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Fantasy Lover

By: MoonyGirl'04

Chapter 1: Pretty Woman Is Just a Movie; This Is Real Life…

Serena zipped her high, black, leather boot all the way back up before placing the heavy shoe back on the floor with her foot securely inside. She checked her appearance in the bathroom mirror, straightening her tight silk top and super mini jean skirt. Her fishnet stocking had acquired a run in them during the course of the hour and Serena sighed as she ran her manicured fingers over it. There was no fixing it now, it was too far ripped. She'd really have to explain to these men that they wait at least until her stockings were off before they mauled her. Unlike more prostitutes she actually could safely lay out rules before her customers without worrying about a bullet to the head. Of course that was because, unlike most prostitutes, she was much more particular about her customers. Really she could be considered more of a hired companion. Who had sex with the boss. Among other things.

She shook her gold hair around her face and ruffled it so that it waved attractively about her heart-shaped face. She checked her make-up once more before exiting the bathroom, her Gucci purse slung over her shoulder in preparation to leave. The hotel room's lights were low and somewhere classical music was playing. The bed was still ruffled from her recent session with a client. She looked around for said client but found him nowhere. On the table by the door a wad of cash sat and Serena scooped it into her purse, only feeling slightly dirty. As far as she was concerned, it was a living. A living which had saved her from the homeless shelter.

Serena couldn't complain. She lived in a penthouse apartment with a doorman and drove a brand new Lexus and wore designer labels. It was a living most people dreamed of. And all she had to do was have sex with a few jacked up millionaires. Okay, more than a few. And some of them were actually decent looking so Serena could sometimes pretend that she was with a boyfriend or a lover and actual feelings were involved. At least they left huge tips. Money wise.

And more than the living it provided for her she was able to pay for her mother's medical bills. Her mother who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's five years ago, whose husband, Serena's father, had died the year after that along with her little brother in a boating accident. Serena was willing to do anything for her mother at this point. Of course her mother didn't know that Serena was paying her medical bills with money she made from having sex with rich men. Her mother barely even knew who Serena was anymore.

But Serena had friends. Best friends. Raye and Mina, both of which were also prostitutes. Raye was actually the one who had discovered Serena. Serena had just moved her mother into a nursing home, and sold their house to pay for the first year, and was walking down the city streets with only a small backpack of clothes she hadn't sold. She hadn't known where she was going. She had no more family besides her mother and she was already so far gone she couldn't take care of herself anymore. The only thing Serena knew to do with her was put her in a nursing home where nurses could monitor her 24 hours a day. Raye had driven by in a shiny custom pink Prius, designer sunglasses shielding her eyes from the bright winter sun, on her way to an appointment. But when she saw Serena she pulled over and watched as Serena glumly walked up the street, shoulders slumped, worn sneakers kicking at the broken pavement. Serena was 18 and still hadn't fully developed, but she definitely had some curves by then. Raye's boss, Luna, had asked Raye to keep an eye open for potential new talent, and Raye true to her word saw Serena and potential. So she stepped out of the car, sending a quick text to Luna that maybe she'd found another employee and to send a replacement for her next appointment, and then she snapped a picture of Serena from behind and sent it along. Luna sent back a quick assurance and approval before Raye walked confidently up to Serena and tapped her shoulder.

Serena whirled around, clutching the straps to her backpack.

"Woah, chillax." Raye laughed. "Are you always this uptight."

"I'm sorry," Serena said. "I just wasn't expecting that."

Raye laughed again. "Who is?" she asked. "Anyway, I was just driving by and you seem like someone who could appreciate a good meal. You see, one of my girlfriends just bailed on our lunch reservation, and it's not a place you go to alone, and I'd hate for it to go to waste. So I just wondered if you'd like to join me for lunch?"

Serena quirked an eyebrow. "You're asking a total stranger to eat lunch with you?"

"I've done crazier things," Raye grinned mysteriously thinking to the night before. Serena just stared at her, unknowing. "C'mon, I promise I won't steal your kidneys or anything. It's just a lunch."

"Umm…this isn't…you aren't…like picking me up or anything. Are you? Because I'm straight."

"Don't flatter yourself honey," Raye said, beginning to feel a little irritation at her resistance. "I could do way better than you if I weren't straight." And in fact had. Not all horny millionaires were men. Or straight. Luna had several call boys set up for that specific reason.

"Okay," Serena began dubiously, apparently not taking offense. "I suppose I could go for a nice lunch." At the time she thought it could be her last. She climbed into the passenger side of the Prius and buckled up as Raye bounced into the driver's seat, her irritation disappearing.

"So what do you do for a living?" Raye asked immediately, pulling out into traffic.

