The Strangers Fan fiction

Chapter 1

Melanie, Lacey, Nathan, Matthew, Anna, and Trent sat on the two couches watching a movie. The moonlight shone through the backdoor. They were watching a horror movie. Melanie and Nathan were cuddled up in a blanket. Lacey was hiding behind Trent. And Anna and Matthew were staring at the television screen in amusement. They were having a group hang out at Nathan's parent's cabin. The cabin was located in the middle of nowhere.

The TV screen was blaring as a girl got murdered. Lacey jumped. Everyone laughed at her. Lacey smiled in embarrassment. Matthew stood up.

"Anybody want anymore popcorn?" He asked. They all nodded. Matthew sighed and walked into the dim lit kitchen and grabbed a package of popcorn. He unwrapped it and shoved it into the microwave. He set the time for three minutes and pressed start. As Matthew walked back into the living room to sit down, three knocks came from the front door. Matthew sighed and walked over to the door and opened it.

A young woman about early twenties stood on the porch. The porch light wasn't on so you couldn't see her face. She had hair down to her shoulders. Matthew cocked his head to the side.

He asked, "May I help you?"

The girl had shallow breaths. She finally said in a deep, eerie voice, "Is Tamara home?"

Matthew looked at her and said, "You got the wrong house lady. There is no Tamara here."

The girl just stood there. She finally walked off. Matthew played with the light switch for a moment seeing if it would come on. No luck. He shrugs and walks back to the couch. Just as he sits down, the microwave goes off. Everyone smiles at him. Matthew sighs and rolls his eyes. He gets back up and walks into the kitchen. He grabs the popcorn and rips it open just as a loud shriek comes from the speakers of the TV.

Matthew runs in and asks, "What did I miss?!"

Trent answers, "Naked blond chick got killed. Knife straight through her boob!"

"Awww! I missed it! That's some bullshit!" Matthew walks back into the kitchen and picks up the popcorn he had dropped on the floor. He dumps the popcorn into a bowl and sprints back into the living room. He sits down next to Anna. Everyone was quiet as the killer stalked his next pray. Anna and Matthew lean towards the television in extreme interest. Just as the killer was about to attack, the door bell rang once again.

Nathan got up and walked to the door. He opened the door and the same girl from before stood in front of him.

"Is there something you want?"

The girl stood there and asked in a blank tone, "Is Tamara home?"

Nathan sighed and said, "We already told you that your friend isn't here. Now please get off my property before I kick you ass!" He slammed the door shut and locked it. He turns around to begin walking back to the living room when the door bell rings again. Nathan sighs, getting more pissed off by the second. He unlocks the door and opens it yelling, "Bitch! Get the fuck off my property before I call the fuckin-"

A knife slices through his stomach.

Nathan takes a deep breath as the girl pulls the knife out of his stomach. He falls to the ground. The rest of the teens look over at him. The girls scream and Trent and Matthew sat in shock. The girl stood in the door way with the knife dripping blood from the tip of the blade. Nathan grunted in pain. The girl looked down and raised her knife again.

Melanie shouted out, "No!" She got up from the couch and ran over to him. She pushed the girl down and she fell off the porch. Melanie dragged Nathan back into the house and quickly shut the door. She locked all the locks. Tears ran down her face. She knelt down to Nathan's side. She removed a piece of her long wavy blond hair from her face.

Nathan looked up at her. He was bleeding badly now. Anna and Lacey still sat at the couches screaming. Matthew and Trent finally got out of their trances and ran over to help.

Melanie said through sobs, "Nathan! You do not die on me! Don't leave me here! Please, baby just be strong. We'll get you help soon! Just hold on!"

Nathan's wounds bleed more and more by the second. Melanie shouted out, "Go get me something to absorb the blood! Now!" Matthew and Trent got up and ran to find something. Melanie took off her jacket and held it over the wound. She put pressure on it. Nathan looked up at her. Melanie had tears streaming down her cheeks. He raised one hand and wiped the tears off her face. He blew her a small and weak kiss and then closed his eyes. Melanie looked at him as Nathan's hand became limp and heavy.

Melanie screamed out, "No!! Come back to me! Please come back to me!" She let her head drop onto his chest. Tears rolled down from her honey brown eyes and onto Nathan. Trent and Matthew rushed back with two rolls of paper towels, three towels, some bandages, and some peroxide. Once they saw his dead body lying on the floor, they dropped to their knees.