Akuma no Konoha!

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"Focus your Chakra into your eye, in the shape of a whirlpool." Jiraiya said. "Be careful, remember. You can die."

"I'll be fine." Naruto said as smiled towards Jiraiya as he closed his eyes.

As Naruto focus the chakra into his eyes, he felt as if he was... not there. Not in the room with Jiraiya, but somewhere else. His eyes were closed but they were open. It's as his consciousness was in a different dimension while his body stayed in the room with Jiraiya. As Naruto stayed in this place he realized that there was something else in the room with him. Naruto turned around and noticed two figures, they seemed to have been male and female. One had yellow hair just like Naruto, while the other had red hair.

"Where am I?" Naruto thought. "Am I in Kyu's cage again?"

"There he is." A male voice said.

"Wow, I can't believe it, he's grown so much." A female voice said. "But he came here for that."

"Wha- Who's there?" Naruto asked. "Who are you."

"You may know me as the Fourth Hokage, but call me Minato, your dad." Minato said.

"And you may know me as- well, I don't really have a nick-name." The female voice said.

"Oh please, remember? You were "tomato" back in the academy!" Minato said as he was punched in the face.

"Shut up!" The female voice said in an agitated tone. "You can call me Kushina, your mother."

The black room started to turn white, and the two were completely visible to Naruto.

"-Mom... Dad..." Naruto said softly as he started crying. "Why are you guy's here? I thought you two were dead."

"Well actually, I'm still alive in the real world, this is just a fragment of my chakra and consciousness that has been sealed into your body." Kushina said.

"Yeah, I'm just dead. Wait a minute... doesn't this make me a zombie?" Minato said as he pretended to be a zombie.

"Cut it out, Minato, lets tell him why we're here." Kushina said.

"Alright, we're here to help you obtain the Uzugan." Kushina said. "I take it Jiraiya sent you here."

"Yeah, Jiraiya sent me here, but what am I supposed to do?" Naruto asked as his parents looked at each other in silence.

"Naruto... you're supposed to fight the both of us." Minato said.

"Fight? Both of you?" Naruto said.

"Yeah, unfortunately we have to fight our son after the first time we've seen him in 14 years." Kushina said.

"Now Naruto, we have to do this fast or else." Minato said.

"Okay." Naruto said as he got prepared to fight.

Naruto started to run at his parents with a fist ready, but before he knew it, his father was already behind him.

"Fast!" Naruto thought as he was knocked to the floor by his Dad.

By the time Naruto could stand up he realized his mother was floating in the air. Kushina performed at least 50 hand seals in just a few seconds, red chakra surged through out her body and it soon became visible to Naruto.

"Jagujī-fū no burasuto o hakai!" Kushina exclaimed as a gigantic red whirlpool appeared from her hands.

Kushina pointed her hands towards Naruto and then in an instant a whirlpool headed towards Naruto, the whirlpool hit Naruto and Naruto was unseen for he was drowned in the water. As the water cleared, it revealed Naruto being held by dozens of clones and Naruto with a fully charged rasengan.

"Attack!" The Naruto's said as they each rushed at Kushina and Minato.

Each of the Naruto's attacked Kushina and Minato one by one and covered Naruto.

"Damn! Where is he?" Minato thought.

From the clones appeared the original Naruto headed towards Kushina, and before Kushina knew it, she was hit with a fully-charged rasengan. Kushina was blasted away and she fell to the ground.

"Dad! You're next!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Oh crap." Minato said.

"Yeah! You should be scared!" Naruto taunted.

"No, Naruto, I', not scared of you, look behind you!" Minato said as Naruto turned around.

What Naruto witnessed seemed inhuman. It was his mother, fully pissed off. Her eyes seemed glowing red, and her body was covered with red chakra and 6 tails.

"NARUTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Kushina exclaimed as she charged towards Naruto.

Kushina tackled Naruto to the ground and began to punch him.

"Kushina that's enough. I think he's down." Minato said.

Kushina stood up and walked towards Minato.

"Yeah, I think so too." Kushina said. "I think might've broke my hand punching his face too hard."

