10-26-2012 - "Personal Toy" is not one of the one-shots I planned on writing a sequel for and I meant for it to be a stand alone piece. On January 23rd of this year I found myself reading an anonymous review by someone who called themselves "err". Their review reads..."excuse me,i believe its called fan"fiction" i will make the characters do as i story was in the scenario where these were real stories are written about made up characters,no that."

The point they've tried making was that the canon characters are fictional and not real. Since they aren't real they can do what they please with said characters. What they've forgotten is that within the actual story they are writing, the characters are real people. However, as I thought about what they said I also came up with another one-shot. This one is set in an AU setting that can also stand on its own. Please enjoy.

Personal Toy II
(or... Another Point of View)

A soft light came into the junior high school classroom. Yami Nabara sat with her group of friends and gossiped up a storm while the other students came into the classroom. She flipped her blond curls over her shoulder. "I over heard one of the teachers say we are getting a new student. I hope it is a guy and a very hot one. I don't want to have to deal with another her."

The female in question shot a death glare at a raven haired female who was sitting with her sister. Nabara had never liked Kurosaki Karin. She didn't really like Yuzu either, but she could at least tolerate the other preteen that shared the classroom. This possibly had to do with the fact everyone was the second twins friend and if you were against her it went without saying you were against everyone.

One of the girls in her clique suddenly spoke u. "I hope he's a lot hotter then the guys in this classroom at least."

"I get first dibs." Nabara snapped defensibly. "If I claim him as my boyfriend then nobody else in this classroom can have him."

The other girls nodded in agreement before glancing down at the ground, not wishing to get on the other girls bad side. The students filed into the classroom and the bell rang. The woman came forward and smiled at the classroom. "Good evening class. Let me introduce our new student, Hitsugaya Toshiro."

A young man with white hair and bright teal eyes stepped into the classroom, his hands in his pants pockets. A frown was upon his face. He then turned to write his name on the board for everyone to see, before turning back. Nabara raised her hand to ask questions. For some reason the teacher choose to pick another person.

"Where are you from?"

"I was born here in Karakura Town, but grew up in Tokyo."

"Why have you moved here?"

"Because of family reasons that I would rather not discuss."

Nabara finally blurted out her answer. "Would you be my boyfriend?"

"No." A few of the other students giggled, while her friends pulled in their breath from the shock of her being turned down.


"Ms. Yami... please be polite." The teacher glanced around. "Your mother says you already know the Kurosaki family, so why don't you take the empty seat between the twins."

The boy made no answer and simply went and sat down between the two girls, who gave their greetings. Nabara glared at the two before getting out her notebook. "He is so hot... I wish I was on a date with him right now." The girl began to jot down her dream date rather then paying attention to class.

By the time she came out of her stupor in order to eat her lunch, she found herself noticing that he wasn't in the room and she panicked. "Where did he go?"

"He went to the teacher's lounge in order to see about some sort of writing club. Kurosaki went with him."

Nabara suddenly stood up and headed towards teacher's lounge, her cheeks flushing up a pink color as her imagination got the better of her. She burst through the doors shouting she would join, not noticing the nasty look that Toshiro and Karin gave her.


To have a club space the club needed five members. Yuzu joined under the condition she could prioritize her other blubs, while Jinta joined because Yuzu wanted his help. He told Toshiro that if he was needed he could find him in the soccer club that three out of the five members were a part of. This left Toshiro, Karin and Nabara as the three main students who used the room.

Toshiro was placing books on the shelf and reorganizing things again when Nabara came hurtling into the room. The boy winced, wishing that Karin would come to the classroom soon. The girl bustled into the room and sat down. "What's up with the Hisagi Shuhei novels?"

"I don't know who put those up there because we should only be having classics in here." Nabara wrinkled up her nose and looked straight at Karin.

"I'm the one who brought his books. I happen to be a fan of his work." Toshiro hissed the words out of his mouth. Having dealt with the girl for a couple of weeks now, he found himself wishing she hadn't joined the club. Particularly since she liked trying to hold over him the fact that the only reason they had a club room was because she did in fact join, forgetting that she wasn't the last person to join.

"Oh... well, I think his work is good." Nabara didn't notice the glares she received from the other two. "Toshiro-kun, would you mind looking over my work? The teacher says you are a genius when it comes to writing."

"I'm not a genius." Toshiro let out a deep sigh, before picking up the pieces of paper that Nabara handed to him. His eye began to twitch uncontrollably before he tore up the pieces of paper.

