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Moving On or Something Close

Augustus watched Sphinx move around the kitchen of his home cautiously, taking in every slow movement the other man made. Because there was no way in Hell he was seeing what he thought he was. His brother wasn't in the bloody kitchen making breakfast for the three of them like it wasn't anything. Not after what he'd brought out last night . . .

Sphinx moved, dropping the frying pan into the half-filled sink before he turned back to collect the omelets he'd made. And Augustus knew that his was probably laced with arsenic or even cyanide. So what if he didn't see the man mix it into the whipped eggs and various bits he'd tossed together. He knew the man wasn't okay with everything . . . or at least not okay enough to be cooking. Sphinx turned, taking in his expression with a raised brow before he shook his head; placing a rather large omelet in front of him and a container of what looked like diced tomatoes. He looked at the plate before looking back up as his brother moved back to the sink. Okay now this was just too surreal.

Finally he had enough and went to speak, to ask what in the hell was going on when Chaosia stepped into the room. He blinked, shaking his head as his future sister-in-law grinned and moved to wrap her arms around Sphinx's waist; stretching to her tiptoes and pressing a kiss on his cheek before she moved away. Only to laugh as Sphinx caught her and tugged her back, cupping her face in one of his hands as the other settled on her denim clad hip.

Augustus shook his head, watching the two together before he turned. It was so odd to see the way Ignatius was with her and the way he was with everyone else. Almost like two completely different people . . . but he knew their father had been much the same way with his own mother. From what little he remembered of Lucian Dashell the man was always stern and stoic around other people. But in private he'd doted on him and his mother the same way Sphinx seemed to dote on Chaosia . . . and suddenly Augustus wondered if the man had been the same way with his first wife.

He sighed, shaking himself from his thoughts as Chaosia spoke to him; jarring him back to the present and away from the melancholy that was trying to settle now that the shock was wearing off. He blinked; looking to Chaosia perplexed as he finally noticed what she was wearing-hell what both of them were wearing. What in the hell were they doing now?

The girl was wearing a pair of denim shorts that were borderline indecent even with the almost innocent little stitched designs over the left pocket and a simple light blue button down oxford shirt with the sleeves cuffed to her elbows. But the thing that threw him was that she wasn't wearing any of the jewelry or makeup he was accustomed to seeing her in. Actually other than her massive rings and the key necklace he'd yet to see her shed the outfit was overly casual. And her brown leather flip flops on her feet actually let him see she barely came to Ignatius's chest without the heels he was used to.

Sphinx however was in something he didn't think any male member of their family had ever worn willingly. Shorts. Oh sure they came down past his knees and looked to be football shorts-black of course- but he was shocked to see his brother out of the layers he seemed to thrive in. The tight black under armor tee shirt was barely stretched across his chest and shoulders, showcasing just how massive the man actually was. And a good many of the seemingly random tattoos he had.

Augustus looked to his arm, cocking his head to the side before he shook himself. His brute of a brother had a rose tattoo on his arm . . .

"Aren't you going to eat, Augustus? You're going out with Bastian while we're gone. You know you'll need all of the energy you can get."

Augustus looked up, shocked before he turned to look at Igna-Sphinx. The man nodded, picking up his coffee cup from the counter and leaning against the cabinets. And Augustus suddenly felt like a child being sent off to relatives.

"Where exactly are the two of you going then? Running away before the planes touch down?"

Sphinx smirked as Chaosia's face fell, crossing her arms in a huff even as her love tugged her into his side and rubbed her shoulders reassuringly. Augustus shook his head, taking a tentative sip of the coffee that had been set before him. He would've preferred tea but he'd noticed that both of the owners of the household practically inhaled the darker brew. So he would just have to make do.

He wasn't-however-prepared for Chaosia's next words.

"Oh don't even remind me. I still don't see why we had to do all of this massive wedding shit."

Augustus choked before sputtering, almost hitting both of them as Sphinx glared at her. She wasn't honestly serious was she? He'd been under the impression-from both Bastian and Selene-that the girl was almost manic over planning this extravaganza. And that they'd had to step in and force a wedding planner down her throat to keep her from freaking out any more than she already was. But the girl seemed to be the exact opposite of her relations' claims as she just snorted at his brother's words, continuing on like she wasn't testing his nerves. Letting Augustus see that Mikhail had been right before. The girl really was too damned hardheaded for everything to continue to go as smoothly as it had been. And his brother seemed to be right there with her.

