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It was dark out Ino, awoke suddenly in a sweat, gasping for air. It had been a the same for the last three nights since she had last seen Naruto. She kept having the same reacquiring nightmare. She couldn't help but shudder at her night time visions and that Naruto had actually had to live through them.

She had been dreaming of being down a dank dark ally with faceless people holding her down cheering and yelling encouragement as someone slowly started to bring a blade to her face. She normally woke up just as the knife touched her skin.

The dream always brought the memory of the gashes she had seen on Nartuo's face and what he must have gone through and with that though came the thought of what if it had been her. The though of being disfigured for the rest of her life scared the living daylights out of her.

Most people would say that Ino was vain and even she would admit to that at least to a certain extent. But she wasn't as superficial as most people thought she was. She cared about her looks and knew she looked good but it was never something that she thought made her better then anyone else. Well OK... maybe a little better.

She just liked the way it made her feel to know people found her attractive and the confidence that it brought her. She couldn't think of what it would be like for all that to be gone in such a horrific way. To have those adoring looks suddenly changed to pity and remorse.

She was really glade for Naruto's healing ability and that he wouldn't have to go through that but she still felt horrible for the pain he must have endured.

She had wanted to check in on him for the last few days and make she he was doing OK. But she had gotten grounded for not watching the shop when she went shopping with Naruto. then she had to go to team training and hadn't had a chance to look for her new friend.

She was hoping she would have time to find him after her teams mission today. So she figured she would really have motivate Shikamru and Chouji today.

She just knew she would be screaming herself hoarse just to get them to finish in a reasonable time so she could see how he was doing.

Ino looked at her clock and noticed it was a little past five in the morning. It was still to a little early to start the day and too late to try and get back to sleep. She groaned to herself before shutting off her alarm clock

she climbed out of bed and started to remove her tight clingy boxer shorts and sweat soaked tank top that she had worn to sleep the night before leaving a trail of cloths to her bathroom.

Anyone who could see in the dark and was up at this ungodly hour would have gotten quite the show if they looked through her bedroom window.

Ino stood in front of her full length mirror completely nude taking in her tangled hair, glossy pink lips smooth shimmering skin and her new curves that had just started to come in.

Her eyes trailed down her figure taking everything in from her small perk breasts to the small amount of blond hair just above her woman hood. Checking for any blemishes or other things out of place. Seeing a bit more hair on her legs then she would like not that anyone would have noticed with how fine and blond her hair was.

she stepped into her shower stall and started to wash away the sweat and grime she accumulated during the night. When she finished with her body she grabbed her shampoo and conditioner combo. It was a special blend of flowers and herbs she made herself that helped to keep her hair in such good shape.

After she finished with that she grabbed her razor and shaving cream and started to remove any access hair she could find. She finished with practiced easy and just stood under the steaming hot water letting it wash away what ever stress she had left from her dream.

Her muscles relaxed under the gentle flow of the hot water cascading down her back and massaging her scalp.

The water slowly cleared her mind of the disturbing images from the night before. She decided she needed to start doing the meditative exercises her father taught her to help deal with disturbing minds before she went to bed to help her deal with the nightmares.

The though of her father brought a small smile to her face. She had the man so wrapped around her little finger that It wasn't even funny. She was daddy's little girl and always got what she wanted.

By the time Ino finally finished her shower it was already going on six forty five. She spent another thirty minutes getting dressed and putting her hair in its normal pony tail.

She had decided that she would only where a light amount of lip gloss today because she really didn't like to use much makeup not like she needed it anyways. She smiled as she looked in the mirror one last time before heading to the kitchen to make herself something to eat.

When she looked in the in her frig she was shocked to see that she was out of food again. She huffed in annoyance and figured she may as well eat out today.

She still had until ten thirty when her team would be meeting up to do missions and it was only around seven thirty so she had some time to kill anyways.

Though it always annoyed her how late her team meetings. Most teams would already be started by now but her lazy sensei and team just didn't have the motivation that the others had and it was like pulling teeth to get them to do anything

At least her sensei was smart enough to pick their missions the day before so they wouldn't get stuck with the leftovers from the other teams.

Ino grabbed her weapons poach and headed out to find something to eat.