"Hey! I worked hard on that!"

"I don't want to read your sexual fantasies about myself. Do you get it?"

"No... I mean." The teacher walked in and Nabara turned to the woman. "Hitsugaya just tore up what I wrote."

"Hitsugaya! I would figure with your background you would be more respectful of other people's work."

"So long as they are respectful of me in the first place!" Toshiro then found himself storming out of the room, an envelope dropping to the floor. Nabara stooped over and picked it up, slipping it behind her without the others noticing.

"Something she wrote upset him." Karin stated.

"I don't see why it should." Nabara let out a deep sigh, her fingers playing with the envelope behind her back.

The teacher picked up the papers, frowning as she did so. "Yami... I don't want to see you writing this again for club purposes."

"That's censorship!"

"Writing this kind of stuff about your fellow classmate is grounds for suspension. Please don't come back to class on Monday. I'll be writing up a report today."

The girl stormed out of the room and about fifteen minutes later Toshiro came back into the room. "I can't believe I dropped that of all things."

"What?" Karin asked.

"An envelope. Hisagi Shuhei is having a book signing for his newest book tomorrow and you have to stand in line to get a ticket just to meet him. However, a few young people are lucky enough to get a ticket in order to show him their writing."

"So you got it because your writing skills are so good."

"Most of the others did. I just happen to have good connections. Connections I might add that would not be happy that I lost this. I'll have to get up early tomorrow and just forgo having him look at my work. I didn't want to anyways."

"I happen to have a ticket, number thirty-five for one of our students. You can use it to show him your work. Actually, I requested it for that purpose." The teacher smiled, handing Toshiro another ticket.


Hisagi sat behind the table and took a quick glance at at the work the young writers handed him. He carefully pointed out a positive and a negative about each persons work before handing them a free copy. Everything was going fine until a girl with blond curls showed up and handed him her writing. He opened it and then felt like his eyes were going to pop out of his head.

"What is this?"

"Its called fanfiction." The girl smiled at him. "Its off of your book Scarlet Sanctuary."

"I knew I recognized the names of my characters. However, what the hell have you done to them?"

A blond haired man suddenly tugged on his sleeve. "You're making yourself look bad Shuhei."

"Its a version where I'm in the story."

"A version where you, who can't possibly can't be older then twelve to thirteen are fucking every male character and having every male characters baby. You also are treating the female characters with disdain. They are horribly out of character and this is only in the first few pages I saw. How did you get in with the other young writers."

"A friend gave me the ticket because he didn't want to come. That, and he knew I'm your biggest fan ever."

"If you were a fan of mine you would show my characters more respect then this. Your having the characters do what ever you want as if they were... toys... or... slaves."

"They're just fictional characters, so why should I treat them like real characters?"

"Because in the story they are real characters." The man glanced at his blond friend. "Which ticket did she come in on?"

"She's the tenth person, so that ticket would have belonged too..."

"Don't. I know exactly who that one belonged to. Cancel the rest of the signing now."

"Are you crazy? There are plenty of others who are looking forward to this!" Kira shook his head.

"Now! Reschedule or what ever. I am not in a good mood."

"This is going to be a bad rep for you." Hisagi was busy glancing around the startled crowd while Nabara continued smiling rather dumbly at him. Kira waved his hand at her and shooed everyone away despite the grumbling that went on. A frown came on her face while Hisagi's eyes darted back and forth.

He then began to dial a number on his phone. "Where is your little brother? Yes... I know he is supposed to be here. The thing is..."

A small female suddenly stormed up to the desk and slammed a stack of papers down along with a ticket. Kira let out a deep sigh. "Look, I know you're looking forward to having him look over your work, but something has come up."

"Yeah... everyone heard what went on. Just because you got mad at one writer who didn't respect your writing doesn't mean you have to cancel. My friend was looking forward to speaking to you despite the fact he is denying it. He's more shocked at your behavior though, so I brought up his work for him. I personally think you are a major jerk who needs to get a life."

"I didn't cancel it because of what I read in her story. I canceled it because the person who..." Hisagi paused suddenly upon seeing the name on top of the stack of papers. "Where is your friend?"

"Why should I tell you?" The girls two dark eyes were livid. "You were pretty much a jerk to my friend for canceling like this."

"Because I'll call the police if you don't, that's how serious of a matter this is."

"Because I am harassing you?"

