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Not So Secret Love Affair

An emerald hand clasped a petite, pale one as it pulled its owner into an empty classroom. Had anyone seen them, there would've been hell to pay, but luckily they had escaped the judgmental eyes of their fellow classmates of Shiz. The black clad green girl was trembling ever so slightly as she took in the sight before her. The most beautiful person she'd ever laid eyes on – Galinda Upland. Gentle blonde curls, adoring sapphire eyes, plump pink lips, delicate neck and collarbone leading down to… She had to stop herself before she became too carried away. She was flustered enough as it was. The blonde girl observed her friend in much the same way. How she envied that long silky raven hair, the peculiar yet appealing shade of green that tinted her skin, those bright chocolate brown eyes, her prominent cheek bones and elegant jaw line that came to her equally striking neck, which also led to… She felt a warm flush in her cheeks. Why did her roommate, Elphaba Thropp, whom she had hated at first glance, make her feel so light-headed now? She knew why, she just didn't have the courage to voice her feelings.

Elphaba cleared her throat. "Listen Galinda, there's something I need to tell you," she began, her cheeks already a deep emerald. Her heart and mind were racing, but she knew she needed to let Galinda know what she was thinking and feeling.

Galinda felt her heart speed up even more, despite its previous fast tempo. She was hoping with everything she had in her that Elphaba would tell her what she was so desperate to hear. She looked at her expectantly. "Yes Elphie?" She queried; her voice a little too shaky for her liking. She took a step forward.

"Well you see…" Elphaba trailed off. Galinda took another step forward.

"I think I – umm…" Galinda took yet another step bringing her within inches of Elphaba. If she couldn't tell her how she felt, she'd show her.

"The thing is-" Galinda stood on her toes and linked her arms around the green girl's neck. Elphaba was sure her heart was going to jump out of her chest. Her eyes closed subconsciously and her lips met Galinda's in a moment of pure ecstasy. Everything came to a stand still and it was as if they were the only two beings that existed. They molded together like two pieces of a puzzle that were always meant to be joined as one. Although, what had started as a chaste kiss had very quickly turned into one of deep passion and vigor. Soon Elphaba was pulling Galinda towards a desk when she glanced up at the clock.

"Fuck!" She exclaimed as she turned away from her new found lover. Galinda looked at her in horror. Elphaba knew how much she despised cursing yet, she still did it. Suddenly the little blonde became anxious as to why Elphaba had pulled away so abruptly. Had she done something wrong? Maybe this was never her intention and she had just ruined any chance of getting close to her at all.

"I'm sorry my sweet, I know how much you hate swearing-" Galinda's fears were forgotten and her heart filled with joy. "-but I just noticed the time and, well, there's a class starting in this room in about two minutes." She looked genuinely apologetic and so much like a lost puppy that Galinda couldn't help but giggle. The blonde rolled her eyes at Elphaba's look of mock hurt and grabbed her hand.

"Well come on then you silly green thing, we don't want to be caught." Galinda giggled again and led Elphaba out of the room. They let go of each other's hand immediately when they heard the shuffle of feet and laughing coming from around the corner. Galinda squealed softly as Elphaba swiftly shoved her into the next room over. Elphaba shut the door quickly and turned to face Galinda with a seductive expression plastered on her face. A wide grin took over the blonde's features as she sauntered over to her love.

"Kiss me," Galinda demanded as she rested her hands on the green girl's waist.

Her voice and facial expression were so serious, but Elphaba couldn't pass the opportunity to taunt the beautiful blonde with her infamous sarcasm. "And what if I don't want to?" Elphaba replied with a smirk.

Galinda frowned. She knew this was just Elphie playing dirty, but she didn't want to have to chase her anymore. They were together now. Weren't they? Galinda cleared her throat, still a little nervous as a result of the green girl's behavior. "Well, Miss Elphaba Thropp, Third Descending, I know you want to, and you will – because if you don't I will never talk to you. Ever again," she said sternly.

The beginnings of a smile played at Elphaba's lips. She brought her hand to Galinda's mouth, tracing her lips softly with her fingers. "Do you really want me to kiss you?" Elphaba asked with a raised eyebrow. 'Honestly, she can be so cocky sometimes,' Galinda thought as she simply nodded her head. Elphaba smiled a full, victorious smile. "Well then, I guess I'll just ha-"

Galinda couldn't let her finish. That would mean she would've won, and she couldn't have that. She pressed her lips against those soft green ones for the second time that afternoon. She felt Elphaba trail her tongue along her bottom lip, sending chills down her spine. She opened her mouth willingly, allowing the kiss to be deepened. Her hands found Elphaba's hair as she tangled her fingers through the silken tresses. The little blonde moaned as Elphaba's lustful hands caressed her body. She smiled into the kiss as she pulled the green girl towards her, gasping in shock when she bumped into a table.

"Damn it all!" Galinda yelled, earning her a shocked look from Elphaba.

"Oh Oz, Galinda Upland swore! What is this world coming to?" Elphaba teased, flashing a daring smirk at her flustered love.

"The time, Elphie. Look at the time. We've been in here for fifteen minutes and another class is starting soon," the little blonde stated, her notorious pout making its way onto her adorable face.

"Oh," Elphaba whispered as she began to walk to the door. She noticed Galinda wasn't following and turned to beckon to her. The little blonde skipped over happily, taking the green girl's hand. They walked out together; Elphaba silently cursing that they couldn't seem to attain any privacy. Galinda turned to Elphaba and suddenly pushed her through the next classroom door. She saw a green face fall as the door shut behind her before she could follow. She raced in quickly to see what was wrong and felt her expression change dramatically. There sat a class full of history students and perched at the professor's desk was Madam Morrible.

"Girls, you are aware that we have a zero tolerance for physical violence in my school. If you continue with this nonsense you will be punished," she boomed in her deep, nauseating voice. The girls were blushing profusely at this point, mumbling their apologies as they walked out sheepishly. They sighed in relief when they closed the door behind them, thanking the Unnamed God that nobody had caught them.

"You know my sweet," Elphaba began casually. "I think the only way we're going to get anyalone time around here is if we go back to our room." She smiled brightly once again as they gripped hands and raced up to their quarters. Neither of them noticed Galinda's ex-best friend watching them from around the corner. She grinned deviously as she walked back to her own room, an evil plan brewing in her mind.