School of Life

Chapter One.

Part of the School Days storyline

Welcome to my new story, School of Life. This is part of the School Days storyline. I do hope you will enjoy the continuing story of Kim and Ron in college. This is the first time I have set up to write a series of stories based on a single idea, that being Kim and Ron in college. Sit back and enjoy. I sure don't own Kim and Ron or any of the other Disney characters. The original characters are of my own mind, "warped that it may be".

Hank and Bud looked out over the stadium that was filled to capacity. The Vandercraft team was warming up on the field as they started the broadcast. Bud put on his headset and started the show.

"Greetings every one and Happy New Year. We are happy to bring you once again Vandercraft football from the SmartyMart Bowl. It's a cold crisp day, perfect for football. The Bulldogs have had a great season and now hope to cap this season off with a win here today. The Upperton Titans are looking for a win also. The Bulldogs will have to play without one of their main running backs, Wayne Kingston, who was arrested for a number of charges at the end of the last semester. It looks like Ron Stoppable will have a lot of weight on his young shoulders."

Hank put on his headset and joined in.

"That's true Bud. But I have a feeling that he is up to the job. It would be a walk in the park compared to what he and Kim Possible have experienced these last few weeks. They exposed what Wayne Kingston had been doing the entire semester. Then the two of them broke a spy ring that hat been operating in the area. What is next of this couple? Who knows but everyone is expecting a great showing on this day. And here they come, the Vandercraft cheerleaders with Kim Possible taking her place."

Kim jogged down the sidelines and took her place with the cheerleaders. They started right into a cheer in front of the fans. Kim grinned as the group got into position. This was the last time that she would be cheering for Ron for the year. It had been a incredible semester and now they were looking forward to a new one. Classes would be starting in a few days but now they had a game to cheer for. Danny was her partner again while Robert was teamed with Jessica. Glenda gave Kim and nod and Kim started the cheer as the team warmed up on the field.

Ron finished his warm-up with the rest of the team and made his way to the sidelines. Pulling off his helmet, he made his way over to where Coach McClintock was talking with Dan. Dan smiled at him as the walked up.

"Well, it's our new co-captain and award winning running back. You ready Ron?"

Ron nodded.

"Yep, I want to thank you for all the pulling you have been doing for me."

Dan glanced over at the coach as both snickered, then he turned back to Ron.

"Ron, you earned the Captain's position as you did the award. Now don't put yourself down or I'll tell Kim."

That caused all three of them to laugh. Ron glanced over at Kim as she led the squad in a number of cheers. Here their first semester at school and he had climbed the ladder to be co-captain of the football team while she had risen to be assistant captain of the cheer squad. Whistles blew and the officials signaled for the captains to met at the center of the field. Ron joined Dan, and Roger Brown as they made their way out on the field. A smile crossed his face when he saw the tall player from the Upperton Titans walking toward him. The player was also wearing the number seven and his hair was blonde. The two groups met at the center of the field. Before the official could say anything Brick Flagg broke out into a grin and gave Ron big handshake.

"Stops my man! How you doing dude? I see in the news that you and Possible are still doing your thing."

Ron grinned also as he gave Brick a punch on his shoulder pads.

"Dude, Kim and I are doing great! How about you?"

Brick's eyes lit up.

"Doing great man! I found me a great gal too. After putting up with Bonnie for so long, I found out what a real girlfriend is like."

Ron turned and introduced Dan and Roger.

"Brick, this is Dan, our quarterback and Roger the other captain."

Brick shook hands all around, then turned to the two players with him.

"Guys, this is Bryant and Phillip. Dudes, this awesome back in front of you is the Ron Stoppable, boyfriend and partner to one of the hottest cheerleaders ever to step on a field, Kim Possible."

All the players shook hands all around until the referee motioned for their attention.

"Gentlemen, I'll flip the coin. Mr. Flag you call."

Flipping the coin into the air, the referee stepped back as Brick called out.


When the coin landed the tail side of the coin faced up. Turned to Dan, the referee faced him.

"Vandercraft what is your decision?"

Dan nodded.

"We will receive."

The referee nodded as he stepped back and gave the signal that Vandercraft would start the game by receiving.

Kim chanced a look up into the seats. It didn't take long to find her parents and Ron's parents. Her mom noticed her looking and waved to her. Kim gave a slight wave back then turned to start the cheer for the kickoff. She knew that Ron would be starting and the Upperton would be looking to bury under the sod of the field. One reason was that he was the Award winner and it would be a feather in their cap to take him down. Also, Ron grew up in Middleton and Upperton would love to take him down for that fact alone. The cheerleaders finished the cheer, and then turned to watch the kickoff.

