Title: Mon Chat

Summary: Hp/Dm, M/M sex, all of age.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the idea. All the characters belong to J.K. Rowling and other various corporations.


If Draco could have smirked in his current form, he would have. Sure he hated the fact that his animagus form was a small white cat, but even he admitted that the form was very useful. He could wander the castle after dark without anyone being suspicious. There were probably two dozen cats living in the castle at any given time.

He purred loudly to replace his smirk and climbed up a staircase, hissing at Mrs. Norris in aggravation. Draco had turned down Pansy's offer to accompany him, because he knew she wouldn't approve of what he was going to do. He playfully ran and leaped around the corridor until he stood in front of the hideous portrait, the one with the fat lady, the guardian of the Gryffindor common room.

The fat lady yawned exhaustedly and stretched as she woke up because of his loud meows. He wished he could curl his lip when she smiled and her many chins were squished by her smile. "Hello you precious little kitty cat, who do you belong too?"

Draco stretched out, his paws resting on the bottom part of the portrait and he watched her wince as his nails slid out to graze the delicate painting. He narrowed his eyes and increased the pressure of his nails, dragging down lightly.

"Bad kitty! Stop that, you're going to scratch my portrait!" The fat lady cried out, waving her arms wildly.

When he didn't stop, the fat lady cursed at him and suddenly flew upwards. His nails were pulled down and caught in the frame of the painting. Draco cried out loudly as he flew upwards and dangled from the bottom of the painting. He dangled wildly and meowed, and cursed at the fact that he'd hidden his wand in the dungeons.

"What on Earth is going on?" A thick rich voice called out from the portrait hole.

Draco meowed desperately again, hating that it had to be a Gryffindor who saved him, but pleased that he wouldn't be dangling from the stupid painting anymore. He heard a loud gasp and then the fat lady growling out "Don't give me that look! This evil little beast was about to slash my portrait!"

Two strong hands lifted him into the air and he clung to them quickly, afraid the stupid Gryffindor would drop him. The smooth voice called out, "Oh honestly! How could you do that to such a sweet little kitten? That's awful!"

Draco meowed in agreement into the boy's chest and buried his face into the warmth again. He smelled the spicy and musky scent of the boy and purred instinctively. He just smelled so good and he decided to lift his head and take a glance at the boy, who was currently arguing with the Fat Lady.

That might have been a mistake because once he saw who he was being held by. Draco growled and dug his claws into the boys arm.

"Hey little guy, calm down!" Harry Potter frowned down at him and looked back up at the portrait, "I'll make sure he stays away from you. Goodnight."

Before he knew what was happening, Draco found himself being led into the Gryffindor common room. He struggled, and hissed angrily, trying to get away. Finally after cursing Potter, carefully and gently put him down. Draco darted underneath a chair and panted worriedly, his silver eyes darted around the room, and he let out a low growl when he noticed the Weasel and Mudblood sitting across from him.

He listened to Granger ask, "Who's cat was that?"

Harry dropped to his knees and peered under the sofa, smiling at the kitten hiding under his favorite chair, "I don't know Mione. The fat lady hoisted him in the air and he was just dangling there by his nails!"

Hermione gasped, "How awful! Why would she do that to a kitten?"

"She said he was trying to scratch up her portrait." Harry laughed out. He wondered if the portraits awful singing had offended the small cat so much that it had tried to retaliate. He wiggled closer to the chair and stared into the cats silver eyes. At the moment they were wide with fear and they flickered between Ron, Hermione and himself.

"Come here cat..." He slowly pushed his hand under the chair, toward the cat, and stiffened when the cat growled and batted at his hand with its paw.

Hermione got down next to him and peered at the cat, "Oh what a lovely cat! So pretty...Come on, you're safe out here. No big, mean portrait to lift you too high into the air."

Draco was pleased to find that he could roll his eyes, because Grangers overly sweet, baby talk was just ridiculous. He realized that 'he' Draco Malfoy was hiding under a chair from the golden trio...And it's not like they knew it was him. After all he just looked like a miniature version of a white, Persian cat, they wouldn't hurt a cat would they?

