Hey everyone. From the makers of Styx Omega, i present to you my Pokemon Story i have been writing. Note, i do not own Pokemon or any of its characters, etc... Enjoy.

The wind blew calmly across the plains that were located between Ecruteak City and Olivine City. As the tall grass flowed with the wind, it picked up speed, sometimes gusting at between twenty to thirty miles per hour.

However, the sun shined upon the landscape, heating up the world, making today absolutely beautiful. A perfect sailor's day, a day for kids to fly kites. Hell, even flying Pokemon such as the Pidgey enjoyed flying with the gusts, because all they had to do was flap their wings every so often, as the wind allowed them to glide through the air.

However, this wind was expected today, as three campers pitched up their tents behind trees, to try to reduce the wind as it hit their tents. In addition, doing this made it darker, not allowing much light into the campsite, giving them more time to sleep. One of them still bothered to wake up early.

A man, roughly around the age of twenty-six, woke up and took in the beautiful, windy, warm day. He smiled as he looked into the sun, as it peered its way through the trees.

He then took notice of his surroundings, noticing that he was still the only one awake. Judging by the position of the sun, he had to say it was about eight-thirty in the morning.

He could not blame his friends for sleeping in, after watching his friend compete in the Johto League once again, he deserved a good sleep.

"Come on out, Sudowoodo and Toxicroak." The man yelled, as he threw his Pokeballs, releasing two of his Pokemon. The balls landed on the ground, opening and releasing a bright, white light.

The lights flew out of the balls, growing in size and forming into familiar forms that all Pokemon lovers recognized. In a matter of seconds, the bright light dulled, presenting the tree-like and poison frog Pokemon.

"Sudo-woodo!" "Croak." Both, looking a bit tired, but were happy to be released from their compacted home.

"Morning you two. I am gonna make us some breakfast, but I need a few things. Toxicroak, I need you to get me some water from the nearby stream. Sudowoodo, I need you to pick up some berries. Let's go!" The man yelled, sounding very happy to see his two friends.

They both complied, Sudowoodo taking off at a running speed. Toxicroak just seemed to slowly walk away, saying 'Croak' every other step.

The man bent down and began fumbling through his backpack, trying to look for his cooking supplies. "Ah. There you are." He said, pulling out his pots, plates, cups, etc…

"Come on, Brock. You know I wanted to sleep in today. Don't be so loud." A new, but familiar voice called out from behind him.

Brock turned around, seeing his best friend, that he's basically known for eleven years. Since the beginning of his breeding days, and his friend's training days.

"Sorry, Ash. I just a little excited today. I get to see my love, Jasmine again. It's been so long. I hope she'll remember me!" Brock said, sounding very eager to get to Olivine City, for the reason I just wrote.

Ash just stared at him, sweat dripping down the back of his head, as he just scratched his hair, very confused. "Brock. You need to chill. You are like this around every woman you meet. Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, Liza, Jasmine, my mom, for reasons I still can't understand. Professor Ivy…." "ARGH!"

Ash flinched a little, as he saw Brock immediately collapse into a fetal position, a dark blue aura shrouding him. "Don't mention that name." Ash just chuckled slyly. "He he. Sorry bout that."

"Pikaaa." Ash's faithful companion said, as he slowly crawled out of his tent, climbing up Ash's leg and back to perch himself on his shoulder.

"Morning, buddy. Sleep well?" "Chu." The little yellow mouse said, looking a little agitated for being prematurely woken up.

"Nice one, Brock. Now you woken him up. If you woke up Dawn, she's going to have your head."

"Why don't you go see if she's awake then. That way if she yells, I have enough time to runaway."

"Prepare yourself." Ash said, as he slowly made his way to the bluette's tent. He grabbed the zipper and began to raise it, allowing him to peek inside.

He saw that Dawn was awake, but he then remembered something he was going to regret. "Son of a bitch, Ash! I told you to never see me until my hair was fixed!" She yelled, as she started to get up to run after Ash.

Ash took this moment to immediately runaway from the now angry Dawn, he sprinted away from her tent, now realizing that Pikachu had fallen off.

"You fucking suck! You know that, Brock?" Ash yelled, as he ran past him, a second later, Dawn ran past too.

Brock just laughed, as he watched his two friends run away from him, then he turned around to see Pikachu on his head, looking more agitated that before.

Buneary, one of Dawn's faithful Pokemon, emerged from the tent, seeing Pikachu on his head. She bounced over to him, seeing his facial expression, which caused her to giggle.

Pikachu just sighed, as the bunny pushed him over onto his back, as Pikachu just caught up and dusted himself off.

"What happened, Pikachu?" Buneary said, as she helped dust off Pikachu. "Ash and Dawn. Need I say anything else?" "No, I guess not."

Brock just laughed, as he looked off into the distance, seeing Ash still outrunning Dawn, but in her last attempt before she ran out of energy, she dove on him, tackling him to the ground.

"Damnit, Ash! How many times do I have to keep telling you to not enter my tent until I am ready, before it finally sinks into your thickheaded skull?"

"Come on, Dawn. You know I never learn anything." "Ash. You're twenty-one years old. I would assume you would have learned by now."