Settling down in his spot just about the fifteen yard line Ron got ready for the kickoff. It was cold and the field was wet. Rain the night before had soaked the field and even though the sun had come out that morning, the cool air was not helping the field dry out. He had a feeling that his nice clean uniform would not be so clean by the end of the game. He heard the drum roll from the Upperton Pep Band and with a bang on the drum he looked up to see the ball sailing into the air coming straight at him. There was no doubt who they wanted the ball to go to. Looking up field he saw that he would have time to catch the ball and make some yardage. Settling down he waited until the ball dropped into his arms. Cradling the ball tight he started up field. The stadium roared as the first play started.

He cut across to midfield and got some blocks from his teammates. The Upperton defense was cutting through to him. Crossing the twenty and then the thirty he faced a solid wall of Upperton players. There was no where to go so he buried the ball in his arms and lowered his head. Two Upperton safeties met him head on. The collision stopped his forward motion but also dropped one of the Upperton players on his back. The other player tried to grab Ron as he spun away. Ron was able to pick up five more yards when the rest of the defense caught up with him and brought him down.

Ron jumped up from the ground and tossed the ball to the nearest official. Trotting over to the huddle, he took his place and looked over at Dan. Dan nodded to him.

"Good job Ron, you got us got field position. Let's see what their defense is made of. Hand off to Ron, sweep left, on three."

Trotting over to his place on the field Ron stole a glance over to the sidelines. The cheerleaders were leading the crowd in a cheer. Ron took his place and watched Dan waiting for the call. Dan settled behind the center and started his call.

"Blue, 23, Blue, set, hut, hut, hut."

Ron cut across the field as Dan slapped the ball into his stomach. He kept his lateral motion until he noticed that Upperton was moving right with him. He slammed his feet down, stopped and ran back the other direction. The Upperton defense tried to follow him but the slick condition of the field claimed it's first victims as several of the Upperton players fell into the wet soil. Ron cut back across the field and made his way up the field. He passed the live of scrimmage and made his way into the secondary. Two of the Upperton backs closed in on him as he crossed the line for the first down. Ron leapt into the air as Upperton safety made a diving tackle. The player passed right under him. As his feet hit the ground one of the backs grabbed him around the waist. Ron spun out of his grip and cut back across the field. He had open ground in front of him.

Another back grabbed for him as he passed by. Crossing the fifty he was hit by the last Upperton player. This one didn't let go and drove him down into the ground. Ron got up, tossed the ball to one of the officials, and made his way back to the huddle. Dan nodded to him.

"Good job Ron, let's see if they will expect the same thing again. Same play on one."

Ron found his place again and waited for the call. He took the ball at the snap and made a quick turn through a hole in the line. He didn't get far when a linebacker nailed him after gaining three yards. Ron slung the mud from his hands and made his way back to the huddle. Dan smiled.

"Okay, fake to Ron, pass to Jason on three."

Ron took his place and waited for the snap. As he passed Dan he placed both hands over his stomach and reversed his direction as he did the first play. The Upperton defense was ready for him to try the same thing and were not ready when Dan launched the ball over the line of scrimmage right into Jason's hands. He turned up the field and made twenty yards before the defense brought him down at the fifteen. As the offense drew into the huddle Dan looked around.

"Okay, now the coach wants a fake to Jason and a hand off to Ron. Philip open hole for Ron."

Everyone took their places and waited for the call. When the ball was snapped Dan faked a pass to Jason, then handed off to Ron. Ron took the ball and started to make his turn up field It was then he noticed that Philip was not in front of him. He had slipped in the mud. Ron saw the safeties closing in on him. Taking a deep breath he gave a loud whistle and lateraled the ball back to Philip. The move caught everyone by surprise especially Philip. The ball just appeared in his hands and Ron cut in front of him.

Ron lowered shoulders and rammed into the first safety. He pushed the first safety into the second one and all three flopped to the ground into the mud. Philip slipped through the hole Ron had made and crossed the goal line. Whistles blew as the officials raised their arms to signal the touchdown. Ron sighed as he rolled in the mud. Not a picture perfect play but it worked. One of the Upperton safeties snarled at him as he got up.

"Just wait Stoppable, the game is young."

Ron smiled as he stood up.

"I'll be here."

