The following story refused to leave me alone until I wrote it down. Originally just a "one-shot" it's kinda turned into a.. ..multi-chaptered one-shot.

No super-lengthy story from me this time, so don't be too disappointed and don't take it too seriously. I hope you enjoy it though in its short pointlessness =P

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Another unbelievably boring day.

Michelangelo gave an exaggerated sigh, hoping Raphael would hear his frustration despite him being in the next room and the fact that he was blatantly ignoring his younger brother's restlessness.

Leonardo and Donatello had gone topside with Master Splinter for something called "Stealth and retrieval training". There wasn't really a point in giving the exercise a title though because the entire Hamato household knew it was code for "getting food at the nearest convenience store." Master Splinter and Leo had originally planned to go alone, but Donny had spoken up saying he needed some or other cable for his computers. He claimed it wasn't a speciality item so they should be able to find it easily, but they ran into some trouble when he tried to give Leo and Master Splinter the exact specifications of the kind of wire he needed. When simply listing the input type, size of the plug as well as it's length and compatibility got him nothing but blank stares Donny'd tried writing it down on a piece of paper. Leo took one look at it before frowning in confusion, getting lost as to what meant what. Don, getting frustrated, eventually grumbled that it would save every-one a lot of headaches if he just came along and got the thing himself.

Of course once Donny said he was going along Mikey piped up saying that he should be allowed to go too, but Master Splinter disliked too many people going as a group to such an exposed area and said no.

Normally on such an expedition, they would wait until it was past 10 at night and most of the stores were closed, leaving only the grubby, privately owned convenience markets where the till-worker was usually disinterested in anything apart from his tiny portable TV and the only other patrons were either people on a late-night snack run, or young men desperately trying to redeem themselves after being caught "Unprepared". Even so, only one member of the family would enter, fully disguised of course, while the second kept watch. With Donny along, it was most likely he and Leo would enter the store, one to get the food and the other to get the cable.

Mikey understood the logic behind all this fine, but that didn't change the fact that he felt ripped off. Convenience stores sell more than food you know! There was the magazine rack which, although usually carrying only the most basic of reading material, sometimes held a forgotten back-issue of a particular comic or something. And don't forget the snack aisle! Piled high with all the junk food other stores no longer carried due to their unhealthy amount of colourants and sugar. This all already made the average convenience store a major attraction for the youngest turtle, but the fact that on this rare occasion Master Splinter and Leo were letting Donny tag along made it seem even more unfair for him to be left behind with nothing to do but either flip through all the TV channels he already knew weren't showing anything good, or stare at the ceiling.

Raph hadn't shown any interest of tagging along. As soon as Master Splinter, Leo and Donny were out of the lair he'd picked up his rather weighty tool-box and hefted it in the direction of their makeshift garage, obviously intent on giving his Shell-Cycle a little bit of attention before turning in for the night. This had aggravated Mikey even further. He'd hoped that at least Raph would stick around to keep him entertained, whether he wanted to or not, but he knew better than to try and drag some attention out of his brother while he was working on his bike. Getting Raph annoyed when he had a wrench in his hand was not a good plan.

So here he now was. Lying on his shell and trying to figure out what that discoloured patch on the ceiling was. Was it mould? Perhaps it was some kind of fungus, like glow in the dark mushrooms or something. He would've turned off the light to check this theory if he wasn't so lazy. He'd reached that stage of boredom where he had absolutely no idea of what he wanted to do, and the little things he could think of doing he had no energy to get up and actually do. It'd gotten cold lately, and lying sprawled on the warmed up couch cushions was seriously discouraging him from any real activity.

He got tired of trying to figure out just what exactly that discoloured patch was and closed his eyes for lack of anything better to do. With no other plans and nothing demanding his attention it would be very easy to just drop off and catch a quick nap. Besides it was already late and there were no plans for any late-night training missions that would involve him. Of course, getting up and going to bed if he was going to sleep would've been a much better idea, but that would require getting up. The couch was warm and he was already comfortable. All he needed to complete this picture was his cat. He dully wondered to himself where Klunk might've run off to as he gave in and allowed himself to doze off.

