Hi, my name is Annie Arpin, I'm 13 years old and I was thrown about 20 years into the past.

I am originally from Australia and I went to Brighton's school for the magical folk, which, you guessed it, is a school for witches and wizards, and I am a witch.

I grew up in Sydney, Australia, my mother was a muggle (non-magical folk) and my dad was a wizard. I first got my letter when I was 11 and I was so excited because I never really fitted in, all I had were my best friends: Luna Lovegood and Robert Stevenson, and it just so happens, their parents and my dad were the best of friends at school which means they were magical which means that my best friends were also magical, which was fantastic because we were all to go to the same magical school :)

My mum was the prettiest girl I knew, she was the typical model, Blond hair, slim,tall figure and the most stunning green eyes, they were like emeralds.
My dad was really good looking, what with his dark brown hair (almost black), hazel eyes, tall and a strong build... What male wouldn't want to look like him?
I have dark brown hair (dad), green eyes (mum), slim figure (mum), cute nose (dad) but, somehow, I ended up at 5"0' feet where as my mum was a 5"9' and my dad was 6"3', it's really unfair... All well, what am I gonna do about it? Huh?

My best friend, Luna, was amazingly gorgeous! She has long, wavy blond hair, sparkling blue eyes and is medium height, you know, Johnny, a boy in our year level, asked her out in year 2 and you know how she answered? She said "Hmmm... I don't know, I'll have to ask the gnargles, because they might be swarming in your head, making you do this" And then she walked away... WHAT THE HELL, LUNA?!?!.
My other best friend, Robert, now... I can't even begin to tell you how hot he was, he's 6"0' (he always made fun of me because he's a foot taller than me), black hair and his eyes are like, grey, it's really cool, oh, and also, he's, like, really strong, so yeah.

Everyone called our group: The ASH Trio which stands for A: Amazingly S: Sexy H: Hot because we were the hottest people in the school, all the guys wanted to go out with Luna and I and all the girls wanted to go out with Robby. Oh, which reminds me, and you cannot tell this to anyone, but, Luna is a werewolf, unfortunately , she was bitten on the first day of school, so, in support, Robby and I turned into animagus to help here with transformation, Robby is a Phoenix and I am a Lion, we have nick names as well, Robby is Flighty 'cause he's a bird, Luna is Moony 'cause she turns when there's a full moon and I am Leo 'cause I'm a lion and the star sign, Leo is a Lion.

In our second year, we made a map, it was a map that shows where people are, we extended it out a bit, it used to only show the people in school but when we extended it, it also showed church's place, which is a little town that kids from year 2 and upwards are allowed to visit on certain weekends, we also made it so that if we took it somewhere else, like home for instance, it would show everyone in the suburb... Saves having to buy a muggle map, doesn't it? Also, we gave it a name and a way to open it, to open it, you get your wand, point it at the map and say I'm in trouble, help me! and then some words will come onto the map which will say Moony, Flighty and Leo Present to you... The Paper Of Ashes then you just open it up and it will be the glorious map that i have described! Yay! And the way to close it, you just give it a tap with your wand and say Safe and Sound. It was really brilliant, we all have our own, just in case one of us loses theirs.

We all have our best and favourite subjects at school, Rob is really -super really- good at charms, like, whenever it's a full moon, he charms our robes invisible so we can sneak out without anyone noticing, it's also his favourite.
Luna is super duper good at potions, so, whenever the full moon comes apon us, she makes herself the wolfsbane potion and has it with dinner, but her favourite subject is Care of magical creatures, who can guess why? hehe...
And me... Well, I just so happen to be gifted with the power of being the absolute most brilliant at defense against the dark arts, yay for me! So, whenever the full moon is approaching us and someone figures us out, I just hex them, but my favourite is transfiguration :) I can also produce a patronus, and, with my help, so can my friends, our patronus's take the form of our animagus form, as in, Robert's is a Phoenix, Luny's is a Wolf and mine is a Lion, we use them to talk to each other, did you know that you can send messages to other people using your patronus? It's really cool :)

At Brighton's, there are houses that the students get sorted into, the houses are called: Earther, Windom, Firest and Waterona, as in Earth, Wind, Fire and Water, cool, huh?
The houses were named after the founders of the school: Ester Earther, William Windom, Fiona Firest and Wonar Waterona.
Earther picks students who are loyal to their friends and family and follow the rules.
Windom wants the smart students, the ones who learn the best and are good at everything.
Firest wants the bravest kids, the ones who would put their life on the line to save anyone who deserves it and will do anything save their friends and family.
Waterona picks the evil and cunning students, like pure-bloods, the ones who know how to lie and will do anything to get what they want.

