A/N: Just a series of event in the third and fourth books from Sirius's point of view. Oh, and if I copied someone's idea, I really didn't mean to, I'm very sorry!! ^_^

Sirius carefully edged his way closer, silent as the evening air. Part of him argued against this, this was far too risky, and not only would the boy be frightened, but he could also be losing time...he had to stop him or else...

But suddenly the figure was far too close, and Sirius pushed that part of him in the back of his mind. No matter how risky it was, it was too late to turn back now...

The huge black dog went farther, but the figure's face was still too far obscured in shadow. Sirius held back a growl of frustration. If he went any closer, he'd be going out of the bushes.

But then the figure turned, and all other thoughts fled Sirius's mind.

It was James.

Sirius practically leapt out of the bushes, common sense completely deserting him. It was James, it was James!! Sirius's best friend was not dead, he was here, right here, alive, right in front of Sirius's eyes!!! Sirius's paws tingled, wanting to touch the boy in front of him to see if it was not a dream, every cell in his body bursting with joy. James...James, it's m-


No, it couldn't be James. James was long dead, along with Lily. The black dog shrank back silently, grief haunting his yellow eyes, eyes no true dog could ever possess.

All because of me...me...

This boy could not be James. He had to be Harry. Sirius edged back again.

As Sirius studied the boy more throughly, his uncanny resemblance to James became less prominent. His eyes were not James's mischievous hazel ones, but Lily's beautiful green. And the eyes were far from mischievous.

This boy...had a look of sadness around him, a broken kind of grief that must have been there for years, something that could never come across James's face. Despair was practically ebbing from the boy, a feeling Sirius only knew too well, having felt it for twelve years.

No, not the boy. Harry. Could...it really be Harry? Sirius's eyes widened.

Harry....you've changed...Could the laughing, cheerful black haired toddler be this same lonely teenager?

Sirius closed his eyes. He remembered that night on October 31, James's and Lily's house, half of it blown to bits, James and Lily...dead...and Harry, the only thing left alive, a huge cut on his forehead...

He opened his eyes. Yes. Yes, it could. No, it was. It was Harry, it was Harry...

Oh Harry...I'm so sorry...you've suffered a lot through these twelve years, haven't you?

Anger suddenly rushed through the great dog, making the thin frame tremble slightly in rage. He will pay...Peter, no, he doesn't even deserve a name, that scum will pay for this!! I swear, if it's the last thing I'll ever manage to do...Peter will pay!! I'll make sure that cowardly, slimy rat will never make his way to Voldemort again!!

Sirius stared at the boy before him. Harry...don't worry. I'll make sure he'll never touch you at Hogwarts...

As he watched Harry, the boy's face slowly turned from desolate to alarm. The boy suddenly straightened up from his trunk, wand in hand. Sirius shifted uneasily. He couldn't have...

"Lumos." Harry muttered softly, lifting his wand in front of him. Sirius froze. If he moved, surely Harry would see him...

But Harry was already facing him, his eyes wide with surprise and fear. The boy stumbled, tripping on his trunk behind him.

Sirius took his chance and bolted, his heart thumping, not daring to look back.

That had been too close...he couldn't do that again, especially with Harry going back to Hogwarts. There would surely be more protection around the boy, now that Sirius had escaped from Azkaban...

Sirius didn't even bother holding back his snarl of rage. Those fools had no idea who they had to protect Harry from...

The black dog's paws pounded the soft grass before him, not stopping for a second. Sirius had had his glimpse of Harry, now he knew where he must go now. He's at Hogwarts...he's at Hogwarts...I swear to you Harry, for you and your mother and father...I will kill him!!

The escaped prisoner disappeared into the night.

"Crookshanks?" There was no mistaking it, it was him, with his thick orange pelt and the squashed face. As the cat came closer, Sirius realized there was something in his mouth.

"What have you got there?" Crookshanks spat out a paper at Sirius's feet and looked up at the man expectantly.

"A paper?" Reaching out with a filthy hand, the former prisoner picked it up gingerly. His eyes widened beneath the dirty mess of his hair as he realized what it was.

"...passwords? To the Gryffindor common room?" Sirius bit his lip as he remembered the fit of rage he had gone through at the Fat Lady.

Crookshanks purred affirmatively.

"But...how did you get them? You couldn't have written them, you're not that smart...or are you?"

Sirius swallowed, glancing nervously at the unconscious body of Snape before him, then glancing at the boy beside him. He swallowed again. It was now or never...

"You know what this means?" He asked suddenly, making sure Snape's head still bumped the top of the cave. "Turning Pettigrew in?"

Harry turned to him. "You're free?"

Sirius swallowed for the third time. "Yes...But I'm also....I don't know if anyone ever told you...I'm your godfather." After the display of fury Harry had shown when he thought Sirius had betrayed Lily and James, you couldn't blame the man from being rather tentative...especially being accused of a mass murderer for twelve years...

"Yeah, I knew that." The teenager replied, bending to avoid getting hit by the cave's roof.

"Well...your parents appointed me as your guardian..." Sirius continued, not daring to meet Harry's eyes. "If anything happened to them..."

Harry remained silent.

"I'll understand, of course, if you want to stay with your aunt and uncle," Sirius said hastily, his insides twisting when he thought of those pig-headed Muggles, "But...well...think about it. Once my name's cleared...if you wanted a...a different home..."

Harry's head collided with the cave's ceiling. "What-live with you?" the boy asked incredulously, "Leave the Dursleys?"

Sirius's heart sank. "Of course, I thought you wouldn't want to..." he had been so stupid to even dare to hope... "I understand, I just thought I'd-"

"Are you insane?" Harry interrupted him, his voice suddenly as harsh as Sirius's. "Of course I want to leave the Dursleys! Have you got a house? When can I move in?!"

Sirius jerked around to face him, Snape's body forgotten. "You want to?" Sirius asked, his voice almost trembling. "You..mean it?"

"Yeah, I mean it!!" Harry said happily.

Sirius thought he would explode in joy, and for the first time in twelve years, he could truly smile. His heart felt light as the drafts of air that sifted underneath the Whomping Willow's roots.

Harry looked back at him with an equal, if not more, ecstatic expression of his own.

Harry...my godson...Sirius couldn't remember being so happy since the day he ran away to James's house.

Sirius's mouth dropped open as he read Harry's letter. He didn't...But Harry had certainly most did.

The man scribbled down a furious reply, his nerves already stretched to the breaking point of the Triwizard tournament and Voldemort, sealing it in an envelope and hurriedly tying it down to the owl's leg.

"Really," Sirius snorted as the owl disappeared from sight, "you'd think it'd be twelve years of Azkaban, not my godson, to give me gray hair..."

Buckbeak simply crunched another mouthful of rat bones in response.

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