The lair was silent apart from the far off rumbles of subway trains and the echoes of water running through the tunnels and pipes that threaded all around the large cavernous hole in the ground they called their home. With the outside world lost above him somewhere and no older brother to amuse him, Mikey felt like a foggy cloud had wrapped itself around him, removing him from the reality of, well, reality. It was a rare moment. He'd never really been one for sitting in silence for long periods of time. Even during meditation sessions he often found his mind wandering to other more exciting things and daydreams. It's not that he really disliked quietness. It was ok in its own way, it's just there were so many exciting things in the world he very rarely felt the need to block any of it out. This right now felt good though.

Maybe he was getting old.

Then again maybe Raph had just drugged his last can of soda. He would do something like that the big jerk.

Warm, nonsensical thoughts drifted in and out of his head, becoming more muffled as he started to fall asleep.

He vaguely registered a slight wind picking up around him. He merely turned onto his side and curled up against the chill. The Lair wasn't really that drafty but sometimes a stray gust of wind would find its way down somehow. Mikey thought little of it.

However, when a strange, crackling noise interrupted the otherwise silent lair he couldn't help but get shaken from his comfortable dozing.

He gave something halfway between a groan and a whine as he opened his eyes. His frustration from earlier flooded back with a vengeance as he looked around to see what'd dragged him back into consciousness.

He'd been expecting to see Raph, although what he thought Raph would be doing to make a noise that sounded like that is any-one's guess. He wouldn't have been surprised if it'd somehow been Leo or Donny either. Whatever he'd expected, it was not to see a floating, cyan blue disc hovering a few feet over the coffee table. Tiny, harmless blue threads of energy crackled and zapped outwards from its centre, snaking over the top of the table before dissolving into nothingness.

Mikey blinked, the last of his drowsiness shaken off of him like water as he stared wide-eyed at the glowing blue circle.

"Er..." His eyes flitted behind him over the back of the couch to where Raph was probably still screwing around with his bike. "R...Raph?"

No reply came. The circle started to grow, forcing Mikey's attention back to it.

"Hey! ...Hey Raph! Raphael you wanna get in here maybe?!" He called, forcing his voice to yell out a little louder this time.

The floating circle was almost the same size as he was now. The wind had picked up around him, and the small bolts of energy shooting from the circle centre were starting to become a cause for concern. He didn't wanna get zapped by them that's for sure. A pile of Donny's notes, left on the table after a studious session of documentaries flapped wildly before tumbling to the floor. A half empty cup of coffee tipping itself over a few seconds later.

"Raphie I really really think you should get in-..!"

The was a sudden, sharp burst and the disc surged, flashing bright hot for a fraction of a second before shrinking in on itself.

The sudden flash of light made Mikey's eyes twitch and he gave a yelp, covering them instinctively with his hands. Because of this, he wasn't able to catch a glimpse of what shot out of the diminishing circle before in plowed right into him, causing the couch to tip over, it's back-rest slamming to the ground behind it, taking Mikey with it.

Mikey felt the air forced out of his lungs as the unidentified things slammed against him before pinning him down. He spluttered, trying to cough his lungs full again. Whatever had hit him had been travelling at quite a speed, and it was heavy. It felt like iron or steel. Mikey tried to wriggle his arms free to pry whatever it was off of him, trying to blink focus back into his eyes. He nearly bit his own tongue when the thing on top of him started to wriggle back.

Mikey couldn't stifle the rather embarrassing high-pitched cry at this as he started to struggle against the moving thing.

Focus was flooding back into his vision as his eyes adjusted to the normal light of the lair again. He traced the vague shape of a man on top of him. He was clad in what looked like some kind of polished black armour. He could also vaguely make out the glint of goldish bronze here and there as well as flashes of deep blue. There were large, rectangular shoulder guards, a large breast-plate and sloping above it a curved helmet with sharp, mean looking horns on the front of it. It was not a good sight to see towering over you.

Mikey struggled again, finally pulling an arm free from the tangled mess that was him and his assaulter. He was just about to lash out at the armoured man when he locked gaze with a pair of wide, salmon coloured eyes. He froze his fist in mid swing, blinking stupidly at the man's face.

"U...Usagi? Where did you...??"

He didn't get much further before there was a furious growl and the suddenly all too familiar samurai was ripped off of him, giving a surprised and almost frightened sounding cry as he went.

Mikey sprung to his feet as soon as he found himself free and was just in time to grab hold of the swinging fist before it connected with the samurai's face.

"Wait wait wait wait!! Raph relax It's Usagi!! Dude chill out it's Usagi!"