He swiped at Potter again before crawling languorously out from underneath the chair. He ignored Grangers cooing noises and remarks at how beautiful he was and jumped up to sit on the chair. He looked around the common room and inwardly sneered at the red and gold decorations. He couldn't help but be a little bit amused at the fact that he was in the Gryffindor common room.

Weasley was sitting back on the couch that Granger had vacated and was wearing a look of extreme distaste as he studied him. Apparently Weasley didn't like cats. Draco grinned and licked his paw before jumping down and then onto the other couch, growling at Weasley, just to get a reaction.

"Bloody cat! Why'd you have to bring it in here?" Weasley scowled, scooting away.

Draco hissed at him again and blinked in surprise when Potter laughed and moved closer to him. Potter smiled widely at his friend and said, "I like him, he's feisty."

He reached over before Draco realized what was happening and scratched behind his ear. Draco stilled, readying himself to scratch the boy but found that he was slowly relaxing under Potters touch. The sensation was just so nice, so pleasurable. He knew he should be appalled at the loud purring noises he was making but he couldn't be not as long as he kept get scratched...in that perfect place.

Vaguely he could hear Granger cooing again and say, "Aw look Harry he likes you."

"What are you going to do with it?"Weasley asked his voice strained with disgust.

"He'll just have to stay in here tonight." Potter shrugged and leaned down to smile at the Draco, "That won't be a problem will it little buddy?"

Draco wanted to say that nothing would be a problem as long as Potter kept up that wonderful rubbing and scratching, but couldn't. Instead he just leaned into the touch and purred vividly. Suddenly he was in Potters arms again and they were headed up a spiral staircase. His common sense came flying back and he stiffened in his arms, a low growl building up in his throat.

But the soft scratching came again and he couldn't help himself.

"Bloody nuisance. Why does it have to sleep in our room?" Weasley complained next to him, prompting a halfhearted swipe from Draco's paw.

Potter found that extremely amusing apparently because his chest rocked with silent chuckles. "I just don't think he'd like being alone."

'Damn right.' Draco agreed sleepily in his mind.

He'd given up on the idea that he was going to be let out of the Gryffindor common room before morning, so he decided to just observe his usual nemesis. It could be amusing after all, to hear Weasley and Potters private conversations. And 'maybe' Potter would do a little more of that ear scratching thing.

Once they were in the room, Draco looked around eagerly, noting the three other boys already sleeping in their beds. Potter put him down on what was apparently his bed and Draco curled up waiting for some juicy conversation. He was severely let down because Weasley went on and on about his crush on Granger. Potter mostly listened, occasionally letting out a chuckle or a bit of advice.

Bored about five minutes into the conversation, Draco flopped onto his stomach and yawned, stretching out his paws. Potter took to petting him and he purred happily, enjoying the warmth of his hands. Finally Weasley shut up and Draco purred even louder at that, warranting another laugh from Potter.

Potter stood and stretched, his robes were halfway unbuttoned by the time Draco realized what he was doing. He was...Undressing! Harry bloody Potter was undressing in front of him! He would have blushed if he could have, but instead he just looked away. Even then though, he was just to curious to see why all the seventh year girls were so overly attracted to Potter, and he looked back.

His Gryffindor rival was unbuttoning his shirt, slowly revealing long strips of light, golden tan skin and sinewy muscles on his thin frame. He pulled off his shirt, dropping it on top of the trunk on the edge of his bed. His hands dropped to his belt buckle and Draco lowered his head, trying not to inwardly blush so much. Potter pulled open the belt and unbuttoned his trousers, pulling them off quickly.

Draco sat up studied Potters surprising beauty. He wasn't a classic beauty like Draco was. No he was almost wildly handsome. His legs muscular and dusted with a light brush of black hair, his abs clearly defined, even though he was very thin. And his skin had this amazing golden undertone to it. He wondered how the boy could be tan when he lived in England his entire life.

