* * * * *

"Hello?" The girl on the other side of the line answered,

"Celeste? Is that you?" Jesse sobbed into the reciever.

"Oh Jess, whats the matter, is everything alright?" Responded Celeste, instantly knowing that something was up. Jesse Thorton did not cry over nothing.

"It's just, my parents, I think-" she was choked off by sobs, not being able to continue she just let out a bursting wail inturupting the silence in her empty home. "I think their going to split up." She sobbed again.

"Oh Jesse, they can't be. I've practicly lived in your house the last few years. Your parents would never split up."

"But- you don't get it! They barely speak, and they don't sleep in the same room anymore." She was choking on her tears, which were running rampedly down her cheeks.

"I'll be right over. Jess, just stay there."

Less than ten minutes later, Jesse's doorbell rang. She slowed down, taking the stairs with caution, afraid to face the elephant that seemed to follow her around. When she reached the door, she swung it open. Hoping that she hadn't opened the door for some stranger. And her prayers were answered. It was only Celeste standing there.

Celeste Kegrill was a small girl. No taller than five foot three, and at the age of 13, she was considered to be quite short. But that wasn't all that was small about her, she had a small frame, and fine features. She stood tall and walked with the elegance and grace of a ballerina. Celeste Kegrill was every models dream. She is also Jesse's best friend.

She was probably one of the only people who completely knew Jesse. Inside and out. You see, Jesse had this hard exterior. Always happy, bubbly and trying to lighten a mood, but it took one person she trusted to crack her shell. You never would have guessed that Jesse Thorton was secretly insecure. She carried herself with pride and the smile that constantly danced across her lips never let on. Jesse was one hard nut to crack.

The two girls ran up to Jesse's room, taking the steps up two at a time.