Disclaimer – I don't own Bleach. Parodies quite a bit of things here, meant in good humor. Rated M for a ten to eleven year old writing mature content…

Personal Toy
(or… Personal Sex Toy)

Karin sat at her desk and remained still despite the fact she was bored out of her mind. She had nothing to do as the friends that she played soccer with were off in a world only boys could go. Karin truthfully couldn't get close to her guy friends like her Yuzu did with her own friends. It wasn't as if she wanted to get close to those girls either as some of the things they said and did bothered her. Her violet eyes searched the classroom until her eyes fell on her sister. Yuzu was chatting away and enjoying herself.

The bell rang for the end of classes and the free period they had for study. Karin stretched her arms and a grin twisted at the corners of her mouth. It was time to go home with her sister or play soccer with her friends like she usually did. When she asked the guys she hung up the frowned at her, their mouths twisted up into a pout. "We got into trouble because of our grades and have to come straight home."

Next option was Yuzu who simply looked at her with those big brown eyes of hers. "I'd planned on going to a friends house today. You want to come Karin?"

"No... that's all right Yuzu. Someone needs to go home and see how dad is doing." Karin gave her sister a weak smile. "I might as well take a turn checking up on him."

Karin swung her backpack over her shoulder. Dinner would likely be just between her and the old man. Ichigo was almost never home because of his shinigami business. Yuzu wouldn't be the one cooking and thus Kon wouldn't show up either. This meant Karin would have to scratch something together or they would have to get take-out. Neither one of these options compared to Yuzu's cooking and thus there was no reason for Kon to feel like being a part of the family in such situations.

The weather was nice outside and Karin decided to take the route home past the spot she had come to like. The said spot was the place she met Toshiro the second and third time. The place was private and when one was feeling down it would drive away the doldrums. This was especially true when the sun was setting. How the boy knew to pick the best place to watch the sun set was beyond her as most of the others boys her age didn't have that in them. It was a place she really didn't want to share with anyone other then Toshiro either.

Karin leaned against the railing and enjoyed the silence. The preteen heard the crunching of gravel on the road and knew someone was behind her. The lack of rietsu told her it wasn't Toshiro and thus it was a stranger. She found herself spinning around and glaring at the person, ready for a conflict. Upon seeing the girl she let out an irritated sound. It was a girl from her school that didn't like Karin and yet did nothing around Yuzu as she wanted on the good side of the popular twin.

"What do you want?" Karin asked, her eyes narrowing.

"Is the slut all alone?" the girl laughed as she used vocabulary that no ten to eleven year old should use. She twisted her fingers into her blond hair.

"Shut it Yami-san. Do you really think I'll take your words seriously when I know you don't know the real meaning of the word? All you know is it is used as an insult." Karin glared at the girl, willing her to go away.

"No one likes you," the girl stated, sticking out her tongue. "And I know what it means. My parents actually let me read things like the Twilight series."

Karin felt like rolling her eyes at the girl and making some sort of blunt comment. Before she could do this, Karin felt a heavy reitsu that she identified quickly as that of a Hollow. Yami Nabara let out a shriek like an Anime character would do when their skirt was blown up on them. The aura was dark and Karin swallowed as the pressure began to get to her head A head ache was starting to surge forward.

The steps of the hollow came closer, stepping closer and closer as it went. It came into view and Karin backed to the edge and stopped. The other girl turned her head and body in time to see the beast. Yes. Yami-san was actually seeing the hollow and even ow she was backing away from the monster. She moved to stand behind Karin to the best of her ability and out of the corner of her eye Karin could see how frightened she was.

Karin rolled her eyes and prepared to attack the hollow when she felt an all to familiar catch phrase accompanied by an icy blast. If it weren't for her athletic ability she would have been knocked backwards and off the cliff. Instead she watched as the hollow was shattered into many icy pieces. Yami Nabara was not so lucky and the girls scream pierced Karin's ear as she went flying over the edge. As Karin turned her head she watched as a black and white blur went past her and stopped the girl from falling.

The blur came back up and Karin raised an eyebrow at the irritated look on Toshiro's face. She tried holding back the mirth that occurred from enjoying the indignity that spread across his face. His eyes were narrowed and colder then normal. "Nice to see you again Toshiro.

"A friend of yours?" he asked. Yami looked up at him from the position in his arms. Her eyes went wide upon seeing his teal eyes despite the fact he wasn't looking at her. To Karin's shock Yami reached up and wrapped her arms around Toshiro's neck. The girl tried leaning in close, only to have Toshiro's eye twitch in irritation. He dropped the girl in complete disgust.

"Toshiro-kun! Why did you do that?" Yami bemoaned.

"It's Hitsugaya to you!" Toshiro's eye still twitched as he looked straight at Karin. "Is she a friend of yours? She shouldn't be able to see me."

"Class mate..." Karin shook her head as Yami stood up and tried to kiss Toshiro again not to mention glomp the poor boy. The small shinigami captain placed a hand on her forehead to pushed her away and used his other hand to hold the girls arm.

