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The ride to White Oaks, a small town in the New Mexico territory, was a short one but with the enemy always at your back it feels like an eternity. As Billy's "gang" rode into the city limits the arrived at a sign which read, "White Oaks. We will not tolerate scum."

Tom cocked his head to the side, he struggled for a moment with the words then looked at Billy, "What's scum?"

Billy smiled slightly, "Well Tom, that's bad types. Politicians, bankers, cattle kings. Scum," he flashed a grin the nodded his head toward the road, "Come on."

They all moved forward and Doc coughed, "He's going to corrupt that boy for the worst mark my words."

As they all began to ride through the town, the people began to notice. Some of them where so shocked they actually stopped in their tracks to stare at the procession. Passing a dress boutique, two young ladies stared up at Ember as she rode by. Their hair was all pretty and tied in the new fashion and their dresses were things to die for. The two women stooped their heads and began to whisper gently sending looks at the pale red head on the horse.

Already Ember wished she had put on her coat before they had rode into town; her face was also turning a bright shade of pink.

"Ember, you sick?" Hendry leaned asked as he leaned toward her.

Blinking Ember was about to answer when Dave turned around, "Yeah Princess you look flushed? Shall we stop and get you chilled refreshment from yonder establishment," he commented with his best fake rich accent.

Ember grinned radiantly, "Only if I get to pick out your new dress, Mr. Rudabaugh, because since we've been riding all I've heard you do is bitch," at the end she winked.

Dave's faced darkened to an angry red color and he was going to yell but he was also cut off this time by Billy's laugh, "Oh come off it Dave. She got you there. Besides we're here." They all stood in front of a large white house that looked to for a rich banker instead of a whore house.

Doc cleared his throat, "Looks like Ms. Greathouse has moved up on the financial ladder."

"H-How do you reckon she did that?" Hendry questioned.

Chavez shrugged, "She was very good at aiming a gun in the dark."

Both Tommy and Hendry's mouths fell open and Ember rolled her eyes, "Chavez don't scare them. Besides she was a poison master not a gun slinger," she slipped off her horse and followed the rest of them up the steps. Tommy and Hendry a few steps behind her glancing nervously at the windows of the white house.

As the approached the door they noticed it was slightly open so they entered. Inside a small colored boy stood in the corner next to the bar but they didn't have time to ask him to fetch the owner of the establishment for she was headed straight for them.

"Well I'll be hogtied and sent to Hades. Billy," the woman threw herself into Billy's arms and hugged him fiercely; then she looked at the others with a giant smile on her face, "What have we got here? Wicked boys?" she hugged Doc, "four, five, six wicked boys."

Finally Jane's eyes found Ember's, "And one wicked feline," she grinned.

Ember smiled then hugged Jane tightly, "Good to see you, Jane," Jane hugged back and they shared the longest hug out of all of them but then Jane held Ember at arm's length to look at her.

"You look awful dear," she said wryly, "Your husband over there deserves better but I can fix that later," then she turned to Billy, "Wicked and wanted or just plain wanted?"

Billy grinned as the subject turned to him, "Got a thousand dollars on me," he told her.

"Really, I heard five hundred."

"You heard wrong, Jane," Billy explained as he took a drink of his glass of whiskey that had been passed out to all of them.

A small laugh escaped Jane's lips, "Well, I hears you aren't long for the territory, Billy."

"We aren't," Doc cut in as he stared Billy down, "Going to old Mexico right Billy," this was not a question this was an agree-and-we-have-no-problems statement.

Billy just nodded as Jane spoke again, "Well good luck."

Ember moved her way over to the couch and sat in a free seat bedside Tom and this is where Jane's eyes narrowed in on the young boy, "How old is this fellow?"

Tom began to answer truthfully but Billy said seventeen. Jane got a surprised look on her face, "Fourteen and a half? Well don't forget that half there's a lot of experience packed into that half."

Ember was surprised Jane didn't make a fuss over Tom's age but she was just like Billy: wide eyes, adventurous, bold, and sometimes just damn stubborn.

Billy looked around and began to speak about how everything was different. Jane fussed about her hair and Ember watched as she did so. Jane's eyes never left Billy's form for a moment. She watched him with admiration and love. The love could have been confused with lust but Ember wasn't so sure. Billy on the other hand looked at Jane every now and then but his eyes always seemed to wander and then stray back.

Taken aback, Ember shook her head mentally, "He doesn't realize what he could have if just asked the right questions. I knew he was a damn fool but not this much of one."

"Well I've heard enough," Dave finally interrupted, "My boys would like some bundah upstairs right quick darling."

Ember took a sip of her whiskey, and watched as Jane advanced on Dave, "Did I hear you say you wanted an excellent malt six times served with a room with a southern view," she corrected and Ember couldn't control herself and had to laugh out loud.

"You're related to the manor born, Jane. To the manor born," Doc handed Jane a glass and raised his glass in a toast.

"Well thank you Mr. Scurlock," said Jane as she smiled then downed her whiskey just a good as any man. Tom stared in amazement because he could barely get a single sip down.

Jane placed her glass on a table then gestured to the ladies behind her, "My girls will take very good care of you. Make yourselves at home, except you," she pointed to Ember.