- - - - - - - - - - - - –

Meanwhile on the other side of town another blond was rushing around his apartment throwing on the first cloths he came across.

Which seemed to have turned out OK for him because he still ended up wearing some black baggy pants and a forest green shirt.

Naruto didn't have team training today but he was still rushing because he wanted to try and meet with the Hokage before he got bogged down in meetings.

Naruto had been trying to talk to the Hokage for the last three days but the old man hadn't had the time to talk to him.

When ever Naruto tried to see the Hokage he was either in meetings with the council or was busy with important paper work that couldn't wait.

From what Naruto had gathered there where some foreign dignitaries in town negotiating some sort of trade agreement with the old man.

He was pretty sure it was some special metal or something like that and it seemed it was pretty important to demand so much of the old mans time.

Every other time Naruto had seen the Hokage in the last three days he had been with his team and he really didn't want anyone to know about what he was talking to the Hokage about.

He felt it was a personal matter and he didn't want anyone to know about it but him. He might have been being childish about it.

But this was about his parents and he felt like he should know about them before anyone else did.

He was also worried that the fox might be brought up with the subject and really couldn't have his team around when he asked about it.

Then there was the fact he really didn't want anyone to know anything about his new sword seeing as it was the only thing he had from his parents.

Naruto rushed out of the house heading towards the Hokage tower. It was a good twenty minute roof hopping distance from his house.

During the trip Naruto couldn't help but think that the old man would most likely do what he normally did when Naruto brought up the subject of his parents. Either change the subject or make some excuse to get him out of his office.

The most the old man had ever told him on the subject was that they loved him dearly and that they would be proud of him.

But beyond that the old man had been tight lipped with anything to do with them. He wouldn't even tell him their names which had greatly upset the blond.

The first time the old man had denied him Naruto had refused to talk to him for a week and it took a whole lot of ramen to get him to forgive him.

The old man had later told him that he would tell him some day but he would have to wait until he was older and that he had his reasons for not telling him about them know.

Naruto figured the old man would do so again, but he was really hoping he would slip up and give him more information to go on. If not just out right tell him who they were.

Even if He didn't find out about his parents today at least he now had some place to start his search which is more then he could say for before.

He also hoped the Hokage would have information on his new sword and what it could do. Seeing as the blacksmith told him to ask him about it.

Naruto had made it to the tower while deep in though it wasn't long before he was standing in front of the thirds door. Naruto took a deep breath and let it out slowly preparing himself for what ever the Hokage would say on the subject.

While at the same time trying to keep his enthusiasm down about possibly finding something out about his family.

Though he was trying to keep expectations down knowing that he likely wouldn't be getting the answers. He couldn't help but let a slight amount of hope infiltrate his thoughts that this would be the time the old man would tell him about his family.

Naruto then plastered his happy face on and barged into the Hokage's office pretending that he didn't have anything important on his mind in the hopes of catching the old man off guard.

"Hey old man!" the bright sounding blond greeted. Breaking the Hokage from his reading getting a slight smile from the old man.

"Hey Naruto what brings you by so early in the morning?" Greeted the aged leader. Suddenly becoming slightly suspicious at the youngsters motives in coming.

He knew Naruto wasn't an early riser by nature preferring to train late into the night instead of early morning

Naruto catching the old mans look of suspicion gulped audibly knowing that the element of surprise was now out the window.

The old man would be watching him like a hawk and be ready for anything. Especially after that last prank he pulled on the old man.

Naruto finally decided to end with the pleasantry letting his mask slip from his face as he looked up at the old man. His face was now etched in determination, sadness and hope.

The Hokage had been surprised at how fast the change from goofy odd ball to deadly serious occurred and he could already guess what this conversation had to do with.

It could only possibly be two things that the Hokage could think of or at least only two other occasions where he was ever this serious. So it either had to do with the Kyubi or his parents.

The old man was leaning towards the latter seeing as their didn't seem to be any issues with the seal or anything like that.

The blond looked at the old man before finally asking his question. He decided to screw it and come out with what he wanted.

I want to know who my parents are Hokage sama. He decided in a rare show of respect how important this was to him. Naruto took a nee and bowed his head to his leader waiting for what the old man would finally say to him.