Taking a drink of water, Kim took a look down the sideline to where Ron was sitting. At least she hoped it was Ron. She didn't want to be making eyes with the wrong player. It was difficult to tell who as who under all the mud. It had been a long hard game so far. Both teams had really hammered at each other with no team really getting an firm upper hand. But with Vandercraft having Ron, they had been able to move the ball continuously. They held a slim thirty-five to thirty lead. Ron had been responsible for three of Vandercraft's touchdowns.

Looking up at the clock Kim could see there were about 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter. She knew that Ron had to be tired and it was being to show. They needed one more touchdown to seal the victory for the day. A field goal would help, but only a touchdown would really do it. Kim held her breath for a second as Ron stood up to put his helmet on. He was going back in.

His leg muscles screamed as he shuffled over to the huddle. The Upperton defense had let him know their displeasure of the scores he had made, but he knew Coach McClintock was counting on him. Nothing short of an attack by mutant monkeys would keep him out of the end zone Dan looked up at Ron. His running back had been pounded all day. If he was carrying the ball he was the decoy. They even pulled a number of plays where Ron had passed the ball. If he could hold on for just one more score, at least get them in range for a field goal then he could sit down and reap the glory of this day and his recent award. Plus, Dan was sure a certain red-headed cheerleader would give him plenty of special care after the game. He reached out and grabbed Ron's face mask

"Okay man, just get us in range for a field goal."

Ron smiled.

"I was thinking of the goal line."

Dan shook his head.

"Do it if you can man but don't worry if you don't. Fake to Jason, hand off to Ron, sweep right on two."

Ron took his place and waited for the call. Glancing up the field he set his eye on the goal line. Dan started the call.

"Blue, fifteen, Blue, set hut, hut, hut."

Dan took the snapped ball and faked a quick pass to Jason, then turned and slapped the ball into Ron's stomach as he ran by. Ron took a quick turn just as he got the ball and slipped through a hole in the line. He made it past the line of scrimmage, dodging one of the tackles and spinning out of the way of one of the backs. He faked out the second back and spun out of the way as the player dove back to try and tackle him. Digging in his feet, Ron made a dash up field only to be buried by two of the safeties.

Whistles blew as another Upperton player dove into them driving his helmet into Ron's right arm. Flags flew into the air. Ron lay there for a moment wincing at the pain in his arm. The player who hit Ron jumped up screaming.

"Hey I slipped in the mud!"

The official just shook his head.

"Don't even try that son."

The player got more agitated.

"Hey, he's getting special treatment! He's...."

Whistles blew again and two more flags flew into the air. Pandemonium reigned on the field and in the stadium. Kim didn't care at the time. All she cared about was seeing Ron walking toward the sidelines with his face white and gaunt with pain. His right arm hanging near lifeless at his side. Several of the trainers ran to him and helped him to one of the benches. Kim wanted to be at his side but right now was not the time. The cheerleaders were not supposed to mix with the players at any time during a game. She glanced into the stadium to see that her mother had already disappeared from her seat. After Ron's injury before, the Vandercraft team medical staff had asked her mom to consult when needed. Anne barely thought for a second before answering. Out of the corner of her eye she saw her mom jogging toward the bench. Janice called for another cheer at that moment. Kim turned her attention to the crowd and started the cheer.

The doctor knelt in front of Ron as Anne approached the bench. Coach McClintock stood to Ron's side. Ron gritted his teeth as the doctor checked his arm. Anne knelt beside the team doctor.

"What's wrong?"

The doctor glanced over to her.

"Dr. Possible, I am really glad you are here. He has little feeling or use of his arm."

Anne gently took Ron's arm.

"Ron, how doe's it feel?"

Ron shook his head.

"It hurts some, but I can't seem to get it to work real well."

Anne gently ran her hands up his arm. She shook her head and looked up at McClintock.

"We need to get him inside and see what we can do. Right now he has little use of his arm."

McClintock nodded and whistled to a couple of the other trainers. They came over and helped Ron to stand. Anne put Ron's left arm over her shoulders and helped him walk toward the locker room. Out on the field. The announcer spoke.

"Spearing, number fifteen, defense. Fifteen yards, first down. Additional penalty, unsportsmanlike conduct, number fifteen, defense, fifteen yards."

Bud shook his head.

"This looks bad for Vandercraft. Stoppable was apparently injured on the last play. He was able to get to the Upperton forty five when he was brought down. Jenkins of Upperton apparently drove his helmet into Stoppable bringing down the penalties. Upperton gets hit with thirty yards of penalties for that lapse in judgment. Vandercraft is now on the Upperton fifteen with plenty of time and some upset players."

