-By: Phantom Syren-

One Shot Hellsing Fanfiction

disclaimer:: I do not own Hellsing or anything by Kohta Hirano.

(Note To Readers:: I just got an idea at three in the morning and had to write it down. Read and find out. One-Shot.)

Integra Fairbrooks Wingates Hellsing, heaved a long stretch of her petite frame in her large bed; arms over her head and a cat like arch to her bare back. The warmth of the sheets made her want to sink back into bed and nap for the next few minutes as her whole room was encased in darkness still, thanks to those heavy Victorian style curtains. Itching her bare back she thought less and less about the heavy burdens of being a leader of the Hellsing Organization, and how great this new pair of flannel pajamas felt on her frame….

Her sapphire hues twitched open as she pulled her pale hair out of her face. A slender brow twitched as she pulled the sheets away from her frame for a moment….

Was I not wearing those flannel pajamas last night? the Hellsing woman asked herself when she discovered she had somehow ended up in the nude in her own bed.

"Good morning, Master," the familiar voice chimed from behind her. With now wide blue eyes she flung around in her bed to see the sight of her pet…. In her bed….

"ALUCARD!" Integra snapped. "What the bloody hell is this!?" she snapped pulling her sheets around her chest as she looked at him. The sly vampire had a single cigar in his lips, the cherry bright at the end as smoke slowly drifted up, gloved hands acting as a rest for his head as he was propped up on the headboard, the sheets impudently low on his neither regions. Though what added a final touch was the fact that his bare chest rose as he inhaled fully, and blew the cigar smoke out of his nose.

"You were cold last night. I warmed you," he said with a devils smirk on his thin lips looking at her.

With her eyes not wide though an apparent angered energy to her face, she remained speechless. Suddenly she started to glare at him. "Get the hell out of my room!"

"Oh Master? Though after last night you would toss me to the cold day like this?"

"Alucard, what in Gods name happened?!"

For now an awkward moment of silence, and staring at one another, the vampire snickered at her. "Relax Master," he said shifting and suddenly getting out of bed. Integra covered her eyes with one free arm, though realized he had on a pair of silk boxers with flames on them, materializing his common wardrobe over his frame. She said nothing though did appear speechless, as rare as that happens. Pulling his shades over his eyes, the Vampire King turned to her with another smirk as he set the cigar down in the ashtray on the arm of her armchair in her room. "You've no what idea what today is do you," he said as a matter of fact and not a question. "April first. April fools," he said as his chestier laugh was heard, his body melting though the floor in a dark puddle.

As he landed on the floor of the dungeons, his dwelling under the Hellsing Manor, his vampire ears could hear his master screaming and cursing his name to Hell, as well as gunshots. Most likely into the floor in which he liquefied though. The No-Life King smirked as he returned to his dark throne. "Woman cannot take a joke. I'll never understand her…."