Sarutobi looked at the blond in front of him. He took another long drag from his wooden pipe. He knew he couldn't tell him about his family yet especially his father.

The boy just wasn't strong enough yet to handle that information or the enemy's that could come if the information ever got out.

Sarutobi then thought of how well the blond had been keeping the information about the fox quite and decided that even if he couldn't tell Naruto anything about his father he might just be able to with his mother.

He decided there was very little chance about Naruto finding out anything about his mothers relationship with his father or even that much about the woman in general beyond what he would tell him about her especially after the rules he was going to put on the information he was about to give him.

He figured this would be a good test to see if he could trust the boy with his other parent identity.

The third let out one more puff of smoke before he started to speak to the now fidgeting teen.

"OK, Naruto as you know there are reasons why I keep your parents identity from you. Which is to protect you and this village."

Naruto let out a sigh of disappointment thinking the old man wasn't going to tell him anything again.

"So I won't be able to tell you much about your parents and there will be rules you must swear to follow if I am going to give you this information."

The old man had the sternest and most serious expression the young boy had ever seen on the old man. Telling him just how serious he was with this.

Even so Naruto would promise near anything to get the information he was seeking. So looked the old man in the eye. " what is the promise"

The old man smiled at the resolve in the youngster. First this information is strictly between you and me and you can't ask anyone or let on that the person I am about tell you about has any significance to you to anyone.

unless you know you can trust them and with the S-class secret of the kyubi and they cant tell anyone about it under being charged with treason for risking village security and being put to death. So I think its best if you don't bring it up to anyone at all until I tell you otherwise.

Though I will leave it up to you on who you will trust with this secret remember the less people who know the better.

Naruto just nodded to what the Sarutobi said agreeing to what the old man said after all A ninja village was built around secrets.

Naruto watched in anticipation when the old man went through six quick hand seals before placing his hand on the side of his desk causing a secret compartment to open in the wall on the other side of the room.

The old man rose from his chair making his way to the hidden chamber. He took a couple steps out of the straight path probably to avoid a couple traps that we activated when the compartment was opened

He pulled a few files, scrolls and what seemed to be a picture from it before making his way quietly back to his desk. He placed his hand back on the side of his desk and with a click the compartment was gone.

After the old man sat, he shuffled the items he got out of the safe into proper order. Stalling for time to make the suspense increase.

Before he did something unexpected for all those in the room he simply said Anbu. Causing four hidden figures to appear surrounding Naruto. He then ordered them to vacate the room and make sure the room stays secure from the out side.

He then looked at Naruto one more time before handing him a picture of a beautiful red haired woman in her mid twenty's. She seemed to be seated at a familiar Ramen Stand decked out in her green Jonin vest. Noodles still in her mouth giving the peace sign with the biggest smile on her face that Naruto had ever seen.

He couldn't help a smile lighting his face at the display in the picture and that he could see just how much the two of them must have been alike.

He noticed a few features that he must have inherited from his mother. His bright smile and Ramen addiction included. Though he didn't look to much like her, leading Naruto to think he might take more after his father or perhaps his mothers father had blond hair.

Naruto couldn't help a tear coming to his eye. He could tell just by looking at this woman in all her happiness. That she would have been a fun loving mother, just looking at the picture sent any thoughts of the woman not loving him flying from his mind.

It made him sad and happy at the same time. The knowledge that he could have had a loving mother to care for him. Take care of him and treat his as any child should have been and that she had been ripped from his life before he could even remember her.

He wanted to know everything about the woman in the picture his mother.

He looked at Sarutobi so many questions burning through his mind. But before he could ask the old man in front of him anything he started to speak.

"The woman In the picture is your mother Kushina Uzumeki aka The red death, and I know you have a lot of questions about her but before you ask any questions let me tell you the basics about her first."

He said stopping Naruto from bombarding him with questions. Naruto nodded not really taking his eyes off the image of his mother. As he was trying to engrave it into his memory.

Sarutobi took another drag from his pipe before speaking again. Kushina Uzumeki found by Anbu after an Attack destroyed the hidden village in the whirlpool. She was the late leaders only daughter and the last of her family. The uzumeki were renowned as kenjutsu and funjutsu users and had very high chakra reserves.