"Dawn. You never assume. You know what they say?" "Oh God, Ash. Enough with that assume nonsense. Yes, I know what they say. You make an 'ass' out of 'you' and 'me'."

"Very good. See ya." Ash said, as he quickly pushed Dawn off of him and took off running towards the campsite.

"Get back here, Ash Ketchum!" "You're gonna have to catch me first!" He yelled, as he slowly opened the distance between himself, and the bluette.

Brock just watched from the distance, but saw that Ash was coming right for him. So, out of respect for his friend, he backed away, making sure he wouldn't get in Ash's way. However.

When Brock backed away, Ash made the necessary adjustment to head straight for him again. Brock didn't have enough time to realize, that Ash was going to tackle Brock for tricking him.

"Oh shit!" Brock yelled, as Ash dove for his midsection, causing the two to land on the ground hard, Brock, basically had the wind knocked out of him.

"That's for tricking me into waking Dawn. I hate it when you do that." "So do I!" Dawn yelled, as she dove for Ash, just as he got up off of Brock, and was standing with his back towards her.

He could've sworn he heard his back pop, as they two collapsed to the ground, Dawn on top of Ash once again.

Pikachu and Buneary just watched, as the two sat on a stump, shaking their heads at their immature trainers.

"Oh God. My back." Ash groaned, as he placed a hand on his sore back, as Dawn just giggled at his misery.

"You…..two can con…tinue. I'm….gonna go….make breakfast." Brock said, trying to catch his breath. He got up just in time, as Sudowoodo had made it back with a bunch of berries.

Toxicroak arrived, about two minutes later, holding a pail of water. "Toxicroak? Where did you get a pail?"

The frog never answered, he just dropped the pail on the ground and slowly walked away, so it could sit in the sun. Brock just shook his head.

As Brock stood over a roaring fire, making some of his famous, No Chew Stew, Ash leaned against a tree, as Dawn played with her Pachirisu and Buneary.

"You two are just the cutest Pokemon ever. I'm so glad to have caught you." She giggled, as he leaned forward to hug her two Pokemon. The Pokemon laughed and cheered, as they were very happy to have been Dawn's Pokemon for the past eight years.

The moment was disturbed however, as a loud roar was heard from right behind them. Ash had released one of his Pokemon from his Pokeball. This roar was none other, than Charizard.

Something was different about this Charizard. A normal Charizard was orange, with a red and yellow flame on its tail, a creamish, yellow belly, and the inside of its wings with blue. Ash's wasn't.

The majority of Charizard's body was black, as his belly was a charcoal grey color. The tail burned white, like an eggshell, except for when it battled. When it battled, the eggshell white increased in brightness, burning as bright as Magnesium burning. Plus, the inside of his wings were green.

He towered over Ash, standing at about ten to eleven feet. He smiled at Ash, as Ash smiled back, but then turned towards the view of the ocean, which could been seen in the far distance.

One thing that caught Charizard's attention was the lighthouse, which housed the Pokemon, Ampharos. One of the Pokemon that belonged to Jasmine. The next thing that caught both of their attention, was the sound of a ship whistle. Charizard started wagging his tail, he was eager to see what kind of ship that was.

"Don't worry, Charizard. We'll get to Pallet soon enough." Charizard just sighed, as he walked away, to lay against a tree to take a nap.

Ash remembered the old days, always seeing Charizard laying against a tree, sleeping because it was his way of telling Ash that I won't listen to you. Those were frustrating times for the young trainer, who had a strong Pokemon, but just wouldn't listen.

Pikachu jumped onto Ash's shoulder, causing Ash to turn towards him, and smile. "You been my buddy since the very beginning, old friend. You are the most loyal friend I could ever ask for. Thanks, Pikachu."

Pikachu cooed, as he snuggled into Ash's neck, being happy to have such a great trainer. "Breakfast is ready!"

Ash immediately took off for the table Brock had set up, but there was one thing missing. Pikachu, had once again, fallen off of Ash.

He landed on his back, staring up at the trees, looking annoyed. Buneary's face came into view, looking down at Pikachu, as Pikachu just sighed.

Ash immediately started to dig in, not caring about his abnormal eating habits. Dawn just blankly looked at Ash, even after eight years of traveling with him, he still ate like the day she met him.

She turned to Brock, seeing if he noticed too, but all he did, was feed himself, and his Pokemon. Including his Ninetails.

If you recall, Brock took care of a Vulpix for a while. Well, when Brock turned nineteen, he heard that Vulpix missed him and wished to be back with him. Well, Brock took the offer and been with Brock ever since.

When he and Ash were having a battle, just a few weeks ago. Vulpix finally evolved into Ninetails. Brock couldn't be happier with her.

All the Pokemon were out of their Pokeballs, enjoying some of Brock's special food he always made for them. Two that were enjoying themselves once again, were Squirtle and Bulbasaur. However, they weren't Squirtle and Bulbasaur. They were Blastoise and Venusaur.

After the Squirtle Squad went their different ways, Squirtle took this time to return to Ash. He was happy and Ash was happy to have him back. This happened about four years ago, during that time. Squirtle evolved twice, becoming the Blastoise you see him now.