Sadly though, his studying of Potters body was cut short when Potter pulled on a thin pair of black, pajama pants.

"That's creepy Harry." Weasley called over to them from his bed, breaking Draco's intense concentration away from Potter.

"What is?"

"The way that cat is staring at you while you undress!" Weasley said sarcastically.

Now completely embarrassed, Draco hunched down and peeked shyly up at Potter who surprised him by smiling lightly at him. "He's alright Ron, you just hate cats."

"Yeah thanks to Hermione and that bloody freak Crookshanks!" Ron growled in the next bed, dropping a pillow over his face.

Potter dropped onto the bed and lay back, waving his wand around to turn out the lights. Draco hovered around the edge of the bed, starting to feel uncomfortable again. Now what was he supposed to do? It was... kind of okay to watch Potter undress, after all he was just curious about what the big hype about Potter was. But sleeping in the same bed, let alone room was just too odd.

Unfortunately Potter didn't give him much of a choice because in a quick moment he reached down and yanked him up, pulling him close to his chest. Draco was stiff for a long moment and then his cat feelings seemed to take over because the warmth of Potters chest and the way his big warm hand was stroking down his back made him relax, a low purr vibrating through him.

He wasn't aware of Potters face nuzzling into his neck until, the Gryffindor boy was whispering into his ear, "Don't mind Ron cat. You're adorable and sweet, he just can't stand felines."

Draco preened when he heard that Potter thought he was adorable and purred louder, his paw lightly bobbing Potters nose. At least the stupid boy had enough sense to realize how cute he was, even if it was just in cat form. He wriggled a little bit closer and without thinking, let the tip of his cat tongue lick the bottom of Potters chin.

The brunette let out a low sigh and cuddled closer to him, "I knew you were a sweet boy."

It only took a few moments for Potter to fall asleep, his arm draped loosely over Draco. Draco on the other hand was trying to stay awake, pushing away the comfortableness of the boys arm and body. He managed to pout as he pulled out of the boys embrace, but felt an odd glow of warmth when Potter sleepily reached out for him, pouting in his sleep when he couldn't find him.

Draco walked over to the bedside table and gently put his paw on Potters wand. There was a light glow of light and then he was back in his human form, his feet on the floor. He glanced around edgily hoping he hadn't woken up any of the Gryffindor boys. He didn't want to be caught in their private room that was an invitation for disaster.

He looked around the dark room and then back at Potter who was frowning now in his sleep. He reached over and lightly pushed the boy's infuriatingly messy hair back from his face, not knowing exactly why he was doing something so tender to someone he considered his enemy. He scowled at his actions and pushed away from the bed and slowly walked out of the room and hurried down the steps, looking around the common room. When he saw that it was empty, he hurried across the room and pushed open the portrait hole door.

"Hey! You aren't a Gryffindor!" the fat lady yelled after him.

"Yeah yeah! I didn't exactly have a choice." Draco snidely called back to her.

He was surprised that he made it back to the common room without being caught, though there were a few tense moments when he thought he'd heard Filch, or Snape. He wasn't completely worried about Snape but Filch would most likely drag him to McGonagall or someone who wouldn't be as lenient. But with his amazing good luck, he made it back without any incidents. Draco ducked into the common room and collapsed exhaustedly into his favorite armchair.

"Draco! Where've you been?"

His heart beating rapidly and after jumping about an inch into the air, Draco swiveled around and glared at Pansy. She was standing at the bottom of the stairs of their Head boy and girl rooms, wearing a skimpy lingerie nighty and giving him a confused look. "Merlin Pansy! Make some noise or something would you?"

"Well, where were you?"

Trying and failing not to roll his eyes, Draco sighed and relaxed against the couch. When he and Pansy had gotten together it had just seemed right, after all he was the Slytherin Prince and she was pretty much the Slytherin Princess. Everyone had expected them to get together, especially their parents. He had thought it would be an easy, relaxing relationship, and yet lately Pansy had been getting even more and more clingy. She knew he wasn't faithful to her, but she told him that she didn't care as long as it was never more than one time with the same person. And that was something that he could agree too.

