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Where the fuck did I go wrong? I had done everything according to the rules. I'd gone to college, graduated early- I might add, and I'd become a successful business woman at my family's company, Stackhouse Enterprises. I married a man that I thought loved me, gave him a handsome son, and where has it gotten me? Packing my shit because he couldn't keep his dick in his pants, that's where!

I'd replayed the scene a thousand times in my head:

I decided to come home a day early from a business conference in Atlanta to surprise Quinn. I knew Lars, our 15 month old son, -named as the ultimate tribute to his father's favorite band Metallica- would still be at my parents house where he stayed anytime I went out of town on business. Quinn's schedule was always crazy so it was just easier to have Lars stay at my parents' than worry about Quinn having to find an emergency babysitter. Like if he needed to quickly leave to handle any number of issues the president of the largest event planning firm in the southeast could have arise. I smiled to myself when I drove up to our home outside of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Our house was actually my Gran's house before she passed away and left it to me. Honestly, I'd been ready to sell it because it needed a lot of work and I'd gotten used to living with conveniences only found in the city, but Quinn had talked me out of selling because he thought it would be the perfect place to raise a family. At the time, I remembered feeling all warm and fuzzy when he talked about kids because I could definitely see a whole brood of them running around the yard. Just as I had once done with my brother Jason.

I parked behind the house and entered from the back entrance so I could sneak up on Quinn, who I was sure was watching TV in the living room located at the front of the house. As I walked through the kitchen I quickly took off my suit jacket and started unzipping my pants, when I heard groaning. I stopped stripping and grabbed the chef's knife from the butcher block. I knew Quinn had run with a dangerous crowd when he was younger and all I could think was that some old foe had tracked him down for revenge. I continued my advance tip toeing down the hall until I could peek into the bedroom where the noises were obviously coming from. There, in our bed, was Quinn with his assistant, Debbie Pelt, riding the fuck out of him. My body went cold and for a split second, ok longer than a split second, I started walking towards the bed and thought about going Lorena Bobbitt on his ass. The fucker actually had the gall to still be wearing his wedding band as his large hands gripped her hips rocking back and forth! I got about four feet away from the foot of the bed when they stopped. Quinn jerked his head up to see me with my arms crossed, knife still in hand. He pushed her off of his groin and she fell onto the mattress with a grunt.

"What are you doing home early?" He asked, still out of breath as he climbed out of bed and stood in front of me.

I eyed his 6'6" frame up and down as my hip involuntarily cocked out to the side to further prove my I'm Pissed the Fuck Off stance. "Jesus! You aren't even wearing a condom!" Not that, at that point, it made a whole lot of difference but I still noticed his dick hanging out in the open - sans latex barrier. I turned on my heel and strode out of the bedroom before I started swinging the knife. I went back into the kitchen and threw the knife in the sink, where it clanged like an ominous church bell. My mind flashed with the image of Debbie riding my husband and I knew I had to get out of there. I grabbed my pocket book and headed for the door I'd just come in not five minutes prior.

I didn't start crying until I was half way to Shreveport. I managed to get to a Comfort Inn right off the highway and check into a room before the night really started to sink in. My hands trembled as I slid the credit card type key into the lock. The second I was through the door I suddenly became aware of the ring now constricting my left ring finger. I slid my right thumb and index finger around my wedding band and yanked it off. I stopped myself before I threw it across the room and settled for tossing it in my pocketbook as I flopped down on the king size bed. I was too furious to sleep so I sat up that night and crafted my plan to get Lars and myself away from Quinn and out of Bon Temps.

I called my parents at first light and told them I was going to need to use the corporate condo for a while because Quinn and I were separating. Mom could tell from my tone that now was not the time to discuss this and offered to keep Lars a few more days while I figured things out. I knew as soon as we got off the phone that she would tell Daddy and Jason, so at least I wouldn't have to explain anything to them today. I left the hotel and drove to my office to pick up the key to the condo. Daddy, Jason, and I each had a key, but I always left mine in my office because I saw no reason, until now, to carry it around with me. I rode the elevator up the fifteenth floor and quickly scurried into my office hoping no one noticed my arrival. I grabbed the key out of my desk and sprinted back to the elevator. Next stop was the store, for several bottles of liquor.

