Orange Shades in Days of White

By: WingStockRelyon


A thing of beauty and impeccable grace,

The white rose as perpetual as a soul…

Kurosaki Ichigo walks the path to his bedroom where Kuchiki Rukia is all the while glaring at a bunch of white roses in his hands. Yep. He has to hold the damn flowers using both of his hands because I already told you; there's a bunch of them. Seriously, why this many? If only glares could do real damage, the white roses will now be ripped and slashed to nothingness at the way he focus his sharp glower to the innocent little things, and that is if they do not have gaping holes on them already.

It removes animosity and delivers warm feelings of ease,

Accompanied with a slight chill of the snow.

He unceremoniously walks in pointedly ignoring the petite girl under the covers of his bed and her much oblivious stare and proceeds to drop the damnable white flowers more unceremoniously on his study table with a satisfying dump.

A pause followed with a deep intake of air and he advances on her side, his usual scowl deepening with complete annoyance and an expression almost akin to insecurity. That would've been fitting, the best way to describe it except for one simple fact that Kurosaki Ichigo do not get insecure. He do not allow himself to be so it would probably best to forget that statement describing that he's got an insecure expression that is if you still want your head attached to your neck. Ok, so maybe that was exaggerating it but you get the idea, ne?

"Those!" he points at the white roses on his table "Are all for you!" He glowers irately at the infamous Kuchiki princess on his bed.

The said Kuchiki princess as expected from her noble Kuchiki bearing, remains calm, and only arches a brow as she cocks her head mockingly to the side.

"Oh, why thank you Kurosaki-kun! I would like to thank you from the deepest… "

"Oh please, like those…things would come from me." He crosses his arms over his chest interrupting her incredibly high-pitched, sugar laced, honey dipped, fake high schoolgirl voice. He said that putting more emphasis on the word 'things' a little more than what was necessary like it was a curse to just say 'white roses' as he should have done simply. Really, he never had anything against white flowers specifically white roses, nothing at all, but as you can observe, that was until this day. How could those things decide to plague his life with its very unwanted presence this day he never have any idea. All he knows is that he felt a great deal of disdain bordering deep animosity towards it now, and yes, that was the case no matter how childish it might sound even to his very own ears.

Obsidian violet eyes immediately shine a hint of evident threat, as they now seem to engage in their sudden personal stare down contest. A little while after, Rukia rolls her eyes as she makes a move to get out from her comfortable sanctuary on his bed.

He follows her movements intently before moving closer to the bed. "Where are you going?"

She sighs before she points at the white roses on his table like he did earlier. "I'm going to fix… those". She says in a conversational, indifferent way but even before her toes made contact to the ground, two strong hands on her shoulders force her down back on the bed. She shots him an incredulous look with obvious confusion etched on her pale face.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, Ichigo?" She snaps at him shrugging his hands off her shoulders or trying to do so. He pointedly looks at her with his scowl never leaving his features as he holds her in place securely but not enough to hurt her.

"Stay there, idiot. You're sick. I'll do it" He speaks in a tone that holds no room for any kind of negotiation. He does not want her 'exposed' to those flowers anytime soon or any other time for that matter. What if those roses are infected with… something? Sure thing the ones that came from familiar faces (with Keigo the exception) should be harmless but he doesn't trust the ones that came from those random guys who she never even knew existed. Heck! Some of them are their classmates and even he didn't know they existed.

It gives a light that extends and reaches,

Even the deepest, darkest paths of doom…

And thinking back about Keigo and the note that he shamelessly attached on a white rose for Rukia that says:

"Kuchiki san, to me you are like this pure white rose with your unending beauty and grace but with thorns that could pierce right through my aching lonely heart".

Absolute crap.

As well as the other notes from the other guys, that ranges from the sappy, cheesy and idiotic "let's be together, forever" to the bold, simple and idiotic "go out with me." It took a lot for him not to grimace and get irritated, so he did. These bastards could go rot alone for all eternity and he would be too honored to personally pierce Keigo's heart with the exact thorns he mentioned in his stupid note.

Though it gives such light it is still not worth in comparison,

to the ethereal light illuminated by the moon.

And what is it about comparing her to a thing of little value such as a mere white rose – with thorns. The whole idea is…stupid – for a lack of coming up with a more colorful word to describe it. It didn't even give her a little amount of justice. If you'll ask him, he can straight away say that it's more reasonable to compare her to… the moon. A white moon exactly, in a way that -


He's suddenly pulled out from his mind rant as he become aware of two dainty fingers pressing on his forehead. His eyes hastily focus on her that means he's listening to what she's gotta say. Her expression now holds mischief and an alarming degree of exasperation, which is a bad combination in his book because it basically means that something bad will come – to him, no less.


He visibly gulps.

"Are you sure guys are the only ones who could give white things on white day?"

A nod.

"Shoot! Because you know, I sure would like to give you something white right now." She beams with fake disappointment her fingers never leaving its casual place on his forehead.