"Pansy darling…I was out."

"With someone?" Pansy walked slowly closer, in a way that probably in her mind was sexy.

He tried not to look too disgusted when she straddled his waist, her legs on either side of his thighs. He put on his signature sneer, "Yes I was with someone. Three people actually."

Pansy paled and her long fingernails pierced into his shoulders, "Three people? Who?" when he gave her a look, clearly telling her that she wasn't going to get names, she continued, her face flushing red with emotion, "They had better at least be discreet Draco! I will not be made a fool of! And if my boyfriend is caught shagging other people, I will be!"

At first he'd been amused by making his night in the Gryffindor common room, into a sordid tale of group sex with unknown partners. But now she'd ruined it for him, he had been hoping that he could tell her some wild, lie of a story. So he let out a low sigh and tipped his head back, "Pansy honestly, has anyone ever gone around talking about my night with them?"

Relaxing a bit more, Pansy smiled, "Alright then, as long as you're discreet."

"Of course I am darling." Draco smiled overly cheery at her and her eyebrow twitched before she leaned in, her lips almost on his.

"You'd better be Draco. Because I won't only ruin your sex partner…I'll destroy you." She pulled back and for a moment he watched a deadly serious look sparkle in her eyes, then she leaned in to kiss him softly.

Her lips were cold and dry and felt horrible against his. He pulled back after a long moment and sighed, "I'm going to bed Pansy…"

"Alright, goodnight." She slipped off his legs and he leapt up, grabbing his wand off the table by the fireplace.

As soon as he was out of sight, Draco wiped his mouth on the back of his hand. He opened the door to his private room and locked the door behind him. It wasn't like Pansy hadn't snuck into his room before after all. He threw himself onto his bed and tapped his wand against his chest, his clothes disappearing instantaneously. He closed his eyes and smiled up at the ceiling as he ran his hands down his body, enjoying the feel of his own body.

He knew he was beautiful, he knew people wanted him and he enjoyed the attention. But…lately he'd been feeling a bit bored, and lonely. Draco never usually felt like that, usually he felt pleased to be surrounded by everyone, he was never alone and usually he was the one entertaining everyone else, (at someone else's expense of course).

So being bored was downright annoying to Draco and he couldn't help but enjoy the night he'd had. Even though he had been afraid when he had first gotten locked in the Gryffindor common room with Potter and the rest of the golden trio, by the end of the night he was slightly fascinated. Who knew Potter was such a softie? And that Weasley was such a grumpy cynic. And Granger was pretty much the way he figured she was. It was interesting watching them interact, with them thinking they were in private.

Maybe he should go back, and see what they might have to say in private. It could get interesting. Maybe they would say something about him, or if they were planning something against him, then he would have a heads up at least.

Draco grinned at the ceiling and waved his wand at the light, making it go out. He curled up, pulling the blanket over himself. Closing his eyes, Draco thought he could still feel Potters warm chest, pressing into him, his warm breath on the back of his neck and his hands moving down his body, slowly and softly. His lips twitched up into a smile and he let himself drift off into sleep, already decided that he would be back inside the Gryffindor common room, come the next night.


"Don't you dare come near me you evil little thing!"

Pacing in front of the Gryffindor common rooms entrance, Draco wondered where Potter was. He'd been hanging out in front of the portrait hole for almost twenty minutes. It was time to do something drastic.

Stalking forward, Draco raised his paw menacingly, laughing inside his head when the fat lady raised her hands over her face and flinched. He was about to drag his paw down the portrait when to strong hands lifted him from the floor and a low voice whispered, "Hey kitty, you don't want to do that again do you?"

Purring instantly at Potters touch, Draco twisted in his arms and meowed loudly. Potter grinned at him and scratched behind his ears. Grangers face appeared over his shoulder and he couldn't resist hissing quietly at her. She ignored that and cooed at him. Potter glanced at her and asked, "Any luck with finding his owner yet Hermione?"

