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Feeling an unbelievable pain in his chest, Ranma tries to cry out but can't seem to find the breath for it. He knows that he's been the victim of Akane's mallet again, but never before has he felt a pain like this. The pain won't end, and he has the feeling that if he doesn't escape it, when it does end he won't be feeling anything anymore.

Searching with his ki he finally finds what's wrong. He can't believe it, there is simply no way he can heal from the damage he senses in his torso. In fact, the only reason he is still able to think at all seems to be his enormous ki reserves. And those are dwindling fast. He has to escape. There must be a way. He's not ready to die yet.

Searching deeper and deeper he looks for a way to escape what appears to be his final moments. Only going deeper doesn't seem to be finding him any answers. He decides to expand his search, looking outward for anything that might provide an escape.

Ranma's consciousness isn't the only part of him that is looking for a way to survive. That part of him that was created during the Neko-ken, his feline self, is also looking for a way to escape what looks like inevitable doom. Together Ranma and his feline self sense it. Another form of energy besides the ki that is his life force. Reaching out, neither part of him is able to fully encompass this energy. It feels familiar, but he doesn't remember where he's sensed it before. His ki reserves are now only half what they once were and falling fast. He must pull this energy to himself in case it can save him.

He won't give up. He will struggle till the end. Ranma Saotome doesn't loose, and he will use all his will and strength to fight against this end. Sensing that he is only using a portion of his mind and will to reach for this energy, he starts to expand his consciousness. His feline self senses this effort and realizing that it's the only option for survival, joins forces with Ranma's conscious mind in the effort for survival. Merging together, Neko-Ranma is finally able to encompass the energy he senses. Pulling it into his being he finally realizes what it is. The energy is the combined elements of all the magic that Ranma has been subjected to throughout his life. The curse, the wishes, the potions, even magics he doesn't remember the origins of, everything that has left it's mark on his body and soul.

It's almost too late. Using all he is, and all he has, Neko-Ranma gathers together his ki and the magical energy he's found and throws it at the wound in his torso trying to fix his broken body. He does not want to die. With a flash of light, he finds himself rolling along the floor. Pulling himself into a siting position, he realizes that he has succeeded in cheating death. He can feel it, he's breathing again. The pain is gone, though he is still very weak.

Looking outside himself once more he is shocked at what he sees. He sees his own body in front of him, with a large beam of wood sticking up through his torso. There is a large pool of blood forming around it on the floor. 'What the... if I'm breathing, then what's my body doing there on the floor' Looking down at his hands, he realizes that he doesn't have any. They are paws. He sees black fur, and knows that something is not right. 'Oh no! What's happened!' Looking along his body he sees that his feet have also become paws, and behind his paws... 'Ahh a Tail! Nononononono, this is not right!' Expecting to panic he closes his eyes for a second. But nothing happens. Not only is he not panicking, this feels right somehow.

At this point Nabiki screams and starts crying, startling Neko-Ranma out of his self examination. Looking around he sees Nabiki and Kasumi sobbing in grief, and what looks like Akane's feet behind the table. 'No, what am I going to do! I can't help like this. I'm a Cat for crying out loud.' Deciding that he can't help, and doesn't want to cause any additional disruption, Neko-Ranma decides to move into the kitchen to sort out what's going on and how he's going to deal with it.

Hearing Nabiki scream and start crying Kasumi starts pulling herself together and moves forward to reach for Ranma's neck checking for a pulse, though she knows it's futile. The beam sticking out of Ranma's back is way to large to allow him to survive the injury. Looking around she sees Nabiki sobbing with her arms crossed over her chest, hugging herself. Deciding that there is nothing she can do for Ranma, Kasumi walks unsteadily around the table and sees Akane passed out on the floor. Checking on her Kasumi decides she is in no immediate danger and moves to get help from the only source she can think of. Picking up the phone she dials Dr. Tofu.

"Hello can I help you?" she hears after dialing his clinic.

"Dr. Tofu, it's Kasumi. You've got to come over. There's been an accident. Ranma is dead. Akane is unconscious, and Nabiki seems to be in shock. Please, please, you've got to come over."

There's silence on the line for a few moments, then "Kasumi, I'll be right over. Where are your father and Mr. Saotome?"

"I don't know. I don't see them, I just got home." Kasumi says, while still crying loudly.

"Kasumi, take care of Nabiki and Akane, I'll be right there. Can you do that?"

"Y Yes, I think I can do that. Please hurry."

"I'll be right there. Just hold on and I'll be there as soon as I can."

After hearing the click of the disconnected call when Dr. Tofu hangs up, Kasumi holds the receiver to her ear a moment longer till she is able to move again and shakily hangs it up. Moving over to Nabiki she tries to get her attention. Having no success she turns Nabiki towards her and pulls her into a hug. Nabiki's arms flash around Kasumi and her sobs get even louder.

"Oh Kasumi, he's dead, he's dead!" Nabiki wails.

"I know Nabiki, I know." waiting a little bit to see if Nabiki can calm down she says, "Nabiki, Nabiki! Can you help me get Akane up to her bed." After a few moments Nabiki nods her head yes, then reluctantly pulls herself away from her sister and looks over to Akane. "After we get her up to her bed, please, tell me what happened."

"Oh OK, you take her right arm, I'll take her left." They lever Akane into a sitting position, than slowly stand to carry her up to her room and place her in her bed.

Leaving Akane's room, neither one of them want to go back downstairs yet, so they move into Nabiki's room, both of them with tears still trailing down their faces. "Nabiki, tell me what happened" Kasumi asks gently.

"Oh Kasumi, it was the same as always." Nabiki started in between sobs "Ranma came in looking like he'd been in a fight. Akane was angry because Shampoo and Ukyo had come over earlier. Akane blamed Ranma for picking a fight with Ryoga and Ranma snapped back that it wasn't his fault, and then said he was tired and wanted to soak in the furo. Akane lashed out in anger and hit Ranma with her mallet sending him up through the roof. He must have been unconscious because he came back down without any control and fell back through the roof, landing on that roof beam." At this point, Nabiki lost control again and started sobbing on Kasumi's shoulder. "What are we going to do? What are we going to do?" she wailed.

"I don't know Nabiki. Dr. Tofu is on his way over. All we can do is take it one step at a time." Kasumi said while she herself cried on Nabiki's shoulder.

AN: Gah! This is much different than I originally envisioned it. I haven't even gotten to the part that I wanted to write yet and it looks like the Tendo Home is going to drown in tears! Really, this story was supposed to be about friendship. I'll even give a bit away and tell you that I intended for Ranma to make his way to Juuban and become friends and guardian to Hotaru in her non-senshi life!

Really, I didn't realize this was going to be this much of a tearjerker. The whole story was supposed to come out of the idea that cats have nine lives, and that having Ranma die would allow him to move on to a new life! Really, I didn't realize it would be so painful. *sigh*

Ah well, I'm going to try to keep the chapters flowing, so I'm going to publish this without nit picking it to death. If you spot errors, please feel free to let me know.