Raph grit his teeth as he snarled at the rabbit clutched firmly in his other hand. He was furious at finding his little brother pinned by a strange figure in armour and his initial instincts had been to protect Mikey and pulverize the threat. But somewhere Mikey's words bore their way through his burst of anger and he blinked at the wide eyes staring back at him.

"Usagi?" He gaped at him in confusion for only a moment before a deep, angry frown settled on his face as he let their friend go. "What the hell?! Ya got a reason for droppin' in and scarin' the livin' daylights outta us?!"

Usagi stumbled slightly at being released so abruptly but managed to catch himself. He blinked at Raph, looking shaken.

"I..." He took a breath you could actually hear shudder, his gaze breaking from Raphael's as he looked the lair over frantically, as if only now realizing where he was. "I...."

Raph's frown deepened but he changed his expression as he uncurled his fists. "Hey.... you ok long-ears?"

Usagi snapped his eyes back to him, not looking any calmer. "I.... I am sorry I.. ..I didn't know where else.. ..I did not consider...."


Raph's attention was torn away from the disorientated samurai by his little brother's tone of voice.

Michelangelo was staring at his own hands. He lifted his gaze to meet his brother's, his face pale. "Raph's he's bleeding!"

"What?!" Raph immediately snapped his attention back to the rabbit still standing in front of him. He reached up and gripped Usagi's shoulders firmly but carefully.

"Usagi are ya hurt?!"

Usagi blinked at him, as if he didn't fully understand the question.

Raph gave a short, aggravated growl. "Are you injured??" He repeated more forcefully.

"I.. ..I am not sure." Usagi said, looking down to inspect himself. "I do not think so."

"God, look at this..." Raph pulled back his hands, looking at his soiled palms. "You're covered in blood!"

"it is alright it is.. is not mine...." Usagi replied, still sounding a little detached from the situation.

"I'll call Master Splinter!" Mikey said, his voice unnaturally high as he turned to run out the room and grab the nearest shell-cell.

"No. No It is alright." Usagi said, his voice focusing more. He raised his hands,pulling the evil looking helmet off his head. He shook himself slightly, freeing his tied ears before he relaxed. Raph could see his hands shaking where they gripped the brass. "I do not believe I am injured. Honestly I.. ..I think I am alright."

Mikey stumbled to a stop, giving Usagi a worried stare but saying nothing. Raph could tell he was freaking.

Not that Raph wasn't. He gave his head a shake, trying to calm himself down and get control of the situation. "Usagi what the hell is going on?!"

Usagi tucked the helmet under an arm, running his free hand over his head and ears. He was behaving less sporadically and appeared to be calming down. However as his disorientation subsided he suddenly seemed drained. He closed his eyes for a moment, taking a few long, drawn out breaths. He appeared to be forcing his breathing to slow down. Raph didn't like it.

Usagi shook his head again, lowering his hand as he turned to stare at Raph. He looked tired.

"There has.. ..been some trouble." He said simply.

Raph made a noise as he crossed his arms. "I kinda figured that out for myself thanks. But that don't explain what's happening! Ya look like you've been dragged backwards through a meat-grinder!"

Usagi gave an almost frustrated sigh as he rubbed at his face with a hand. This had the opposite effect he wanted though as all he managed to do was smear more dirt and grime on the white of his cheeks.

"It is complicated... ...listen, I apologize for arriving unannounced like this but I did not know what else to do. Coming here was.. was all I could think of at the time. I did not mean to startled any-one but... ..I just lost my head or..." He gave a single, mirthless laugh. "..Or I was about to I suppose. Poor choice of words on my part... ...But not too far off from the truth I don't think.... ...but I acted without thinking and... ...It is all.. is all very complicated..."

He closed his eyes with a long breath, sinking in place. He seemed dizzy as he suddenly swayed rather dangerously.

"Woah!" Mikey leaned forward to steady him but Raph was closer, grabbing hold of the samurai's shoulders again before he tipped himself off balance. Raph was trying hard to keep the serious expression on his face, but he was becoming more and more concerned as he listened to their friend babble senselessly. He could feel the samurai's shoulders trembling against his hands somewhere underneath the cloth designed to guard him from archers. It was coarse and the material felt thick and heavy. The sturdy shoulder guards were fixed tightly to the breastplate which lay across the rabbit's chest. The complicated ensemble of brass and cloth was designed to be as lightweight as possible, but with Usagi acting fatigued and frazzled Raph had no doubt it was probably feeling a lot heavier than his friend needed it to be right now.