The man however couldn't answer Karin and instead was having to answer the person on the phone. "No, you don't need to come down here. Just because I said I was going to call the police doesn't mean that he's... would you stop panicking!"

The girl suddenly found the phone handed to her. "Would you please go and give this to him."


"Because the person on the other side is threatening to call the police..."

"You do realize she's already hung up, don't you?"


"I don't get why Toshiro looks up to you. You have a rather foul mouth."

"Toshiro?" Kira blinked a couple of times, before glancing over at Hisagi. "You mean to tell me you were going to cancel this because you thought he stood you up."

The writer turned to the blond, his face becoming rather livid. "I thought something bad happened to him."

"And you got Momo all worked up now. This is great publicity."

"Hold on. Momo, as in Toshiro's older sister?" Karin shook her head. "That was the person you were on the phone with."

"Please... where is he." Hisgai pinched the bridge of his nose.

Karin let out a deep sigh and led them to the front where Toshiro was leaning against the book case. "Toshiro..."

"Karin... I told you not to..." The boy glanced up, only to have his face suddenly pale upon seeing the man. "Hisagi sempai..."

The man reached out and grabbed the boy's ear. "What do you mean by scarring me like that? Ten is your lucky number, so I gave you ticket number ten. Why did that girl have it and you have a different one?"

"I lost the one you sent at school." Toshiro glanced at the ground. "If your going to yell at people when you critique there work I don't want you to look at my work and discuss it with me."

"He normally doesn't yell like that." Kira shook his head. "I need to call Momo and hope that she hasn't gone through with her threat of calling the police."

"You called Momo-nee? Are you crazy? You know she thinks of me as a five year old!" It was then that a police car pulled up.

"I have a report that a little kid went missing. I don't see anyone who matches that description here." The man stated.

"I'll handle this." Kira let out a deep sigh. Some how he convinced the police officer to leave and came back. "The way she worded her report the officer thought he was looking for an elementary school student, not a junior high student."

"I told you!" Toshiro turned to Hisagi.

"I'm just glad that your all right. Don't scare us like that. You could have called me and let me know that you lost the ticket."

"I didn't want you mad at me."

"I almost thought you were trying to spite me or something." The man shook his head.


Toshiro glanced at the paper on the table and felt his eyebrow twitch.

He Treats the Fans Like Dirt

Hisagi Shuhei was supposed to be having a book signing at a popular book store. Tickets were given out to hold your place in line. However, this didn't guarantee you a chance to meet the writer, even if you were able to get your hands on one of the fifty coveted tickets that allowed you to show off your own writing.

The writer blew up at one young fan for writing fanfiction and he called the work crass and undignified. Says the young writer whom we shall not identify. "I didn't see myself as doing anything wrong. They are fictional characters, so he shouldn't react like they were real people. I mean, there was no harm intended."

Rumor has it, if the young writer hadn't left when she did with the rest of the crowd that the writer Hisagi Shuhei would have had her arrested for copyright infringement. It must be news to this writer that you can't be arrested for copyright infringement. It is an issue of the civil court rather then a court of law. Not to mention he libeled his own name. Fans are also raving on the net about how he doesn't allow fanfiction.

The boy crumpled the paper up just as Yami Nabara came into the room. "Why? Why did you have to pull that crap the other day?"

"Me? It was that beloved author of yours that pulled all the crap."

"Because you used my ticket he thought I was missing and canceled the event because he thought I was in some sort of trouble. He thought one of his more rabid fans mugged me."

"How would you know? He wasn't willing to talk to anyone after I went up there."

"Because I got my ticket personally from him. He's my sempai and that was why I was invited with the special ticket, not because my work is actually any good. I also found out what you wrote about his characters because you left your story on the table. It's no wonder her completely freaked out. That also said, I've spoken with the teacher and you're no longer a member of this club."

"What! I haven't done anything wrong."

"You wrote that crap story about me, you stole my ticket and then you showed up and made a complete fool of yourself in front of a published author who is highly respected."

"Was highly respected."

"He's going to be releasing a press statement explaining everything you know. He's far from pleased and is just going ahead and sending the free signed copies to the young writers who were supposed to get them in person until you pulled your little stunt."

"The club will fold if it weren't for me."

"So what if we don't have an official club room? The teachers have taken into consideration your stunt and have made an exception for this year. That said, after they made the decision we've had a few others wanting to join because you aren't a member of this club anymore. So please just go away."

"But your boyfriend."

"I am not! And you aren't even supposed to be at school!"