edward and I had suddenly gone blank and they had hurried home to make sure we were safe. Jacob whined as he looked around at all of the vampires in the yard and Edward sighed in resignation.

"Emmett, would you mind letting Jacob borrow a pair of your pants. He has no clothing of his own with him and his sense of smell is more acute in his wolf form and our scent is overwhelming him." Edward explained. Emmett nodded and hurried in the house with a shout of "on it."

Jacob regarded the offered garment with unease before taking it into his mouth and sprinting back into the woods only to emerge in his human form. The first words out of his mouth made me wish that he was still shaped like a giant monster instead a human who behaved like one.

"God, you bloodsuckers reek. How do you stand the stench when he's all over you like that Bells?" His nose was still wrinkled in disgust when he stopped advancing in our direction.

"Never mind that Jacob, Why the heck were you spying on us?" I demanded with a glare in his direction.

"Chill, I didn't want to watch you get freaky in the living room with your leech. The pack sent me to check up on you. We all know that Charlie is gone for a few days and Sam was worried that-" Emmett's booming voice cut across him before he could finish the sentence.

"Getting freaky? With Edward? Why Bella I didn't know you had it in you. It's about time you two rounded a few bases." He laughed and I'm sure that he must had added much more to that statement mentally because the next thing I knew Edward had pounced on him and the two of them were rolling around on the ground fighting like a couple of toddlers.

Jacob laughed saying that they reminded him of his pack brothers fighting and how he was sure that a few of them would have loved to spar with a couple of vampires, even if it was just for play.

The words had barely left his mouth when Alice gasped and Emmett pinned Edward, who had stopped fighting.

"Do you think it will work?" Edward asked Alice as he jumped up and dusted his clothes off.

"Definitely," She said with a beaming smile.

"What's going on? Alice, what did you see?" Carlisle inquired. Alice simply nodded towards Jasper in response.

"I think that if the pack is willing to learn to spar with vampires, they should put the knowledge to good use, say on a certain newborn army." Jasper said then quickly explained the situation to Jacob. Jake was sure that the pack would be interested in learning the combat skills and was positive that they would want to take out the newborns, since they saw it as their job anyway.

It looked like everything was going to work out. Victoria's army wouldn't stand a chance against six werewolves and the entire Cullen family. It gave me hope that my other plans would come together too and by this time Saturday, I would be properly engaged.