He is not a coward, and he is not an idiot, and he has been shown one of these very important truths by her, but he is almost certain that Alice should be with Jack. Much as that pains him, rips at his own bleeding fragile heart (barely aware that he had one until that bedraggled wet girl walked into his sorry life) and makes him want to gorge on chocolate and crème cakes until the memory of his little oyster fades into the night.. it is still true. Jack is everything that he is not. A prince, soon to be king (a liar), a man of great influence and power (with another woman as his bloody fiancee) and good looks and a smile that spoke of honest days (and that irony is not lost on Hatter, oh no).. but more importantly, Jack did not put down his sword.. and Hatter did. Well, okay, less of a sword and more of a stick, but the point still stood. Jack had fought for Alice, and whilst Hatter had done many, MANY brave and heroic and quite frankly fantastic things in her name and to save her life.. he had still surrendered his stick. And that meant Something. What, exactly, was still a little lost on him.


And then she calls his name across the room, and oh it should not already wound him but it does. But he turns and smiles and tries to put a brave face on things. And fails, quite spectacularly. The conversation, quite frankly, is a shambles. For a man who prides himself on being a bit of a talker, this is a little shameful. But she does this to him, and he just cannot help but trip over his bleeding tongue when she smiles that small shy smile..

And she is led to the Looking Glass, and he realises, finally, that Jack is actually quite out of the picture, and why was he just standing there, letting them lead Alice away from him right now? He is not a coward, and he is not an idiot, and – oh. There she goes. Bit of a cheeky little push there from the scientist, but no harm done, he hopes. But apparently he is more of an idiot than he realised, he thinks, and his heart dips in his chest and sulks. Looking up at the glass, he wonders..

"Oh. It's you." His bloody Majesty has spotted him. After a brief congratulations and thank-you-for-helping-Alice-to-help-Wonderland, the prince had barely spoken a word to him, and swept Alice off to talk to the other Oysters. He looks up into the eyes of the man who just moments ago bested him, and grins.

"Yep. It's me. Bye!" And he jumps through the Looking Glass, because he is not a coward, and he is not an idiot, and he is getting his Alice back because – and why it has taken him this long for the penny to drop is anyone's guess, honestly – whether he wants to or not, he bloody well belongs to her. Not that he minds. Oh no, he thinks, grinning. He does not mind one bit.