In this scary thing we call high school there are not tables where you must sit or people you can and cannot talk to. Highschool is a bunch of teenagers minding their own buisness. Good, because if it did work that way I would be sitting with the geeks and dweebs who have no friends. And as I sat down they would swarm around me and I ask if I would be their friend. Then I, (out of politness) would consider the idea and walk away to eat lunch at home.

Lucky for me, school doesn't work that way. There is no 'status quo' you must stick to. No one thinks they are better than anyone else... except for one group of girls. They consider themselves at the top of the food chain. And they wouldn't even know I exsist except for the fact that Natasha's (leader) ex-boyfriend was flirting with me. Atleast that's what Isabella (follower #1) said. But she isn't so bright so I wouldn't take her word for it.

Anyway, Natasha doesn't seem too impressed. But thanks to Sadie (new/old BFF) I don't think she'll be a problem. Our moms were best friends in high school. But then her mom moved from Toronto to Saracuse. Anyway, now that I'm going to school down here, I'm staying with her! Next to her, I look like a rag. She has long, luxurious, blonde hair and bright green eyes you can get lost in. Although she is petite, she makes up for size in attitude, nobody ever puts her down. My hair is shoulder length and dark. I'm tall and have literally had to look up at people my whole life.

Aparently having Aaron Delanzo notice me is a BIG deal because he hasn't dated since he broke up with Natasha. Quite francly she has a certain spell that entreegs you then when you finally break free from it she finds ways to keep you interested. Unfourtunatly I'm so blind I didn't notice. But honsetly I don't care all that much. I need to keep up my grades to that I can stay in this high end school. I know that it will better my education but do I really need to put up with theses spoiled rich brats?