Okay so I decided to make a story about like McFly and Son of Dork!!! Not really related to Just My Luck….hope you like it!! Okay anyway I don't own McFly, Son of Dork, Just My Luck, or any of the songs. I do own the band I made up and the some characters.

'Time Machine, one of the most hardcore punk rock bands, is history. As of last night, the band broke up do to unknown info about Stephanie David. Will they get back together? We asked Zachary Wilson and he had this to say…' The news reporter disappeared and a video of a boy with shaggy brown hair came up.

'Ummm no probably not…yeah this is probably the last you'll hear of us!' He just laughed and it went back to the news reporter.

"Stephanie, would you stop watching that video?! It happened 4 months ago!" A young black women, walked into the darkened study. Her black hair was styled into tiny braids, mixed with purple braids. She was wearing a purple tube top with a black zip up hoodie over it, which matched her black jeans. "Besides you were way too good for that band!"

"….but…I miss it Ren…" There was another young woman curled up in a ball in front of the computer. She had long dark chocolate brown hair with blonde streaks that ended at her mid back. She was wearing gray sweats and a black hoodie.

The woman known as Ren sighed and walked up to her friend. She put her hand on Stephanie's back and hugged her. "I know girl…but you have to forget them…" Stephanie let a few tears trickle down her face and nodded.

"Yeah…you're right…."

*In London*

"So James, now that I'm also managing your band to…will you going to look for a replacement for Chris?" James, Dave, Steve, and Danny all looked at each other.

"Well James why don't you play the solos?" Dave asked sitting back on the red sofa. James shook his head no.

"Well then why don't you have Dave play the solos?" Danny asked who was leaning next to the door frame of Fletch's office.

Steve started to laugh. "I don't think that would work out to well since Dave is always dancing and jumping around the stage!" Steve manage to say through his laughter, James let out a chuckle.

"Well do you have any ideas James?" Fletch asked, James looked back at him.

"Sort of…we met when I was back with Busted, Busted and her band guest starred on a show for Nickelodeon." James was cut off by Dave.

He jumped off the couch with a surprised look. "Wait….you said 'her' you're going to have a girl play lead guitar in our band?" James nodded.

"She was in a band called Time Machine we started hanging out after the show. Her band would fly here, and we'd fly there." James paused.

"What about her band though?" Steve asked leaning forward on the couch.

"They broke up…something about her, but I'm not sure." James said dropping his head.

There was a long pause until Fletch spoke up. "Well James, do you have her number so we can call her and get her back into show biz?" James looked up and smiled.

"Yeah it's in my cell." James said digging through his pocket and pulled out a blue env3. "You might want to use your office phone. For some reason she doesn't answer my phone calls or texts." Fletch nodded and punched in the number and put it on speaker, it rang two times until somebody finally answered.

'Hello? Stephanie's cell her bff Ren speaking!' The boys started to laugh and Fletch put up a hand for them to stop.

"Hi Ren, this Matthew Fletch, I was wondering if by any chance Stephanie was interested in replacing a guitarist."

'Uhhhh….hold on let me ask…HEY STEPH!!!' Ren's yelling cause the boys including Fletch to jump and they all looked at each other with bugged eyes. 'Yea?' There was a fate voice in the background. 'Would you be interested in replacing a guitarist in…what band?'

"Son of Dork."

'Oh okay gotcha. Would you be interested in replacing a guitarist in son of dork?' They could hear footsteps in the background getting closer to the phone. 'What? Why would I hang up the phone?' They couldn't hear the other voice talking anymore, they figured the person was whispering. 'What I'm not going to hang up the phone! No wait give me my cell back! Steph that's not fair!' They heard a crash and continued to look at each other. 'Steph don't touch that end…' The line went dead.

"Hello?" Fletch said into the receiver. "I guess she hung up." James dropped his head. "James is there something you're not telling us?" James nodded and took a seat on the couch.

"When I was dating….my ex. She didn't like me talking to other girls, so when Steph texted me something she erased it. Only my ex knew what the text said, a month later she told me about it saying that Steph needed to talk to me about something important. When I tried to call her back or text she stopped answering me." Danny, Steve, and Dave looked at each other and Steve took a seat next to James.

"Let me guess…good friend?" Steve said putting a hand on James shoulder, and James nodded.

"Well, what do we do now?" Dave asked taking a seat next to Steve, James just shrugged.


Fletch's secretary interrupted James little flash from the past. 'Mr. Fletch there's a woman named Ren on the line. Should I patch her through?' The boys looked at each other once again and James looked a bit happier.

"Yes please." The light on the phone started to blink which allowed him to know Ren was on the phone. "Ren?"

'Sorry about that, apparently Stephanie's a little upset about the band, but…' there was a long pause. 'She needs something to distract her from the band breakup I'm going to make sure she plays in your band.'

James smiled "Sweet!" Dave yelled

Fletch let out a chuckle. "When can you have her come over to London?" There was another crash on the other lined.

'London! Whoa baby…well I could have her over there if I don't know, if you might have a private jet!'

"Deal." The boys started smile and high fiving.

'Sweet! I'll let your secretary know where and when to have the jet tomorrow. Got to go! Bye!' The line went dead once again.

"Wahoo!" Steve yelled, as the other guys laughed at his reaction. "Dude we got to let McFly know about our plans!"

"Yeah we should go over their house tonight and tell them!" Dave said in agreement, the boys turned to Fletch.

He chuckled, "I'll have her meet you guys tomorrow at the McFly mansion, go have fun." The boys raced to the door full of excitement, and James couldn't wait to see his old friend.

Okay so not much McFly in it, but there will be!!! Hope you liked it!!