"Um…I'm kind of unemployed now. I just graduated from high school this year so I haven't really had time to look for a job yet."

"Yeah, I remember how it was. With this economy and the job market the way it is, unless you've got an Ivy League degree under your belt you might as well chuck everything you own over the side of a bridge."

Serena's stomach dropped. She knew Raye was right. A high school degree couldn't possibly cut it alone anymore. "You must be doing pretty well. Where did you go to college?" Serena asked casually.

Raye smiled at her over her glasses. "I didn't go to college."

"Oh," Serena said. "So your family must be loaded." She started taking in Raye's designer clothes.

"They do well enough, for a lower middle class family. They certainly aren't swimming in cash. What about your family?"

"Um, my family…well, growing up I never had any complaints. We were fed and clothed. My father and brother actually passed away last year so things have been hard."

"Oh, I'm so sorry." Raye said, pulling into the parking lot of a large fancy restaurant. "What about your mom, does she work?"

Serena unbuckled her seatbelt slowly. "No, she's…she lives in a nursing home. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's last year." Raye sat still, watching her.

"So you're all alone I guess." Raye had gone as far to assume that Serena was no longer in possession of a home.

"Um…I guess, I mean. I'm kind of used to it now. It's no big deal," she shrugged getting out of the car. Raye followed slowly, knowing that she could be holding this girl's salvation in her hand.

The maitre 'de smiled at Raye and Serena as they walked in and immediately led them to a booth in a quiet corner of the restaurant. He handed them their menus and read off a wine list before leaving them to decide their order.

Serena swirled her first glass of wine around in front of her, only allowing a little of her shock to show that he hadn't carded her. Raye sipped hers quietly and observed the girl before her. She had long honey-gold colored hair, and large, baby blue eyes. Her skin was pale and flawless, her features small and delicate. All in all Raye knew she could hit it off well with the millionaires. They were easily pleased and the delicate creature before her would excite them.

"So, umm…I guess I should have asked before, but, um, what's your name?" Serena asked.

"Raye Cranston. And yours?"

"Serena Westerfield." They shook hands awkwardly over the table.

"Okay Serena, I have a confession." Raye leaned her elbows on the table and clasped her hands under her chin, settling her dark brown eyes on her. "I didn't ask you to lunch because I got skipped out on. I wanted to make a proposition to you. About a possible career." Serena choked on the sip of wine she'd just taken.

"A career, really?" she asked, excitedly. "What is it? I'll do it!"

"You might want to hear what it is first," Raye chuckled, sipping her own wine slowly. The waiter returned to their table just then and quickly jotted down their order before once more disappearing into the shadows of the restaurant. "It isn't exactly a conventional job. But it pays extremely well."

"That's enough to sell me on it." Serena laughed. "What would I have to do?"

"Not exactly unpleasant things. Tell me, Serena, are you a virgin?"

Serena choked once more on another sip of wine, her cheeks turning a very alluring pink. "Excuse me? Why does that pertain to this conversation?"

"Trust me, it's appropriate. So I'm guessing you are? Because if you are you could be in for a big bonus."

Serena stared at Raye, confused. "What exactly is the title of this job?"

Raye sighed and spread her hands before her. "I suppose the politically correct term for it would be…prostitute? But it's really more than that…"

Serena slammed her wine glass against the hard, oak table. "You're asking me to be a prostitute?!" she asked, a little too loudly.

"No. I'm just saying a girl in need of money these days can't be too particular in what they do. I mean, a good nursing home can be expensive. And rent on apartments these days? Don't even get me started." Raye glanced coyly at Serena from half closed lids. "And really it's more like being a professional party guest then anything else. Trust me; it's not like Pretty Woman. At least not like in the beginning."

Serena turned suddenly foggy eyes to the table, outlining the small wine spill from when she'd upset her glass. She had to think about her mother. Her poor mother who felt like she really was all alone in the world. And the small fact that she wasn't exactly qualified for any particular job and at least with Raye she'd have a mentor. She took in Raye's designer clothes and bag and the small sparkling diamonds she wore at her ears and throat.

Serena gulped and raised her eyes. "When would I start?" she whispered. Raye smiled and clapped her hands happily.

"Immediately." She waved her hand and the waiter appeared with a check. Raye stuffed a few bills into the folder and stood, motioning for Serena to follow her. "We've no time for lunch now. You need to meet Luna and the rest of the team. And then we need to get a quiet bid up for your virginity; once we've had a few headshots of you taken we can circulate that. I'd say we'd have you up and humping in a week."

Serena blushed as she followed Raye to her Prius. She couldn't believe she was actually going to do this. Serena, who'd remained a virgin all through high school because she'd been to shy to date. She'd never even kissed a guy! Raye glanced at her quickly before she pulled from the parking lot.

