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Another crash. Defiantly Toph sending a rock from the garden at Mai again. A thunk. That must have been Mai throwing a few more daggers.

Zuko took another measured and oddly calm sip of his sake as he sat crossed legged behind and overturned table a bottle of sake at his side, the owner of the restaurant cowering at his side continuing to ask him to step in. It nearly made the firelord laugh. He was the firelord not the avatar and not even Aang would come between two feuding women. That was what Zuko wanted to tell the owner. Instead he gave the owner a pensive expression and said softly, " I'll step in eventually,"

"When I want to commit suicide that is," he mumbled as an afterthought. He pause to listen another crash before lifting his cup to his lips and taking a sip, "By the way this is excellent sake. Where about did you get it?"

"Huh?" The owner blinked wincing at another crash. The expression of surprised on the older man's sweaty face probably was confused about how calm and casual the firelord was being as his restraruant was ripped apart, "Uh...just a local brewer my lord. I can get you their address if you could just please stop those two women!"

Zuko sighed and handed the owner his cup and got to his feet and brushed off his robes before stepping out from behind his cover...and ducking as a rock sailed overhead. He gave another sigh and staggered slightly to the center of the room scowling, "that is enough you two! I'm not going to allow either of you to kill the other got it? We can sit down and solve this like civil-"

It was the last word he got out before he felt a slicing pain in one arm and a rock smashing into him on the other side and two people stimulously crying out in shock. Zuko hit the floor and watched the ceiling spin and despite the pain of being hit by rock and daggers he continue to hold some humor about the entire situation, "Nice aim girls now can we start discussing this reasonably while there is still enough of me left to pummel?"

"Sorry Zuko. I wasn't aiming for you honest!" Toph said kneeling down on one side with a sheepish expression. On his other side Mai was frowning clearly upset but took a quite seat on his other side as Zuko shook his head.

"Luckily nothing killed me," he mumbled, "really we could've just explained this from the beginning if you two didn't go off. Doesn't the firelord get a say in who he wants to date anymore?"

Both women gave him a look but he waved it off trying to look dignified as he got to his feet again wincing slightly. He more then likely had a nice bruise from the rock slamming into him. He gave another brush of his robes and adjusted the crown on his head before sighing, "Look," he began rubbing the back of his head slightly, "I...I like Toph Mai. It just came suddenly isn't that I don't like you either Mai. You are a friend and still someone I would like to have around to talk and joke around,"

Mai looked away crossing her arms. Zuko sighed and put a hand on her shoulder, "don't say it is because I'm drunk because I'm not...well not enough to not know what I'm saying. You are a good friend. One of the best and I don't want to loose that over something like this..."

He knew he probably sounded sappy. In fact he wondered if he had been remembering too many of the odd poems and love sonnets his uncle used to tell him when in exile. His uncle couldn't sing that was for sure. Zuko wondered why he was letting his thoughts wander to his uncle of all people.

" if it so important why where you going behind my back? "Mai asked bitterly.

"I just took Toph out to eat. I wanted this to be more private, more meaningful then just breaking up a fight between people I care about Mai!" Zuko said nearly yelling as he felt his frustration boil.

"Yeah so back off!" Toph put in.

"Stop it both of you!" Zuko said again wishing just to set the place on fire at the moment, "Mai? I still want to be friends! Just...just at least think about what I said before you ignore me forever,"

Mai didn't meet his gaze looking down at her feet. Toph watched her carefully holding onto one of Zuko's arm as if holding him up or being some extra strength. The blind girl's eyes narrowed awaiting the verdict.

"Zuko....?" Mai said, her voice small yet still the usual tone, "...we will still boss the servants around right?"

It felt like a glacier that had been sitting in the room slowly choking the life out of him had suddenly melted and flowed out the door. He blinked and then smiled feeling the happy floating drunk feeling returning from the miserable anger he was starting to stew in, "Mai? Of course we can!" Before he knew it he was giving her a bear hug Toph blinking before puffing up, "Hey! I though you two-"

Before she could finish the fire lord extended his hug to the earth bender and pulled them close laughing, "I don't know about you...but I think this calls for another round of lunch!"

He let them go and turned the restaurant owner, "Bring us the best sake in the house and the best food you got!"

"And lots of meat!" Toph added.

"and bring me a fruit tart with rose petals on it," Mai said crossing her arms.

Zuko smiled. Maybe they could get through this most awkward lunch without another fight. Maybe.

Two years later found Zuko sitting on the couch with Toph burrowing a spot next to him on it happily. She was dressed in the fire nation style her bare feet wiggling in the cool air.

"You comfortable darling?" he drawled as she wriggled more against him.

"Nah. Your robes are too bulky to get comfortable with. You should take them off," Toph said.

Zuko laughed and put an arm around her, "Not enough sake to make me do that besides...our marriage is in nine months. Nothing is going to happen until then,"

Toph grumbled but eventually seemed to get comfortable and settle down in the crook of his arm,"You are so old timer at times but I'll forgive you," Toph said planting a kiss on his cheek.

"If you didn't I would probably end up with a boulder in my face," Zuko said giving a nervous grin at the thought.

"Perhaps..." Toph said.

The firelord smiled and reached around her for his bottle of sake and took a tiny sip, "Shall we drink the sacred sake and destiny that brought us together Toph?"

The earthbender laughed and grabbed the bottle from him, "after you? There won't be a drop left!"

The end :3