Her nickname the red death, named because of the blood red sword she used to cut a path of destruction through enemy ranks in the last war. Which is also placed in a seal on a scroll I will give you later.

The Uzumeki also specialized in water jutsu and had an uncanny ability to learn them even if it wasn't there main elemental affinity.

They often unlocked it as a secondary affinity fairly quickly if they trained in it. Sarutobi read from a Random file that he had pulled out about his mother and her family.

Your Mother joined our village after an attack on her village at the age if sixteen and was made a chunnin because of her previous training .

She raised through the ranks quickly during the war taking out tons of enemy troops and making many enemy's along the way. She made jounin rank at the age of eighteen and Anbu a twenty. Later rising to the Rank of Anbu captain.

She had made quite the Name for herself in her younger years and if any of her enemy's inside or out side the village found out she had a son they would want to kill you to take revenge on her for killing so many of their loved ones.

Naruto nodded to this, though he couldn't seem to see the woman in the picture as some insanely strong killing machine. He just couldn't picture the loving woman in the picture like that. But he acknowledged the fact that his mother was a powerful ninja. Naruto was starting to get upset about the information he was receiving.

This was all nice things to know, but he didn't want her military record he wanted to know more about the woman herself. Her Favorite food, her favorite place in the village, her goals for life Her dislikes. Who her closest friends were and if any of them were still around.

He was about to say just that but Sarutobi beat him to the punch again. When he suddenly produced one of the scrolls he had hidden in the hidden compartment. He then opened it and bit his thumb before spreading his blood on the sealing scroll. A small burst of chakra later a leather bound book was in the old mans hand.

This Naruto is one of your moms earlier diaeresis from when she was younger. It was one of the few personal things she managed to grab before she escaped her Island home.

She has two other diaries from her time in Konoha but this is the only one that doesn't have mention of your father in it which needs to be kept quiet and I can't tell you about him until you make chunin and you cant tell anyone about him until you make Jounin. So I wont be able to give you the other diaries.

Naruto nodded to this, still not liking the Hokage keeping his mothers things from him but he was still grateful to the old man for at least telling him this much about his mother and giving him some way of getting to know her.

Also your mother manage to grab the rest of whirlpools Treasury and their Jutsu library making her a very wealthy woman who bought two properties and two business in Konoha.

The Business have been being run by two different family's who are also business partners who earn a percentage of the profits for running the shops They are being watched over by her lawyer making sure the business are being run properly and the proper amount of earning are deposited into the Uzumeki accounts each quarter.

Her houses are currently vacant with seals in place to perserve the places from aging. Unfortunately I will also have to withhold your inheritance from you until your mothers name can come out.

Too many people would notice that much money being transferred to you and where it came from. Same thing with the houses and business.

"I might be able to do something with a few of her lower lvl jutsu scrolls plus do not worry about not getting the money yet Naruto."

"I will give you a special allowance from my personal account which you can pay me back when you finally receive your inheritance."

"What do you say about triple the amount you currently receive each month. That added on with the amount you make from missions will be s tidy little sum each month also if you need to borrow more money for something big you can talk to me about it." said the kindly old man.

Naruto just nodded dumbly. This was a lot of money the old man was talking about here. So he couldn't see how not getting his full inheritance was really hurting him.. he wanted to ask the old man about the actual numbers in her accounts.

but by the way the Hokage was talking about it this was like only a drop in the bucket to the amount he would receive later on. After thinking about it Naruto got a sly smile on his face, He decided to ask the old man about possibly making one of those bigger purchasing he was talking about earlier.

"Hey old man", Naruto said finally breaking the old mans tangent. "I was thinking maybe I could get one of those bigger purchases now." said the blond with a mischievous smile.

The Hokage looked at the blond in speculation. "What did you have in mind Naruto?" the third finally asked.

"Well the apartments where I live at are currently for sale. They are a bit rundown, but that is mostly just cosmetic damage that might need some drywall of or boards put up. But the building is sound and up to code.

Though my apartment is the worst out of them all because the land lord doesn't like me and refuse to fix any of the problems when they happen.