"Don't worry sweetie. Luna has a very rigorous training program set up for her team. She wouldn't send you onto the battlefield without a weapon." Raye winked at her.

"A training program? How does that work?"

"It's just a few basic sex ed lessons and then a make out practice session. Oh and an extensive lesson on foreplay. Be sure to pay attention to that."

Serena's face felt like it was on fire as Raye prattled on about what Serena was expected to do for the job. But her mind was set. She would do this. For her mother.

And she had done it. For the past four years she had made it her livelihood. And she couldn't complain. She opened the door to her apartment and called out to Raye and Mina, who were also her roommates. Mina called back from her position on the couch. She had her head resting on the floor while the rest of her body claimed the couch. She had obviously just gotten back from an appointment as she still had on her whore gear, the high, black boots, short skirt, and super tight and revealing tank.

"Um, what are you doing?" Serena asked, laying her keys in a bowl on the kitchen bar.

"Cleansing my mind." Mina replied. "I had a particularly passionate client today. Uggh." She groaned. Mina was the newest to the group. She'd only been there for a year. But she'd already picked up several regular customers, each falling in love with her luscious figure and wavy, golden locks.

"Okay then, where's Raye?" she asked, heading towards the hallway.

"Luna called her like ten minutes ago and she went rushing off. I suppose she has a new client for her or something."

Serena walked down the hall to her room and closed her door behind her. She peeled off the skin tight close and finally discarded the ripped pantyhose. Without her signature boots she stood at just under five feet tall and she felt like such a giant when added the six inch heels. She wrapped a pink terrycloth robe around her and sighed before heading off towards the bathroom and jumping in the shower where she scrubbed herself vigorously. It was tradition for the girls to shower right after an appointment. Sometimes Serena found herself showering 5 or 6 times a day. It helped wash away the feel of the men's hands on her body, always roaming, probing, but never caressing and gentle. None of them were. Not they she expected they would be. That's how it had always been. One time Raye had confessed to her it could be better. She'd explained that sometimes men, real men, not clients, could be gentle and giving and could evoke in her a passion to rival the best of Luna's team.

Of course under her contract Serena was not allowed relationships or sex that wasn't paid for. However when she turned 25 that contract would be up. If she wanted it to be. And then maybe she could start a real life for herself.

Serena finally climbed out of the shower, once her skin had been scrubbed pink and her fingertips had begun to prune. She ran a towel through her damp tresses as she exited the bathroom, making her way back to her bedroom. She heard voices from the living room and breathed a sigh of relief that Raye had finally come home. Even though they catered to the rich and spoiled, sometimes violence was an issue. She quickly dressed in pink, flannel pajamas and braided her long hair into a golden braid down her back before joining Raye and Mina in the living room.

She stopped short at the doorway and raised her eyebrows. Luna sat in their one lounge chair, back straight, ankles crossed, and head held high, like a queen. She did seem to give that illusion and one didn't know better they never would have guessed she ran an escort service.

"Hello Serena," Luna smiled, beckoning her through the doorway with a graceful wave of her hand. "We were just talking about you."

"Really? What about me?" Serena asked warily coming in to sit beside Raye and Mina on the couch.

"Well, we've just picked up a new client today." Luna explained. "A client who wishes to have an escort for the next two months while on a business retreat."

"His name is Darien Shields, he's 28, and he is the CEO of Shields Financing Inc. He's worth at least a hundred billion dollars." Raye interjected. "And he prefers blondes."

Serena saw Mina pout from the corner of her eye. She turned to Luna, her mind working slowly. "Are you giving me this assignment?" she asked incredulously.

Luna smiled at her. "It's a big assignment and he's offered to pay handsomely, $2,000,000… More than enough to set someone like you up for a good many years."

Serena's jaw dropped at least a foot. She could retire. She'd never have to work again. She could move her mother into a house with her and hire a full time nurse, and go to college. "Are…are you sure you don't want it Raye?" she asked suddenly, turning to Raye. "I mean, you've been doing this so much longer than I have…Wouldn't you like to take this money and retire?"

Raye shrugged and smiled at Serena. "I like my job. And I know you've got your heart set on going to Oxford to study literature or whatever. I've seen the brochures. You've totally earned this."

"Mina," Serena began turning towards her still pouting friend.

"Mina isn't yet experienced enough for this kind of assignment." Luna interjected, smiling at Mina. "Someday she'll have her own big assignment but for now she's going to have to wait."

Mina sighed and smiled at Serena. "She's right, you're so much more experienced and you've really earned a break."

"Oh my God." Serena laughed. She felt tears prick her eyes. Her dreams were finally going to come true. And all thanks to some billionaire named Darien Shields.


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