Chapter 8-The final chapter 2

Lacey lay in her padded room, wearing a white gown. It was about midnight. She was sleeping. Her door inched open quietly. A shadowy figure ran into her room. The door snapped shut. Lacey jolted up. She looked around her darkened room. She saw nobody and nothing. She lay back down and fell asleep again. The figure emerged from a dark corner. It was Pin-up girl. She walked over to Lacey and grabbed her knife from her pocket.

She raised it over Lacey's chest. Pin-up girl plunged the knife into Lacey's torso. Lacey jolted as Pin-up girl stabbed the knife down into her torso over and over again. She coughed up blood. The blood splattered all over the white walls. Lacey squirmed and screamed out in pain.

Lacey's eyes snapped open. She was screaming and she was surrounded by nurses and security. It took four security guards and three nurses to restrain her.

Lacey screamed out, "No! Stop! They are coming! They are trying to kill me! You have to let me got! Please! Help me! They are after me!! Let me go please!" One of the nurses took out long needle. It was connected to a see through cylinder containing a yellow liquid. She stabbed the needle into Lacey's arm. Lacey became calm and slowly fell back asleep.

The next morning, Lacey woke up. The sun shined into the room. Lacey sat on her bed staring at the wall. She rocked back and forth. Hours passed. She lay down on her bed staring at the ceiling. She slowly fell asleep. Once she fell asleep, the door crept open. A figure dressed in a black cloak walked in and shut the door softly. The figure walked over to where Lacey slept. The person pulled out a butcher knife and scraped it against the metal of her bed.

Lacey's eyes snapped open and she saw the figure standing above her. She screamed for help.

"This is just a dream! This is all just a dream!" Lacey screamed. The figure pulled out a strip of duct tape and placed it over her mouth. He took out some rope and tied her hands and legs to the bed. She cried. The figure took off the hood of his cloak revealing a mask. The person lifted the mask up just to where she could see his face.

He said, "You killed my mother, father, and my aunt. Now you will die for the murders you committed." He put the mask back down and raised the knife. He shoved it into Lacey's stomach. The blade cut through her skin and down into the mattress. He snarled and grunted as he stabbed over and over again. She screamed for help but they were trapped by the tape. He tilted her head back slightly and slit her throat.

Lacey gagged on her blood. It tried to flow out of her mouth but couldn't. Some blood escaped the tape. Her eyes rolled back into her head. The teenage boy untied the rope and took off the duct tape. Blood flowed out from her mouth. He placed the knife in her hand. He put the hood back over his head and left the room. He passed three dead body guards as he left that hallway.

Lacey's parents held a funeral four days later. Everyone paid their respects and went inside the church. A tall, black haired boy was in the back. He had a grin on his face. He walked up to the grave and spit in it.

He muttered, "You got what you deserved." He left the funeral.