He doesn't know why he still asked but with his curiosity getting the best of him a somewhat uncertain 'What?' escaped his slight trembling lips.

Suddenly, her eyes hold a certain glint as she gradually lifts herself up on the bed and ever so slowly leans in closer to his face, her lips hovering on the shell of his ear.

"White lightning." She whispers…flatly.

The substitute shinigami was quite slow on the uptake but as her words sink in, it hit him like a baseball bat connecting into the side of his head. His face pales considerably as he scurries away from the bed, away from her as far as possible, as far as the space of his bedroom allows.

He feels his forehead and let out a big sigh of complete relief after realizing that it is still intact and in good condition. He looks back at the raven-haired shinigami on his bed in time to see her donning a most innocent smile all the while trying to muffle out uncontained chuckles.

A vein pops.



Rukia pats her disheveled hair back into place. Her smile a little while ago had gone vanish into thin air and is now replaced by a bitter frown that she directs at someone else's orange head. She glares thoroughly at it as if half expecting his head to go into flames if she'll just concentrate and center her attention to it for a minute longer.

How dare this, this…this orange lame excuse of a substitute shinigami. He's been getting on her nerves since this day started forcing her to stay at home proclaiming that she has a fever (even if she mentioned that she only has a minor headache), should rest, blah, blah, blah and even volunteered to stay and make her company. If she didn't know any better, she would say that he just wants to slack off from school and he's just using her as the most valid excuse due to his obvious overreaction.

Ichigo even denies her of the thermometer to prove her point that she's extremely fine. Declaring that the thermometer in the house broke, that only makes him the more suspicious because of the way he reasoned almost instantly through his nose. Good Lord! Doesn't he even realize that his house is practically attached to a clinic? Scratch that. His family runs the local clinic so it was only natural to have more than one thermometer available. But it's her fault not mentioning it a tad bit earlier so she just stays there under the supposed protection of his covers glaring piercing swords and daggers at his ridiculous orange head, frowning in a way that could par with that permanent scowl plastered on his face.

Kurosaki Ichigo on the other hand, is currently in his calmest frame of mind and for some reason, proudly flashing a casual smirk that overflows with undisguised level of smugness.

He sits on his chair fixing the white roses, arranging them on four different vases. Actually, it was more like he's mindlessly trying to get the flowers out of sight as soon as his hands would allow. His attention being drawn again to the flowers he can't help but feel irritation seeping, flowing, again freely in his veins. After going out of his way to make Rukia stay at home, those idiots still found a way to curtly ogle at her and it happened without them even technically seeing her. It's as if these white roses are their way to do that precisely. And with that, he would love to do nothing but stash these awful roses on the wastebasket but positively he would not want her ending up seriously giving him that byakurai so he's just content at silently cursing and thinking ill thoughts at said things.

Said idiots had been shamefully knocking continuously at the door. He could have just let them knock the whole day away or their whole lifetime away and he simply wouldn't care. But unluckily he does not know a way to turn Rukia deaf for a day so when she made a move to get to the door he insisted to do it, otherwise it would all come to a useless heap of wasted waste; his plan to hide her from the rest of the world on white day, the rest of the world including weird and perverted talking lion plushies. Said plushy had gone again on one of his journeys though quite unwillingly.

He did what he did because he knew that those idiots, ok, maybe not all, but majority of them had only a thing going in their idiotic, perverted minds at this particular day that can be summarized in a single detestable phrase - 'to score'. Yeah, he painstakingly believes that and while in the middle of the rising murderous atmosphere that swirls around him, he aberrantly thinks about a phrase- or two that he find most fitting to use in describing them:

Wishful thinking idiots.

Slash mindless bastards.

And did he already mentioned idiotic and perverted…


As if he would let her fall in their apparent evil and devious schemes. They might not know it yet but Rukia is his… uh, responsibility. Yeah, even how many times she told him that she could protect herself he couldn't help but feel accountable if she'll get herself hurt in any manner.


Just because.

He do not have definite answers now considering that to delve in it would require a lot of thinking and analyzing on his part which he do not want to do in the meantime. He just settles at the fact that he wants her safe all the time and of course that includes keeping her safe even from random, human guys with selfish and distorted view of a supposed innocent celebration. He may be overreacting a bit but who cares? Peace only comes when she's out of harm, when she's not in any kind of danger (that is a bit redundant but again, who cares?) and when he's sure that she's out of reach by some random real world idiocy. So there.

Her glare never wavers on him even when he's in the middle of those thoughts. He ignores it, stands and leaves a vase of white rose on his table and brings the remaining three out and downstairs placing them in different locations of the house.

It is not long before he returns to his room carrying oranges that he ransacked from their refrigerator and gradually sets it beside her. She immediately notices the fruits and narrows her eyes first at the oranges then at his standing form.

"Ichigo," Her eyes met his.

"It's white day today and all I'm getting are oranges?" She asks him mindlessly. Her voice laced with frustration, seriousness and a decent level of disappointment.

