Author's Note: Hey all! I know plenty of you are waiting on Shizuru's Game, and I don't intend to disappoint you there. But this idea came up, and I had to write it out. It's also a nice treat for those of my fans who want to stick to the pure Shiznat.

I'd originally planned for this to just be a one-shot, but it's getting too long for that now. I have much more than this written, so hopefully the next chapter won't be too long in coming. The sex won't start until that chapter, so if that's not your thing, you can stop after this chapter.


Title: Birthday Puppy

Rating: M

Chapter 1: Training


Natsuki looked at herself in the mirror and let out a groan. She couldn't believe it had come to this. It wasn't that she'd forgotten Shizuru's birthday. She'd remembered well in advance, and she'd spent the last month trying to come up with a present good enough for her. The problem was that Shizuru already had everything money could buy, which forced Natsuki to come up with something money couldn't buy.

Her first attempt at that was to develop a new flavor of tea for Shizuru. Her experiments with mayo-flavored tea resulted in nauseous fumes that nearly made her choke, so that was out. When she discovered that the tea she brewed even without any modifications tasted worse that packaged tea, she gave up on the experimentation entirely.

Lingerie was right out; as good of taste as Natsuki might have had, Shizuru had a part-time job in a lingerie store. There was just no way Natsuki could compete with that kind of access. She had no taste in jewelry, and when she tried her hand at designing something just for Shizuru, it always ended up sounding too elaborate to look good. She just didn't have the knack for it.

She's even tried delving the depths of Shizuru's computer and her browser to try to get a pin on her tastes – an act she knew she'd have to apologize for later. She wasn't surprised at all to find a good deal of yuri manga bookmarked. In fact, there was so much of it that it left absolutely nothing that Natsuki could buy for her. At least, nothing that was already released. She might be able to get something that was just released and not scanned and posted on the Internet yet, though. It was an idea, and it would do in a pinch. The problem was that it just didn't seem personal enough. It was Shizuru's first birthday since they'd gotten together, and Natsuki wanted her gift to be special.

That was what brought her to her current predicament. All she really had that was worthy of Shizuru was a gift of herself. The only way she could be a good enough present for Shizuru was to humiliate herself completely. She was going to be Shizuru's puppy for the day. It was an idea she'd picked up when browsing Shizuru's bookmarked manga. One of the bookmarked pages at the top of Shizuru's list had a girl that looked a fair bit like Natsuki, drawn in chibi-style with puppy ears. She hated to admit it, but the image was actually quite cute. To Shizuru, it must have been amazingly cute. If she could make that real for Shizuru, it would be the perfect present.

The costume was simple. She'd bought a pair of dog ears on a headband and a tail that could clip to the back of her pants. She decided against facepaint or anything else to the costume; Shizuru would still want her to clearly be Natsuki after all. She could hear Shizuru's voice in her head reminding her, "Ara, Natsuki is already quite the puppy. Yes you are! Yes you are such a cuddly puppy!" At that point the combination of the blushing and the imaginary Shizuru squeezing Natsuki was enough to finally make her pop – in her imagination at least.

She was already a very red puppy, and Shizuru hadn't even gotten home from work yet. Unfortunately, it was time to get ready. Shizuru always got home between 5:10 and 5:20, depending on traffic, so Natsuki had to be waiting for her, just like a puppy would. For her final touch, she clipped the note she'd prepared to the front of her shirt, and she went out to the living room to wait.

Natsuki sat down on the sofa, leaning over the back of it and watching out the window as she waited for Shizuru. Shizuru would be able to see her there if she looked, but she might not notice the dog ears on Natsuki's head. She still had to wear them just in case, though. While she waited, Natsuki tried to get herself into the mind of a puppy. She had to completely loving to Shizuru. She had to perk up immediately upon seeing her. She had to be as cute as possible around her.

Damn it... she's right. I already am her puppy.

Natsuki could only spare a moment to be frustrated with that admission, as Shizuru's car turned around the street corner and into view. On instinct, she perked up. She imagined her tail starting to wag at the impending presence of Shizuru. She practiced letting out a happy yip as she watched Shizuru's car drive towards their house. Shizuru's head turned towards her, and Natsuki's face broke into a grin. Shizuru gave Natsuki a wave, and Natsuki replied with another yip.

Shizuru passed out a view as she drove into the garage. Natsuki ran off from her spot on the sofa so she could meet Shizuru at the door when she came in. She didn't want to scare Shizuru, as she didn't usually do this, but Shizuru often ambushed her at the door. Even if she was a bit scared on occasion, it was always in a pleasant way. It was far past time Shizuru got a dose of her own medicine there.

