The brisk knocking at the door startled Emily Prentiss from her lonely self pitying thoughts as she lay slumped across her sofa in the early hours of the morning. At first she thought she had imagined the intrusion into her solitude. She sat bolt upright, alert, and sure enough the sound echoed again down the dark hallway.

Emily hated herself for that glimmer of hope that caused her to hold her breath in that moment. She glanced at the clock on the wall. JJ always came around this time. Always came over in the silent stillness of the night. Always, that was, before Will LaMontagne came onto the scene. Emily closes her eyes, letting the bitter-sweet memories of JJ's touch flood over her.

When she opens them again, she surveys the scene around her. She realises, with self loathing, that part of her had been sitting here in this exact spot, waiting for JJ. Knowing JJ wasn't coming, that JJ wasn't ever going to be coming to her door again. And still Emily was, pathetically, eagerly, waiting with open arms. Sitting in that same spot she always sat, barely clothed in skimpy night attire. Bottle of wine open in the table, almost empty by now, and two glasses standing tall beside it. Emily squinted as she examined the glasses, perhaps that wine had gone to her head. Why would she put two glasses out, knowing full well she would be alone tonight? Just as she would be alone every night for the rest of her life. Old habits die hard.

There was no need for two glasses anymore. JJ never visited. And JJ never knocked. Emily Prentiss knew this. And still she could not quite quell the breathless anticipation as she stood to her feet to answer the door.

Emily's heart sank as she creaked open the door. Not because it wasn't JJ standing there. She had expected as much. But because she finally realised just how desperately she had been waiting and hoping for JJ to come back to her. It was undoubtedly pathetic.

Busy in scolding herself over her stupidity, and dizzy from the effects of the wine, Emily scarcely had time to wonder what Will La Montagne was doing on her doorstep in the middle of the night.

She simply hadn't the inclination or the energy to look him questioningly in the eye. If she had, she would have seen the murderous seething rage. As it was, Emily assumed he had come to gloat over his victory.

"May I come in, Agent Prentiss?" He asked, already stepping across the threshold without waiting for an invitation.

Emily stood aside to let him in, feeling somehow in the mood for torturing herself by listening to his tales of how he had stolen JJ away from her.

Seconds too late, Emily registered the cold calculating tone in the mans voice that spelled danger.

Hastily Emily pulled her robe tighter around herself, suddenly aware she was showing far too much skin to be answering the door in the middle of the night. Too late, Emily smelled the alcohol on his breath. Or was that her own? Too late, Emily saw the gleaming metal of the knife blade in his hand.

Emily Prentiss could have overpowered him. Should have been able to over power him. He caught her off guard. She was still dizzy from the bottle of wine she drank on an empty stomach. And she found her instinct to survive, to keep breathing, was just not as strong as it used to be, not without JJ in her life.

Will grabbed her forcefully from behind, holding the cool knife blade at her throat.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't slit your throat right here and now." He demanded.

Emily was rendered speechless. She simply couldn't think of a reason. "Go ahead." She finally answered Will. "You've already taken everything from me."

Had she not been quite so intoxicated with alcohol she wouldn't have admitted that aloud to the man.

"I took everything from you?!" Will demanded angrily, tightening his grip, pressing that cool knife blade just a little bit harder against Emily's skin so that it drew blood.

At that moment something clears in Emily's head just long enough for her to ask herself, just what is Will doing here? Just why is he so angry? It made no sense.

"She chose you." Emily said hollowly. Not with the enthusiasm of someone who ought to be pleading for her life. With bitterness and heartbreak, softly, sadly, Emily uttered it again "She chose you." She chose you, violent, angry, drunken man, who came to my doorstep in the middle of the night with a knife, She chose you over me. Emily thinks to herself.

Finally, pushing her self pity aside, Emily lets JJ creep into her thoughts. JJ who had agreed to marry this man. She could not allow herself to stand here and not fight back, she had to protect JJ, to warn her about the kind of man Will La Montagne was.

"She chose me." Will acknowledges. "But she still loves you." He replied in a broken voice.

Amidst the chaos of the situation, the fear, murky alcohol induced haze, Emily's heart skipped a beat at those words. JJ still loved her? Could it be true?

It was that possibility that gave her the strength and courage to push Will LaMontagne aside, catching him by surprise with her sudden attack, and knocking the knife from his grip, and causing the both of them to come crashing to the floor.

Emily lunged for the knife, her fingers almost grasping it as she lay stretched on the floor. That's when the sound of shattering glass pierced her ears as Will smashed the wine glass on the table.

Before Emily knew what was happening, Will La Montagne was on top of her, and the knife lay out of her reach.

"Are you waiting for someone?" Will demanded. "Waiting for my Fiance? Dressed like a slut,with two wine glasses on the table."

Emily didn't know how to answer him. Yes, she had been waiting for JJ. But not because JJ was actually coming. It was all in her own head. Her heart stop beating for a moment as the realisation hit her that this crazy man may have done something to JJ. The thought of JJ getting hurt overwhelmed her with fear, caused her to divert her attention from Will. She hadn't even seen his trembling hands coming towards her grasping tightly to the piece of broken glass.

Emily cried out in surprise at the stinging burning pain as he dragged the jaggered piece of glass across her abdomen.

"I'm going to teach you a lesson you will never forget, Emily Prentiss." Will threatened.

As everything went black, all of Emily's thoughts turned to JJ. Please let JJ be alright, she pleaded. And please, let me have one last chance to tell her that I love her.