Bulbasaur, just wanted to get back into the battle world. Plus, he missed Ash. This happened about three years ago. Also, during that time. Bulbasaur evolved twice into Venusaur. Now, Ash had his three Kanto starters back with him.

Brock had his Steelix back with him. The giant steel snake was happy too. Though, sometimes. He thinks he just doesn't get enough food. That was his only complaint. So, at times, he would bury into the ground, eating up whatever was down there. However, he's taking a liking to fishing. Strange as it may be, but water doesn't really effect steel. Or does it?

Dawn, the one she Pokemon she loved most was her Empoleon, her starting Pokemon. As much as she loved to do Contests with him, Empoleon seems to have a liking for battles now. Prefers them more, mainly because he didn't think he was cute anymore. Who would find a six foot tall penguin cute?

"Brock. You always outdo yourself when it comes to cooking. This was absolutely great." Ash said, as he leaned back, patting his now full belly, after eating basically the entire pot of stew.

"Well. It's always a pleasure to cook for you, Ash. I just wish you would allow us to have thirds, sometimes even seconds." Brock said, slightly louder near the end of his sentence.

"Well. That's the risk of traveling with me. Right, Dawn?" "Can it, Ketchum. I'm not talking to you until you stop entering my tent before I'm ready."

"Now, its things like these that I enjoy messing with you. Shame you don't have a fear of bugs though. I could really have fun with that, like I did with Misty. Hey Dawn? You afraid of carrots or peppers?"

"Umm. No." "Fuck. Well, I guess I'll just have to keep barging in." "Alright, Ash. That's it. I'm gonna make you stop." Dawn said, quickly getting off of her seat, and began to chase Ash.

Ash had little time before he had to take off running, but he still outran Dawn, until a certain point.

Out of nowhere, Ash tripped and fell to the ground, landing face first into the ground. He slowly got up and turned around to see a black tail laid across the landscape. He followed the tail, which led up to Charizard, who just laid there, his eyes closed, but a smirk across his face.

"You bastard." "GOT YA!" Dawn yelled, jumping on top of Ash, causing him to yell in pain. "Alright. I'll stop. Please, get off my back."

"Promise me." "I promise." "Okay." Dawn said, as she got up off of Ash, feeling her victory. However, she was unaware of one thing. Ash, had been crossing his toes. That promise meant nothing. He laughed to himself.

"Alright, if you two children are done, flirting with each other." Brock said, causing the two to stare back at him, blushing slightly. "We can still make it to Olivine City with plenty of time before the S.S. Aqua arrives."

"Return, everyone!" Ash said, pulling out two Pokeballs at a time, recalling his Pokemon, minus his Pikachu, who took a seat on Ash's shoulder. Brock and Dawn mimicked his actions, and soon, they were on the road again.

About half a mile from their campsite, they couldn't help, but stare at their surroundings. The trees, the vast open plains and the ocean with the city in front of them. About three miles away.

"By the looks of the sun, I'd say it's about nine-thirty. And the boat doesn't arrive until twelve. At our current speed, we should be in Olivine at about eleven. Eleven thirty."

"Eleven-nineteen." Ash said, after calculating the math equation into his upgraded Pokedex.

"Smart-ass." Brock muttered to himself, but Dawn heard him and giggled. But something caught her attention, as she turned her head to the left. She saw a figure standing on a hill, with what looked like a Ampharos.

She wore a flowing white dress, which attracted the wind rather well, outlining her every curve of her body. Ash saw Dawn looking in the distance and wondered what she was looking at.

"Oh no." Ash mumbled, just loud enough for Brock to turn his head towards him, but his eyes caught he woman. He immediately jumped with joy, as he took off running, leaving a trail of dust behind him, leaving Ash and Dawn laying on the ground, after Brock forcibly pushing them to the ground.

"Who is that, Ash?" "I think that's….." "JASMINE! MY LOVE!" Brock yelled in the distance. "Yep. I was right."

Ash and Dawn stood up, seeing Brock kneeing in front of Jasmine, who just stared at him, probably very confused. However, both of them weren't expecting this. Jasmine embraced Brock in a hug.

"Wow." "Come on. Let's go." Ash said, as he started heading over towards Brock and Jasmine.

"Wow, Brock. It's so good to see you again. It's been an absolutely long time since I last saw you. How have you been? You still traveling with Ash and Dawn? Where are they?"

"Here." Ash said, as he came walking up the hill, with Dawn closely behind him. "Wow, Ash. Look at you. You look great. How have you been? I heard about you in the Johto League. You did great."

"Thanks, Jasmine. Always fun to travel here. Forgot how beautiful the scenery is around here."

"Nice to see you again, Dawn. You look great." "Thanks. You too, Jasmine." Jasmine smiled, but started looking back and forth between Dawn and Ash.

"You two finally dating yet?" "WHAT?!" They yelled in unison, causing her to back up a bit.

Brock just laughed, but then out of nowhere. He cried in pain, as he collapsed to the ground, a frog standing behind him, with a glowing purple fist. Toxicroak had Poison Jabbed Brock, but why?

"I think he just wanted to do that for fun. He hasn't jabbed Brock in a while." Dawn said, seeing Toxicroak put himself back into his Pokeball. Jasmine just sweat dropped, not sure what to think.