Natsuki only let the door open a crack before she jumped through it and caught Shizuru in a hug, frantically licking her face. Shizuru let out a surprised, but pleased squeal at this treatment, and she broke out into giggles when she realized that Natsuki was licking her. "Ara ara, what's gotten into Natsuki?" she asked. It seemed she'd been too distracted by the licking to notice Natsuki's puppy ears yet.

As a puppy, Natsuki couldn't answer Shizuru directly, but that was what her note was for. She backed off from Shizuru so her girlfriend could get a good look at her, tilted her head to the side, and said, in her best puppy-voice, "Ruru?"

In that instant, Shizuru saw the ears on Natsuki's head, and it all seemed to click for her. In less than a second, Natsuki found herself pinned to the ground beneath Shizuru while her girlfriend nuzzled her, gently rubbed her head, and let out happy squeals over her. "Such a cute puppy!"

Such a red puppy right now... Although she'd been expecting it, Shizuru's affection always managed to cause that reaction in Natsuki. If she survived the night without her head popping like a cherry, it would be a miracle. At last though, Shizuru seemed to get distracted with the note attached to Natsuki's shirt, sitting up and finally giving the girl a reprieve from her affections.

Happy Birthday, Shizuru!

To make tonight special for you, I got you this Natsuki-puppy. Please take good care of her.



P.S. She really enjoys mayo. Maybe as a treat if she's good?

"Ara, Natsuki has such bad eating habits, and now she wants me to inflict them on an innocent puppy as well?"

No mayo? Natsuki looked up at Shizuru when she said this. Shizuru couldn't be serious. Natsuki was being so nice, and Shizuru would deny her mayo? It just wasn't fair.

A whimper broke through Shizuru's facade. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Puppy! I was just joking... please don't give me that expression, my heart can't take it..."

Mayo? I can have Mayo! Natsuki sat back up and hugged Shizuru giving her more puppy kisses on her face and neck.

"Hehehe... calm down, Puppy. You can have mayo if you're good," Shizuru said. She pushed Natsuki away, and then gave her a kiss on the nose. "Now just let me take off my coat and shoes, and we can see about you earning some mayo."

Natsuki let out a happy yip at this and nodded. She crawled behind Shizuru as the girl went to remove her shoes and coat, waiting patiently for Shizuru and just generally trying to be cute. It was becoming easier and easier to act like a puppy and not feel too embarrassed. The thought was a bit worrying, but Natsuki put it out of her mind. It was for Shizuru, so it was alright.

Shizuru lead Natsuki to the living room and sat down on the couch. "Alright, Puppy, now let's see how good your training is." Natsuki crawled in front of Shizuru and looked up her, awaiting her instructions. "Alright, let's start with the basics. Sit."

Natsuki dropped her butt to the ground and crossed legs, but this brought a frown to Shizuru's face. "Well, you're trying, so I can't get too mad... but you're not sitting like a puppy should. Let me show you. Stand back up."

With a mental sigh at disappointing Shizuru, Natsuki obeyed. She made sure to stand up like a puppy, getting to a crawling position and looking up at Shizuru. Shizuru walked around her back and placed a hand on Natsuki's butt.

"Now when I say 'Sit,' I want you to place your bum on the floor like this..." Shizuru gently pressed down, so Natsuki spread her legs out a bit and allowed her butt to touch the floor. To make it just like a dog sitting, she kept her hands on the floor and just brought them to right in front of her legs. "Good girl!" Shizuru said. She placed a hand on Natsuki's head and rubbed it gently. It slid down Natsuki's hair and found the back of her neck, gently scratching it. Natsuki had to admit, she could see why dogs enjoyed that so much.

"Alright then, let's practice 'Lie Down,'" Shizuru said, walking back around to Natsuki's front. Before she could get there, though, Natsuki obeyed. She leaned forward until her stomach was touching the floor, and she bent her arms beneath her, lying down just like a dog, as uncomfortable as it might have been. This action elicited a giggle from Shizuru. "Ara ara, I see you've already done that for me. I should be more careful with my words so you don't think I'm giving you a command. But let's go with this. Roll over."

Relieved that she wouldn't have to hold the "Lie Down" position any longer, Natsuki leaned off to her side and rolled onto her back. For added cuteness, she brought her hands up in front of her chest and bent them downwards. She could see Shizuru upside-down from this position, and on an impulse, she stuck her tongue out and licked the air.