For two days straight I stayed in a drunken stupor, replaying our entire relationship over and over in my head, trying to figure out where we'd gone wrong.

We met right after I'd moved back to Shreveport from living in New Orleans while I attended Tulane. I had always been a bit of a loner in school because I was "Crazy Sookie". I wasn't really crazy, but I understood how the kids would think that. Because how else do you explain a classmate that answers questions no one asked out loud? I had been in elementary school when I realized I could hear people's thoughts. I struggled with my talent, as mom would call it, throughout high school, but when I started college the fog, so to speak, seemed to lift and I was able to accept and control my ability. It didn't take long for me to realize I had a lot of power with my gift. I was a great student and graduated manga cum laude, only missing summa cum laude because my ability didn't work so well in the occasional class taught by a foreign professor (their thoughts not being in English was simply distracting). I also learned a lot about myself while at college. For example, nothing is a bigger turn off than having a guy go down on you while he is thinking about the last girl he ate out. That line of thought is a show stopper, let me tell you!

I guess that's why I was immediately attracted to Quinn; I couldn't pick up a clear thought from him. It was like all his thoughts were hazy at best. I'd met, and dated, a few other people whose thoughts came through hazy, but Quinn was the most attractive by far. He was very tall, with muscles that make women want to scream with delight and men hit the gym for hours, and the most beautiful purple eyes that I wanted to get lost in. That first night we made out on the hood of his car. I'd never been with a man whose hands were so big they could cup and fully enjoy my DD breasts. I was completely smitten. We dated for a year before we decided to get married and live in Bon Temps. We had a small wedding because we wanted to save our money for the renovations we were working on at Gran's house.

We had been living in Gran's renovated house only a month when I'd found out I was pregnant with Lars. I wouldn't trade being a mother for anything, but it would've been nice to have a husband who was a little more present during my pregnancy. I was about four months into my pregnancy when Quinn started acting really strange. At first I chalked his behavior up to being busy with work. Quinn owned the largest event planning company in the southeast and was constantly traveling to accommodate his growing clientele. But as the months continued to pass, Quinn's behavior only got stranger. I only had a month and a half left in my pregnancy when Quinn dropped a huge information bomb, and if I hadn't been pregnant I would've left him. Evidently, there are stranger things in the world than someone who can hear other people's thoughts… and I happened to be married to one. Quinn could turn into a tiger. So, it turned out that there's a whole group of people that are called shifters and weres. Some turn into werewolves, some into tigers, and some into anything they want… Holy Shit! As the news sank in, he then went on to explain that our son would probably be able to change into a tiger also, although because I'm not a "weretiger" he wouldn't be a full-blooded "were". Oh! And I couldn't deliver our son in a hospital because they would do tests and be able to determine that he wasn't completely human.

I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone and spent the next few hours crying. The news had just been too much for my pregnant hormonal self. I eventually calmed down enough to realize that now was as good a time as any to tell Quinn about my ability. He took it exceptionally well and said that he had actually met a few telepaths before and it wasn't a big deal to him. In hind sight, it shouldn't have been a big deal, it's not like I told him I turned into a sloth or anything! But at the time, I just felt relief and a sense that our relationship was more secure because we were now completely honest with each other.

I managed to convince my parents that a home birth was best for me and the baby. Quinn arranged for a doctor who treated weres to deliver the baby when the time came. Lars arrived just two weeks later, a month early, but was a large baby weighing in at eight pounds two ounces. Lars was the most beautiful baby I'd ever seen. He had Quinn's purple eyes and my blond hair. He fed insatiably and at two months old looked more like a six month old.

It was when Lars was two months old that the world changed again. Quinn and I sat on the couch watching TV as the big announcement was made that other beings lived among us normal humans. It should've come as more of a surprise, but it made sense, when I learned that the only other men I'd dated turned out to be a were and a shifter. Sam, my boss and occasional date from the bar I worked at in high school, was a shifter and one of the types that could turn into anything he saw. Alcide, one of the guys I dated in college, was a werewolf. What was most shocking about the announcement, though, was that vampires, yes vampires, are real and have been living amongst us!