"So……Where are you guys heading?" "We are heading to Olivine, to take the Aqua back to Pallet. Why are you out here?"

"Oh. Just been thinking. Plus it's nice and peaceful out here." "Three miles away?" "Hey! You have to do things to get your peace."

"I know what you mean." Dawn said, glaring at Ash, as she was talking about him barging into her tent all the time.

Ash turned around to look at her, then faced Jasmine, giving out a sigh. "Don't ask." He said, shaking his head slightly.

"What were you thinking about?" Brock said, getting up from the ground, his body now working as the paralysis was starting to wear off.

"I've been given a new job, but I'm not sure if I should take it. It would mean leaving Olivine…….and my Gym."

"What's the job?" "I'd rather not say." "That bad, huh?" "No. It's not bad. It's a great offer, but I just don't know. I love it so much here. I mean. You live here for so long, enjoying everything, and you would never want to leave. That's how I am feeling right now."

"So, I guess that's a 'no' for traveling with us, for Brock's sake." "Fuck you, Ash."

Jasmine just giggled at the sudden…colorful language that she never heard this group say before. "Yeah. I think I'm going to take it, but I'm still thinking."

"It would be helpful if you told us what the job was?" Ash said, trying to get an answer. "I'm sure you'll know soon enough. Listen, you better get a move on. You don't have a lot of time before the Aqua arrives."

"Yeah. You're right. It was good seeing you again, Jasmine." "Oh, Ash. Same here. Can't believe how tall you are. Well over, six foot. Brock, nice to see you too and Dawn. Hope you finally win Ash's heart."

"Haha. Very funny, Jasmine, but take care of yourself." "My love! Please, I won't leave you!" Brock yelled, only to be dragged away by Ash and Dawn.

Jasmine just laughed and waved at the trio. "What a delightful character." She thought about Brock.

"Thanks a lot, Brock! Thanks to you, it took us longer to get here than it would've taken us, IF WE DIDN'T HAVE TO DRAG YOU!"

"But I must get back to Jasmine. She needs me!" Trying to get out of the grasp, more like a big bear hug, from Charizard, who just looked forward, looking annoyed and stupid, having to carry around a twenty-six year old man, who acted twelve.

"Sorry to put you through this Charizard, but we don't have much time before the boat sets off. I'll pay you with a steak."

Charizard attention was brought towards Ash, as he looked very excited. "I knew that get him." Ash said, before a loud whistle was heard in the distance.

"Shit, Ash! The Aqua is leaving in five minutes!" "Charizard. Fly us to the gate! Two steaks I'll pay ya."

Charizard, even more excited, leaned forward, allowing Ash and Dawn to climb on his back. Once they were secure, he took off running and leapt into the air, flying over the houses and everything, towards the gate, which only took thirty seconds to fly there.

"Welcome aboard, the S.S. Aqua. Can I see your tickets, please?" The man at the gate said, as he reached for Ash's hand, which held three tickets.

Took a moment, but when he was done. He just smiled. "Enjoy your trip." "Thank you." Dawn said, as she was the first to walk up the ramp, towards the giant boat. Had to be about the size of the Royal Caribbean ship, Freedom on the Sea. (look it up. A beautiful ship.)

They all walked aboard, and were stunned at how much class this boat had. "Holy shit." Ash said, taking in everything he was looking at. Dawn, just seemed hypnotized at the pool, which was below them, about three deck down. Brock, just looked at all the 'potential'.

"Alright. Let's go find our room first, then……" Ash said, turning around, seeing that Brock was already gone, and he was talking to a group of women. One with green hair, another with black, then the other with pink. All of them then watched him, being dragged off by Toxicroak.

"You'd think he would learn." "YOU'D think you would learn." Dawn said, smirking at Ash, as he slowly turned his head towards her.

"Don't make me throw you into the pool." "You wouldn't." "Are you willing to take that chance?"

Dawn just stared at Ash, as he just held a expressionless, yet serious look on his face. Dawn couldn't tell if he was joking of not. "Alright. I'm sorry." "A wise decision. Toxicroak? This way." "Croak."

As the trio, plus Toxicroak walked/dragged down the hall, they finally found their room. "Ah. Here it is, room 588." Ash said, as he took out his keycard and slid it through the door lock. Causing it to beep and unlock.

Ash opened the door and was stunned at how big the room was. Just one minor problem. "Alright. One couch and one queen size bed. I'll tell you one thing. I'm taking that bed, but I will not sleep with Brock."

"What's the matter, Ash? Too much brotherly love for you to handle?" "Alright. One. I would be a little scared of you if I didn't know you like women so much. You and women, you're just meant to be together. Two. Go fuck yourself, Brock. You're sick."

Brock just laughed, as he threw his stuff onto the couch, as Dawn just stared at the bed. "What?" Ash asked, as he approached her from behind.

"You're saying I have to share the bed with you?" "Yes. You don't have to worry. I don't bite or anything. I do tend to wrap myself in blankets so I may end up stealing from you."

"Terrific." Dawn sighed, as she threw her things onto the bed. Ash just chuckled as he did the same, but then noticed the outside view.

The ship had to have been about ten miles away from Olivine, and the view was just wonderful.