Hank took over.

"That's true Bud. Stoppable has been taken to the locker room by the team doctors. I also noticed that the mother of Kim Possible, Anne Possible, one of the foremost neurosurgeons in the nation was also assisting. We can only hope that somehow young Stoppable is not injured too seriously."

Ann let Ron take a seat on the bench. The other trainers and the team doctor retrieved cold packs and other items as she examined his arm.

"Okay Ron, can you lift your arm?"

Ron concentrated and his arm moved slowly up and down. Sweat started to pop out of his face as he moved if faster. One of the assistant coaches handed him a football. He tried to hold on to it but the slightest touch by anyone the ball fell from his hand. Ann shook her head.

"There must be some nerve damage of some type. I can't tell without a full examination but your day just ended Ron."

Tears poured from his face.

"Come on Mrs. Dr.P., can't you give me a shot or something."

Anne caught her breath and shook her head.

"Sorry son, but there's nothing we can do. Let's get that arm in a sling. You can watch the game from the bench."

Ron nodded glumly. Outside the stadium roared. One of the trainers went to one of the phones that went to the bench. He spoke for a moment, then turned to the others in the room.

"We just scored. Dan ran the two point conversion in himself."

Ron tried to smile as they put his arm in a sling after putting some cold packs on this arm. He stood, picked up his helmet and headed out the door to return to the game. Anne stood back and shook her head as her daughter's fiancee walked out of the room. Her heart went out to the young man. He deserved better than this. She washed her hands and followed the group out of the door. There was a certain red haired cheerleader that she needed to talk to.

Bud grabbed a pair of binoculars as the crowd on the Vandercraft side of the stadium started to cheer. He focused on the tunnel under the stands and noticed that Ron was returning to the field. His arm was in a sling and he held his helmet lightly. The part of the team not on the field gathered around him as he took a seat on the bench.

"There's young Stoppable, he appears to be walking okay but they have his arm in a sling."

Hank listened in on his headphones for a moment.

"Bud, I just got a report from the bench. They say that Stoppable's arm has some nerve damage and that he cannot hold on to a ball. It looks like Vandercraft will have to play without him. But with the score that they have now, it looks like Vandercraft can hold on for the win."

Rubbing her hands together, Kim tried to force some warmth into them. The temperature was decidedly uncomfortable. The crowd started to cheer and Kim looked up to see Ron coming out of the tunnel from the locker room. His arm was in a sling and he didn't look happy. Before she could head that way she noticed her mom come out of the tunnel and turn in her direction. Glenda gave her a nod and Kim started toward her mother. Anne put her arm around her daughter's shoulders and walked her back to the cheerleaders.

"Kimmie, he IS hurt but not bad. His arm is messed up though. I think there is some nerve damage but I can't tell yet. I think he'll be okay later but his day is done."

Kim nodded and looked over to see Ron slumping down on the bench. The Vandercraft defense was taking their mission to heart and solidly stopping anything that Upperton could throw at them. Glenda gave her a signal and a broad grin crossed Kim's face. It would be the only chance that she would be able to use this cheer for the season.



What does that spell?


What does that spell?


Stand up and yell for

Ron Stoppable!"

The entire section rose to it's feet and let loose a yell that echoed through the stadium. The Upperton team started to applaud as a stadium camera showed Ron returning to the field. The entire stadium rose to it's feet in cheers and applause as Ron stood and waved from his place on the bench. Kim turned and gave a smile to him as he turned and waved to her. Her soul swelled in pride for him. This was her man everyone was cheering. The man she loved with every grain of her soul. He would heal, as he always had. Until then, she would be sure he was well taken care of.

Fumbling with his bag, Ron reached into his pocket and unlocked the door to his dorm room. Before he could push the door open it was pulled open from the inside. Glen scowled at him.

"Why didn't you knock or call or something?"

Ron rolled his eyes.

"I am not completely helpless. I can...."

"Do as you are told..."

"and not be so hardheaded."

Ron closed his eyes as the two female voices nailed him where he stood. Turning in the direction of the voices he opened his eyes to see Kim and her mom approaching carrying the rest of his stuff. Glen didn't know who was scowling at Ron more, Kim or her mom. He turned to Ron.

"Since when have they started talking like her brothers."

Ron turned as spoke out of the side of his mouth.

"Since both of them decided that I needed extra care and...."

Kim stepped up to him.

"I heard that. Now do I need to get mom to go through with her threat?"

Glen watched as Ron turned pasty white as he shook his head.