Kushina and Minato started to walk away, but as they walked they felt a blood-thirsty presence behind them. They turned around and saw Naruto encased with the same red chakra Kushina had been in, but he had 9 tails.

"Kyu! Come here!" Naruto exclaimed.

Meanwhile in the real-world, Kyu had somehow heard this request in his head, and he returned inside of Naruto's body.

"Naruto! What's wrong?" Kyu said as he appeared inside Naruto's consciousness.

"Kyu, look over there. It's my parents, Minato and Kushina." Naruto said.

"Minato! Kushina!" Kyu exclaimed. "How are you guys?"

"WHAT THE HELL?" Naruto exclaimed. "You know my parents?"

"Yeah, your mother was my previous host." Kyu said. "But I never taught her any of the jutsu's I taught you."

"ASS!" Kushina interrupted.

"Now Naruto, let's fight together." Kyu said.

"Yeah, lets kick their asses!" Naruto exclaimed.

Naruto and Kyu both performed multiple hand seals, and chakra surged through out both of their bodies, the two were in perfect unison.

"Akuma ningen no ketsugō ;jōshō geraku!" Naruto exclaimed as he was covered by a black chakra orb that transformed him into a beast with black fur and humongous claws and 9 black and red tails.

"Akuma ningen no ketsugō ;jōshō geraku!" Kyuubi exclaimed as he was covered by a black and silver orb that transformed him into a being with radiant red eyes with slits going down them, he had black fur just like Naruto but had 9 black and silver tails.

"What the hell?" Minato exclaimed. "Kushina, we're gonna have to combine our jutsu's into one Rasengan.

Naruto and Minato both charged up their Rasengan's. Kushina walked beside Minato as Kyu walked beside Naruto. Both parties charged their chakra into the Rasengans and had finished their Rasengan's.

"Eien no yami rasenmaru!" Kyu and Naruto exclaimed as the Rasengan they held contained immense black chakra.

"Jagujī rasen-dama!" Kushina and Minato exclaimed as the Rasengan they held contained Kushina's whirlpool jutsu inside of it.

The ground shook due to both of the Rasengan's immense power. Minato and Kushina charged at Naruto and Kyu, as Kyu and Naruto charged at Minato and Kushina. Both of the Rasengan's collided with each other and everybody had struggled not to fall. But as seconds passed, Naruto and Kyu's rasengan finally broke through Minato's and Kushina's. Kushina and Minato were both engulfed in the Black Rasengan and as soon as it cleared it seemed that Minato and Kushina had both disappeared.

"Naruto, you've done well, and you've come so far." Kushina's voice said but she was nowhere to be found.

"We're very proud of you, Naruto." Minato said.

"Naruto, I now reward you with our clans bloodline trait, The Uzugan." Kushina said. "As soon as you wake up, you may find it hard to stay balanced."

"Naruto, the Uzugan's power is very immense, none know of its true power since every Uzugan user has different abilities so you may find it hard to use." Minato explained. "And Naruto, when you recover, find your mother in the real world. She will teach you how to use the Uzugan."

"Goodbye Naruto." Kushina and Minato said as their voices disappeared.

The white room started to go black again and soon Naruto found himself awake in the real world.

"So Naruto, how was it?" Jiraiya said.

"Great, I met my parents." Naruto said. "And Jiraiya?"

"Yeah, Naruto?" Jiraiya said.

"When I recover, we're going to find my mother, she's still alive." Naruto said as he fell asleep.

"So Kushina is still alive, eh?" Jiraiya said. "Thank god."

As Naruto fell asleep, he realized he was in the sewer he had first met Kyu in.

"So Naruto, we're going to find your mother?" Kyu asked.

"Yeah, but right after the Chuunin exams." Naruto said.

"Oh yeah. I completely forgot about that." Kyu said.

Meanwhile Kakashi had been training with Sasuke...

"Kakashi! This Jutsu is impossible!" Sasuke exclaimed.

"Nothing is impossible, Sasuke." Kakashi said. "You know... if you master this jutsu, you may be able to beat Naruto."

"Naruto..." Sasuke thought. "I will defeat you."

"Now Sasuke, practice hard. The Final round is tommorow." Kakashi said.

The end.

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