As Ash looked out the window, he saw a group of Lapras swimming parallel with the ship. Ash couldn't help, but smile at the group. Seeing a baby Lapras, reminding him of the one he caught in the Orange Islands.

Dawn approached him from behind and saw the Lapras and smiled as she thought they were like the cutest things you would ever see. When they turned around, Brock was nowhere to be found.

"Damnit. Not again. He's gone out womanizing. (Sigh) I'll see if I can bring him back." "Yeah, you go do that." "Shut up, Dawn." Ash said, pushing her, as she plopped on the bed.

When she landed on the bed, Ash couldn't help, but look up her skirt. It was at that moment, that he realized that he had stopped walking and was staring at Dawn's panties, as obvious as possible.

When Dawn looked up, she saw Ash staring at her and completed grew angry with him. "Damnit, Ash! You did that on purpose just so you can look up my skirt. I thought you were more gentlemen than that!"

"Calm down, Dawn. I wasn't planning on looking up your skirt. It just happened. Maybe you shouldn't wear something that short anyway." "Maybe you should keep your eyes to yourself and keep them in that thickheaded skull of yours!"

"Will you stop calling me thickheaded? You should be happy I never tried to attempt in the past! I'm sorry for growing up. Blow me." Ash said, walking out the bedroom and towards the door. "Ash?"

Ash stopped and turned around to look at Dawn, who was standing in the doorway. "Did…..did you at least like what you saw?" Ash was taken back by the question, starting to remember the white panties that she was wearing. He didn't know he was nodding.

"Good because that's the last time you'll see them." She said, slamming the door as she walked into the bedroom. "What happened?" Ash said, shaking his head, trying to clear his thoughts, thoughts about Dawn.

"Hello, ladies. My name is Brock. How would all of you like to join me in a little swim…ARGH!" Brock yelled, falling to the ground in complete paralysis. Ash walked up behind them, seeing Brock on the ground, Toxicroak at his side.

"Sorry, ladies." He said, as he grabbed one of Brock's legs and pulled him away from the two confused women. Toxicroak just stood there for a moment, before he slowly walked away from them, towards his fallen master.

"Seriously, Brock. You need to try a different approach. Like you did with Ivy." Brock tried to move into a fetal position, but the only thing he could do was say, "Don't mention that name."

Pikachu walked parallel with Toxicroak, shaking his head. "Where's Dawn?" "Who knows? Who cares?"

"What did you do?" Brock said, starting to come around. "I did nothing!" "Ash." "I accidentally looked up Dawn's skirt after I pushed her onto the bed."

"Ah. So the famous Ash Ketchum is starting to finally notice girls. This one in particular, being Dawn." "Shut up, Brock. I am not." "What color were they?"

"I don't remember. Stop asking these ridiculous questions!" Ash said, not knowing he shifted his gaze towards the floor, then back to Brock. Brock saw that, and looked at the floor.

"White tile? Ooooo. They were white." "Shut up!" Ash said, throwing his leg onto the floor, causing Brock to yell in pain and grabbing his knee. "Fuck you, that hurts!"

"Stop pestering me!" Ash said, running away, Pikachu not far behind. "You can't hide your feelings, Ash. They were bound to show up eventually!" "SHUT UP!" Brock just laughed, though still grabbing his leg. "Ah. Ash is now finally growing up. Only took him twenty-one years."

"What you think, Buneary? You like this shirt?" Dawn said, standing in front of a mirror in a clothing store, trying on a new shirt. Buneary just bounced with joy.

Dawn giggled and looked back into the mirror, examining her body. When she first started training, she wasn't that well developed, but as the years progressed, she stood there, still as slim as ever, but now had a pair of breasts to show off her figure even more.

"Can't recall when these things actually grew. Weird that I am now noticing it." Dawn said, staring at her C-cups. When she looked up in the mirror, she saw a figure walk past, that figure being Ash.

"Oh God. I hope he doesn't see me." She said out loud, but when she saw him waking backwards, her hopes gave out. Because he was walking into the same store she was in.

Though, he looked around, he didn't know Dawn was around. He just came in to try out some new hats and some vests.

She never turned around, she just watched through the mirror. He found a vest, but it came with a white shirt. He took a look around, before finally he took off the vest and shirt. Not seeming to care if anyone saw him shirtless.

Dawn couldn't help, but stare at his well-toned chest. His strong arms. His six….pack….abs. Oh my lord, he's handsome. Wait, what did I just say?

Dawn couldn't believe what she just thought. She just thought Ash was handsome when it finally hit her. The little girl that she been for a long time was starting to leave her, as she started thinking like a woman.

"I am eighteen. I guess this is normal. I think?" She mumbled to herself, as she continued to watch Ash try on clothing. "Maybe there's more to it than this. Maybe….could this mean I have a thing for Ash?"

Buneary was just staring at her master, confused at what was going on with Dawn. She was starting to blush uncontrollably.

Dawn, also without knowing, turned around and stare at Ash, not through the mirror, but with just her own eyes. Ash, by this time, wasn't happy with the new vest and shirt so he started taking it off.

When he was topless again, that's when he noticed that Dawn was off in the distance, staring at him. He looked at her, she looked like she was deep in thought, but she was following his every moment he did.