"Oh don't even bloody start that shite again, Chaosia. You've been planning all of this for months. And despite what you say now I know you want a proper wedding."

She rolled her eyes, turning away from him completely before she continued to grumble.

"I wanted to elope. You wanted a proper wedding."

Sphinx rolled his eyes, throwing his hands in the air before he shook his head. And Augustus saw a part of them he knew few others did. Even bickering and fighting he could see how careful his brother was of the girl, how he watched her and made sure she was never too far away. And even as careless as his words sounded he knew the older man was actually trying not to be an asshole. He sighed, trying to drink his coffee again as they quarreled. At least the sharp sarcasm seemed to be something they both shared . . . and that Chaosia could-and would- stand against if she had to.

"I want a proper wedding because it's what you need to have peace. Besides, I've seen the way you keep flitting around with Paul and Jacqueline. You're excited about all of it. So don't even try to say you're not."

She stilled before shrugging, her shoulders sagging as she gave him an almost repentant smirk. That was followed by a statement that made him have to bite his tongue. Oh she was horrible . . . and his brother seemed to love every damn second of it despite his current exasperation. This settled it, they were crazy and perfect for one another.

"Okay . . . maybe a little. But look at it this way . . ."

Sphinx rolled his eyes, stepping closer and tugging her into him; resting his hands on her hips as hers slid up the smooth shirt to loop around his neck. Letting Augustus see just how damned opposite they looked. She didn't seem dark enough to stand against him-especially with the lighter hair. And sphinx seemed far too wicked to be so at home with her. But they still managed to complement one another . . . and not kill themselves in the process.

"And what way is that? The insane way?"

She rolled her eyes, shrugging her brows before she grinned; stretching up and onto her tiptoes and nipping his chin with her teeth. Something that made Sphinx growl and curse under his breath before he shook his head at her.

"Nope. We got the argument over everything out of the way for the time being. Meaning that we should have a pretty peaceful day . . . well, until we meet the others anyway."

Augustus cleared his throat, trying to break the tension looming in the room as his brother glared at the still smiling girl. God why did everyone think it was funny to aggravate his brother near to death? Did they all have death wishes or something?

"Um . . . exactly where are the two of you going again? And when do you expect to be back? I don't mind spending time with Bastian-actually it'll be nice so long as Selene isn't around- but I don't relish staying all bloody day."

Chaosia laughed, shaking her head as Sphinx rolled his eyes; lips moving as he grumbled to himself while the girl explained their plans for the day. And suddenly he wanted to desperately go with them despite the tension still simmering between him and Ignatius. It had to be better than what they had planned for him.

"Oh he didn't tell you? Bastian and Khail have a bet that he could work on a car just as well as anyone else. So Daddy and Memphis are going to be there to mediate and instruct until they think that Bastian might be able to do something small. Until Daddy has to leave anyway. After that it'll just be you guys. And Sphinx and Atley will probably show up eventually."

Augustus nodded before he furrowed his brows. Wait a bloody minute . . .

"But you still didn't tell me where you're going. Am I not supposed to know?"

Sphinx rolled his eyes, dropping into the seat beside him with his own plate and fresh cup of coffee as he shook his head. While Chaosia reached into the basket off to the side and plucked out a plump blueberry muffin; sinking into her future husband's lap and popping half of the massive thing into his mouth before she turned to answer him.

"Oh I'm taking him with me for a little while. I have a few things to move around my office at the Jeffersonian before I leave for wherever we're going on our honeymoon."

Sphinx gave her a pointed look before shaking his head, spearing a juicy chunk of the spinach and cheese omelet he'd already smothered in the tomato mess. He held the fork up, letting Chaos take the massive bite while she rolled her eyes. Chiding her while she chewed.

"He doesn't bloody know either so don't even try to dig for information. I didn't tell anyone you can bribe."

She cut her eyes to him, brow raised before she shrugged; feeding him another piece of muffin before she looked back to Augustus.

"Uh huh. You forgot love-of-my-life that I have weapons at my disposal you don't. I know you told Atley . . ."

Sphinx raised a brow, cutting off another portion of his omelet and offering it to her before he began feeding himself. But Augustus could almost count down the time between his next comment. It was all like a dance between the two of them, a waltz of words and bickering littered with kisses and little touches . . . something he had honestly never seen before. Even his own parents weren't this relaxed with one another.