"Did you know about the vampires?" I had asked Quinn, timidly.

"Yes, we have a history."

"Care to elaborate?"


And that was the end of our conversation about, what was later coined, "The Night of Great Revelations".

Quinn managed to track me down to the corporate apartment the night after I'd walked in on him and Debbie. I'd had a bottle of Crown so, I stupidly let him in. He tried to lean in for a kiss, but I leaned back, staggered over to the couch, and sat down. One good look at him and I broke down.

"What did I do? Was I a bad wife? Are you not happy with our family?"

"No, Sookie, it's not you. It's me."

Great, here we go… I gave him a look that made my skeptical feelings known. "Right…"

"Sookie, I never wanted you to find out about this-"

I cut him off, "I bet you didn't."

"Listen, I need you to give me a few minutes to explain."

I nodded my head, but crossed my arms over my chest.

"There are certain things that you cannot understand because you aren't a were. Things are different for us; we cannot allow our species to die out. For a long time we could only marry other weres of the same species, but many of us were unhappy about what was basically a pre-arranged marriage. When, I met you, I knew I wanted to marry you so I had to get an exception. I was allowed to marry you-"

"You were allowed to marry me? Don't give me this bullshit Quinn."

"Damn-it Sookie, this isn't easy for me."

I rolled my eyes and waived my hand for him to continue.

"When I was allowed to marry you, I had to agree to mate with another weretiger."

"Excuse me. Did you just say mate?"

"Yes. Debbie and I are required to mate to produce a full blooded weretiger for the good of our pack."

"What the fuck!?! For the good of the pack you need to cheat on your wife and produce a child?"

"Yes, I know it sounds strange to your standards, but Debbie and I do not love each other. We are simply doing what is required of us because we have married non-weres."

"You are out of your fucking mind. You've got to know that!" I let that hang in the air for a few minutes before I continued. "So, I'm supposed to share my husband so you can keep your pack alive? Wait, here's a better idea, how about keeping your dick in your pants and doing artificial insemination? Huh, did you think about that before you were shoving your dick in her?"

From the look on his face I knew he hadn't thought about artificial insemination. He was caught, quite literally, with his pants around his ankles.

"Sookie, it was a sacrifice that had to be made."

"No, it wasn't. I will not live that way. Now get the hell out. I'll be by the house tomorrow to get my clothes and we'll work out some kind of shared custody for Lars."

"Sookie, it's not like I was enjoying it."

"Ha! I heard the moaning, you prick! You were screwing her in our bed, where our son was conceived. You disgust me! Get out!" My hands flew up in the air as I had reached my tolerance level for his bullshit.

And with that, Quinn left. Even though I was furious I also felt like a piece of my heart had been ripped out. I sank back down on the couch and cried myself to sleep.

So, here I am. Packing up my old house, my old home, and officially moving into a condo I have since bought in the same building as the corporate one. Quinn and I have actually been civil while working out the custody of Lars and the living arrangements. We've agreed to a fifty fifty split for shared custody with flexibility to accommodate his travel requirements and mine. Generally, he'll get Lars Monday through Thursday or Friday and I'll get him the remaining time. If Quinn is not traveling with his job he's normally home during the week so it worked out well for him to take Lars during that time. I, on the other hand, had no social life to speak of so having a 15 month old on the weekend didn't really bother me.

The living situation was a strange discussion. Even though the house had been in my family for several generations, walking in on Quinn having sex with another woman was enough to make me never want to step foot in the house again. Having made myself clear on that point with Quinn, we agreed that he could continue to live in the house but he would make monthly payments to me in the amount of $1000 to cover my housing expenses in addition to the monthly child support of $750. I didn't really want his money, I didn't need it, but I told myself I'd take it because it was the least he could do for our son since he single handedly broke up our happy family.

I am now working on the new Sookie. Yes, I am now a single parent, but I think I'm stronger for it. I have no idea if he's still mating with Debbie; I honestly, try not to think about it. Nevertheless, I'm determined to start living my life to the fullest and enjoying every minute! It's time for something new!