"Umm. What's eating her, Pikachu?" Pikachu, who was sitting on a clothes rack, turned around, looked at Dawn, then just smacked his head. "Geez, Ash. You really are thickheaded." The mouse thought.

Ash started to walk towards her, trying to put his shirt on, but when he got his head through the shirt hole, Dawn was gone. "What the?"

Dawn was hiding in a dressing room, hiding from Ash. "I hope he didn't see me." "Hey Dawn. You back here?" "Shit!"

Ash entered the dressing room hallway, seeing no one around. He tried looking underneath, but each door went all the way to the floor and not a chance was he going to check over the door.

"Hmm. Maybe she left, buddy." Ash said to Pikachu, as he walked out of the store, after he put on his vest. Dawn popped her head from over the door, watching Ash leave, sighing in relief.

"Alright. An all you can eat buffet. Sweetness!" Ash yelled, as he entered the restaurant, Brock and Dawn thinking it was a bad idea to come here. This boat would go bankrupt, all because of Ash.

"You think it's too late to find a different place to eat?" Dawn said, as she saw Ash returning to a table, with three plates full of food. "Yep." Brock responded, as he walked over to the meat bar.

When they both returned to the table Ash was at, he already had finished one of his plates full of food. One could only wondered if he breaths while he eats.

"Ash. You need to slow down a bit, okay?" Brock said, as he started to cut a chunk of his steak. Ash looked up and saw the steak, then remembered something.

"I'll be back!" He said, rising from his chair and running over to the bar where the steak was at. Dawn just stared with a shocked look, seeing Ash grabbing two very large pieces of steaks, then returning back to the table.

"Damnit, Ash. You're seriously going to eat all of that?" "No." Ash said, pulling out a Pokeball, revealing Charizard as he materialized in front of the whole restaurant. People were a bit shocked at the large Pokemon, but stared at him with awe. If you recall, he's black. Something you don't see everyday.

Charizard immediately started getting hungry thoughts, but then saw Ash, pointing at the two plates in front of him. Those two steaks were for him.

Excited, Charizard reached to pick up Ash, giving him a big bear hug. "Thanks, buddy. But please put me down before I throw up."

Charizard complied, as she placed Ash back onto his chair, before he started pigging out on the two large pieces of meat. Brock and Dawn couldn't believe what they were seeing.

When I said pigging, I meant gentlemen. Charizard, politely picked up a piece of meat and neatly ate it. If anything, he was eating like Dawn. Ash just stared at him, stunned.

"At least one of your Pokemon eats nicely, Ash." Dawn said, snickering at him, which caused Ash to glare at her.

"By the way. Why were you staring at me like that in the store?" Dawn immediately started blushing, which caused Brock to laugh. "I wasn't staring."

"You were to." "Was not." "Were to." "Not." "To." "Not." "Alright, children. Shut up. You're disturbing the peace." Brock ordered, trying to apologize for the childish act the two were having.

"You will drop this or I'll tell Brock about…." "He already knows." "What?! You told him?" "He read me like a book. I can't lie to him, even if my life depended on it. So, I told him about what happened in the room."

Dawn just stared at Ash, then at Brock, feeling tears of embarrassment starting to fill her eyes. "You thickheaded bastard." She said, getting up and heading for the bathroom.

Ash couldn't believe what had just happened. He was now mentally kicking himself. "How did this end up happening, Brock?"

"I don't know. I'm still trying to figure this out, but I suggest you better apologize." "Apologize? She started it." "Ash. You're not a kid anymore. You got to start taking responsibilities for your actions."

Ash just looked at Brock. He was right. He was twenty-one. He no longer was a kid. "I'll see if I can straighten this out." "Good. First step towards being a man." "Shut up."

Ash walked up to the woman's bathroom door, knocking upon it. "Go away, Ash." "Can you come out?" "No." "Is there anyone else in there?" "Yes."

Ash didn't buy it, he opened the door and peaked inside, seeing that the bathroom was empty, expect for one bluette.

He walked in, closing the door behind her, but the sound of the door closing startled Dawn, as she jumped to look at Ash. "What are you doing in here?"

"I want to settle things between us. All we seem to do lately is fight with each other and I want to know what's going on between us."

"I know what's going on. You are acting like a child as always." "Me a child? What about you? You're acting as much of a child as I am. And you are staring at me in a way I have never seen you do before."

"What about you? You looked up my skirt." "I said I was sorry about that." "No. You said you were sorry that you were growing up." Dawn said, still crying a little.

Ash started thinking about what she said. He was growing up and so was she. They fought a lot, but in a way that they never done before. They are staring at each other in a way they have never done before. Why am I so thickheaded? What does this mean?

"Are you thinking the exact same thing I am?" Dawn said, wiping the tears from her eyes. "Depends. What are you thinking?"

"That we are fighting more, but in ways we never usually fought. We are looking at each other that we never did before." "Yep. I am, but what does it mean?" "You really are thickheaded, aren't ya, Ash?"

"Yep. I was thinking that too." Ash responded, causing Dawn to giggle at him. "I think it means that since we are growing up, we are starting to develop feelings for each other."

"What you mean?" "What do you think? Do I have to write it out for you?" "No! I hope." Dawn just shook her head. "Ash. It means that we are starting to like each other."

