Akuma no Konoha!

Description: Akuma no Konoha is placed a 1 year before Naruto's graduation at the Konoha Ninja Academy. Naruto is treated terribly by the civilians and jounin's of Konoha for harboring the Kyuubi no Kitsune inside him. Naruto is hated and shunned from the Konoha society and just wants to be liked for a change. Naruto is on the verge of insanity, Naruto reaches out for someone to help him, but no-one is there to help. Or is there?

Side Note: Akuma No Konoha! Means Demon Of Konoha! In English.

In Konoha, Naruto was walking to Ichiraku's Ramen to get some ramen. As Naruto was walking to Ichiraku's he was soon confronted by a gang of Konoha's civilians who were with a single jounin.

"Hey, Hey, Hey! Check it out! It's the Freak!" Said a civilian.

" What-What do you want?" Asked Naruto.

"Your life!" said the jounin as he attacked Naruto.

The jounin performed a shadow clone to charge at Naruto. The clone threw a kunai at Naruto. As he dodged it the original came from behind Naruto and kicked him into the air. The jounin pulled out his katana and slashed Naruto in his chest as he was slammed down to the ground by the jounin's katana.

"Let's leave, this demon isn't as strong as it's said to be." Said the jounin.

The gang left and laughed as they saw Naruto's weak display of fighting. Naruto laid there on the ground and began to cry.

"Why?" Thought Naruto. "Why does everyone hate me?"

"Because they do." A deep, and mysterious voice said. "They hate you because you harbor me."

"Who's there?" said Naruto. "Please don't hurt me again."

"I can't. If you get hurt, I get hurt. If you die, I die." Responded the voice.

"Who are you?" said Naruto. "Please show yourself, I want someone to be my friend. Please."

"I can't show you where I am, but if you want to know where I am then concentrate your chakra all to your head. But do it in a place where you will not be seen by anyone." Said the voice.

Naruto crawled into an alley near him and laid against the wall to his right. He formed a hand seal and focused all of his chakra to his head. Almost instantaneously Naruto was in a place that looked like a sewer.

"Follow my voice. It will guide you to me." Said the voice.

Naruto followed the voice as it led him to some sort of cage. Inside the cage was pitch black; it seemed as if nothing was there. But soon two eyes appeared to open inside of the cage with a red glare to them.

"Is that you?" said Naruto.

"Yes, it is me. I am the Kyuubi no kitsune. Also the reason everyone hates you." Said the Kyuubi.

"Well, please protect me." Said Naruto.

"I will." Said the Kyuubi. "But I'll only be able to protect you when you're in dire situations. I will train you to the fullest. That way you can protect yourself."

Naruto regained his consciousness in the real world, only to find himself in the hospital.

"What the hell am I doing here?" thought Naruto as he saw Hinata at the side of the bed, sound asleep. "Oh she took me here. How nice of her."

"Hinata, did you take me here?" asked Naruto as he woke up Hinata.

"y-y-yes, Naruto-kun." Said Hinata shyly.

"Thank you." Said Naruto as he gave a smile to Hinata as she began to blush.

"Who's this chick?" Kyuubi thought to Naruto.

"She's a friend." Thought Naruto to Kyuubi.

"She seems nice, take care of her. Now Naruto let's get training." Said Kyuubi.

The Kyuubi injected some of his chakra into Naruto so that he would be able to get the adrenaline rush from the chakra. Naruto shot up out of his bed and opened the window.

"Bye Hinata!" exclaimed Naruto as he leaped out of the window

* * * * * *

"Kyuubi, why can I jump out from windows now? I never had the strength to do that before." Asked Naruto

"Because you have my chakra injected into you. It gives you 10times your normal strength. Oh and call me Kyu from now on, I prefer it better." Said Kyuubi.

"Okay?" said Naruto. "But Kyu, how are we gonna train if you aren't here to physically train me?"

"Don't worry, I've already got a plan." Said the Kyuubi.

* * * * * *

Minutes passed by as Naruto arrived at the open training grounds.

"So Kyu, can you tell me how we are gonna train without you here?" asked Naruto.

"Just do as I tell you." Said the Kyuubi. "Now form these hand seals."

Naruto was surprised to see that pictures of hand seals formed in his mind. He began to do them and a cloud of smoke appeared in front of him. A figure was soon visible to Naruto and right before him stood a man who had black hair with some red and orange strands in it. He had slits in his eyes which looked like a foxes. His hands were in a claw-like position, and he had 3 whiskers on each side of his face.

"Hey Naruto, guess who?" The man said with a smile.

"Kyu?" Said Naruto.

"You bet!" Kyuubi said with a smile.

"Now Naruto, for your first lesson. Chakra control and natured chakra!" Kyuubi said with a smile.

"Natured chakra?" Naruto asked questionably.

"Yeah haven't you seen people use fire styled jutsu or water style jutsu, etc?" Kyuubi asked.

"Well yeah, Sasuke Uchiha uses fire-styled jutsu's a lot." Said Naruto.

"Uchiha? So there are still some survivors." Kyuubi said. "But anyways you noticed that this Uchiha Sasuke uses fire styled jutsu's, correct?" Kyuubi said.

"Yeah, so?" Naruto said.

"The Uchiha clan has been known to use fire-styled jutsu, it's in their bloodline trait." Kyuubi explained. "Now let's find out the nature of your chakra."

"How are we going to do that?" asked Naruto.

"Here, take this paper. It has been fed with chakra since it was a tree." Kyuubi said as he gave the paper to Naruto. "Inject the paper with some of your chakra and it will show the nature of your chakra."

Naruto injected the paper with his chakra and the paper crumpled, sliced, burnt, started to get wet, and crumbled.

"Naruto… It seems you have all of the chakra natures." Kyuubi explained. "Now let's begin with your training. Your elemental training."

"He has the wind nature and water nature by himself, and he inherited the fire and earth nature from me. But where did he get the lightning?" Kyuubi thought to himself as he realized something. He had realized that Naruto looked like the person who had sealed him in Naruto, the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze.

"Naruto? Did you know who your father was?" Asked Kyuubi.

"No, unfortunately. Why do you ask?" said Naruto.

"Just wondering." Said Kyuubi. "Naruto, I'm going to teach you two legendary jutsu's that will definitely protect those you care-"

"I don't care for anyone, everyone has treated me terribly. They hate me, I hate them." Said Naruto as he cut off the Kyuubi's sentence.

"Naruto… In order to grow and get stronger you must have someone you care for. That way the urge to protect them grows on you and helps you get stronger and protect that person." Kyuubi said. "Don't take anything for granted, Naruto. Now get ready you're about to learn the Rasengan, Hiraishin, and I'll try to teach you how to control my chakra for your own use in desperate situations."

* * * * * *

Days that felt like months past by as Naruto was training with Kyuubi, as the other kids played with their friends. The day had finally come. The day Naruto had been waiting for. The start of the new year at the ninja academy. With Naruto's new found power, he felt like he was on top of the world.

"Welcome back students!" exclaimed Iruka.

"Welcome back Iruka-sensei!" The students exclaimed back.

"Today we will be putting each student into groups!" Iruka said.

Minutes passed as Iruka sorted the teams, until it came to Naruto's team.

"Team 17! Sasuke Uchiha! Sakura Haruno! Naruto Uzumaki!" Iruka exclaimed as he began to sort the other teams together.

Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke got up and met each other in the corner where they could talk.

"So you loser's are on my team?" Sasuke said arrogantly.

"I wouldn't be talking Uchiha. Don't underestimate me. You'll surely regret it." Naruto said profoundly. "Now let's meet our team captain."

* * * * * *

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