Even though the place isn't that bad people still refuse to live near the demon which has caused quite a few vacancy and rent to go down which is the main reason the place is selling so cheap.

I was thinking I could buy the place but have it stay in your name until it can be explained how I came by so much money.

You could then make me care taker of the place and I could fix the place up using the extra money I will be making each month. The blond said in excitement.

The old Kage looked at the blond for a second. "Well it sounds like a good investment and it is your money to use as you wish. I am just giving it to you out of my accounts for now. So I guess it would be OK for you to do this as long as it stays in my name for now." Said the old man

"This property will still be yours though and you can do what ever you like with it." Naruto had a large smile on his face at that.

Though keep in mind you will also have to pay property taxes and maintain the building and take care of all other aspects of owning your own property

The thing he always loved the most about his apartment was the view it gave of the monument and he figured he could fix up the whole top floor into a kind of condo for himself and fix up and rent out the rest of the rooms to ninja for a reduced price.

Naruto stopped his planning on what to do with his soon to be his new apartment and decided to see if he could learn anything else about his mother.

"Hey Old man is there anything else you were going to tell me about my mother" the blond asked.

"Well Naruto there isn't much more I can tell you about her at the moment. But there is a letter that has been left to you from her."

The old man said holding said letter out to the blond boy. Naruto took the letter from the old man hesitantly.

What ever was in this letter would be the only time his mother really spoke to him and to be honest it scared the shit out of him and excited him at the same time. The old Hokage seeing the boys hesitancy decided to give him a chance at privacy and some time to figure everything out.

"Naruto that letter is yours, and I think it would be best if you opened it in some privacy and in your own time. I only want you to open that letter when you are ready."

The subdued blond nodded to the old man. Taking his advice to heart, Naruto figured he found out enough for tonight and didn't think he could handle any more ups and downs with his emotions. So he would wait until later to read his letter.

He slipping the letter and diary into his Inner coat Pocket to keep them safe until he could look at them later.

He then turned to the Hokage, he decided now would be a good time to ask about his new sword . Hopeful it would distract him from everything else flying through his mind at the moment and give him something else to focus on.

The Hokage's voice broke him out of his thoughts when he asked if there was anything else he could help him with. He pulled the blade from the place on his back. Seeing the surprised look on the old mans face when he saw the blade in his hands and the few seals he could see on the blade.

"Where did you come by such a sword Naruto?" asked a shocked Sarutobi. He had heard that the fourth was designing seals for a sword but he hadn't known that it had actually been made.

But the seal for the thunder god technique was clearly carved on the hilt of the sword. He now wished he had listened more to Minato when he was going off about it.

He only knew about the elemental conversion seals and the seal meant for storing said elemental energy. So the Hokage told him about them leaving out the seal on the thunder god technique.

Which was mostly stuff he already knew except for the fact that he could store the elemental energy or even store normal chakra and get a boost off it if he ever running low.

He was a little disappointed the old man could tell him more about the sword but he was told that the old man would get in contact with a seal master.

who could tell him more about it though it may take a few months to a year because the man was out of the country on a very important mission and wouldn't be back for awhile.

Though the blond figured he had enough to work on with the sword as is. Seeing as he couldn't even use a regular one let alone all the seals one the one he has now.

He couldn't help but smile at the thought of mastering his new weapons and having something in common with both his parents. He would have to check out his mothers sword at some other time and see if it had and seals on it as well. He really needed to start practicing as soon as possible.

It was at this time that the Hokage remembered that he had a meeting in fifteen minutes and ushered Naruto out with his new belonging's and a reminder of how important it was to keep this information from others.

Naruto stood in front of the Kage's tower thinking of everything he had just learned. He wanted to learn everything about his mother.

Wanted to know about his mothers family of whirlpool and there home then something jumped out in his mind about his family they were the rulers of whirlpool so wouldn't that like make him a prince of whirlpool or something like that.

He had to take a seat at that thought though it probably wasn't smart to do it in the middle of a busy walk way but he really didn't care at the moment. After coming to his senses he decided he needed to get something for breakfast before he started training with sword and started heading towards the heavenly home of the noodle. Though his thoughts didn't waver far from the information he just found out.