"I already liked you." "You did?" "Sure. I've always liked you as a friend." "Argh! Not like that." "Then what you mean by like? Like….?" "Like boyfriend/girlfriend."

"Oh………wait, what?" "Ash…..you know it was bound to happen eventually." "I know, but…..I don't know. I never thought of girls…in this type of situation. I don't know how to proceed with this."

Dawn just slowly walked up to Ash, stopping a couple inches away from him. "Then you better start learning on how to proceed with it because some women won't be as patient as me."

With that, Dawn started to walk out of the bathroom, leaving Ash puzzled at something Dawn had just said. "Won't be as patient? Shit. I need help with this."

Dawn relaxed in the bedroom, as Brock and Ash sat on the couch, watching some television on their big, flat screen TV. Ash told Brock about everything Dawn had said to him and Brock couldn't believe that Ash was this dumb.

"Ash. You're like a brother to me and I mean this with the highest respect. You're a dumbass." "What?! Come on. You know when it comes to this, I know jack shit. That's why I'm asking you for help. Even I don't know why. I don't recall ever seeing you with a girlfriend."

"Shut up, Ash or I won't help you." "I be better off trying to figure this out all by myself." "Then you'll never find anyone." "Way to show confidence in me, you dill hole."

Dawn was leaning up against the door, listening on their conversation. She couldn't help, but laugh.

"You want my help or not?" "Not. I'll find my own way." "Should be interesting. Good luck." "Yeah. I'm gonna need it."

Ash walked out onto the balcony, looking out at the dark, black ocean. The first thing that caught his attention was the bright moon, casting a reflection on the ocean. Along with the stars, it was a beautiful night.

Think Ash. You are fighting with Dawn in a way you never have before. You're looking at Dawn in ways you haven't before. Why do I have a feeling I know this? You been like this for a while now. A couple years to be exact. Just as Dawn turned thirteen I think. Think back at times you two were together.

Ash was laying in a lake in Sinnoh, everyone was enjoying themselves. The Pokemon were running and playing, while the trio relaxed in the lake. Ash saw Brock swinging off vines and diving into the water. Dawn wasn't to be found yet.

She was still in her tent, putting on her bathing suit. Ash was wondering what was taking her so long and he wanted to mess around with her. His favorite thing to do was splash water into her face, starting a water fight.

She was about thirteen actually and he was about sixteen. Things were starting to change for him, starting to notice things he never did before, but he always shrugged it off.

While he waited, he threw Pikachu playfully in the water, having fun with his companion. On about the sixth throw, Dawn finally emerged from the tent and stood on the edge of the lake.

Ash took notice of her and was stunned to see her. She was wearing a new suit and it showed off her figure perfectly. By the age of thirteen for her, she had a good size B-cup going, fitting perfectly with her slim figure.

Ash dropped Pikachu in the water, causing the electric rodent to get annoyed that he suddenly stopped. Actually, he fired a Thunderbolt at him, causing Ash and everyone who was in the water to scream in pain, but it broke his contact with Dawn, before she noticed him staring.

Another time, she was fifteen and he was eighteen. They were relaxing and having a picnic near a tree in the Hoenn Region. It was rather windy today, worse than today, but it still was a warm day.

Ash relaxed by a tree, his hat over his eyes as he tried to catch a few Z's. As he slowly lifted the hat above his eyes, he saw Dawn about ten feet away, staring out towards the mountains, to the northwest of us.

Ash stared as the wind blew her clothes, making them press and outline her body. Occasionally, the wind blew up her skirt just a little, enough for Ash to she her panties. He remembered blushing, then hiding his eyes again, just as Dawn turned towards him. Though confused at why he was blushing.

A few months ago, near Blackthorn City, they were eating a plate of cookies, that the two were sharing, while Brock was flirting with Clair, the Gym Leader.

When they both reached for the last cookie, their hands met, but they didn't immediately retract their hands. They stayed like that for about ten seconds before Ash quickly retracted his hand, but then offered Dawn the last cookie. Which she said, 'Thanks, Ash. You're sweet.'

Holy crap! Do I have a crush on Dawn? When did this happen? Or has it always happened since I met her? Maybe she felt the same about me. I mean, I know I have a bad habit of ruining every girl's bike that ends up traveling with me, but Dawn never seemed to care as much. In fact, she only complained once.

Ash looked out at the ocean, then slowly turned towards the window, looking at Dawn, as she just laid there, watching TV. She didn't seem to notice him, it looked like though she was trying to ignore him.

"Shit. Shit. Shit. What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?" Ash mumbled to himself, finding himself pacing back and forth, not caring if Dawn was watching, which she clearly was.

"What do I say to her? Do I say…..do I love her? Let me see. Let's go over the facts here. Ever since I met her, I've always felt comfortable around her. When I first saw her trying on that cheerleader outfit, I could've sworn I felt a wave of horniness. I think that's what it was. When I saw her in that swimsuit. When our hands met and we didn't move them for several seconds, just us staring at each other. Is this love or just a crush? I can't tell the difference! I never dealt with this before!" Ash mumbled through clinched teeth.

