So this is a Twific, AH, canon pairings but it would not matter.


Cake *Your expression betrays your words*

Alice POV

"Ok! Who did it! Emmett!? I swear if it was you, I'm going to rip you to shreds!"

"But it wasn't me I tell you! I've been framed!"

"Oh don't you give me that! I know you, and I KNOW you did this!

"But baby, why would I do that to you? Don't you know I cannot live without your lovin'? A prank like this would put me in the dog house for another decade!"

"A decade!? Jeez Rose, you sure do know how to hold out!" Bella giggled.

"Oh it's super easy." Rose retorted, glaring at Emmett.

"Not when it's me we're talking about! Come on babe, you've given up before."

"But this time, I won't.

"Oh yeah?"


"Then prove it Rose, if you can't hold out for at least a week, you can…..bake all of Em's clothes in rotten cabbage stew!"

"That's fine; I'll just run around naked." Emmet smirked.

"Oh god know, I see it already happening, not a pretty picture." I intervened. "Maybe, if Rose holds out she can burn that elf costume Emmet loves so much!…"

"No! Not the elf costume! Anything but that! I cannot live without my Keebler elf in bed! Oh god, anything but that! Burn the French maid or…or…or the naughty Mrs. Claus! ANYTHING BUT THE ELF COSTUME!!!"

"Jeez, how freaky is your role-play?" Jasper asked.

"Very, or it would be with the elf costume. Without it, it's like playing good cop bad cop without the doughnuts!"

"Um…nice metaphor Em….anyway, so it's settled, a week? Elf costume?"

"And if I win?"

"You can dress up Rose however you like for a month."


"You seem sure of yourself."

"Jas, never doubt the abilities of the "Pimp-Em-est" person in town."


"You know like the most pimpin pimp, but instead of "-in" it's "-Em" .:

"Whatever you say Em, whatever you say."

"Hey guys wait…. What DID Emmmett do?"

"Pssh, niave little Bells hasn't been paying attention much has she?"


"Well, Em……"

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