The paler red head didn't look up from her glass, "The boy won't get into any trouble I can assure you that, Jane."

Rolling her eyes, Jane crossed the room and grabbed the shot of whiskey from Ember and placed it into Tom's free hand, "I have every bit of confidence the boy can handle himself without you holding his hand. What I'm more worried about is what you decide to wear," she eyes the ripped sleeves of Ember's sleeves," You will never make a proper lady that way."

A large laugh escaped Ember, "Yes and opening my own whore house will solve my problem's there? No thanks Jane I like myself the way I am," she grabbed the whiskey back from Tom and drank the whole thing in one gulp.

"Yes, well that is a fine while you are riding a horse across the border but in my establishment you will dress the way I advise. Now upstairs," Jane commanded.

Ember sighed, "Fine but one more thing," she grabbed Tom's glass this time and shot the bitter liquid back with ease then stood already feeling a buzz in her head. Then she followed Jane up the stairs.

"I really really hate you, Greathouse," Ember growled as she stared at herself in the full length mirror.

Jane walked around the bed on the other side of the room, "Why? I think you look rather fetching," she smiled, grabbed a brush and started to run it through Ember's hair.

Ember never looked away from her reflection. She was now wearing a tight, black, lace corset with matching underwear. Her hair was down and the strings were pulled painfully tight and breathing was nearly impossible. Worst of all, Ember felt completely naked even under the skimpy clothing.

"I look ridiculous cut them off," Ember hissed at Jane.

Jane eyes her in the mirror, "Absolutely not. This is the finest silk and lace money can buy. There done," Jane back away from Ember's hair and admired her handiwork, "Amazing what a few strokes of a brush can do."

Ember eyed her hair. It did look nice better than it had, "I'd rather carry a knife than a brush," she moved to the bed and sat down, "Why exactly am I wearing this?"

Sitting down beside the tired looking girl, Jane took Ember's hands in hers, "Because you deserve a night with your husband, and I am going to give it to you."

Bright green eyes widened, "You want me to walk in front of Chavez with this on? Woman have you lost you damn mind?"

Jane's chin lifted slightly, "No, but I do know more about pleasing men than you and he's been staring at you hungrily for hours. Do you know how hard it is to get you two separated?"

"You're evil do you know this?"

A laugh sounded in the air, "I make my life on being evil darling. I do own one of the devil's inns," with this Jane winked then pulled Ember to her feet, "Now let's get this started."

Ember began to beg now, "Jane. Please, let me just put pants on, please. I can't go in there looking like this."

They arrived at a door and Ember froze, "Don't be cruel please," she whispered.

Jane ran her hand once more through Ember's hair then leaned to where she could whisper in her ear, "You are the Wildcat you can do this. And if you can't please your husband with this I will certainly burn this place to the ground and go to church like the old biddies in this town. Now go!" with that Jane opened the door and pushed Ember through and shut the door with one fluid motion.

It took a moment for Ember to adjust to the lighting before she realized Chavez was sitting on the bed. His shirt was off and he only had his trousers on. His dark eyes glinted in the candlelight as he watched her by the door.

"I will hang Jane for this come morning," Ember thought.

Looking for a moment at her husband, Ember finally let out a loud sigh, "Do not say a word this was not my idea," she confessed.

Slowly, Chavez stood and began to walk toward her, "I swear if I ever have to power to outlaw corsets I will make sure every one of them is burned at the steak. I mean look at this I look like, like, well a whore," she kept rambling and Chavez kept walking.

As he was nearly close enough to touch she looked up at him, "Chavez," he hadn't said anything, not one stupid comment or a compliment, "are you alr-"

Her question was broken off by Chavez pressing his lips to her, harder than he had ever done, and pressing her against the door. At first, she was too shocked to do anything then she came back to Earth and kissed him off.

Chavez broke the kiss first and looked down at his pale wife; her bright green eyes stared up at with nervousness and uncertainty in herself shining through. He slid one hand down her cheek barely touching it but Ember felt it all the same. The touch sent a shiver running down her back.

When he reached her jaw, he removed his hand and moved it behind her head. Ember was lost until she heard the click if the lock fall into place. She kept looking into his eyes this time with a questionable look.

"No distractions right now," he answered her, "tonight you're mine," and with that he kissed her again, but this time Ember didn't waste any time to respond.

Without looking, Chavez yanked Ember up and placed her on his hips as he began to walk backwards. The next thing Ember knew was she was on her back, on the bed with Chavez leaning over her. They stared at each other for a few moments, his hair creating a curtain around their faces. With one hand she cupped his cheek and he leaned into it, closing his eyes. With his other hand he took her hand and moved it to his mouth. He kissed each one of her fingertips, then her palm, her wrist, the middle of her arm, the crook of her elbow, her forearm. He kissed her shoulder and leaned further over her and began to kiss her collar bone.

Ember's eyes began to flutter as he kissed her. He moved up to her neck and around her jaw, finally he got to her ear, "I have missed you," he whispered.

Opening her eyes, Ember looked at Chavez, "I missed you more, but I'm not going anywhere anymore," she whispered back then leaned up and kissed him, softly but passionately.

By this time the candle had gotten smaller but was still there, sending their elongated shadows upon the wall, and kept it light where they could just see each other's faces as they reunited once more.

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