Title: Puppies and Dragons

Disclaimer: I own nothing!! (Really wish I did)

Rating: M for sexual implications (big word, I know)

Chapter: Texting

Summary: Joey really wants Seto to come home

RedEyesBlackInuki is Joey

BlueEyesWhiteNeko is Seto


RedEyesBlackInuki: Seto, can u come home?

BlueEyesWhiteNeko: In 3 hours, pup. Y?

RedEyesBlackInuki: I'm bored : (

BlueEyesWhiteNeko: Go play w/Mokuba

RedEyesBlackInuki: He's a friend's house. Please?

BlueEyesWhiteNeko: No, pup

RedEyesBlackInuki: Wat if I told u I burned down the house?

BlueEyesWhiteNeko: Nice try, pup

RedEyesBlackInuki: Then I'll just take care of myself. Goodbye

BlueEyesWhiteNeko: Wait

BlueEyesWhiteNeko: Take care of yourself?

RedEyesBlackInuki: I'm just around the house

BlueEyesWhiteNeko: And?

RedEyesBlackInuki: Alone

BlueEyesWhiteNeko: Ur point?

RedEyesBlackInuki: With nothin' on at all

BlueEyesWhiteNeko: Wat?

RedEyesBlackInuki: I'm completely naked

RedEyesBlackInuki: That enough to bring u home?

BlueEyesWhiteNeko: Anything else?

RedEyesBlackInuki: Loungin' on ur bed with a tube of lube and a small problem

RedEyesBlackInuki: Seto?

RedEyesBlackInuki: : )

RedEyesBlackInuki: XD

RedEyesBlackInuki: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RedEyesBlackInuki: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

BlueEyesWhiteNeko: : )


If you didn't get the ending, you are not a true puppyshipping fan!!! (Not true, but I really wanted to say that)

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