This was killing him. What if he told her, but he was wrong about everything. He could ruin their friendship. But she said, 'not all women are as patient as me.' Does that mean she's waiting for me to make the move. Son of a bitch!

Ash, out of frustration, started banging his head against the hull of the ship, causing a low ding. "This sucks. This sucks. Why am I so thickheaded and can't understand shit?" "Because you never had a father to help you with this."

Ash quickly stopped banging his head and looked to his left, where the voice came from. Dawn. She stood there, using her arm to lean against the doorframe, wearing her nightgown.

Ash took quick notice and started blushing at the sight of the beautiful woman that stood before him. CRAP!

"You look like you are in deep thought out here." She said, giggling a little at me. "I don't know, Dawn. I have been thinking. A lot. About what you said. For the past ten minutes, I have been going over events that we both went through, but I just don't know what I am feeling. It's killing me."

"Let me ask you this. What are you thinking about, right now, that you can't comprehend your feelings?"

"Right now? I think you look beautiful right now. I'm thinking of the time you told me I was sweet for letting you have that last cookie. About what happened in the store. About us fighting, but to be honest. The way we fight, just brings me closer to you. I don't know how that works. I don't know what this feeling is, but if I had to guess I would have to say that it's cause I….."

"Yes?" "I….." "Yes?" "I….I…." "Damnit, Ash. Just say it." "But what if I'm wrong and I ruin everything?" "Just say it and I'll tell you if you're wrong. Now you don't know what you are feeling, but you think you do because you….?"

Ash looked at Dawn, then out at the dark, yet moonlit ocean, taking in a deep, deep, deeeep breath. Exhale everyone ounce of air he had in him before he finally turned to look Dawn, square in the eyes.

"Dawn? I think I am feeling this way…….NO!" He said, shaking his head, causing Dawn to start losing her hope, but he proceeded. "I may know shit. I may be thickheaded, but I KNOW I am feeling this way…..it's because…………….I love you."

Ash lowered his head, feeling shame course through him. What did I just say? Damnit. I just ruined everything. I'm a fucking moron. Huh?

Ash's thoughts ceased, as a new force shutoff everything. Ash looked straight forward, seeing the familiar bluette in front of him, but…..she was kissing him.

She backed away, opening her eyes to look at Ash, as he was completely shocked at what just happened. She started to walk away, but now something had stopped her.

She looked down at her hand, which was holding onto Ash's hand, but she never reached for his. He reached for hers, telling her, "Don't go."

Dawn just stared at Ash, as he stared back, trying to gain courage for his next action. She was wondering what he was waiting for, what was he trying to do. Her question was answered.

Ash stepped forward, closing the small distance between he and Dawn, though the distance was already small to begin with, but now. He stood before her, only an inch separating their bodies.

He slowly let go of her hand, placing it on her waist, which caused her to jump a little at the sudden touch. He could feel the shivers run through her body, as he stroked the entire side of her upper body.

When he came to her neck, he pulled her in closer, completely closing the distance that remained between the two, as there lips clashed together. Ash, new to this whole situation, but from what he has seen from romance movies, which Dawn made him watch, they allow their tongues to meet. What was it called?

It didn't matter, as he opened his mouth, allowing his tongue to escape. Dawn knew what he was doing and she did the same, but just as her mouth was opened, Ash's tongue entered, touching hers.

The passion was now building between the two, or I should say that the passion has built, but still building between the two. She wrapped her arms around his neck, as Ash wrapped one arm around her waist, the other around her neck.

Both their tongues, entering each other's mouths, but never losing contacts with each other. Dawn shivered a little, as she felt Ash's hand touch the skin of her ass. His hand was cold. She didn't care. She was just so happy.

Their lips parted, but their foreheads kept in contact with each other. Ash could see tears streaming down Dawn's cheek. "Dawn? You okay?"

She didn't answer at first, as she sniffled a little, Ash thought this was bad. "I'm fine, Ash." "But….why are you crying?" "I'm just so happy because…..I'm here with you. Because I love you too."

Ash was taken by her words, he never felt so happy. He embraced her, making sure she couldn't leave, but she didn't want to leave him either.

Brock, who still was in the living, sitting on the couch on the TV, could see the whole thing that was going on between the two people, he considered family. He sat there, smiling, wanting to applaud, but he didn't want to ruin their moment.

He stared, as the two locked lips again, but something was different about this kiss. Somehow, it was more passionate than before.

Ash had picked up Dawn, by lifting her by her ass, as she wrapped her arms and legs around his body. This was no longer a kiss. It was a make out session. It looked like the two, were holding in their feelings for a long time and finally. They were able to release it to each other.

"Way to go you two. You both are becoming adults faster than I realized." Brock thought to himself.

"Well, it's about time those two get together. I don't know about you, but I think Ash is a little slow behind the wheel sometimes." "Oh come on, Pikachu. They are finally expressing their feelings. Give them that much credit."

"Oh I am, Buneary, but it took Ash eight years to finally tell Dawn what he thought of her. Talk about thickheaded and being stubborn." "Hey. You were stubborn too at first." "Was not." "Were too." "Was not." "Were too."

That argument continued between Pikachu and Buneary, but right now. There was not a force on this world, that could end the moment, being shared by these two new lovers. Only wonder what their future holds.