"Uhhhh, no, no need in that."

Grinning devilishly Kim gave him a kiss on the tip of his nose.

"Now that is my Ronnie. Now get inside and get that arm still. We will take care of the rest."

Ron whined.

"Awww come on KP. I CAN put my own stuff away."

Kim was about to retort when her mother put her hand on her shoulder.

"I think he can take care of things once we get everything in the room. Besides, you can't be in his room all the time. You need to get back to your own room yourself."

Kim was about to protest when Anne lifted one finger. Kim went quiet instantly.

"Yes ma'am."

Anne turned to Ron.

"Now Ron, don't let me hear that you are not going by the doctor's orders. You have some nerve damage there and unless you let it heal there could be problems later. Now let's get your things in your room and head for the Dog House. I am dying to try a Ronster Burger."

Kim's jaw nearly hit her knees.

"MOM, I have enough problems keeping Ron away from that! It's fattening, it's gross, it's nothing someone watching their figure should have. I mean..."

Anne gave her daughter a certain look.

"Ohhh, and just what are YOU saying?"

Kim slapped her hand across her own mouth and stared back at her mother. Then she started to giggle.

"Sorry mom, that came out REALLY wrong. Let's get these things in the room, I am sure Glen can help Ron if he needs it. Besides, I think I am ready for a Kim burger myself."

Ron stared glumly down at his arm in the sling.

"How am I going to eat mine? It takes two hands to handle the Ronster."

Anne stepped over and took his free arm.

"Don't worry Ron, I have have plenty of practice feeding someone. I am sure Kim could use the practice for the future."

Kim's face went deep red.


Anne grinned as she stepped out of the room, patting Kim on the cheek as she passed.

"Calm down Kimmie, a mother has to get her laughs when she can. Now let's get you moved in and let Ron rest a little. We will see you out front in about an hour Ron."

Kim rolled her eyes as she turned to go. Lifting herself on her tiptoes she gave Ron a quick kiss on his nose.

"See you in a little bit."

Turning to Glen, she nodded toward Ron.

"Take care of the big lug for me Glen, you and Lauren are welcome to join us."

Glen shook his head.

"No thanks Kim, Lauren and I already have plans. Maybe some other time. Besides I think you'd rather spend time with your mother."

Kim shrugged.

"She came along this time to help get Ron settled. Besides, she has a medical conference in New York tomorrow, so she had to come this way anyway. We will catch the two of you later."

Kim pulled the door closed as she left. Ron looked down in dismay at all the bags.

"This is going to take forever with one arm, even with you helping."

Glen shook his head and stood up.

"Nahhhh, I remember where you put almost everything. All you have to do is direct me a little. How's the arm and how was vacation. I gotta tell you my dad went crazy when it was announced you got that award. My mom and my sister were glued to the TV set that night the two of you danced."

Ron sat down on is bed wincing when he hit his arm on the chair next to his desk.

"The arm hurts. I still don't have a lot of use out of it. I can write a little but that is about it. I can't hold anything that weighs over a few ounces. says it will pass, but I have to take it easy. The Christmas break was great. KP and I got some down time together, she celebrated Hanukkah with the fam, and I spent Christmas over at her house. She really wanted to be a part of the Hanukkah celebration this year since she and I....."

Glen turned to look at Ron for him to complete his sentence and noticed Ron's face. He had seen that face before. It was the Ron face that had just said something that was not supposed to be said.

"Since what Ron? The only reason I can think of for her to really be a part of the celebration would be..."

Glen stopped talking when Ron rolled his eyes and laid back on his bed.

"Ahhh and my big mouth. Kim is so going to kill me now."

Glen thought for a few more seconds.

"You did it didn't you. You REALLY did it? You asked Kim Possible to mar...."

Ron jerked up.

"Don't say it!"

He looked around the room.

"Yeah, I asked her."

A huge grin spread across Glen's face.

"I don't even have to ask what her answer was."

Ron smiled.

"Yeah, but dude not a word. We don't want anyone to know. At least not for a little while. At least until after the Olympics."

Glen sat down on his bed.

"Don't worry Ron, I am not going to breathe a word. Congrats, she is a great girl and both of you deserve all the happiness in the world. What does the Olympics have to do with all this?"

Ron put his hand on his head.

"I need a lock on my mouth. Okay man, here is the story. It's like this."

I hope that you have enjoyed the first part of this story. Kim and Ron are back in school and getting ready for the new semester. There will be new adventures and missions. Please leave a review, I would appreciate it.

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