I am in Firest, I'm the bravest one in our group, Luna is scared to think about what people would think about her and he 'condition' and Robert, well, he was just too smart to be in Firest so he was put into Windom for his smartness.
Luna was put in Earther, because she is very loyal to us, and only once a month does she break the rules (by going out past curfew[but we all do that at the full moon]).
It doesn't matter to us that we were separated from each other, we still have some classes together, I have DADA and Charms with Rob and I have Transfiguration and Care of magical creatures with Luna, they both have potions together without me. We also see each other at breakfast, lunch, dinner, in between classes and in the library before curfew.

This year, year 3, we won't be going to Brighton's school for the magical folk, instead, our parents decided to send us to England so we can go to school at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, so, now, I am on the train, sitting in some compartment, waiting for my friends,on the way to Hogwarts, what fun!

" Hello Annie!" Boomed Robert as he strutted into the compartment, he does that often.

"ROBERT! Shut the hell up! Someone is SLEEPING! Can't you see that?" I hissed at him

"Gee... Sorry Annie, I'm so sorry to almost wake up your new boyfriend"

"Rob... Eww, I think he's a teacher, don't go saying stuff like that"

I don't think he heard me because now he's rolling on the floor laughing his head off, I had to use all my mental strength not to start kicking him, I don't want to get a detention on the first day of a new school, by the way, the professor is asleep so i'd best not to disturb him.

Wow, he's really good looking, that professor Yeah... wait, WHAT?! Why the hell did I just think that, I'm going mad!

"Hello Annie, say, why is Flighty on the floor laughing like that?"

"Oh, Moony, thank-" I was interrupted by the professor waking up suddenly

"Did someone say Moony?" He asked He's even more good-looking when he's awake! Oh My God! I HAVE to stop thinking that!

"Uhh... Yeah, I did, why?" I replied while Luna sat opposite us and Robert sat next to her

"Oh, no reason, it's just my friends called me Moony at school"

"Cool! Yeah, we call Luna Moony because she-" Luna gave me this look that said please, don't tell him so now i have to lie to the hot professor, GAH!

"Uhh, really likes astronomy, yeah" Thank Merlin, he looks like he believes it

"Okay, well, good-night children, wake me up when the train stops, will you?" he turns to me, I gasp, so many scars, they remind me of Luna's scars poor, hot professor! SHUT UP!!!

"Uhh.. Umm.. I-I, Uhh..."

"Sure we will, good-night, Professor" Replied Robert, just before he cracks up laughing

While Luna was trying to get him to shut the hell up, I got my favourite book out The Dark arts and how they became, It's really interesting, then these three people come to our compartment.

"Hi! My name is Hermione, my friends and I noticed that you guys were new this year and we thought that we would help you out, can we sit with you?" Asked this bushy haired girl

"Sure... But only if you sit next to me" Robert said to her, I think he was flirting, and i think she caught on

"Uhh, sure. Harry, Ron, come ON already"

Just as she came into the compartment and sat in between Robby and Luna, these two boys came into the compartment, one boy, who sat next to Luna, was tallish and had red hair and the boy who sat next to me, he had jet black hair and these amazing green eyes, they remind me of my mother's eyes but they were hidden behind those ugly muggle glasses, he also had this lightning shaped scar on his forehead , I remember reading something about the unforgivable curses and how they leave scars, that's when I gasped!

"Oh My God" I said to him, he looked at me like he was expecting it, all I could go was give him a bone crushing hug. " Who did that to you? What curse did they use?" I pointed to his scar when I asked, he looked shocked before answering

"Uhh, Voldemort did this to me" He looked surprised at me for some reason, like I was supposed to react to that name, and who is Voldemort? What a weird name. "And... He used the Killing curse on me" I gasped again, the Killing Curse? Who would do that to a kid? That's just... just... sick! Luna and Robert seemed to think so as well.

"WHAT?! THE KILLING CURSE?! WHO WOULD TRY TO KILL A 13 YEAR OLD KID?!" Yelled Robert, Hermione had to put her hand over his mouth to quieten him down because of the hot professor

"Yeah, about that... I was one when he tried to kill me" WHAT?! ONE YEARS OLD?! I'LL KILL THAT DOUCH!

"ONE?! Are you sure?" Luna asked, I supposed that she doesn't believe him, I'm having trouble with believing him as well

"Yeah, I'm sure"

"Who are you, by the way?" I asked, I mean, we're... I am asking all these questions about him and we don't even know who he is

"Are you serious?" Asked the red head kid

"Yeah, we are, why?" Luna replied

"BECAUSE... Everyone knows who he is"

"Well, we don't. We'll introduce ourselves first and a little fact about ourselves and you do the same, Okay?" I asked, Everyone nodded in agreement and Robert went first.