Ichigo's brow twitches. He scowls as the vase of white roses becomes visible on his peripheral vision. Doesn't she have enough white gifts on white day already?

"You're sick so you are getting oranges. Now stop your whining and eat those." He says gruffly.

Rukia just scoffs and looks away not wanting to meet his eyes. Her lips are set in a tight line that is slowly becoming more of a slight pout and if her hands were not busy holding unto the bed covers she would have crossed her arms over her chest already.

It's his time to roll his eyes at her another natural display of blunt stubbornness. He crosses the distance from where he stood to the bed in a couple of seconds, grabs an orange and started peeling it.

Rukia watches his movements from the corner of her eyes and does not give any reaction as he slumps down beside her on the bed.

"Here." Ichigo offers the fruit on his hand. Rukia on the other hand continues to look away and seems to flat out ignore his very presence even if he's not even a foot away from her.


Still nothing.

His patience is wearing thin and maybe that's the reason he suddenly cups her face in his other hand making her face him. Her eyes grew wide and with her lips parted slightly in shock he did not have a problem sliding a piece of the fruit into her mouth.

"Now chew." He orders her like a child enjoying the mixed emotions that plays in her facial expression. She has the looks of shock, irritation, confusion, and the expected murderous intent at his bold action. And even though it was the case he never heard her complain but of course it could be because she's too stunned to protest let alone do anything. Reluctantly, she did what she was told unaware of the way his hand never quite finding the motivation to leave its place on soft cheeks.

At that point, she finally acknowledges the situation he is practically forcing on her. She indeed has a fever after all. If she doesn't accept that then how could she explain why she suddenly felt hot and the full blown reddening of her cheeks? If she will not blame it on her 'fever' then she does not know what to make of it.

Ichigo, in his close inspection of her reactions, notices the predicament she was in and smirks arrogantly. She sits very still as he lifts his hand from her cheeks to her forehead and a little while later resting it on the base of he neck.

"See I told you, you're sick." He says in a matter of fact tone smirking more confidently before letting his hand fall back to his side as he gets up from the bed. Picking up the oranges on the table he turns his back to her and takes his time walking leisurely towards the exit.

"Rukia, I will make these into orange juice so you could consume this easier. Stay there and rest, got it?" He told her without looking at her general direction and silently closes the door.

Hearing his footsteps fade, Rukia sinks in the bed subconsciously feeling her cheek where his palm rested earlier. A soft, sincere smile grazed her lips at the sudden rush of feelings of peace and contentment that wells up pleasantly in her chest.

There' a little something you did not know

That it can even be sent through an archers bow

She casts her eyes at the vase of white roses in the table but as she looks past it she notices the sun that is already beginning to set at the horizon. With the bedroom window left open, the room now bathes in a warm orange glow. A sigh escapes her lips as she remembers a time when her attention only focus on the beauty that presented itself in a simple thing like a white flower. She once adores such beauty never minding the one ever-present glow that wraps her entirely in a kind light and gentle warmth. Now with Kurosaki Ichigo around, it seems that something changed. It was dire, extreme and palpable she could feel it even if she closes her eyes. Could smell it even if it is miles away and could feel it even if it barely touches her skin. The change is abrupt and drastic and it came, unexpectedly tinted in explicit and loud orange tones.

Fact is, the white rose is not the main thing

For the sun is still that makes it glow.

And that is how she thinks about this day as kind of weird. Funny thing, because in this supposed day of white she could not get herself drift her focus on orange.

And actually she doesn't mind if this white day and all other white days to come, or any other days for that matter, were to be filled in orange shades.

No she wouldn't mind at all.

She's fine with it.

Fact is, she kind of like it.

And though change is inevitable, for it comes no matter how much a certain force struggle for things to stay the same,

…still she prays for it to stay that way exactly.

Elyon's note:

Uh…what happened???


Again, I love Rukia to the core,

and, I'm running out of words to say in my authors note.

A scene in the anime basically inspired the chapter. It is where we found out Rukia's feminine side (though she's basically a girl) as she truly appreciates the beauty of some floating white flowers on the river with the setting sun as the background. I think its episode 22. Okay I will check that out later but now, I am just toooo tired. _

And why did all those guys collectively decided to give Rukia a white rose on white day? The hell should I know? (Oooops! Sorry for the language *slaps my lips*) Maybe there's a 'white rose sale' on Karakura or something.

At some point I decided not to write a sappy Ichigo. I honestly hope I didn't manage to make him sappier though.

The poem I used in this oneshot is entitled: Eclipse of a White Rose and will be posted on my poem collection: Their World Uunder the Sky in a week or so. (And I hope the poem didn't turn out awkward with the story. Yeah, I could only hope.)

And before I forgot, this chapter is for the white day giveaway for the IchiRuki FC at the Bleachasylum, for the theme: White Rose (obviously).

And here I thought I'm running out of words to say in my authors note.

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