Not to mention the dark stain soaking deeper into the woven material between breastplate and skirt was making him very worried, regardless of Usagi's claim that he was unhurt.

Raph made a noise, lifting his gaze to Usagi's again. "I get it. Whatever's goin' on, it's messed up, but forcing yourself to try and explain it when ya can barely stand ain't gonna help any of us."

He dropped his gaze again, lowering his hands and running them over the breastplate, completely ignoring any signs of Usagi not being comfortable with this. "How do I cut ya outta this soup can?"

Usagi blinked, a little bewildered by the forwardness but he raised his hands to show where the armour was secured over his shoulders. Raph nodded and grabbed hold of a strap, wrestling with the knot.

"Hey Mike. Make yourself useful and get the other side." He barked, not bothering to give his little brother a glance.

Mikey nodded, coming forward sparing the samurai a nervous smile. "Gotta hand it to you. You sure know how to make an entrance." He said shakily.

Usagi said nothing but gave a small, uncertain smile back. Raph seemed less amused though, undoing the knot before taking the helmet Usagi still had tucked under his arm and pushing it into Mikey's hands.

"Do us all a favourr and go find somewhere ta put that." He grumbled.

Mikey gave a pout and opened his mouth to complain but Raph shot him an exceptionally dirty look and he thought better of it.

"Fine. Whatever." He grumbled to himself, turning to put the kabuto on the upset coffee-table.

He pushed the last survivors of Donny's notes to the floor carelessly before putting the horned helmet down. He straightened, inspecting his hands again as he turned back to the others.

"No offence Usagi, but I've seen butchers with cleaner clothes than you." He said as he came closer again.

"Can it Mikey." Raph snapped, undoing one of the Samurai's gauntlets while Usagi tried, rather counter-productively, to undo the other one at the same time.

"No seriously Raph!" Mikey insisted, holding his hands up for inspection. "I feel like an extra in 'The Shining!'" He frowned, thinking about his own statement for a second. "Then again the Shining didn't really have extras did it? Maybe Carrie then! I mean I haven't seen it but that's got a lot of gore and stuff in it right?"

Raph turned his attention away from helping Usagi out of his armour to give Mikey a disgusted look. "More than a little creepy Mike. It's blood not tomato juice! Show a little seriousness would ya?"

"I'm not the guy covered with the stuff." Mikey muttered, subconsciously trying to wipe his hands clean against his plastron. He didn't like giving Raph the satisfaction but after his brother said it Mikey suddenly became overly aware of what the liquid was.

"...He is not wrong." Usagi spoke up uncertainly. "I must look terrible."

Raph said nothing for a few moments, pretending to focus on the last strap of the gauntlet before puling it off.

"Ya probably could do with a little cleaning up I guess." He said as he put the arm-guard down next to the breastplate.

Usagi tugged at the blue kimono he'd been wearing under the metallic scales. Raph was secretly relieved to see the red stains on the armour weren't present on the silk. Wherever the stains had come from they weren't the cause of a wound bleeding from the inside outwards. Raph silently thanked whoever controlled these sorts of things that Leo wasn't there right now. He could only imagine how his oldest brother would've reacted at seeing his bosom buddy covered in blood from an unknown source.

Raph turned to his little brother who seemed to be unsure whether or not making light of the situation would be a good idea. On the one hand taking the edge off of a stressful situation was something he was good at. On the other hand, Usagi still looked wrung out and exhausted. Mikey was worried, and wasn't sure how to diffuse the tension in the air.

Raph sighed inwardly. Mikey sometimes annoyed the crap out of him, especially when he tried acting cute in a serious situation like this, but the guy meant well. He just wants to help, Raph reminded himself.

He knelt down and started to collect the removed armour in his arms. "Make yourself useful chowder-head and get bunny-boy cleaned up."

Mikey blinked. "What're you gonna do?"

Raph stood up, waving a gauntlet at him. "Get these things clean so we don't have Master Splinter walkin' in and freaking out at the smell. You don't mind right?" He added, giving Usagi a sideways glance.

Usagi blinked but shook his head. He seemed a little lost in all of this. "No... thank you..."

"Whatever" Raph grumbled, heading back to the workshop to get something to clean the armour. "But you better give us a full explanation once ya start lookin' less like a car wreck."

Usagi nodded dumbly, watching Raph exit the room.

