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When we last left our Regulators, they had just gotten away from the law. Steve and Charley are both dead but so is Lawrence Murphy. Doc, Chavez, Billy, and Ember are all separating from each other. Doc and Yen are planning to go to New York and marry. Billy was determined to stay in New Mexico and prove that he couldn't be run out so easily. Chavez and Ember are headed towards California to start anew.

But the Regulators have run into trouble and I mean big. How will they get out of this one? Let's find out!

Chavez and Doc sat still on the porch, happy to be out of the rain, and the pit, for the time being. It had just been a few hours since Doc had been brought to Lincoln.

"So, where's your girl?" Doc asked quietly. His throat sore from the rope they had around his neck when they had brought him into town only a day ago.

"Wife," Chavez corrected him. His usual silence following as he stared up at the rain coming from the sky.

Doc looked up stunned ,then he looked down, just now seeing the colorful bead bracelet on Chavez's left wrist. Chavez had told him once that when his people marry that they use bracelets instead of rings.

"Ember?" Doc asked looking back up at Chavez. Chavez turned his head to his friend and smiled then nodded.

They were silent for a few moments then Doc spoke again, "Where is she?" he asked.

Chavez sighed, "I don't know," he answered truthfully.

When they were being followed, Chavez had managed to distract the pursuers so Ember could get away. She had been reluctant to go and Chavez finally reasoned with her.


"Ember, if you stay we'll both be caught and killed. Don't make me have to watch that. Go, and if I get caught at least one of us will be free," Chavez told his wife, as he held her face in his hands.

Ember squared her shoulders, "Where you go, I go, remember?" she told him forcefully.

Chavez leaned over and kissed her firmly on the mouth, "Do this for me. Get away and if you can, then come back. But don't make me have to watch my wife be hunted down like a wild coyote and murdered," he said, when they pulled away.

Ember looked at him with tears in her eyes then she leaned forward and kissed him hard. Chavez kissed her back then pulled her back away. He helped her onto her horse then hit it's back end to send him forward. The last time thing he remembered seeing as Ember rode off, was her wild hair flying behind her.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chavez dropped his head forward, the rain was letting up now to where it was almost about to stop.

"When did you last see her?" Doc questioned.

Chavez was silent for a moment, lost in thought, then he answered, "Two weeks, three at the most."

The two became silent then, both lost within their own thoughts. Suddenly, Doc nudged Chavez, his chains tinkling as he did so, "Here comes Bill," he said as Bill Fisher, one of the deputies of Lincoln came riding up on horseback.

Bill rode up to Sheriff Kimbel, who was by the porch so as to keep an eye on the prisoners.

"They got you some wild game, Sheriff," Billy told him laughing.

The Sheriff raised an eyebrow at him, "What are you talking about?" he asked him.

Bill grinned, "How do you fancy, Wildcat?" he said laughing.

Chavez's head flew up and he turned to Doc who looked just as surprised. The Sheriff was about to say something, but then a large stage coach pulled up.

A burly man with a rust colored mustache jumped out and turned to the Sheriff, "Got you a present, Sheriff," he said with a filthy smile.

The Sheriff grinned, "Did ya now, well, let's see it," he instructed. The man nodded and turned back to the coach. He reached inside and pulled something hard out of the coach. Ember followed the man's grip. Her clothes were torn and soaked. Her hair was tangled in places and soaked through and hung limply on her back. Her hands were tied in front of her with a thick piece of rope. Her face was red on her left cheek from some unknown reason and her lip had been split recently and was already nearly healed.

Chavez was ready to leap off the porch, but he knew he couldn't because of the shackles. Ember looked up and met his eyes. She looked ready to bust the ropes and run to him but the man that held her was strong, much stronger than she was. Especially now that she was so weak.

"Jesus!" Doc whispered. The man that had Ember pushed her in front of the Sheriff.

"Well, well, what do we have here? The infamous Wildcat. How's it feel to be back, Miss Montgomery?" Kimbel asked her.