Granger shook her head, "No, I asked around but nobody is missing a little white Persian cat. He could be a stray…"

"You think?" Potter frowned and then looked back down at Draco, "Well I guess that makes us both orphans little guy."

Potters sad tone made Draco feel especially tender and rubbed his head into his hand, with a low meow. He'd made fun of Potter being an orphan of course, but he'd never heard him talk so sadly about his lack of parents. He felt a little bit guilty about it and he didn't really like it. So he wiggled around until Potter put him down, then he walked back over to the portrait, ready to scratch at it again.

The fat lady scowled and growled out to the golden trio, "Either take that bloody rat inside or go get him lost in the dungeons."

While Weasley laughed behind them, Granger and Potter both wore scandalized looks, and Draco hissed angrily at her, brandishing his claws again. Luckily for the fat lady, Potter said, "Balderdash." And the fat lady swung forward letting them in. Draco dashed in, meowing loudly and sniffing the room.

Following him in, Potter laughed loudly and looked around the room, smiling over at the corner. Draco followed his gaze and stiffened when he noticed the two twins Weasley's sitting close together whispering quickly. Ron walked over to them and beamed, "What the bloody hell are you two doing here?"

One of the twins looked up and rolled his eyes, "McGonagall did say that we could drop in whenever we wanted too."

"Yeah, but why would you come back here, you're finally free."

Draco wanted to roll his eyes along with the twins but just jumped up on the couch. Why was Weasley so bloody nosey? He should have been paying attention to the wicked twins because he didn't notice when one of them twitched his wand in his direction. He was suddenly in the air flying towards them, a loud, desperate meow flying out of his mouth. He heard Potter and Grangers objections and fought viciously when the twin who'd summoned him so rudely grabbed him out of thin air and studied him, "whose cat?"

Meowing loudly still, Draco watched his savior in the form of Potter storm over to them and gently pull him out of the twins rude hands, "We don't know, think he's a stray."

"He's really attached to Harry though." Granger called over to them, sitting down and pulling out three books and writing papers.

"Is he?" the twin who had grabbed him asked.

"Isn't that adorable?!" The other twin teased next to him.

"Well if he's a stray then we can always find a use for him." The first twin grinned wickedly.

A little appalled, Draco clung to Potter and tried to scramble into his robes. Potter squeezed him reassuringly and when he spoke his voice was protective and bracing, "No, if we don't find his owner I'm sure I can look after him."

The next couple of hours were interesting enough for Draco, even though they didn't talk about anything private or about him at all, he had fun. The Weasley twins were amazingly funny, constantly teasing their younger brother and even making Granger mad at their pranks. They mostly left Potter alone, only tossing a few jokes about his lack of girlfriend around. Draco had made sure to stay as far from them as possible, but once startled himself by thinking that he would've given them half a chance if he'd known how funny they were.

Around one in the morning, the twins left, going home to their flat in Diagon Alley. And Weasley had declared he was tired. Draco watched interestedly as he kissed Granger lightly and obviously lovingly, brushing her hair back away from her face. For a bit after that, Potter got help on his homework from Granger until it was done.

"I think that should be good enough Harry."

"You're right…If it's too good, Sprout will know that I didn't do it." Potter laughed and hugged Granger around the shoulders. "Thanks Mione, I wouldn't have gotten it done without you."

"I know!" Granger laughed and then set happy eyes on Draco, who was lounging close to Potter, hoping he'd scratch his ears again. "How about I take the kitty along with me tonight?"

Growling low in his throat, Draco got up and padded over to Potter, he used his front paws to crawl up his leg and pulled lightly. "Ow!" potter gasped, pulling Draco's claws out of his jeans.

"I guess he doesn't like that idea!" Granger laughed and clucked her tongue, "It really is adorable how much he likes you Harry."

Potter leaned down to pick Draco into his arms and grinned, "I happen to be a very likeable guy Mione."

"Well then…Maybe you should find someone to be with. I'm sure no girl…or guy would turn you down." Granger winked wickedly and began climbing the stairs up to her private room.