Mikey tugged on his sleeve. "Come on. Raph'll know how to clean your Shredder get-up, don't worry."

Usagi frowned at this, turning back to the younger turtle. "My what?"

"Nevermind." Mikey grinned, pulling him in the direction of the bathroom. "Let's just get you washed up so you can tell us what happened already! Besides," His smile widened. "Leo'll have a kitten if he comes home and sees you looking like this."

Usagi pulled a face at this but Mikey didn't seem to realize the crassness of the statement; considering the present company.


Mikey waited in a way he considered to be patient, rocking on the balls of his feet as he listened to the gush of water somewhere behind him. He hummed tunelessly to himself, looking around at the empty room. There was nothing to hold his interest, and apart from the shower it was silent.

"...You doin' ok?" He asked, not turning around. "No cuts or anything right?"

"For the hundredth time Mikey-kun, I have not been hurt." Usagi replied although not impatiently.

"Alright." Mikey called back. "Just thought I'd make sure. Sometimes I get nicked by a lucky shot and I don't notice it till I get it wet and it starts to sting you know? They don't hafta be good to get you. They just need to be lucky. At least that's what Master Splinter says. 'Cept he doesn't really say it that way ya know? He's more all sensei-y about it, all 'Even the strongest lion will sometimes be kicked by the gazelle' or something like that."

"Michelangelo-kun..." Usagi sighed.

"What?" Mikey blinked to himself. "Not a good example? I'm not the best with these analogy thingies. You should ask Leo, he's got a few good ones."

"No. I mean I am done." Usagi replied.

Mikey turned to look over his shoulder. Usagi had dried himself off as much as was possible and had wrapped a robe around himself. Mikey had refused to let him put on his kimono and hakama after he got clean and had forced him to borrow the thickest winter robe Mikey owned instead. It was made of fleece and was a dark stormy grey. Mikey was still planning to twist April's arm into showing him how to stitch a little "M" on it somewhere.

He grinned widely, proud of his own handiwork at seeing the once-again-white samurai in the darker material. The grey looked good on him, and Mikey couldn't help but notice the impression Usagi was giving off as a giant walking plush toy, his towel-dried fur sticking up in odd places. However the otherwise light-hearted effect was spoiled by the dark circles starting to form under the rabbit's eyes, and the way his now untied ears were hanging lower than usual.

Mikey forced his smile to perk happily, masking the pang of concern as he walked forward and took the samurai by the sleeve again.

"Come on. We'll wait for Raph to finish your armour stuff in the main room then you can tell us your story!" He said cheerfully, hoping to lift his friend's spirits.

Usagi managed a smile but Mikey had a feeling it was more forced than he would've liked. He tugged Usagi out of the bathroom and to the entertainment area. He let him go when he realized the couch still lay over-turned on the floor. He grabbed hold of it and forced it back upright, a little hastier than necessary. He didn't want Usagi to offer to help. You didn't need to be a genius to see he wouldn't be up to it. Mikey then turned back and ushered Usagi to sit before plonking down beside him.

The samurai gave a long, grateful sigh as he sank deeper into his seat, leaning his head against the back-rest and closing his eyes. Mikey watched him quietly, letting his smile slip slightly. He'd been keeping up the bubbly act as best he could but it was getting hard, especially since Usagi didn't seem to be cheering up. Still, the rabbit wasn't injured and that meant Mikey still had a chance of getting a real smile out of him.

He straightened in his seat again, resuming what he hoped was his infectious grin.

"Ya hungry? Leo, Donny and Sensei ran off to get food but I think we still have a left over slice of pizza or something." He frowned to himself thoughtfully. "Oh wait you don't like that kinda stuff do ya? Weirdo." He grinned a little wider before settling into a warmer smile. "Well... We probably have something you'd like if ya want me to check."

Usagi shook his head. "I am not hungry thank you."

Mikey tilted his head. "Thirsty then?"

Usagi opened his eyes, thinking this over for a moment. Eventually he gave a slow nod.

Mikey got up, grinning victoriously. "What're you up for? We got coke, Mountain Dew, There's a beer hidden somewhere I'm sure. We're outta lemonade though. I'm not very great at it but I could make some tea if you want but it'll take a few minutes."

Usagi shook his head. "Just water please."

Mikey gave a slight pout at this. "Awww. That's all?"

Usagi smiled at this much to Mikey's satisfaction, giving a tired nod. "If you would be so kind."