"Okay, Hi! My name is Robert Stevenson, aka Flighty and I'm the smart one of the group because I was able to make the Paper of Ashes, because I'm so cool"

"Hello, My name is Luna Lovegood, aka Moony and I um... Am more dangerous than I look" All three of us gave the other three a look that says we'll kill you in your sleep if you hurt any of us. you could see the fear on their faces

"Hey, I'm Annie Arpin, aka Leo, I'm the best DADA student in this compartment and we are known as the Ash Trio" I said proudly, it was the bushy haired girls turn next

"Hi, My name is Hermione Granger, I'm in Gryffindor and I'm really smart" Robert gave her a mischievous look

"Hello, My name is Ron Weasley, I am one of seven children in my family and I'm in Gryffindor." Luna and Robert snickered at Ron, 6 other siblings; LOL!

"Hey guys, I'm Harry James Potter, also -unfortunately- known as The-Boy-Who-Lived, I'm also in Gryffindor, a man broke out of prison to kill me and we are known as the Golden Trio"

"So... Now we know a little bit about each other, let's talk about our talents, we'll go in reverse order this time, so, Harry? Your up!" I said :)

"O-Kay then, I have a - uh... Talent for trouble, it seems to follow me everywhere, like, in year one: Voldemort disguised himself as a professor and tried to kill me, last year: Found out i was a parsel-mouth and found a way into the chamber of secrets where I fought off Tom Riddles Diary and a Basilisk and this year: A murderer broke out of the most secure prison to try and kill me."

"Wow" Rob said "Nice life, dude" "Thanks"

"Alright, you know I'm Ron, well, I am pretty protective of my friends, yeah..."

"Hermione's my name, as you know, and I'm incredibly smart, I'm already reading year 5 subjects so, thats my talent" Robert looked at her before answering "Please, babe. I'm already beating you, I'm up to year 7, sweetheart, better catch up or I'll win" He said with a wink, Hermione look flabbergasted, it was funny

"Alrighty then" I said "I'm Annie :) and DADA and Transfiguration are my talents, I'm already an animagus and with my help, so is Robert, Luna.. Ahh... Didn't want to become one... Yeah" now they ALL looked flabbergasted

"Prove it!"Hermione hissed at me, like she didn't believe it, so, I shrugged, stood up and turned into my Lion which is my form, I am a tall Lion, up to Rob's shoulder, with a tail of fire and my eyes as blue as the ocean

they all gasped and tried to get away from me, I laughed, well, roared and transformed back and sat back down again.

"You believe me now?" Luna and Robert were just sitting there, snickering away

all they could do was nod, I think they were in shock, which only made Luny and Rob burst out laughing, I was too until i felt the professor move

"Guys! SHHHH!! The professor can hear you!" I hissed at them, I got on my knees on the seat, leaned over until my face was inches away from his go on the voice said kiss him, I dare you so, I closed the gap between us and kissed him on the fore head, he started to speak in his sleep and I jumped back onto Harry in surprise

"brown hair... green eyes... beautiful... soul mate... in love... just met... 13 years... who cares?... get fired... who cares?... dangerous... she'll live... name?..." Everyone was silent and everyone knew he was talking about me, my heart gave a little flutter at his words. He knew I was his soul mate and he loves me! Yay!

"Umm... For the first time since I was able to talk, I'm speechless" Robert said, still staring, wide eyed at the professor

"He's telling the truth" Luna said suddenly, whenever someone confesses their love for one of us, she'll tell us if there's gnargles in their brain, it's only happened a few times and all those times the gnargles are at fault and for Luna to say that he's telling the truth is big because that means that there's no gnargles... YAY!!! Hehe... My evil plans to make him ours are just beginning... MWAHAHAHA!!! Merlin, I'm weird!

"Luna Louise Lovegood"Robert started "Are you SURE that there's no gnargles in his brain? Please tell me there's gnargles in there!"

"I'm sorry Flighty, there's no gnargles" Luna said sadly

"That's it!" Rob shouted suddenly, he got up, rolled his sleeves up and was about to throw a punch at the professor when I said "STOP, ROBERT! Moony, help!" Luna got up and held Robert back from punching the professor, when he finally calmed down, he asked me something;

"Annie... Are you okay?" I only just realized that I was crying, and so had everyone else, Luna came up to me and hugged me "It's okay, Leo, it's okay" she hummed, so soothing, i stopped crying and she went to sit down again to calm Rob a bit more

It quickly got cold in the compartment, the windows were frosting over and all the water in the room froze, I knew what was happening

"Flighty, Moony, we have a problem"

"What's happening, Leo?" Luna asked

"One word, Moony... Dementors" Everyone gasped, Luna and Robert fainted and Ron and Hermione were trying to wake them up

the compartment door slid open and in came the dementor, I quickly grabbed my wand and I thought of the first time Robert and I ran/flew with Luna on the full moon. I heard someone get up behind me, I thought it was Luna

"GET DOWN, MOONY!" I yelled

"No" A deep, husky voice that didn't belong to Luna... PROFESSOR... NO!!! he will NOT fight this dementor, no way known in HELL will he fight it!