"If you'll excuse me I really need to see what the others and your brother is up to." The boy's tone of vpice was strained and he conveniently shunpooed away leaving Karin to deal with the problems.

When Toshiro was gone, Yami turned her sudden frustration upon Karin. She slapped the one girl across the face. "It's your fault Toshiro-kun is gone."

"I'm going to choose to ignore you simply because you aren't worth it." Karin turned and walked home. Surely Yami wouldn't be daft enough to follow her into her own room. The matter would end there. Later one she would be wishing Toshiro had modified the girls memory about the events rather then just running off.


A month later one of her guy friends approached her. Rather nervously he said, "Karin... I know you don't like hanging out at our places with us but could you come over to my house? There is something the guys and I want to show you."

"I don't know. I'd rather go play soccer." Karin sighed as she packed her school things into her bag.

"It involves Toshiro…" the boy stated, causing her curiosity to perk.

"It had better be good, because if it isn't…" she stated.

"It is rather important," the boy muttered. "We haven't read but a few… but you should look at them… it is bad."

This statement caused her confusion until they got to the house and pulled up the internet that Isshin refused to let the girls use for anything other then school work. It was a writing site and they pulled up the profile of one of the writers that they had pulled up. The name read...

Name: NaBaRa YaMi

"So, what exactly does this have to do with Toshiro?" Karin suddenly asked.

"Trust me… read the profile… we don't know what to do about it," the boy sighed causing Karin to read the profile only to be disturbed by what she read.

Lols… I am NABARA-chan! I found my soul mate the other day. His name is Hitsugaya Toshiro. We will marry… lols…

"And… what has this to do with anything," Karin asked.

"We didn't bother to read her stories. They're rated M and we didn't want to get in trouble with our parents."

"Someone at school pointed this out to us though and we have an idea what they are about. That bothered us."

This caused Karin to open up a link.

Yami Nabara Gets Boyfriend
I was standing on a cliff, the gusty breeze blowing my silvery blond hair. My neon blue eyes were waiting… waiting for me to find the one. The prophesy says he will come, he will come for me when I need it. As I stand there, the cliff suddenly falls, lols. The next thing I knows, he is catching me, and flying me back up to the cliff top. His eyes are like the Chinese Emperor's dragons. He goes and tells me… my name is Hitsugaya Toshiro. I lean back, and he grabs my chest.

"No… Toshiro wouldn't the hell go and grab someone like that!" Karin snapped, going back to the next story that was there.

Yami Nabara Kills Rival
I have to kill her. She comes to the castle, demanding that he allow her to call him by his name, but she is forbidden, this Kurosaki Karin, to even speak the words Hitsugaya-sama. Only I am allowed to call him Toshiro. Only I am allowed to call him Toshiro-kun. He orders her sent to the dungeon, were she whores herself out, and makes babies, creating decent slaves for us. No, it isn't death, because death doesn't make her learn her lesson.

"What the hell…" Karin was becoming livid. She probably shouldn't have clicked on another title.

Teal Twilight

I moved to a new town today. I met a vampire, named Hitsugaya Toshiro. He wants to shove himself into me. I say no… I am betrothed to Kurosaki Ichigo… I love him too. My blood tastes good to both of them, and they sparkle in the sunlight.

So I have to decide… Edward or Jason… which one has the hottest body. I stop and think, and I think some more. I decide, let's go with Toshiro, as his body is the rarest of the rare, pale skin, white hair, green eyes.

He takes me, and shoves himself into me, sucking me… impregnating me. My womb begins to grow. I am carrying twins. They grow too fast, and I will die, unless he bites me, and turns me.

He wants to abort one of the babies, because he found out one was Ichigo's, so…


"Oh crap!" the raven haired girl stated, not able to read anymore. She felt like she was going to be sick to her stomach.

"Kurosaki-san!" came the voice of the mother of the house. "That isn't good language. What are you doing?"

"Nothing!" the four boys stated in unison. They all tried using their body to hide the computer behind them. This caused the mother to raise her eyebrows. Before the mother could say something, Karin choose to speak up.

"No... wait guys. I think we should tell your mom." Karin pushed one of the boy's to the side. "They didn't mean any harm and we're only telling me about something someone else posted to the net that deals with me and one of my close friends."

"What is going on?" the mother asked. The woman's face twisted up in worry.

Karin took a deep breath. "Toshiro is a good friend of mine, my older brother too. He's around our age but doesn't go to our school. Well, I saw him the other day and by chance so did this girl from our school. Her name is Yami Nabara. She has this account where she is writing things about him that are pretty bad."

The woman went over to the computer and began to look through all the stories. She then went and started printing everything. Her son's eyes went wide. "Mom! You're not a pervert!"

"No, but I do plan on handing a copy over to the school. She has no right at all to write this kind of stuff. I am also making a second copy just in case I need a back up of this" the woman stated. "Does your friend know about this?"

"I honestly hope not. He's not really into this kind of thing and I don't know if he uses the net at all." Karin shook her head. "But then again I haven't really gotten to talk to him as much as my brother."

