The Black Vial

Main Characters of this fanfic: Kyle and Stan and Butters

Related Episode(s): Tsst, The Ungroundable, The F Word.

By: Akamaru Dog Lover

A/N: I'm back! Better late than never right? Although I have drafts of Chapter 8, I lost it all in my iBook! So I rewrite it in my new netbook. Which is WAY better, but WAY smaller…

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Loyal fans! Here's your reward for waiting. It's a WIP (Work in-progress), so a major cliffhanger is left hanging. *evil laughs*

The two rivals who WERE best friend were finally woken by their allies.

And now a battle will begin.

*everything pauses*

A/N: Sorry for the lateness. I know 1 year and 5 months is long. But loyal fans, your reward is here. But not writing fanfic for almost a year, I'm afraid it's a bit rusty. And yes the last chapter, it's a parody of the Aran story in MapleSEA.

*the author flicks his hands, and everything rewind back to the preparations of the battle.*

"Guess for me to kill them again?" Stan said.

"Oh, yeah. Now that makes sense." Jesus said.

The two beings shake hands and a flash of light blinded the scene.

Meanwhile at hell…

"Hi, my child…" Satan said.

"…" Kyle said.

"Where's the other one?"

Just then, a shadow appeared behind the devil and stab him in the back. The tip of the sword passed through the devil's heart. Black liquid was pouring out…

Kyle smirks while Butters appeared from darkness.

"That bastard. Always want us to do this and that…" Butters grumbled.

After a while, they are back at Butters' house. The room is completely black. Even the furniture. Candles were lit the moment they teleported in. Blue flames are everywhere.

When they sat down on the floor. Butters' door was crashed opened by his father. His mother is nearby him.

Butters' POV

"How many times do we have to tell you that you must not paint your room black?" my dad yelled.


Kyle stand up and hid in the closet nearby.


He switch on the light, which is also painted black, giving the place an eerie lightning. I am sitting on the bed, preparing to fling them out of the house when time's right.

"There you are" Mom said. "Paint back your room the way it was… RIGHT NOW!"

"No…" I said.

"Then you're grounded, mister." Dad said.

"I'm ungroundable, remember?"

"No, you're not." Dad said.

"Oh, really?"

With the flick of my hand, I telekinetically kicked my parents out of the house and lock all doors in the house.

I heard inaudible screams outside the house, and the door breaking.

Raising my hands, the door turned from wood to steel.

"Nice job. You finally have the guts to face your parents." Kyle said.

I turn to see Kyle. Surrounded in blue flames, he look sexy.

But then, I have to get rid of a competitor.

Stan Fucking Marsh.

"Did you ever like Stan?"

"No…" Kyle said.


"I SAID NO!" Kyle yelled angrily.

He looked even sexier.

But then sexy doesn't mean I love him.

Kyle sighed and took me to the training ground.

"Let's do this…"