Disclaimer: Not even the building is mine.

Author's Note: As in my other Harley/Crane drabbles, Valuable operates on the premise that Harleen worked with another theme criminal before Joker. This scene would be after she's gone rogue.


Harley thinks she has ugly hands. Pudgy palms, stubby nails…almost babyish really. Delicate without grace.

Her fingers can, however, be quite dexterous if she puts some effort in. Excellent for lock picking, match lighting, and skin shredding. Their latest skill still surprises her though.

Sitting on the roof of an old apartment with Jonathan Crane (who asks what she's trying to prove, wearing clothes like that in January), his hand doesn't fit when she twines into it. He's cold and bony and twitches once without speaking.

But a genuine smile steals over him regardless. Harleen decides then she feels grateful.