At the same time we both yelled the incarnation

"EXPECTO PATRONUM!" My Silver Lion and his Silver Wolf ran ahead at attacked the dementor. We finished the spell only to turn around and see that Harry had fainted.

"That's not possible" I heard the Professor mumble under his breath

"What's not possible, Professor?"

"You! You shouldn't be able to produce a patronus that well at your age!"

"Hey! I'm not the only one! My friends can as well! Oh, Harry's waking up!" I got some chocolate out of my pocket and so did the professor

"Fan of chocolate, Professor?" I asked

":D Yeah, I am, you too?"

"Nah, I always save some for when Moony, I mean Luna, wants some"

"Hmph! What happened?" asked a dazed Harry

"Oh, Harry! Are you alright, it didn't hurt you, did it?" I asked back

"No, it didn't hurt me but did you hear someone screaming, a woman?"

"Crap! How dare they leave that memory behind, Imma Kill 'em, Ye, Imma KILL 'EM!" I said, getting all gangster and cool, i WILL kill those dementors!

"What are you talking about? What memory did they leave behind?"

"Harry... Well... You see... Professor? You tell him!"

"Uhh... No, you can"

"No, no, I insist"

"Please miss-"


"Miss Arpin, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to tell it better than I can"

"But, your a PROFESSOR!! It's you JOB to tell the answers, please, I don't want to tell him, I CANT tell him, Please!" I gave him my best puppy dog look, he loves me, he'll fall for it... HE HAS!!! Ah Ha! Sweet Success!!

"Alright! Fine"


So, now he's telling Harry what the dementors are and what they did to him, I swear he paled more than a ghost would... Scary!

Hermione, Luna and I left to go get changed, once we got to a empty compartment, Hermione decides to ask questions

"So, how did you two meet?" She asked

"Well, Luna's parents and my dad went to school together and remained best friends so we've known each other since we were born" I answered

"How did you meet Harry and Ron" Luna asked, good, i was wondering that...

"I met them on the train ride to school on our first day in year 1"

"Cool" I replied

"What about Robert?" She asked, Luna answered this time

"Well, we went to a muggle school in Australia when we were 6, he was in the same class as us so we became friends"

"Yeah" I said "Pretty much"

We finished changing into our robes, Luna and I's robes were just plain black but Hermione's had red and gold on it, we asked her about it and she said that red and gold were her house colours and that there are three other houses: Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin

GD: Red and Gold
HP: Gold and Black
RC: Silver and Blue
S: Silver and Green

She also said that we didn't want to be friendly with the Slytherins because they are evil bastards who's family have in-bred to keep the pure-blood status for their family, a little bit like Waterona, stupid faggots But if the professor was a Slytherin, you will like that house, got it? yeah, yeah, sure! What ever...

When we got back to our compartment, Harry and Ron were playing some sort of card game and Robert was watching them, i think he was trying to learn, but where's the professor?

"He went to talk to the driver"" Harry said then turning to Robert to calm down, oh, i must of said that out loud

"Thanks" I said, i turned to go find him but Luna gave me a look that said Flighty will kill you both if you go so I just sat down and talked to Luna and Hermione.

After a little while, the train stopped, Luna and I got immediately scared but Hermione told us that we had arrived, so, Luna, Rob and I said good bye, got our trunks and headed to the front of the train to get off.
I was Yelling at Rob to hurry up so i couldn't see where I was going, so as soon as Luna said -yelled- TURN AROUND, ANNIE! I ran into someone, and that someone dropped all their books, so, me being the nice person I am, bent down to help them pick them up, but i realized too late that the person i ran into was the gorgeous Professor, so i quickly picked up his books, stood up straight and gave them back

"I am SO sorry professor-" I don't know his name!

"Lupin, but out of class, call me Remus"

"Okay, I'm SO sorry, Remus! I wasn't looking where i was going and-"

"Annie, it's okay, I'm fine... I-uh... Um... Better-uhh... Go now, yeah, See you, Miss Arpin"

"Okay, Remus, see you in class" With that, he smiled, waved and turned to walk nice ass SHUT UP!!!

"Annie, you better not let Flighty know that the professor was flirting with you or Rob will KILL him" Luna Warned

"Your right, stupid, over-protective fool!" Luna and I laughed at that, then Robert finally caught up so we started to walk towards some 1st year students when we saw this really tall man, I would have said that he was a giant but not that tall, suddenly, he talked

"Hello, firs' years and new students! Welcome teh Hogwarts'!"

Pretty good for one day, huh? Yeah i thought so.

So, next chapter coming either today or tomorrow, Annie, Luna and Robert will be meeting with the Head Master himself... Dumbledore! And some of it will be in Lupin's point of view... Love Him!

oxox - Remmy Love