"Since your brother is in this I'll make a copy in case your family needs to take legal action. And one for your friend too… and his parents or course," the woman stated. "Especially since most of this is about him… and some of this is obscene… not to mention crude… and most of all, completely disrespectful…"


Karin went to her brother's room with the stack of papers. She knew it would be best to explain things to him. To her dismay Toshiro was also there busy texting on that phone of his. His wrist was wrapped up tightly. Ichigo had been working on his homework but suddenly glanced up and gave the small boy a dirty look. "Why do you have to be so stubborn? Just use healing kido on your wrist?"

"Do I need to remind you the only person available was Abarai. And while he was kind enough to offer I'm quite sure he was wanting to see if his healing kido would blow up something just like the rest of his kido does." Toshiro paused, realizing that Karin had entered the room. He looked up and a small smile came to his face. "Ahh... hello Karin."

Ichigo blinked a couple of times. "You're on first name bases with my sister Toshiro?"

"It's Hitsugaya Taicho to you..." The small captain went back to what he had been doing and became oblivious to the people around him.

"Ichi-nii. I need to show you something." Karin plopped the stack of papers down in front of Ichigo.

"What is…" Ichigo's eyebrow shot up as he flipped through the papers. "Whose writing this crap about Toshiro?" Ichigo paused for a few minutes and looked over to see that Toshiro was looking up from what he was doing at them. Despite the fact the boy hadn't moved his head his interest was obviously perked. "Great..."

Toshiro set down his phone and slid off the bed with his hands in his pocket. He walked over to the desk as Ichigo tried to hide the papers only to grab them from Ichigo. As he read the papers his skin paled and turned a greenish color. He paused and looked at Karin. "That classmate I met the other day Karin?

"Why do you have a different standard between..." Ichigo watched as the color on the boy's face grew worse. The papers were shoved back into his chest and Toshiro dashed from the room. The next thing they knew Toshiro was puking in the bathroom.


A few weeks passed and there was no sign of the girl at school. One day Karin came hom, and found Toshiro sitting on the couch. He was unusually fidgety. "Can I ask… how much of that stuff did you read?"

"Only a few… it was completely disgusting…" Karin sighed.

"It kept getting worse. Apparently Mayuri Taicho had known about i, and made copies of those horrid stories. When they got taken down he told me it was a huge disappointment. He was hoping for more. He even shared some of those stupid stories with people. Not only did Yamamoto chide me for not erasing her memories, but… it's just been bad."

"How so…" the girl stated, going and sitting down next to him.

"I've had a few death threats from some anonymous people who say I shouldn't be a captain of the Gotei Thirteen because they believed those stupid stories. I've also had a person who says that… they want to have… hot sex with me. They don't care that I am two hundred years younger than them…"

"Two hundred…"

"In other words, I am equivalent to a twelve year old and this thirty-two year old guy…" Toshiro closed his eyes and buried his hands not wanting to finish the statement. "We're still friends, right? Please tell me we are."

"I wouldn't believe those things for the world," Karin sighed. "And it isn't as if you wrote them."

"But they are still out there… still circulated…" the boy sighed.

A knock came at the front door. Larin got up only to have Yami push by her when she opened it. "This is all your fault I got suspended. Why couldn't you mind your own business."

"You brought it on yourself. Get out of my house!" Karin snapped.

"What the hell is my boyfriend doing here you whore!" the girl suddenly yelled upon seeing Toshiro. She went to slap Karin, only to have her wrist grabbed.

"I'm not your boyfriend!" Toshiro snapped, his furry coming out. "The closest person to being a whore that I know is you!"

"I am not!" the girl stated, trying to pull on his hand so it would touch her chest. Toshiro however turned and slapped her across the face, his body trempling.

"Don't! Don't you dare treat me as if I am your own personal toy your own sex fantasy that you can have your way with! I hate you!"

"No! You have a crush on me!" the girl suddenly went into a provocative pose.

"I don't have a crush on you! I have one on Karin!" At first, his eyes had retained their anger, but then, suddenly, his face flushed and his eyes went wide. He then turned and bolted up the stairs. Karin could hear her brother's door slamming.

"Leave!" Karin snapped, knowing that Toshiro had enough.

"Because you stole him from me! I don't think so!" the girl went to lunge at Karin. Ichigo suddenly appeared and grabbed her, and tossed her out the door.

"Next time you come around, either this house, my family, or even Toshiro, I will call the police. You'll get sent to juvi likely," the teen snapped.

"I want what is mine!" the girl yelled.

"No one owns another human being. Slavery is a vile thing. If you are here in fifteen minutes I am calling the police." With that, Ichigo slammed the door in her face.

Author's note -
- Some under thirteen year old kids like Yami think they are old enough for the site when they really are not.
- Some Twilight fans when writing vampire fanfics basically plagiarize the original story of the series even if it is a different fandom.
- Some people think they can do anything in fan fiction like using the canon characters as their own personal sex toys to fulfill their hormonal desires. This isn't flattery to the original creator but in truth a major insult, not to mention it insults a good deal of fans.