Ember kept silent and looked the sheriff dead in the eyes with a cold stare. The sheriff looked over at the man, "Smith," he stated. Smith nodded then walked around Ember to where he was in front of her again. He smirked at her then punched her in the stomach with enough force that could break a rib. Ember doubled over in pain, but she didn't scream. Smith yanked her back up to where she would face the sheriff again.

"Now, as I said before what do you think of Lincoln? It's been improved since you've been here," the sheriff asked again.

Ember glared again, "It still looks like a bunch of flat land with piles of shit everywhere. And it looks like the biggest pile is right in front of me," she said in a mockingly sweet tone.

The sheriff narrowed eyes then pulled his hand back and smacked Ember hard across the face. The red mark that was already there turned a brighter shade of scarlet to indicate that wasn't the first time she had been hit.

"Now, you best keep your wise lip shut or I may have to shut it for ya. But if you're a good girl I may bring you a little bit of pleasure in the middle of the night," he said winking.

"I'd rather die first," she bit out.

The sheriff frowned deeply at her the shrugged, "Too bad you're an outlaw. You're a pretty thing and that's a lot to waste. Yeah, you'll hang from them gallows tomorrow just like your friends there. Just like The Kid," the Sheriff said.

"Where should we put her, the pit?" Smith asked.

The sheriff shook his head, "Nah, put her up there," he said pointing to a window across the street.

Smith nodded then pulled Ember roughly around and stared half dragging half pulling her towards the room.

"Sleep tight now!" Bill called after her.

"Alright, you jail rats, bed time!" Bob Ollinger, another deputy, called. All of the prisoners filed into the pit reluctantly, but they had no other choice. If they disobeyed they would be shot by the five men with guns that were surrounding her.

Once inside, Chavez and Doc leaned against the wall. Chavez looked up and saw the window where Ember had been sent.

"Be safe, amor." he whispered to where not even Doc could hear him. Then he watched as the light lit up the room.

Smith pulled Ember up the steps and threw her into the room. Ember stumbled in and nearly ran face first into the window. Smith turned on the light and crossed the room behind her. Ember turned and flattened her back against the window, determined to keep as much distance between her and her captor. Smith came forward with a knife in his hand.

Ember held her breath, "Oh god, he's going to kill me!" she thought. Smith grabbed her arms roughly and slashed the ropes from her wrists. "Now, don't make trouble for yourself, you'll get new bonds tomorrow. Sleep tight," Smith said as he turned and walked out of the room.

Ember looked down at her wrists and saw how raw and red they were. They hurt badly now. Smith and his men had caught up with her, while she was near a large river. She had tried to run but they had planned their route perfectly. While a few had followed behind her, another two had come in front to block her escape. Ember saw her only chance, the river. The river was high and moving fast but it was the only choice she had. She had spurred her horse forward into the water. She was halfway across when one of Smith's men had fired a shot that hit her horse, killing it instantly. The horse fell into the water, taking Ember with it. Even since she'd been with Chavez, Ember, still didn't know how to swim. She had struggled to get to the other side on her own, but Smith himself had grabbed her from the water.

He had taken her and thrown her on the dirt. She had swallowed so much water and hit the river's rocky bottom several times, thus tearing her clothes and arms. Smith had tied her hands roughly with the rope and loaded her in the coach and taken her straight to Lincoln that very day.

Ember turned and held her wrists against the cool glass. They stung now. She looked down and saw that the prisoners had been thrown back in the pit. Ember looked straight down and thought she could see Chavez and Doc in the hole. Ember leaned her head on the glass and pounded once on it. She closed her eyes.

"We're all damned now." she thought.

Weary, she raised head to look out over the buildings. Towards the setting sun, towards where she and Chavez had once been free. Something caught her eye as she was looking out. She thought she saw someone running across the rooftops. A person of very small stature.

"Children should learn not to play on rooftops. They could get themselves shot," she thought bitterly.

As she thought this, something in Ember's mind clicked as she tried to get a better look at the person.

"Billy?" she whispered to herself, but it was too late, the form was gone now.