"So? Atley's loyal to a fault, Lover. Not even you and Paul together could get him to crack."

She grinned, dipping to kiss his cheek before she slid off his lap; laughing as she darted from the room as her words sunk in for both of them. And as soon as they had Sphinx was up and after her, growling and griping as she cackled. And even he had to choke at the sound his brother made in response to her next little comment. Okay now he could kind of see why she kept aggravating him . . . it was far too interesting to hear the usually reserved and serious man growl like a bloody bear.

"Oh but baby . . . I don't need Paul for this one. I have Jacqueline."

Prometheus let out a long sigh before he killed the engine to the gleaming black One-77. He knew he'd promised Chaosia and Sphinx he would be on hand today to mediate between his wayward sons but damnation he'd almost rather be at the house welcoming the guests. Almost. He stepped out of the car, straightening his black tee shirt and adjusting the jeans he'd drug from the depths of his closet almost nostalgically. God it was so odd to actually be in something other than trousers and suits and loafers that he almost felt naked. But then again he was sure that most of his older friends thought he looked ridiculous in the suits he was at home in now.

He shook himself, running a hand through his dark hair before he pulled his cigars from his pocket. The only good thing about any of this-other than getting to spend time with his children regardless of the headache they caused- was that he'd been told he could smoke. As much as he wanted. He turned, lighting the cigar he'd brought to his lips as he watched three cars pull into the back lot a few seconds behind one another.

These had to be Sphinx and Mikhail's other friends . . . The ones he wasn't supposed to know did anything illegal. He rolled his eyes before examining each car critically, trying to learn as much as he could from the start. He wouldn't be much a parent if he didn't know who his stepson and baby girl were involved with . . . and even though the information had cost him more than a few favors and a small fortune he'd known everything there was to know about all of the people that frequented Otto Halliwell's little shop before Chaosia had ever even agreed to marry the man.

The gleaming Shelby GT500 Mustang pulled in close to Millennia, the doors opening and a tall almost lanky man stepping out. The man stopped, looking at him carefully before he shrugged and moved closer; extending his hand with a friendly but guarded smile while the other two parked. And Guadimus had to admit that the sleek black 72 Jaguar E Type Convertible and the gleaming dark blue 73 Corvette Stingray hardtop that pulled in to the other side of the Shelby were gorgeous. Something he knew his stepson wouldn't be able to resist.

He shook himself, taking the man's hand with a warm smile as he introduced himself.

"Hi there. I'm Randal Raines . . . but everyone calls me Memphis. Can I help you with something sir?"

He smirked, letting the boy's hand drop before he pulled the clove from his lips; ashing on the pavement as he spoke.

"Actually you just might be able to. I'm looking for Mikhail and Bastian. I kind of promised my daughter I'd babysit her brothers while she was gone."

Memphis stopped, seemingly shocked before they both turned to the taller black man that walked up behind them; adjusting his hat as he grinned.

"You're Chaosia's dad? For real? Man I thought you were gonna show up in a suit and everything like Augustus . . . Kinda figured it was like a rule or something. Hell we haven't seen that guy in anything but suits and slacks yet, have we Memphis?"

Memphis shook his head, grinning as they both turned to watch the third man walk by. Guadimus grinned, trying not to laugh at the dower look Atley Jackson was wearing. He'd been introduced to the other runner when they'd come about Jacqueline. And though he hadn't spent too much time around him he knew his little girl thought the world of the older man . . . and that he was going to be Sphinx's best man in the wedding. He shook his head, turning back as Donnie grinned and chuckled.

"You have to ignore him, sir. He's been a mood for the past few days. You coming in with us?"

Guadimus nodded, tossing his now spent clove into the gravel and dirt at his feet before he waved his arm to let the other two pass first. He wasn't going to point out that he knew exactly what was wrong with their friend. Or that Chaosia had filled him in on everything that had transpired between the man and his stepdaughter yesterday like the good little spy that she was. No need to spoil all of the fun until he had to.

"After you lads. I'm just here in a supervisory capacity . . . to make sure that my sons don't try to kill one another before the fifteen minute marker as it were."

Donnie laughed as Memphis shook his head, moving ahead of them. And as he stepped inside, looking over the garage and all of its components-and the people coming out to introduce themselves or just to talk- Guadimus had to admit something to himself. Mikhail had been right to jump to this crew . . . and he'd flourished because of it. These people might not do everything purely legal but they seemed like a good enough lot. He knew he would have to keep an eye on everything until his girl was away on her honeymoon but from what he could tell his kids were going to be fine. Now if he could just find someone willing to put up with Bastian he might actually get some peace and quiet.