Mikey dropped the pout and nodded. "Alrighty then! One glass of water on the rocks comin' right up!"

He turned and trotted from the room, glad to be able to do something practical to help and not just sit around until Raph decided to show his face again. Besides, he wasn't looking forward to when Leo and the others came home and they'd have to explain to his worry wart of a brother what's going on. Raph could do that thank you very much. Mikey was perfectly happy running around doing errands to keep Usagi happy and duck Leo's line of questions.

It's not that he wouldn't understand his brother's concern or anything, but the fact that he knew next to nothing about what's going on would mean he probably wouldn't be able to answer most of Leo's questions. And if he couldn't answer Leo's questions Leo would just get more worried, and when Leo got more worried he got more insistent on getting answers and so on and so forth. Oh sure Usagi could probably answer them all and save them the trouble, but he looked really tired and Mikey wasn't sure he'd want to tell them a big long epic tale while he was feeling like crap.

'And he really is too.' Mikey thought to himself as he ran the tap, waiting for the water to cool before filling a glass. He had no idea what Usagi had gone through, but he could tell whatever it was, it wasn't pretty. On top of the screamingly obvious armour and blood, Usagi just didn't seem himself. At least not the way Mikey knew him. He was exhausted and kinda quiet. Usagi wasn't the most talkative person in the world, sure, but when he was in a good mood he could be lots of fun to hang out with. He had a good sense of humour, was eager to share any stories or anecdotes he might have and was generally a pretty pleasant guy. Brooding silently to himself like a fuzzy version of Raph didn't really suit the mental image Mikey had of the samurai.

He turned off the tap, opening the freezer and grabbing a few random ice cubes, dropping them into the glass and amusing himself with the sharp snaps and pops as the ice cracked at the sudden change in temperature. He wondered for a moment if he shouldn't grab something for the rabbit to eat after all but decided against it. He didn't want to pressure the guy, and if he was hungry after getting some fluid into him he'd say so.

Mikey turned and carried the glass back to the main room. He smiled warmly as walked back over to the sofa. "Well here ya go! Hope you don't mind I put some-..."

He cut his own sentence short when he found himself staring at the samurai lying completely out cold in front of him. He couldn't have been out of the room for more than 5 minutes, yet Usagi looked as if he'd been out for hours, breathing slowly and calmly with his knees curled up against his chest like a child's.

Mikey blinked dumbly, the cold glass in his hand chilling his fingers as he stared at the inert figure lying fast asleep on their couch.

"Remind me ta tell that rabbit he owes me a new can of polish." Raph's voice grumbled into the room, followed shortly by its owner as he wiped his hands clean on a grubby piece of cloth.

He looked up and frowned at the sight of Mikey standing stupidly in front of the sofa.

"Somethin' wrong?" He asked, unable to keep the concern out of his voice. He draped the cloth over a shoulder as he walked closer.

Mikey shook his head, looking up at his brother. "He fell asleep."

Raph leaned forward to look over the back of the sofa. He made a small, meaningless noise to himself, turning back to Mikey. "How's he doing?"

Mikey gave a half-shrug. "Not terrible but.. not exactly great. He's been acting like a zombie."

Raph pulled a slight face at this but nodded. "Nothin' seriously wrong?"

Mikey shook his head. "I don't think so."

Raph said nothing for a few moments. Mikey waited, trying to read his expression and imagine what was going through his head.

"Best leave the guy ta get some sleep. He looks like he could use it." Raph turned, heading for the bathroom. "We'll wait till the others get home and hear what Splinter thinks we should do."

"Where're you going?" Mikey asked, turning to trot after him instinctively.

"Washing up." Raph replied bluntly. "I'm covered in grime. Get bunny-boy a blanket while I'm at it will ya?"

Mikey gave a salute. "Right away Mon Capitan"

"Yeah yeah. Can the wise-cracks and just make sure the guy doesn't catch pneumonia."

Mikey nodded, turning to the direction of their rooms. He stopped, thinking for a moment before turning back to Raph. "Hey Raph... ...How bad d'you think it is?"

Raph stopped, turning to give Mikey a confused scowl.

"You know.." Mikey waved in Usagi's general direction. "Whatever he's been through."

Raph said nothing, frowning to himself for a few moments before turning and continuing to the bathroom. "Bad enough."


More to follow 8D Haven't written it yet but... it'll follow XD;