Hello. This is Ikaros here.

As you may have known already, I'm an entertainment-purpose Angeloid Alpha; but I recently found out that I infact was a battle-purpose Angeloid also known as the Uranus Queen.

Master was kind enough to still be nice to me as he always had even though he knew that I was a weapon.

Although, I've been having these odd feelings and thoughts. I never get what Master says about "doing what you want to do". I guess, in some parts I do, but in other parts I have no clue whatsoever.

Like… why did my reactor hurt when Nymph was about to kiss Master? Is this what they call love? I don't even know…

While life with Master, now that I am with Nymph and Astraea, has been quite hectic, I have really enjoyed it. Although, I must admit that I really love watermelons. It feels like I'm having a pet of my own, but Master keeps saying that it is food. I have never tried the food called watermelons, and I don't want to.

The last battle with Chaos left all of us quite downhearted. Now that we knew up above would be wanting us dead, we had to try and get everything in order. Strengthen up for the final battle. And try not to get killed.

I know that Master always scolds me, but deep down he really cares for me. I know that. I care for Master too – I always want to see him, and want to make sure that he is always happy and content. In the past I may not have done that as well… but I hope to start it from today!

That's right, in 7 days I will try to become a better human. I won't hit toilet doors hard, or make Master be angry at me.

Please give me all your support.