Ember groaned and hit her head on the pane again, "I'm going crazy now," she said out loud.

She looked back out towards where she thought Chavez was, "Chavez, is it all going to end here? In the place where it started?" she questioned the silent room.

Chavez watched as Smith cut Ember's bonds and walk out of the room without a single glance at her wounds. He watched as Ember sat by the window and held her wrists against the glass. She looked exhausted and more than a bit frayed.

"Hey, Indian! Tenderfoot!" a voice called from above. It was Ollinger. Chavez and Doc looked up at the fat scruffy man. He was holding up a piece of rope in his hand. It was a pale white color and looked brand new.

"How do you think your pretty little friend will look with this rope necklace around her neck?" he laughed.

"You son-of-a-bitch!" Doc swore quietly. Chavez was ready to tear the man limb from limb with his bear hands.

Ollinger laughed heartily, "Well, she will be wearing one tomorrow. Along with the two of you. Maybe I should go pay her a proper visit. One with my 'member'!" he laughed.

Chavez nearly jumped up and grabbed the bars above him and swung up, but Doc grabbed him in time before he could do anything.

"Don't get yourself killed. Ember won't let them touch her, you know that. She's your wife and if I know one thing about Ember it's that she's loyal," Doc whispered in Chavez's ear.

Doc looked back at Ollinger, "You mean you actually have one?" he asked in a smart tone.

Ollinger frowned deeply, "Yeah, keep talking that way, Scurlock. You won't have a smart remark when that lynch mob comes for ya, I can bet that." he said then turned, "Let's go see what Miss Wildcat has up her sleeve, or should I say pants." he laughed as he walked away. Chavez was ready to kill Ollinger if he touched Ember.

Ember tensed slightly as the door to her cell opened but she didn't move a muscle. "Miss Montgomery?" she heard a cheery voice say behind her.

"Ollinger," she said calmly. She didn't move though.

"Why don't you come here?" he teased her as he walked inside the room and sat down on the small cot.

Ember bit her tongue, literally, and then answered, without turning, "Why don't you get out," she forced out calmly. She could feel Ollinger's anger boil as he stayed silent.

Ollinger slid off the bed and walked a few steps toward her, but stopped.

"Now listen, you breed. You're nothing, I'm probably the only one who will ever touch your mixed blood skin so you best feel grateful and come over here and help me be satisfied," he snarled at her.

Ember kept her voice calm and emotionless even though she felt violated and disgusted, "I'm married," she replied "so go find a brainless chickadee that will 'satisfy' you because it won't be me," she replied.

"Married, huh? How long?' he questioned.

"A week technically, though our honeymoon was ruined. Hm, wonder why?" she told him the last part sarcastically.

Ollinger threw a bottle at the wall that was beside her. It shattered into thousands of pieces and they landed all over the floor. Ember had to fight back the urge to flinch, so as to win her little game with Ollinger. But he wasn't going to walk out of here without the last word.

He crossed the room in two strides and turned Ember around with one quick movement of his hand. Then he pushed her hard against the glass. Ember thought she felt the glass give way a little but she ignored it.

Ollinger was right in her face now, "You'll be wishing you took my offer when the sun goes down. I've heard the lynch mob is coming for ya. You and the other three. Yeah, we've got The Kid here too. So there's no way you're getting out of this. No chance," he let go of her and walked back across the room. "Have a nice night. Let me know if you change your mind." he laughed as he walked out the door and locked it behind him.

Ember slid wearily down the glass. He legs were trembling so bad, that they could barely hold her weight. She sat on the floor shaking, "A lynch mob. We're definitely going to die now," she thought.

Ember slid sideways and looked out the window at the fast setting sun. She shook her head, "First robbed of my wedding night, now this," she groaned out loud.

She stayed near the window now, not wanting to look away from where she could see Chavez now. His hair had gotten a bit long since she had see him. She couldn't blame him though, her once waist length hair was now grown out to reach her hips.

She sighed, "Where you go, I go." she whispered to herself as she closed her eyes. Then fell asleep against the glass, beaten but not broken.