Snippet 6: Merlin's patience has limits

A smug Scottish accent sounded from the corner as a student with his feet on the table suddenly spoke. "Sixth century, right. Forgot about that report. Isn't that the age that, like, King Arthur lived or something? Destroyed some Saxons, got killed by his own son? What an idiot. I mean who sleeps with their sister anyway?"

Edward watched curiously as Merlin's entire body tensed. A vase in the corner suddenly smashed and Merlin closed his eyes before taking a deep breath. But Edward had seen the gold underneath.

"Get. Out." Merlin said coolly.

"Jesus, man, I wasn't serious or anything. Can't you take a joke?"

"I said, out."

The aforementioned student grumbled before stomping his way out of the classroom and toward the office. And Edward was curious, intensely so.

"For the record, it wasn't his son and he didn't sleep with his sister."

Mike snorted. "Come on, like, you can't expect us to buy this."

"What I can expect, Mike," Merlin said sharply. "is a little more respect for the legends. They are, after all, rooted in fact. Now, sixth century Britain? Reports on my desk."

And the class went quiet.