Prompt: #56: To get money to care for Dean, Sam whores himself out.

Prompter: imogen_lil

Sam sat in the ER, wishing that someone would tell him what was going on. He'd been sitting in the waiting room for what seemed like hours waiting for the doctor to come out and tell him what was wrong with Dean.

He sighed to himself, it should've been a routine salt and burn but the spirit had gotten the drop on them and had sent Dean flying into a recently dug grave before Sam managed to get the bones burned.

Sam ran a shaky hand through his hair; as much as he wanted to believe that the spirit had just gotten the jump on them, he knew that that wasn't the case. Ever since the car accident and their dad's death, Dean's behavior had been erratic at best. Sam constantly felt like he was walking on eggshells, afraid to say or do anything that might anger Dean. The punch Dean had given him for daring to question Gordon Walker was enough to convince him that Dean wasn't functioning on all cylinders and that the best thing to do would be to just do whatever he said. Only, now, that train of thought had landed Dean in the Emergency Room since Sam had been too chicken to suggest that they wait another day since Dean didn't seem to have his head in the game.

Suddenly, a doctor walked out of the ER doors and approached Sam, "Are you the family of Dean Campbell?"

Sam nodded, "Is Dean okay?"

The doctor sighed, "He's very lucky. He's broken his left leg and arm and he has a nasty concussion but he's going to be fine."

Sam sighed in relief at the news even though he knew that Dean wasn't going to be happy about being cooped up but Sam wasn't as worried about that as where they were going to stay while Dean recuperated, the motel they were staying in was a shithole even by their standards; dingy, mildewed walls, carpets with stains on them that Sam wasn't sure he wanted to know about. But since Dean usually picked the motels and Dean seemed to have given up on pretty much everything, the motels had been getting worse each time they stopped.

That wasn't going to do. Sam knew that Dean had always made sure Sam had a safe, clean place to recover when he'd been badly injured or sick no matter what it cost, the very least Sam could do was return the favor. The problem was that their usual avenue wasn't the most practical; driving to Bobby's would be okay if they were in Iowa but since they were in South Carolina, getting to Bobby's would be a two day drive at the very least since Sam would be doing all the driving. Yeah, driving to South Dakota with Dean in the backseat with a broken leg was not an idea Sam relished.

No, going to Bobby's wasn't an option but Sam had another idea; there was a nice hotel near the hospital that would be perfect for them to stay in until Dean recovered. He had a spare credit card that they could use to pay for their room and he could supplement that by hustling darts and pool. True he wasn't as good at hustling as Dean but when he was in college, he'd been able to scrape together enough money to cover unexpected expenses, something that often came up in college.

Sam checked his watch, Dean was probably still groggy from having his arm and leg set and he knew from previous trips to the hospital that Dean wouldn't be released for at least a couple of days or so due to his leg so that should be enough time for Sam to hustle up enough money to pay for a room.

*****A Few Days Later*****

Sam sighed in aggravation as he left yet another bar with little more in his wallet than fifty bucks. After another night of prowling the bars, taverns and honky-tonks on the outskirts of Charleston, Sam was no better off than he started. Sure, he'd managed to earn a little money hustling pool and darts but it wasn't nearly enough to get a decent room anywhere and keep them fed other than the shithole that Sam was trying to avoid.

He sighed in frustration, there was another option, though it wasn't one that that Sam particularly relished, but for Dean, he'd make any sacrifice. He took a deep breath and headed for an area where he'd noticed some working girls earlier in the evening. He gulped as he smiled at the girls and tried to look as desirable as possible.

It took longer than Sam seem to remember but in those days, he'd been shorter and skinnier and had that vulnerable puppy thing going for him, but he did get a man who was looking for a hooker for a fantasy with his partner and Sam walked away with two hundred dollars in his pocket. After another few days, he had over four hundred dollars, more than enough to feed them for a couple of weeks and if Sam spent forty-five minutes in the shower trying to wash the memories away, no one would know. Dean's comfort was worth whatever indignity he had to endure.