looking glass
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
rating; T
summary; In a perfect world there would be no way back. TonyValentinaAnton

a / n; One of the perks of working at a movie theater: unlimited access to movies. I'll sort through this later, but Anton was Valentina's husband at the end, right? If not, it won't be the first time I'm wrong. Alas.

She looks for him at the edges of things--back alleyways, theater stages, the space between sleep and remembering. She runs her fingers over her ankle, across her cheek, remembers the feeling of him between her thighs, the throb of her face after his abuse subsided.

Anton is much easier to find and far less satisfying. But he loves her and she must admit there is a part of her that longs for a happily ever after, one outside the Imaginarium. There is a part of her that trembles under his fingertips, there is a part of her that loves her daughter, loves this ending.

But she doesn't forget. Not once, because there's always a way back, because there are still ropes fit to cut and stories are being told and somewhere the Imaginarium still exists.

And him too, maybe.

(such a weak hypothesis)