Shizuru's face broke out into a grin at this. "Ara, so cute! I think I'm falling in love with my new puppy." Natsuki blushed at this. She could imagine her tail trying to wag beneath her at the thought that she'd pleased Shizuru so much. Shizuru even leaned down to plant a kiss on Natsuki's forehead which just made Natsuki's blush worse. "Alright, Puppy. One more trick and then I'll let you have your mayo. We're going to practice Stay. But first, I want you to get back to your Sit position." Obediently, Natsuki rolled over again and got back up. "Now stay, Puppy."

Natsuki's eyes followed Shizuru as she went off to the kitchen. Her heart started to pound in her chest as she realized what Shizuru must have been going to get. When her suspicions were confirmed, and Shizuru reappeared with a bottle of mayo in her hand, Natsuki nearly leaped off of the floor and pounced on Shizuru. She held back, but just barely.

Shizuru smiled at her and said again, "Stay." She came back to the couch in front of Natsuki and took a seat. Slowly – far too slowly – she squirted out a dollop of mayo onto her finger. Natsuki nearly lost control of herself when the scent invaded her nostrils. It was too much. It was too close. She needed her mayo, but she also needed to be good for Shizuru. But that became harder and harder to closer the mayo got. Eventually, Shizuru was holding her finger just an inch in front of Natsuki's mouth. She could reach out her tongue and lick it off before Shizuru could pull her finger away.

Somehow, though, she resisted. After many torturous seconds, Shizuru finally released her with a "Good girl." Natsuki didn't even spare a second to think before Shizuru's finger was in her mouth and she was sucking the mayonnaise off of it. This brought a delighted giggle to Shizuru, and the sound of it was the perfect complement to the delicious taste in Natsuki's mouth.

Okay, so this really isn't so bad...


Shizuru was gracious enough to release Natsuki from her role as a puppy during dinner, so as to spare her the indignity of eating out of a bowl on the floor. She tried to use this opportunity to press Natsuki on how she came up with this idea, but Natsuki remained silent on the subject. She'd have enough time to admit to her indiscretions later.

After dinner, Natsuki went right back to being Shizuru's puppy. It was actually quite easy then, as all Shizuru wanted was to cuddle with her. She had Natsuki lie down on her lap on the couch while they watched TV together. Shizuru even brought a bottle of mayo and periodically let Natsuki lick it off of her fingertips. Other times she would just stroke her hand down Natsuki's head and her side until Natsuki let out a moan of pleasure. All in all, it was just heavenly.

At last, Shizuru turned off the television. She leaned down to give Natsuki a kiss on the side of her head. "I love you so much, Natsuki. You truly are the sweetest girlfriend I could ever imagine. You're the sweetest puppy too, for that matter."

A faint blush found its way to Natsuki's cheeks. "Wuv 'oo... Ruru," she murmured out. She was stretching puppy-speak a bit much, but she trusted Shizuru wouldn't mind. The hug she got in response was confirmation of that. Natsuki rolled over so she was facing Shizuru and she returned the hug, nuzzling into her girlfriend's stomach as she did so.

"Natsuki?" Shizuru said. The tone of her voice in that one word was enough for Natsuki to know that her birthday present was just perfect. She knew that tone well; it was Shizuru's "Natsuki is so sweet that I can't resist making love to her for one moment longer" voice.

Sounds like a good idea to me. "Yeah, Shizuru?" she replied, turning her head so she could look up at her girlfriend.

Shizuru's eyes narrowed at this. "Quiet, puppies don't talk," she said.

Natsuki blinked in surprise. But... but you just called me "Natsuki"! And you used that tone of voice! You're supposed to want me to be Natsuki again so we could make love...

"That's better, Puppy," Shizuru said. She gave Natsuki a wink to let her know that she'd planned for that reaction. "But as I was going to say... it just occurred to me that I've never yet given my Puppy a bath. She must be long overdue for one by now."

Natsuki gaped at this. B-b-bath? It took her mind a minute to come to the realization that this was how Shizuru intended to make good on her tone of voice from earlier, but by this point Shizuru had already scooped Natsuki up in her arms and was carrying her to the bathroom. Natsuki started to struggle on instinct, though a breath of air into her ear from Shizuru knocked some sense into her head and she calmed down, simply holding onto Shizuru for the ride.

By the time they'd reached the bathroom, Natsuki's mind had already gotten far ahead of her, and she was a very red puppy once more. Trying to push naughty thoughts out of her mind just made her blush out of embarrassment, and letting them stay there made her blush as well. There was just no winning. Well, except for the smile on Shizuru's face. She could count that as a win, even if it was at her expense.