Draco felt Potters rapidly beating heart and glanced up at the boy. His face was red and his mouth was opened in surprise. Draco knew how he felt! Potter was possibly gay? That 'was' a revelation. He meowed loudly after a few long moments and the Gryffindor looked down at him a small smile on his face, "That girl knows too much."

He laughed loudly and shook his head in apparent amusement, "How about me and you go to sleep Mr. Kitty?"

After Potter fell asleep, Draco sat on Potters chest and studied his sleeping face. He was so peaceful and relaxed when he slept. He must have been having a good dream because he was smiling, and making contented little noises low in his throat. Unable to help himself, Draco leaned in and rubbed the top of his head under Potters chin, enjoying the happy sigh he got in return.

Jumping to the edge of the bed, he touched the edge of Potters wand and transformed. Stretching his human form, Draco sat on the edge of Potters bed quietly, glad that the curtains were drawn. He brushed back Potters hair again and slowly leaned in, his hand, very lightly dragging down the brunette's face, down to his neck, feeling the warmth.

He knew Potter was a deep sleeper and probably wouldn't wake up from his touches and that was relieving. He couldn't even picture how the boy would react to what he was doing. He'd most likely hex him through the wall. Because even if Potter 'was' gay, he still wouldn't be interested in being with Draco, he'd find some nice Gryffindor or maybe a sweet, naïve Hufflepuff.

A sad feeling rushed through Draco and he leaned down, willing himself not to think about what he was doing. His lips lightly brushed against Potters and he sighed lightly at the spark of attraction he got when their lips touched. The other boy's lips were warm, soft and tasted sweet, against his own. It was like nothing he'd ever experienced with Pansy or any of his nameless conquests. It was unique and was making him completely turned on.

Unable to help himself, Draco tilted his head and moved his lips slowly. He was growing frustrated that Potter wasn't reacting back. He wanted to feel the boy exploring his mouth and he wanted to know how he would react to the way he was being kissed. In his sleep Potter sighed out, passion clear in his voice, and tilted his head, giving Draco access to his neck. He tasted the skin lightly, his tongue dragging lightly down the expanse of his throat. He sighed at the spicy taste of Potters skin and felt the boy shiver under him.

He pulled back quickly and wiped his lips, his heart beating wildly and his body calling for him to go back to the other boy, to wake him up and treat him to the full show. Draco resisted though, knowing Potter wouldn't stay asleep long if he kept it up. As it was he was already breathing unsteadily on the bed, his body writhing around on the bed, in what was obviously pleasure. He made such a tempting picture, laying out on the bed, his body tense and practically begging for it and so completely accessible.

But Draco wouldn't allow himself to take it farther and got off the bed, his hands trembling. He sneaked to the door and looked once more at Potter, his eyes glancing at the boys swollen lips. He smirked and ducked out of the room, his feet silent on the floor. But his mind was loud with thoughts and images of Potter in his mind. He didn't completely understand his new found feelings, but just remembering how it felt when his lips touched Potters, he couldn't make himself care.


Thinking over the last three weeks, Draco smiled brightly at the floor as he walked through a deserted corridor. He spent every night besides one with Potter and the night after that, he'd been greeted with such a warm greeting that he wondered if the boy had spent the night before worrying about him. Sometimes when he was feeling particularly cuddly, Potter would wrap his arms so tightly around him that Draco didn't have much of chance of escaping and allowed himself to drift off into the sweetest sleep imaginable.

He was hiding from Pansy. Lately she was getting very annoyed and suspicious about his nightly whereabouts. She was starting to figure out that Draco wasn't meeting new lovers every time he went out, instead he meeting the same person. And that was one of the things that she didn't approve of. So she was starting to pick at him and trying to get him to sleep with her to prove that they were still okay in their relationship.

Just the thought of being inside Pansy, made Draco's stomach turn and so he was trying his hardest to avoid her.

Thinking of how warm he'd been in Potters arms last night, Draco hummed happily. He wasn't paying attention and didn't see someone hurrying towards him, not paying attention to where they were going either. When a warm body slammed into his, Draco stumbled back, his legs getting caught with the other persons. They fell to the ground heavily and his head cracked against the cold stone, in a sickeningly loud way.

