By the Sacred Sake

Warning XD Drunk Zuko :3

just a silly little fluff that gets the strong rating for the underage drinking on Zuko's part :3 enjoy!


Sake made everything seem better Zuko decided as he lazed back in the tea house holding it up to the light in awe of the sparkling lights within it. Like a million little suns! Maybe sake could firebend....

He laughed a little too loudly to something someone said. Maybe it was Sokka. Zuko didn't know or really care at this point. He got to his feet grinning and claimed a bathroom break or something close to that before stumbling out of the tea house. His uncle probably wouldn't have approved of the presence of sake but the fire lord didn't care. At this point he was considering making it a national holiday to celebrate his first bottle. The Day Zuko Tasted Heaven his mind decided to call this new occasion.

He didn't make it to the bathroom or at least wherever his mind had decided he wanted to go. Instead he came into a garden sitting calmly , or flopping over, a bench before falling back into the grass behind it laughing looking up at the stars. A hundred tiny little suns way up in the sky.

"nothing compared to the big one in the morning," he said out loud. He then laughed.

"I thought you wouldn't get back to your room Sparky, seems I was right," a voice said from somewhere above him.

He frown sitting up and spotted the familiar figure of Toph leaning against a tree looking him over, "Seems you had a bit too much to drink...."

"I'm fine. The sacred sake has opened my eyes to the world Tophy," he said in a complete calm although slurred voice. Toph arched an eyebrow at him.

"Tophy? I should pummel you for saying that," she growled.

"Oh you can try to pummel me but you will fail," He said sticking his tongue out at her before falling back laughing lightly.

The earth bender stomped over looking down in Zuko's direction and scowled, "I can pummel you with two hands behind my back Sparky!"

"Oh really?" Zuko slurred, "How can it even be a fair fight anyways with you up there and I'm down here!"

Toph let out a squawk of surprise as Zuko pulled her down landing heavily on top of him. He let out a yelp as she crashed down onto him, her elbow ramming into his ribs, "Hey! Watch it! You might break the sake!"

"What sake? Don't tell me you brought another bottle!" Toph growled propping herself off of him a faint blush on her cheeks. Zuko grinned wide and pulled out the bottle of sake he somehow had smuggled out in his robes, "Before bed drink. I think I really like this sake stuff. You should try!"

"Zuko? You are eighteen and I'm fourteen nearly fifteen. That and I though a fire lord would hold his sake better then you. Hell even Aang can hold it better then you sissy lord!" She teased punching him in the arm.

Zuko laughed and sat up a bit throwing an arm around Toph's neck,"I can keep drinking more. You are the lightweight. Can't even handle one shot I bet! So much for the oh so mighty and tough earth bender!"

That rattled Toph and before Zuko knew it the earth bender has swiped his bottle, "I can too Sparky! Anytime, anywhere!"

"Well if I could walk I would suggest going indoors," Zuko said with a laugh.

Toph paused before a sly grin spread across her face, " Oh so this is how you get girls into your bed?"

"Girls in my bed? Psht! Never has and never will happen," Zuko said getting to his feet unsteadily, "Every girl I date seems to always seem like the sister I always wanted!"

"Azula not a good enough sister for you sparky?" Toph said with a grin pulling to cork off the sake bottle.

"You kidding me? Azula isn't my sister," he leaned towards Toph like he was conspiring some sort of plot, "She is the result of crossing a lionbear and a dragon with a stick up its ass...."

Toph tried to stifle the laugh at that statement. The way he had said it, with a grim formality as if it was a terrible family secret, just made the statement just that more hilarious to her.

"oh dear! You poor thing. Maybe you do need this more then me," Toph said in a serious tone of her own although giggles where lurking just below the surface.

Zuko grinned, "Don't mind if I do lightweight!" he chortled grabbing the bottle and stumbling in the general direction of his room.

The earth bender was soon at his side tugging him along, "Oh no you don't! I'm going to show I can handle it better then you Zuko! My room is closer your drunk highness that can barely walk!"

"I can walk just fine," Zuko shot back with a frown, "Just right now the sake is making my feet harder to manage,"

"Which is called being drunk,"

It seemed a really short time until he was on Toph's bed groping for the bottle that was nearby or perhaps it had been a few hours. The bottle was floating it seemed but no, it was in Toph's hand as she considered it carefully.

She was blind he thought yet her eyes seemed to be focused on that bottle. Maybe it was her earth bending at work just feeling it out or maybe just his drunken mind gave him some bizarre vision of seeing things. Either one where very valid points. She took the bottle and put it to her lips taking a sip as Zuko grinned a bit closing his eyes. He was just going to close them for a moment.

His eyes flew open as a shriek of anger was heard and he sat up a bit or at least tried. His body was a shambling mass of jelly that refused to work. Toph winced at the noise sticking her pinky into her ear slightly, "Geeze Sugar Queen you can really break someone's ear drum can't you?"

