No matter how harsh the wind cries

Nor how wild the rain scorns

I can never let my heart go

Of yours

I'll follow you to the ends of the Earth

And not show my fear

Or my pain

Because only in your eyes

Can I find happiness

And only in your arms

Will peace come

Will you take me?

And not let me go?


Chapter One

"I must say I enjoyed our visit." An attractive looking woman pouted her full, red lips and winked seductively at him before unwinding her slim arms from his neck.

"Would you like me to come again?" Feminine giggles erupted from her mouth.

Kyou silenced her with a deep kiss, caressing his fingers from an ivory neck and then entangling it's self in her hair...leaving the woman breathless, but never less, quite pleased.

"Doesn't that answer your question?" His lips turned into a faint smirk.

Kyou leaned against the stonewall, watching as she stepped down the stairs with her sexy blonde curls hanging loose down the small of her back, her neckline plunged low to show full cleavage, the batting of her heavily mascara eyelashes...just like the dozens and dozens of women before her.

"Don't you ever get tired of your game?" Yuki appeared behind him, looking off in Kyou's direction. "Toying with one after another?"

Kyou walked away carelessly and ran a hand through his flaming, orange hair, letting it slid down his forehead and hiding his eyes.

"If you came here to lecture me again brother..."

"I'm your half-brother." Yuki's face looked cool and relaxed, it hide his every thoughts. "Don't forget that."

"How can I? You keep reminding me." Kyou gritted his teeth and picked up his pace, leaving Yuki a good yard or two behind. "As much fun as it is having these heart to hearts chats, I have things to do. So if you didn't just come here to remind me how I'm the bastard of this family ..."

"Shigure-sama asked for you, so I came."

"What does he want?"

Kyou wanted to take his question back as soon as it tumbled out of his mouth; he knew from Yuki's smile that the answer probably would send him running for the hills, screaming bloody murder, because whenever Yuki smiled like that, he usually did.

"Kyou?" Yuki answered his question with a question, "Have you ever thought about marriage?"

* * *

"I can not get married!"

"Technically you can." Yuki interrupted between sips of tea, "It can actually be done very easily..."

"But I don't want to get married." Kyou stared daggers at him.

"And I ask?" Yuki took a light swallow, "Does anyone care?"

"Do you want to take this outside?"

"If you can't beat me with words, how can you with your fist?"

"I can because you punch like a girl."

This got Yuki somewhat; mad.

"Never. Call. Me. A..."

"Sissy." Kyou sat back calmly and for the first time, smiled; and drank down some of his tea.

"Where is my sword?! You will pay for that."

"Oooo, I'm so scared that I think I'll just kick your scrawny-ass in the process."

"Say that again and I'll strangle you with my bare hands!"

"Yuki? Kyou?" A mild voice interrupted as the door opened. "Is there a problem?"

Kyou rubbed his neck angrily and Yuki stalked off to stare out a window.

If Shigure noticed any strained tension in this room, he was either oblivious or choose not to show it. Instead he sat himself down and reached for the teapot.

"I received an invitation from Emperor Issaru, Ruler of Holaine, A neighboring kingdom of Kaillies, requesting for an alliance. It's a large country with a powerful army and wealthy industries. We, representing Kaillies would be incompetent morons if we did not accept.

Shigure paused to finish off quickly.

"Issaru-sama has no sons, therefore, no heir. Your parents and I have arranged a marriage alliance with him. Kyou, you will choose a bride from his three unmarried daughters and become the inheritor of Holaine."

"I refuse." Kyou replied smoothly. "I'm not interested in marriage, and it probably will be a long time before I do."

"We can't wait that long, all countries need to alliance now. You have no either options, all choices have been made."

"Make Yuki go, his love life needs a boost."

It took great will power to ignore that one, but revenge was always sweet.

"I'm just not good with women as you are brother, and besides, I have my duty."

Yuki paused to savor the moment before continuing.

"Every country has its successor, even ours. I have to fulfill my future responsibility to my people and land."

A silence passed through and settled itself comfortably in the air, until Shigure shoved it aside and spoke up again.

"Kyou, you are leaving in two days, I know this is short notice, but please deal with it. Your parents and brother will be coming with you and leaving when your wedding is over. Now, if you want to complain, I'll listen, but I can't do anything."

"Why should I complain?" Kyou gave a low chuckle and crossed his arms. "I'd rather be anywhere but here to see the country in ruins when Yuki gets a hold of it."

* * *

"And now they're shipping me off to get married..." Kyou closed his eyes and leaned against the old oak, feeling the roughness of its bark through his shirt.

"What a shame Kyou-san, my electro-magnetic powers tell me that you are in despair."

"Is it that obvious?" He opened his eyes and glanced wearily at Hanajima.

"And they also tell me a great trouble is coming for you, very, very soon."

A voice was echoing off the trees and bouncing back and fourth, it grew louder and louder as the seconds passed by.

Very clearly, a sweet voice enraged with madness could be heard.


A sweet girl with shimmering eyes clasped her hands to her chest and hurled herself at Kyou. Considering she was a delicate lady of the court, she was somewhat ...uh, stronger than others?

"You're cracking my bones." Kyou wheezed in pain as her tightened her hug, if you can call it a hug, her arms felt like iron bars as they warped themselves around him.

"I missed you so, so, so, so, so, so, so much!"

"That's nice Kagura, but if you don't let go soon you'll really miss me."

Kagura stepped back and beamed, Kyou backed away to a safer distance.

"Why haven't you ever called on me?! Or come to court me?! Or answer any of my notes?! You did read them right?"

"Of course." Kyou flashed a charming smile, Hanajima coughed sharply nearby.

"So that means you agree?"

"On what?" Kyou asked blankly.

"Well I can't say them out loud silly," Kagura blushed furiously, " What I wrote are my personal feelings, my soul on paper...but as long as you agree."

"Kyou..." Hanajima warned so mildly, one would have thought she was starting a daily conversation.

"Sure, whatever." Kyou agreed and Kagura threw herself on top of him again.

"I'm so GLAD! You finally want to MARRY me! We better start planning on the wedding today. Better yet, let's move on and name our kids!"

Hanajima shrugged weakly as Kyou fought for oxygen.

"Hey, I did warn you."

* * *

"Good morning Kyou, shall we sail to Holaine with no trou---what happened to you eye?"

"Thanks to your cousin." Kyou climbed on the ship and glared at Shigure with his good eye.

"Was Kagura back already? I thought I told Yuki to tell you."

"Must've slipped his mind."

End Chapter One

Author's note: I wanted to do a Fruit Basket fic ever since I saw the first episode. I found Kyou (his very fine self)'s brashness and anger paired up with Tohru's innocence and sweetness(neat combo, eh?)was oddly attractive. I think the story will become much more interesting as it moves along. I'm currently pulling myself through exams and working on this during short, short coffee breaks, I hope my headache goes away the way, please review.