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He kissed her like he was a thirsty man in the desert, and she was a cool running stream; breathless, needy, desperate, he was trying to drink her all up. He worked his way down from her warm, demanding mouth to the smooth skin of her throat.

"Boooooooth," she moaned, the vibrations resonating through his lips.

He couldn't help it. "Marry me," he gasped.

The fingers she was raking through his hair tightened, and she ground her hips against him. A diversion tactic. "No," she whispered.

He yanked her seductive hands off of him and pinned her to the bed, still trying to catch his breath but dangerously in control of himself. He always had to be, when he got rough. He knew she would ridicule him if she found out, but he was terrified of leaving a single bruise on that flawless, pale skin. "Marry me, Bones," he growled.

Her eyes were dark and hungry. He knew she liked it when he occasionally got bossy – but he suspected it was mostly because it gave her an excuse to be bossy right back. Which he loved. So he wasn't surprised when he found himself flipped on his back, the woman of his dreams straddling him triumphantly with a wicked smile. "For the last time, Booth, no."

Then, seeing the somewhat crestfallen look on his face, she leaned down and planted the gentlest of apologetic kisses on his lips. "I love you," she murmured.

"I know," he sighed. "That's the worst of it."


He'd broached the topic of marriage several times before, and each time she'd promptly shut him down. Honestly, he didn't really expect any other response, but a man had to try, didn't he? His impromptu proposal was totally unplanned; he had previously decided not to pop the actual question until he'd worn her down a little. Well, there went that idea.

He wouldn't even bother trying to convince her if he thought for one second that she was refusing him for the right reasons. She wasn't saying no because she didn't really want to be married, she was saying no on the principle of the thing, which was the exact same reason they'd spent five years dancing around each other before finally admitting their true feelings. And Seeley Booth was not going to make that mistake again. No sirree.

He had a ring. She didn't know he had a ring, but he'd gotten one. He was pretty sure she would find the whole down-on-one-knee thing trite, but if – no, when – she did say yes, he wanted to have a ring to give her. Call it old-fashioned, but it was something he needed. So he kept it hidden and bided his time. Biding his time – that was one thing Booth had learned to do quite well with Bones.

And now she was curled up asleep in his arms, her soft cheek resting on his chest, looking for all the world like a peaceful angel instead of the little devil she really was. Booth smiled to himself. Well, he wouldn't have fallen in love with her in the first place if deep down he didn't like the way she antagonized him. He liked the way they argued – not angry, just defiant and competitive, each convinced of their own correctness and struggling to gain the upper hand, each challenging the other to best them. And when they really got into it, the adrenaline would start pumping and blood would get flowing and pretty soon he'd forget what they'd started arguing about because the room had gotten so damn hot. Temperance Brennan was the only woman who could make him feel so incredibly frustrated and so incredibly turned on at the same time.

He briefly wondered if there might be something wrong with him. Falling in love with a woman who constantly pushed his buttons because she constantly pushed his buttons – that made him seem like a glutton for punishment, didn't it? Maybe he had more of a masochistic streak than he wanted to admit…

But then again, at the end of the day, he won a lot of their arguments. There was nothing he loved more than getting the last word. Bones didn't concede defeat easily or often, but when she did… he felt like a kindergartner with a gold star. He'd be filled with an absurd sense of accomplishment, as if Bones' reluctant approval was the highest honor in the world. To be fair, it wasn't that reluctant; she was nothing if not a good sport.

She stirred a little, nuzzling into his chest as if he were an oversized pillow and reaching her arm up and around his neck. What's your problem, Seeley? he wondered. What's the big rush? Why isn't this enough for you? Why can't you be satisfied with what you have?

He gazed down at her sleeping face. Christ, she was beautiful. An unexpected lump rose in his throat. Because she means so much more to me than just this. Because I want to tell the world that she's mine and I'm hers. Because I want her with me for the rest of my life and I need her to know that I want her with me for the rest of my life. Because I love her. And… He swallowed. Hard. I can't stand the thought of her slipping away from me.

He pulled his arms around her a little tighter, suddenly dreading the moment when she woke up and he had to let her go.