"What are you and Zuko doing in bed together!" She cried.

Zuko sat up still fully dressed more or less sprawled on the bed at an odd angle doing absolutely nothing. He furrowed his brow looking at Katara, "I passed on on it. Unless you would like to throw that sake bottle on you and light you on fire I would suggest allowing the fire lord to enjoy his peace and quite passed on Toph's bed. Thank you," he growled already feeling a headache on coming.

Toph snickered and made a shooing motion as she reclined back in her bed crossing her legs," You heard the fire lord drama llamacat," she set the sake bottle on her nightstand, "get going or else! None of your business anyways what we where doing,"

The fire lord just fell back against the blankets closing his eyes again smiling faintly feeling for once like he wasn't dealing with his sister or a sister in general. He felt more like someone else was in the room that wasn't quite a sister but not a friend. Maybe...just maybe....

He smiled and turned his head to look at the sake bottle as Toph and Katara fought with words yelling about his appearance in the room as if he wasn't wearing any clothes. He chuckled. And closed his eyes enjoying the warmth of Toph's blanket. It smelt like the earth in spring. Perhaps a little muddy but it smelt like new life. Potential always happened in the spring. He gave off an odd sound a cross between a purr and a content sigh, "Toph? You tell her girl...." he mumbled in the pause created by the sound.

Toph blinked and then grinned at Katara, "See? I'm right. Your wrong. Just leave and go make kissy faces at twinkle toes,"

Zuko chuckled and waved a hand at Katara who puffed up in rage, "Toph you can't have a guy in your room! He isn't even your boyfriend and he is dating Mai now!"

Toph frowned crossing her arms, "I can have a guy in my room when he is drunk and in no condition to be left alone unless you want the place burnt down. Just go will ya? I can handle Zuko,"

Zuko rolled onto his stomach at that comment and gave her a wide grin, "You can handle me eh? I'll have to inform you I'm on fire sweet heart," he slurred trying to be suave and then laughing at what he said, "Ignore me! The booze makes me talk crazy I think,"

Katara pointed at Zuko accusingly, "See? He might try something as a drunk! He shouldn't be drinking and neither should you!"

With a flick of her wrist and before anyone could do a thing the sake was bended and out the window now nothing but a splotch on the door. Zuko sighed ," A moment of silence for the departed...." he said causing Toph to chuckle and move over to him.

"Now I'll help you take him to his room-"Katara began before she let out a yelp as a jet of fire shot at her somewhat mis aimed so it hit the door frame to her left. Zuko grinned at her, "I'm not going. I like Toph. She hasn't turned into the sister I never had...and if you touch me I'll throw up on you,"

The water bender looked truly miffed now. Her face redding with embarrassment and anger. Her mouth opened once or twice before she let out a frustrated sigh and turned on her heels, "Fine! Don't come crying to me if he does something!"

Toph stuck out her tongue rudely as the door shut and turned to Zuko smiling cheekily, " Besides in your state your fire bending isn't up to scratch and I'm still a sober earth bender,"

Zuko shrugged letting out a yawn stretching out a bit like a cat as he remained lying belly down on her bed, " whatever. Right now I just want to sleep. I like your bed. It smells good..."

Toph sat back and looked down at him silently. He opened opened one eye and turned to look at her, "What is is Toph? "

"Will you still like me when you wake up sober or only when your drunk will I be someone you like to be around?" she asked quietly.

Zuko smiled again, a true genuine smile and pulled her down next to him on the bed leaning in until only a few centimeters separated their faces, " I have to settle the issue with Mai and survive but..." he paused, "I want to see where things are going to go. You haven't turned into my sister and nothing ever bothers you.....besides..." he paused and planted a quick kiss on her lips, "I'm not that drunk anymore if I can feel the hangover coming on,"

Toph moved closer somewhat laying her head on his shoulder," Well you better come back for me sparky or else I'll throw a boulder at Mai," she growled.

Zuko laughed, "You should come anyways and throw one at her because she will probably kill me for wanting to dump her now..." his laughed turned to more a nervous one at that thought.

"She touches you and I'll send her flying into orbit so fast she won't know what hit her," Toph said stubbornly, " That and we can go mess around the city, spar defiantly, and of course get away from the court by sneaking out,"

"sounds like you are going to get me in trouble," Zuko murmurer sleepily.

"You always need a little trouble in your life..." Toph responded, "Being an only child and having everything I wanted made me want to get out and see the world,"

"Well then it looks like I found some more trouble," he said. He gave another yawn laying his head down in his arms, brushing elbows with Toph grinning. Sake was indeed a sacred item of unity he decided now. Maybe those thousand little suns in the bottle had a power of bringing people together. Whatever the cause, it seemed he was finding a new beginning.