Ok so this is really short, but I'm cut for time! This is my first entry to the WitFit contest thing on Fictionista's site! I'm so excited to be a part of it! Basically, you're given a prompt everyday (for the month of January) and you write whatever you want to on that prompt. Today's was:

Word Prompt: Pajamas

Idea Completion: Have one of your characters like something that you hate. Write your his/her reasons for liking it. (This helps build character development and allows an author to break away from their usual mindset).

Can't wait to see your entries for today!

"So I throw my hands up, the playing my song, the butterflies fly away! I'm nodding my head like yeah-"

"For Christ's sake Em will you please shut up!" Jasper couldn't stand it! All day, non-stop, Emmett belted all the lyrics to EVER Miley Cyrus Song on his IPOD while dancing "rain dances" as he calls them, in his footsies. And all day, Jasper had to shut him up.

"I can't help it! I just love love love Miles!"

"Miles? You use her nickname!? Emmett, you don't know her well enough"

"Yes I do! I know everything there is to know about her, go ahead, quiz me."

"What color are her eyes?" He'll never get this….

"A beautiful blue-green!" He said, sticking his tongue out at me in a very "ha, I AM smart" kind of way.

"Her birthday?"

"November 23rd, 1992."

The questioning went on for hours. Emmett seemed to really know his stuff, unfortunately, now do I.

"Ok, what's her favorite snack food?"

There was a long pause, finally! He didn't know! I felt like victory dancing!

"Ha! You don't know it! Yes!" I started to, very uncharacteristically, dance around the living room. My work went flying, papers scattered every which way, as I kicked them up into the air, rejoicing in my victory!

"Whatever Jasper, I still know her songs." And with that Emmet went right back into Miley's, "Breakout."

Victory short lived.

Yeah, so hope you liked it, even though it was uber short! The next one will be better I promise! J Bye.