Title: I Told You So!
Author: mercy-angel-09
Word Count: 100
Prompt: Red Herrings
Rating: K+
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Castle/Beckett
Summary: Castle gets a rare opportunity to gloat. Kind of.
Author's Note: I'm always up for a challenge, and writing a fic in exactly 100 words is just that. Inspired by the love/hate relationship of Castle and Beckett. Written for and originally published in the Castle100 community on LiveJournal. Look forward to more standalone drabbles.

Deliberate misdirection. He prided himself in his ability to confuse readers with red herrings. Nevertheless, there was always that exceptional person who could see through it and he occasionally got letters from people who had, but those were rare.

His favorite was from a single fan who wrote to him speaking with the authority of an actual detective. She was brutal in her criticism of his use of red herrings, stating that no real detective would ever fall for them.

Consequently, he was pleased when he could tell her, "I told you so!" when she had mistakenly fallen for one.

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