"Bloody hell!" He groaned out in pain, his eyes squeezed shut, trying to hold in pained tears.

"Oh shit! I'm so sorry! Oh...Malfoy..."

His eyes flew open when the warm voice spoke, a voice he was extremely familiar with now. Potter was resting heavily on, his legs still tangled with Draco's and his eyes now extremely cautious as he realized who he'd ran into. His voice had made a funny vibrating feeling in the Slytherin's chest, as his face was just centimeters from Draco chin.

Taking in a deep breath, Draco realized he had to say something, "Potter?"

Emerald eyes grew concerned as all the cautiousness emptied out of them, and Potter blinked worriedly down at him, "Are you okay Malfoy? You...um you're..." He shrugged shyly and glanced away from his silver eyes to his cheeks.

Draco raised his hand to his own cheek and gently ran his finger tips across them, surprised when he felt wetness there. The tears he'd been holding in from his fall must have spilled out when he'd opened his eyes to check that it really was Potter laying on top of him. He felt his cheeks burn with pink and glanced closed his eyes, "Um...Well my head kind of hurts."

He opened his eyes when Potter didn't reply for a long moment and spotted the fascinated look the Gryffindor was wearing as he studied his face. He bit his lip, to stop him from leaning up and kissing the boy on top of him and Draco looked away, "Potter?"

"Huh? Oh bloody hell sorry. I'm probably squishing you..." the brunette chuckled once and pushed himself off the floor, leaving Draco's body with a cold rush of air. He held his hand out and Draco took it, simply to feel him holding it.

Once they were standing again, Potter looked around awkwardly, "Er...Did you say your head hurt Malfoy?"

Feeling the growing knot of the back of his head with his fingers, Draco nodded with a grimace, "I think I'll survive though."

"Are you bleeding?"

Poking at the back of his head, Draco frowned at the pain. But when he pulled his fingers away from his scalp, there was no blood staining his fingers. "No."

Potter laughed abruptly and shook his head, "You must be in pain, because you haven't insulted me once."

"Do you want me too?" Draco smirked and allowed himself, to glance at Potter.

With a surprised grin, Potter tipped his head to the side, "Are you sure you Draco Malfoy?"

A shiver spasmed through Draco's voice when he heard his name come out of Potters mouth so silky and dangerous, but he just bit his lip and nodded, "Pretty sure."

"So why are you being so nice to me all of a sudden? I thought you hated me." Potter leaned back against the wall and studied him, carefully.

"Aren't we a little old for a feud?"

"I figured that out years ago." Potter teased him, though his eyes were still suspicious.

Rolling his eyes, Draco shook his head, "Yeah well you're a saint aren't you?"

"That's what they say...But you know..." He leaned in close to Draco, his mouth very close to his ear, causing Goosebumps to erupt over his neck, "I'm not as saintly as many people think."

Blinking hard, Draco followed Harry's face as he moved back, "Oh no?" but he blushed when his voice cracked.

Potter grinned again, "Nope."

"So what were you running away from?"

He was pleased to see Potter's cocky grin falter. Potter looked away, "Oh um...I wasn't running really. I was looking for um..."

"Looking for, what?"

"Well, and I know you'll make fun of me but a kitten."

Draco felt his jaw drop in shock and blinked, how ironic. A cleared his throat, just to keep from laughing and stuttered out, "A...A k-kitten?"

"Yes a kitten. It's a little white thing. I've been trying to figure out where he spends his days. But I'm not having any luck. Have you seen him?"

"A little, white kitten?" Draco's lips twitched, Potter was looking for him! Wondering where he was and hoping to find him.

Frowning, Potter nodded, "Yeah..."

"No I haven't seen it."

"Damn. Alright well I'm gonna go and look for him."

Not wanting to separate from Potter, Draco smirked, "I'll help you look."

After giving Draco a long surprised look, Potter shrugged, "Okay."