Chaosia laughed, flopping back onto the blanket with a smile as Sphinx rolled his eyes. He hadn't known if this would be the best way for them to just unwind and relax but now he was glad he'd done it. He'd figured out when they were moving that Chaosia loved the beach . . . and she seemed to be more herself here in the sand than she had been in weeks.

She rolled, propping up on an elbow as she grinned to him. He shook his head, reaching out and brushing her curls out of her face as she leaned into his touch; kissing his thumb when he brushed it over her lips. He knew he shouldn't be out here on the bloody beach, laying around in the sun with her but he couldn't seem to stop himself. They needed a day just to themselves-without Jacqueline or Augustus or her family and the crew- and by God they were going to have it. All of the bullshit they would hear about just disappearing be damned.

She scooted closer, wrapping her arm around his waist as he draped his over her. She looked up at him through her lashes as she laid her head on his bicep, which prompted him to do the same. She sighed, tracing his cheek as she smiled at him softly.

"Thank you . . ."

He raised a brow, dipping closer to rub his nose against hers before he pressed a small kiss to the corner of her lips.

"For what, Love?"

She rolled her eyes, leaning up to kiss him again; letting her lips linger against his own for a few long moments before she pulled away. And began kissing down his jaw as she spoke to him.

"For being so sweet and stealing away with me today. I know you had things you needed to do."

He shrugged his brows, pulling her tighter against him as his fingers started working through her curls. He'd taken her new lighter hair color like another one of her odd habits at first but now, here in the sun he could say that the dark blonde looked good on her. The almost whiskey color littered with tiny streaks of gold and honey. He shook his head, pressing a kiss to her cheek.

"Nothing that couldn't wait until tomorrow. Everything is pretty much set actually. Just waiting for the conformation for the tickets now. And no I'm still not telling you where we're going."

She pouted at him as he chuckled, dipping to catch her puckered lip with his. She huffed before melting into him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and threading her fingers through his hair. God he'd been right, they needed today something fierce. Eventually she pulled back, grazing his chin with her teeth before she settled against him with a contented sigh. But when he felt her shoulders start to tense he knew she was about to start talking. And more than likely about something he didn't want to visit today.

"Baby . . . can I ask you a question?"

He glanced down before nodding once, running his hand over her back as he settled in to look up at the clouds. He had a feeling deep in his gut that he wasn't going to like where this was going. But if she needed to get something off of her chest then he would listen. Hell she'd done more than enough of that for him over the past few weeks he could return the favor.

"Like you need to ask Love. What's bothering you?"

She stilled against him before she looked up, her bottom lip between her teeth as her eyes looked over his face. He shifted, propping up on his elbows as she glanced back down. Christ what was wrong?

"I . . . Jacqueline called this morning and let me know about her doctor's appointment. They did one of those new 3-D ultrasounds. To check and make sure everything is okay, you know with everything that happened. And they found something out."

He raised a brow, dipping to look her over critically. She was skirting an issue here and he wanted to know what . . . why would she be evading something over this?

"And? What'd they find out?"

She glanced back up at him, her lips spreading into a small smile as she snuggled closer to him.

"She's having a boy. And she wanted to know, if we-well you mind if she gave the baby your name. We kind of talked about it and she wants to use Ignatius as the baby's middle name. And I told her I would ask . . ."

He blinked, truly shocked before he nodded dumbly. Why in the world . . .

"I don't mind but what in bloody Hell would make her want to name him after me?"

Chaosia rolled her eyes before she leaned up and kissed him, long and hard on the lips before she pulled back and laughed; patting his cheek with a grin.

"Because you silly man, she wants to. She wants him to be a part of our family as much as he will be hers . . . and she wanted to thank you for all that you-and your friends- have done for them. I mean you told me to call Donnie. You and Atley went and got our parents when they landed and you keep pushing Atley to her-even if she doesn't know that for a fact. You've done a lot for her and the little one."

He blinked again before he rolled his eyes, dipping to slant his mouth over hers again. God he was marrying into the oddest mess of people in the world. But as Chaosia pulled away from him, jumping to her feet and dashing back to the waves laughing as she drug him with her he knew he didn't really mind. He was getting her in the process . . . he could deal with the rest of the loons.

Hopefully anyway.

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